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Your hands grip my ass, Gently tugging at my shorts:
You pull them down my legs fast, Pausing to trail soft kisses.

My panties are next,
They are soaked through.
They join my shorts,
I bite my lip and look up at you.

My top and bra quickly follow:
My large breasts are bared to you.
You caress them softly,
A perfect pair of two.

You push me back:
Onto your bed.
Your strength does not lack,
Please use it.

You reach over my body,
Your lips touch mine.
Your tongue explores my mouth,
I let out a sigh.

You reach up and tie my hands to the bedpost.
You secure them tight:
This is new.

I pull with all my might.

You look at me
As you move down, so sure.
My body,
My legs are secure.

I pull against the ropes,
They do not budge, but you already knew.
You have secured me tightly:
I am bared to you.

You stand up slowly:
You are teasing me.
Your pants come off,
And then your tee.

You stand before me
Completely naked:
Your manhood
Is staring down at me.

My legs are bound open,
I feel your breath on my thighs,

You crawl in between them.
So close to my pussy.

You rub my mound
And I thrash around.
Don’t stop,
Please don’t stop.

My pussy is bald:
Always being trimmed.
I can feel everything
That you are doing.

You part my lips,
With two fingers,

Hard as whips,
And inhale my scent.

My clitoris and my hole
Are now exposed to you.
I know I am wet,
I know you can see that.

I moan as your fingers
Rub against my clit,
Teasing it out of
Its little hiding place, oh so quick.

You coax it out,
It is now very hard,
Very sensitive.
Your finger is like a pleasurable shard.

I groan.
I try to move my hips,

I moan,
The rope holds me down securely.

You smile at me

Savouring this,
Before your tongue

Makes contact with my clit.

You suck my pussy,
My clit feels as if
It is on fire,
I feel as if I'm floating higher and higher.

Your fingers move south,
Near my hole.
You apply pressure at my pussy mouth,
Then sink them in knuckle deep.

I cry out as your digits
Penetrate me,
Exploring my depths.

I scream out, yes!

It feels amazing:
You feeling me like this.
Your fingers are warm:
Your thumb caresses my clit.

I ask you for permission
To let go and cum.
But you say no and pull your fingers out.
You lick them and say, yum.

I whimper as I begin
To feel empty:
Your fingers no longer in,
My clit no longer rubbed.

The head of your cock
Pushes against my entrance.
It feels huge and
I am desperate.

I gasp as you thrust
Inside of me,
With no warning,

On your face, pleasure is all I see.

You fill me up
So completely.
I feel you push up
Against my cervix.

You have reached
A depth that no other ever has.

I preach:
I am yours.

You thrust in and out,
At the speed that you determine,
One that makes me feel great.

You are my soulmate

I tell you to thrust
Harder and faster,
You must, you must!

So you do so willingly.

Your massive cock
Makes me feel so tight:

My clit is hard as a rock, 
I am your dirty girl.

As you fuck me,
I start to feel my orgasm
Come back to me,
Gaining momentum with each thrust.

I let you know,
And you keep going,
Thrusting deep, oh!
I know you are close.

You bite my tit,

Your seed, I want it!
You bury your seed

Deep within my womb.

I cry out my release,
My clit fully round
Against your crotch.
You don’t slow down.

I scream your name
As you release more seed.
It mixes with my juices,
Fulfilling my need.

I think I squirted:
Your toned stomach
Is drenched with my cum and your seed,
Your cock is still buried within me.

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