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using three aspiring glamour models for free sex
If you’ve never had more than one naked pussy laid out in front of you to choose between, you probably can’t imagine the feeling in my cock as I looked down at the three naked girls on the bed in front of me. I told them to spread their legs wider for me as I stroked myself and thought about which one to fuck next.

I’d spent weeks setting this up. Putting an ad online for new glamour models, emailing fake applications to the respondents and reeling them in until they’d each come over for an individual photo shoot. A few had been reluctant to shoot totally nude and one or two just didn’t do it for me so I’d narrowed it down to these three, who I knew would do anything to get their big break. The plan was to find a few aspiring models with great tits and no morals and use them for as long as I could get away with it.

It hadn’t taken much to get Cara naked. She wanted to become a magazine model and thought a spray tan and a permanent smile were the way to do that. Anything I asked her to do at the initial shoot got a yes, until she was naked and smiling as she lowered herself onto the large dildo I’d brought to test the more willing girls.

Jennie was harder. She posed willingly in her underwear, pulling saucy faces and holding the edge of her panties as if she was about to pull them down. When I asked her to slip out of her bra and show me her breasts she was a little reluctant but soon relaxed enough to pose topless, showing me her magnificent tits as I arranged her in various poses, she even let me tweak her nipples to get them to stand out more in the shots. But when I tried to separate her from the last tiny piece of lace protecting her modesty she clammed up. She said she wouldn’t pose without her panties and I’d had to set up a second session, claiming my boss had liked the shots but refused to hire a model that wasn’t mature enough to follow instructions without getting worried about some personal barrier they wouldn’t cross.

She bought it hook, line and sinker and came back ready to do as she was told. The second session was hot. It turned out she had a piercing and had been worried about being rejected because of it. Little did she know there was nothing to be rejected from, except a place on my screensaver and my cock, and a blonde with a clit ring was definitely going to make that list!

The wettest pussy in front of me by far belonged to Sarah, the real prize of the group. She was blessed with the kind of lips every guy wants to see wrapped around his cock. Not only did she realise she was there to be fucked, she wanted it. She thought she was wise to how the business worked and was keen to please me in order to get the job. I knew whatever happened with the other two, Sarah was going to do everything I told her to and there was no danger I’d be left unsatisfied.

Sarah had a thing for girls and when I’d mentioned a potential film opportunity she’d nodded and said she hoped that might be an option when she’d first seen the ad. And then she asked if she would get to be with other women. Until that point I’d just been planning on using them individually, now she’d planted a better idea in my mind. I could probably get these girls to do some pretty wild things to each other, and on film too! Especially with a ringer in the group raising the bar for the others. If they wanted to get hired they’d have to compete with her and she was all kinds of dirty.

It had gone like clockwork. They’d come in for a group photo shoot and I’d spent an hour posing them semi-naked getting them used to being around each other without pushing them too far, before I told Sarah I wanted her to be in some slightly higher value shots. The other two weren’t impressed by that, obviously thinking they were falling behind in the race to be discovered as the latest hot thing. What they didn’t know was that Sarah had something they didn’t, a desire to lick Cara and Jennie to orgasm on camera at their next shoot and the brains to figure out that I was grooming them for hard core movies, not artistic still shots. Of course even she hadn’t figured out there was no job at the end of this and I was just a guy with a studio and some camera gear conning her into opening her legs for me.

Sarah had slipped quickly out of the small thong she’d been wearing and asked whether there would be a male model. I explained that at our company we only brought the male models in for the actual shoot as it was a waste of money to use them for auditions, test shots would all be produced with me. This was mostly for the other girls’ benefit, Sarah knew I was going to send her home with a load of my DNA and looked keen to get it.

I set the camera to shoot automatically and moved into the shot, unzipping my jeans and holding my now rock hard cock close to her as she stretched out on the couch. She started to strike poses that looked as if she was about to touch or lick it, rolling over and looking up at it with her tongue out as if I was about to cum all over her face. I bent down and opened her up for the camera, making sure her lips were spread wide and the camera could see everything she had as I stroked myself above her face. Cara kept the smile fixed on her face as she watched us; the hesitation in her eyes the only thing giving her away. Jennie was frowning and looking uncomfortable suddenly at being almost naked so close by as we went from lads mag shots to something far darker.

When we were done taking shots of Sarah exposed and begging for it, she slipped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. The other two froze as she started to blow me, sliding her sexy young mouth up and down my shaft. The sensation was fabulous, her mouth was hot and her tongue teased the head of my cock deliciously on every up stroke. She sucked me very personally, stroking my balls and looking me in the eye the whole time and it didn’t take me long to fill her hot young mouth with cum. I held the back of her head and pulled it toward me as I felt the wave of pleasure hit me, pumping salty jets of cum into her while the two nearly naked girls looked on. It was the hottest experience of my life so far.

I was so excited by having Sarah suck me in front of an audience that it was all I could do not to tell them there and then that I’d used them and that they’d shown themselves to me for nothing. Let me take photographs of their bare pussies, laid out for me and my camera for nothing more than my own personal pleasure. But I held back, knowing there was much more fun to be had with these three hot little sluts.

