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Blondie's Public Fuck

Blondie's Public Fuck

Am I Bold Enough To Do This?
We've been playing this game for weeks now, teasing each other whenever we see one another in the library. I always make sure to wear skirts a tad too short, never wearing panties, and you always noticing. It’s funny, because we hardly ever speak to each other; we just flirt from a distance. Lately though, we've become bolder.

I can’t get you out of my head, though I’m trying to study. I have a big test coming up, and I've done no studying. You’re late as well; you've not shown up to do your studying. Each time I cross my legs, my thighs tease each other. I think of you under the table, parting my legs, and licking lightly. I would really like if you came in, and did that to me.

Getting up to find a book I need, I notice there aren't many people here tonight. It’s Friday night after all, who really studies on Fridays? I guess just me. In between the book rows, I look for the book I need, suddenly I’m begin spun around, and there you are. Your tongue darts into my mouth, wrestling with mine, I let out a moan, letting you have control.

Your hand comes down, spanking my ass. Once, twice, three times, it’s making me want another. Your mouth moves from mine, to my neck you bite hard, and I let out a muffled moan. I know that there aren't a lot of people here, but enough. Your bites are erotic and hot on my skin. You spin me around, pressing your cock against my ass. I can feel how hard you are.

Slowly your hand moves up under my short mini, and gripping my ass hard. While doing this, you bite into my shoulder, making me moan out again. “Shh, not too loud,” you whisper into my ear. “You don’t want us to get caught, before we even start, do you?” I feel my body respond, even before I can answer. Your free hand comes up, and I suck on your finger, giving me something to keep me quiet. Kissing and biting again on my neck leaves me so hot.

Pushing yourself against me, I feel how hard you are again. I do hope you plan to fuck me with that hard cock. The thought alone leaves me so wet. You lift my skirt high enough to get a good view of my ass now, and I giggle. I can’t believe I’m doing this in the library. I hear your zipper come down, and I know you’re taking your cock out now.

You lean in real close, whispering again in my ear, “Who’s in charge?”

The way you say it makes me flush with excitement, “You are,” I let out a soft moan.

With one hard thrust, you push deeply inside me. Your hand quickly comes up to my mouth, before I scream out a moan. It helps, but still I moan out. Your other hand slapping my ass again, you whisper, “That’s right, I am,” you thrust in and out with every word, hard. “Tell me again, who’s in charge?”

You remove your hand, your thrusts are just as hard. It takes everything I can not to moan out too loud. “You’re in charge!” I moan out, gritting my teeth, holding back from screaming too much. I feel my whole body move with each thrust you give me.

“And don’t you forget it,” you give me one hard spank, and thrust in hard again. “Now be good, and come hard for me,” you whisper so low into my ear. Your fingers making their way up to my tits, and tug hard on my nipples. I didn't wear a bra today either, I wanted you to notice how hard my nipples get. I guess you've found out. “I love your tits,” I hear you smile against my neck.

I can’t help but giggle; it sounds so hot hearing your words against my neck. You fuck me hard, and the giggles are forgotten. Fucking me harder, I feel myself having to cum. “I’m so close, oh yes, mmm,” I whisper out. Your hand comes down on my ass again, it pushes me over and I begin to cum. You quickly move a hand up to my mouth; I muffle a moan against it. My legs tremble, I feel as though I’m going to fall.

When I've finished, I moan out lightly “I might forget next time, because I’m going to take control.”

You lean into me so close, and growl “I’ll just have to remind you who’s in control here.”

Spinning me back around you lift me up into your arms, and press me against the far wall. Your fingers begin to rub against my clit gently. You move them gently, but so quickly, it’s such a high. I watch how fast you move them, doing nothing else but rubbing my clit. “Don’t stop, you’re going to make me cum!” I moan out, gasping with each word. You don’t stop, and I begin to cum hard, you thrust your cock back into me. You feel me cum around you; your eyes grow big with lust.

You moan out feeling it, thrusting on. You’re slow inside me, wanting to tease me. You’re still rubbing my clit, making me want to cum so soon again. You seem to know where to touch me; my eyes must read this, because you look at me as though you can read my mind. “Are you going to cum again, go on, give in,” you command.

“Do you want me to cum again,” smiling knowing you do. I just want to hear you say it.

“You know I do, Angel. Again and again, and again,” you whisper to me, picking up the pace a little. “I think I’ll tease you into oblivion,” you say to me, fucking faster, rubbing slower.

“I’ll cum for you, mmm I will!” My words soft, feeling you pick up the pace, and slowing back down, switching thrusting and rubbing back and forth. “Can you handle teasing me like that?” I ask, teasing back, unsure if you can handle the tease.

“Good, I want you good and fucked out,” you say, picking up the speed. You suddenly withdraw your cock completely slapping it against my clit, then thrusting slowly back inside my pussy. Your moans are almost too loud, “Oh, I can tease you all night, Angel,” you growl out, spank my ass with both hands. You have me pressed against the wall enough to use both hands on me. One of them comes up and pinches each of my nipples hard. They’re poking hard through my shirt.

“I don’t care if you just tease me forever at this rate. Oh mmm, please,” I moan out wanting to cum again. You sense it, and fuck me a little faster.

“You’d better cum hard,” you whisper. The slightest hint of getting close to coming, you manage to control yourself. It’s so you can tease me more, fucking and rubbing slowly again. Your hand is gripping my left tit, biting on my neck again. I begin to cum hard, pouring my juices all over your cock, as I cum.

You set me down, turning me back around once more, you slap my ass. “I love this view,” you tell me, slapping once more. You have me bend way over this time, gripping me, you slip back inside me. You start out slow, but with each thrust it gets a little harder. I feel my pussy tight around you, I’m so soaked. You reach around, kneading on my tits through my shirt. You pinch my nipples between your fingers. You’re so deep and hard now, fucking me to the point I’m scared of screaming out in pleasure.

“I’m close, don’t stop moaning,” you whisper, almost breathlessly and keeping the teasing pace. “Fuck, oh fuck, I’m coming! Cum with me!” You shout in a whisper, and begin to cum deep inside me.

My moans grow, feeling your words that you’re close. I feel myself cum hard as you fill me. I breathe heavily, needing you. I soak you as I cum again.

You moan out, “Fucking hell!” Our bodies tired, and used. You help me stand, fixing my skirt to look neat. You kiss my lips softly.

“Holy fuck,” I whisper, looking at you. “Did we really just do that?” I giggle, feeling our juices run down my thighs.

“It would seem so,” taking my hand we walk through the isle.

“You know, this was a good idea. I think we should do something like this again,” I giggle, grabbing my books.

We've had this planned for weeks, and finally we were bold enough to do it. Now, where else should we do it?

I love trying new adventures with my boyfriend.

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