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Poem Stories


Want to write a poem about sex? We can write it together, late at night, or early in the morning, or in the kitchen. Please know it might get messy before we finish, because I like to get inside the words and feel them, smell them, close my eyes and roll...

My Holiday With Dad

Make sure Dad knows who's the boss

Just Dad and me, so it will be We're off to Disneyworld Can't wait to go, but doesn't know The sex to be unfurled. The hints I'll drop, thin cotton top My nipples poking through I'll brush my breast, against his chest As we stand in every queue. My cutest...

Our College Dare

Lets Share Our Dads

First year of college finally done We gathered at the lake We need a different kind of fun To commemorate this break. . Susie sighs, and then bemoans I'm sick of being good So jump on Beckie's daddy's bones, I know you wish you could. . I think my words,...


What's your first impulse in the morning?

Groggy eyes blink against the daylight, While lifeless limbs stretch and shudder, Shaking off the stiffness of morning. Sheets crumple under squirming feet, The new day breathes over warm skin, And fingers grasp the morning's glory. Keeling over, outstret...


The point of no return.

The end is nigh. The final sprint. Screaming muscles and burning lungs Raging, ragged rasps, Inflating heaving chests. Tensions grow, muscles clench. Need is given voice; Guttural. Raw. Animal. Every satisfying smack and shake, The percussive pounding pre...

Wolf & Siren

Who hunted who?

Leaving sweet red words on the wall Perk up His ears like a Siren's call. This is her way, it's always been, Ensaring prey with her tail, pulling them in. Luring Him closer with innocent Demeanour As she pulled him into her sea deeper and deeper, The mean...

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Cuckold Lament

Cuck's mind is out of control and his body is manipulated by his lover

Lying in bed, unable to sleep, Relaxation techniques, Sleeping pills, Controlled breathing, Tossing, turning, Nothing leads to dreamland. Heart racing, Mind restless, Cock hardening, I imagine her fucking. On her back, legs spread, Waiting for penetration...


Hot words in my head

Big hard dick that barely fits Creamy cum on pointy tits Hair on bouncy big bloke moobs Wrinkled pussy with grey pubes Soft hands cupping so full balls Bare arse bouncing bedroom walls Make em jiggle give em slaps Rub my lips with soaking flaps Kissing ti...


Intimate moments

Painted nails, soft palm The throbbing shaft it grips Gently moving up then down She licks her shining lips Breathlessly he groans Her name he softly calls She strokes his leaking head Cups his aching balls Pulls back his foreskin Tastes his purple head L...

Those Three Words

Are they really so hard?

Those three little words You need to hear, But I show you instead. With my breath in your ear. My lips on your lips, My skin on your skin, My hand round your cock Guiding you in. No motion, I wait. Each exhale a moan. Needing your hip-thrust, Make me your...