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Freedom Stories


The Ride

The freedom of riding with nothing between you.

I feel your hard muscles between my legs, as we move as one. The squeezing of my thighs conveying my need, faster…harder. The rhythmic movement has my heart racing. I’m on top, I’m in control. Leaning over, my hands tangle in your mane of hair as you spee...

Power Play

The beautiful, ruthless insatiable boss has all the power -- or does she?

The refrain of Lady Gaga’s song Teeth suddenly brought my phone to life on my nightstand with an incoming call. The screen lit up with the name of my former boss, Ms. Pouvoir. I didn’t expect her call for another twenty minutes. She was more desperate tha...

Endless Night

To unlock someone heart, mind and body is a privilege

This endless night together with you in winter’s dreams and fantasies Unwrapped pleasures so I can ravage your sensuous luxuries and savour your sweetest flows A dance of souls in starlight serenade releasing stillness until golden light illuminates a rad...


Once she found freedom there was no looking back

Free at last, free to do what I want, go where I want, and be me. After the religious tyranny my family had imposed on me over the last five years, I needed to find myself again. I used to be easygoing and carefree before Dad brought home Samuel. Samuel w...

Red Dress. Six buttons. Smokin Hot.   Sensual eyes. Beckoning. Calling me.   Tender lips. Tasty. Lustly full.   Wicked smile. Sexual. Commanding me.   My drug. Pumping. Freeing me.   Heart full. Happiness. Bringing me.   Back here. Alone. Chains holding....

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Time to pick up the pieces and move on

On the highway of life We have ridden for awhile But no longer do thoughts of you Make me want to smile Anger, pain and resentment As I see you sitting there Ignoring me and everything Anymore, I just don’t care I’m searching, seeking a way out To make th...

Finally Free

Looking to the love beyond...

The steady gentle sound Of the softly falling rain Fails to completely mask The deluge of my pain Drowning in hurt Wallowing in despair Where was the one Who was supposed to care Out in the world Suddenly, irrevocably alone Nobody and no place To even cal...