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The shades of dark between us.
There's something extraordinary about those moments.

We come together, you and I.

We become more, and less, respectively.

You tap into my darkness. I find it inside, where it always is, where it waits for me and for you, in that same corner of me. Waiting for me to realize that I lost it again.

Waiting for me to remember that it's never lost at all.

It spreads through me, frighteningly fast and satisfyingly right. How easily it can take over.

Rip away the mask.

Erode the polite words and leave the devious to twist and writhe in the harshness of naked light.

Such simple things release it.

So many keys to the cage. The beast inside is coiled tight with patient violence.

You turn the key. The lock yields.

You eye the darkness behind the bars.


You smile at what you've released.

Later, the smell of your fear between your legs.

It's heady. It's maddening. It drives my cruelty.

Takes the goodness in me and throws a shroud of darkness over it.

I want to hurt. I want to twist.

I want to feel your pain. Watch it drip from your tongue in sweet whimpers and screams and pleading words.

See the suffering overwhelm you. You crack under my pressure. You give in to me. Your pleasured, painful release effortlessly mine to control.

Your fight is over before it begins.

You are lost in my cruelty, buffeted by it and anchored by it.

My hands, my touch. My will usurps your own.

Keeps your soul from being swept away into madness.

It's okay. Your body can do that.

Let your body be lost in my cruelty while your sanity is held together by my will, a framework of shining threads I hold with somber hands.

I will pluck at them, but I will not let them break.

I see you, when I hurt you.

Pain and fear dilutes your control.

Waters it down.

Your own darkness shines through.

I crave it.

Relish it.

Devour it.

Gorge myself on the shadowy bits of your soul.

I want it.

I need it.

The ugly bits of you, the deviousness you hide, that you fear, that you long to embrace.

I will make you embrace it.

Revel in it.

Hold it up to your face.

Shine the light on it so that you cannot ignore it.

Hold you by the throat so you cannot look away.

Look at it.

See how it glistens.

Feel me consume it. My own personal drug of choice.

A heady blend of the wickedness inside you and the gift of my pain.

I will peel back the layers of you.

Stain my knowing hands in the inkiness of your dark.

Watch me snort it off your skin, fear-sweat slick.

You taste of fulfillment and shame.

I will mix suffering into your sin.

The dark redemption in your pain.

There's beauty in this.

A beautiful, dark ugliness.

I savor it.

You bask in it, transformed, complete.

Let's be beautiful together.

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