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Masochism Stories


The Pain Slut

A young girl discovers her addiction to pain with her boyfriend's father.

This is the story of how I discovered that I am a Pain Slut. My name is Chloe, and I had been dating Chris for about six months since the beginning of our freshman year of college. He was a great guy, and we did all the typical things that young couples d...

His Slut To Fuck

A wife returns home from a long day of work to be completely dominated and used by her husband, starting with a blindfold, then some chains to keep her in place...

At first there was total darkness... Then she felt him lower her onto the cool table. It was so hard under her back that she knew this wouldn't be comfortable. Annie didn't want comfort and though he was easy with her moments ago, she knew things were abo...

Her Darkness - Femdom Smut

Desire to witness his pain!

Male’s Perspective: I had been noticing that pained expression in her eyes, that heartbreaking gaze that seemed to repeatedly lose its focus, staring into nothingness. Despite appearing content, there was an underlying disturbance that robbed her of seren...

Anna's Weekend Of Agony And Ecstacy - Part 1

A Masochist realizes she is in need and asks a friend for help

It was Friday afternoon as Anna sat at her desk, her phone in her hands. She had started making the call countless times since she entered her office thirty minutes ago but she always stopped while scrolling for the number. She had just returned from a me...

Knocked By Mom At The Prom

Mother insists on going to the prom with her daughter.

Keisha was not having a good day. You could totally argue she wasn’t having a good year. You could even argue she wasn’t having a good life. A little bit melodramatic, sure, but her whole life had been leading up to this point: She was but a week away fro...

Adventures at Disney - Part 02

Slow starting romantic BDSM (MFf) at the "Happiest Place on Earth". Chapters 06-11.

Chapter 6 – Race Day Race day. Even in an alternate universe, some things are constant. It's hot, humid and I cramp up around Mile 10. The only difference here is that I get to listen to two women tell me how stubborn I am all the way to the finish. The l...

Adventures at Disney - Part 01

Slow starting romantic BDSM (MFf) at the "Happiest Place on Earth". Chapters 01-05.

Disclaimer - Yes, there are references to a LOT of real places in this story. Guess what? I don't own the rights to ANY of them. I use them to give "real" backdrop to a sexual fantasy. That is especially true for Disney, its parks, hotels and attractions,...

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Mistress shows Her love through her care

I lie bent over our bed and Salome kneels behind me. Slowly, patiently her tongue licks each and every welt she left upon my bottom. She is methodical, starting at top left, following the line the cane left, moving across my buttocks, then down the next,...

Boss Me (Part One)

Will a damaged young woman's new dominant boss save her from herself?

I was taking quick peaks over my shoulders in each direction outside my cubicle walls between feverish strokes of makeup that I hadn't had time to apply before I left my apartment this morning. Another late night had left me short on sleep and thus short...

Punching Above Ones Weight: Ch. 2

Tommy takes his new girlfriend to a hotel after she finishes work vowing not to leave her couped up.

We had just met and we were totally smitten with each other. The events of the crazy weekend just gone ended in an unexpected coupling of Ying and Yang proportions.  Her whole life she played second fiddle and now suddenly found someone willing to put her...

Chloe the Chameleon

A woman arranges her fantasy of group sex in public

The alleyway between two brick buildings was unremarkable, hidden behind a torn-open section of chain-link fence. Some litter had slipped out of the rusty green dumpster pushed against a wall, and there was barely enough space to get a compact car past it...