I overheard Sarah talking to them as they got dressed in the other room. She was telling them that she had already worked quite a bit and that it was normal to make sure the cameraman was satisfied before you left a shoot. She told them the real stars were the film actresses and that there were very few girls who only did still shots anymore, you had to do films too if you wanted a steady stream of work. She made it sound like they’d be naïve to expect to make a career of taking their clothes off without shooting video and giving a little relief to the guys who got hard watching them work.

Before they left I patted Sarah’s toned little backside and told her she was a true professional, knowing the other girls would take it as confirmation of what she’d told them while they dressed. I knew it was a bit of a gamble, Cara and Jennie would either come back ready to be used as my whores, or they wouldn’t come back at all. But I’ve always liked to gamble and what did I have to lose? At worst I’d got dozens of photos of the three of them to masturbate over and a blow job from Sarah.

When they all replied to my email inviting them to a final test shoot to ‘complete their portfolios’ I got the thrill of my life. Just remembering the blow job and planning what I would do with them next gave me a raging hard on and I pulled my cock out and stroked it right there at my computer desk, re-reading their replies and looking at the shots I’d uploaded of them. I came looking at a photo of Jennie tugging gently on her clit ring with one hand while the other stroked her breast. It was one of my favourites.

I emailed Sarah suggesting she meet the other two early and take them for a couple of drinks to relax them first. I told her that in my experience most girls will beg for a bit of cock once they’re in the mood but if she wanted to go straight for a girl on girl scene the others may be a bit reluctant at first. She agreed and I told her ‘the studio’ would cover the costs in her first pay check.

When they arrived Cara was relaxed and seemed excited about the shoot, her usual smile lighting up her face, her dark curls bouncing as she headed straight into the back room to change. Jennie still seemed tense and the slight shake of Sarah’s head told me she wasn’t convinced she’d done enough to get her ready for this.

She needn’t have worried, I’d planned ahead and had three very convincing looking contracts laid out for them. I knew if I put an official stamp on things and explained the ‘scene’ in a businesslike way first Jennie would be scared of coming across as unprofessional again. The contract promised payment as a percentage of royalties so that I could potentially fuck them all again later without having to stump up any real cash.

Jennie looked over the contract as I told her that she had nothing to worry about, I’d seen everything before and it was totally business for me. I needed to know that she could act in a way that would make photographs look hot, perhaps even do a little bit of soft movie action in the future but it was totally professional, I was a businessman and thought of her as a new colleague who I respected and had high hopes for.

I deserved an Oscar for that performance. I thought of her as a hot piece of ass I couldn’t wait to slip inside of and was already hard as I imagined Sarah’s tongue hooking her little gold clit ring as I thrust my cock down into her.

As Sarah was signing the fake contract Cara emerged ready to begin shooting. She had undressed and slipped on one of the satin robes I’d left out for them. While Sarah and Jennie went off to do the same, I posed Cara on the large bed I’d brought in for today and slipped the satin back exposing her large tanned breasts and the long string of white pearls around her neck. ‘Lovely, I think I’ll just take a few shots of you first to test the light.’

I picked up a camera and began to shoot her naked breasts, before sliding her legs apart and pulling the tie on her robe open to show more of her smooth brown skin. She was truly beautiful laid there with her pussy exposed for me, smiling into my lens. I felt my cock stir as I drank in the sight.

By the time the other girls came out I had removed my shirt and was shooting close ups of her pussy while I knelt on the edge of the bed. Sarah dropped her robe straight away and jumped onto the bed. She straddled Cara’s shoulders lowering herself into a 69 position with her face close to her pussy so that it would be in the close up shot. I shot them in that pose a few times, then Sarah lowered her tongue and licked her way slowly and purposefully down the length of Cara’s slit.

This was it, Cara’s reaction was everything, would she refuse to cross that line or was I about to film myself fucking three hot girls at once? Cara let out a low moan and whatever blood was left in me rushed to my cock. It was on. This was really going to happen.

The depth of her moan gave away how much she loved having her pussy licked. She was really getting off on striking hot poses for my camera and the attention Sarah was giving her clit only added to the moisture already on show there. Jennie stood by watching the three of us as I directed Sarah and Cara through a set of girl-on-girl oral shots, having them flip over midway through so that Sarah was the one pinned to the bed and then it was Cara’s tongue that I focused in on as it reached down towards Sarah’s pulsing pussy to return the favour.

I could hardly keep the smile off my face. One little advert, a few emails and I had two of the hottest girls I’d ever seen stripped off and licking each other’s pussies for me. I had hidden the video camera which was capturing the whole thing and it seemed to have paid off, posing for still shots seemed to worry them less.

But Jennie was still hovering nearby wearing her robe and looking uncertain. As much as I was enjoying my first live lesbian show, I knew I had to stop it and get her involved before she lost her nerve. I put the camera down and took Jennie gently by the hand. I guided her over towards the bed and asked her to sit. I explained that her shyness was perfect for the scene we had discussed.

I had her sit on the edge of the bed pulling the robe tightly around her while the other two tugged at it, trying to expose her. They knelt naked on either side of her, leaning in close so that their nipples brushed against the soft satin as they wrestled to free her from the robe. They were laughing and smiling as Jennie played the reluctant slut, not willing to be fully nude in front of a camera and two other naked girls.

Then, as instructed, she let them win the fight. Her pert little breasts popping out from behind the soft covering as they pulled her arms free, the robe dropping to her waist, leaving only her pussy covered. Watching their tits bounce around on the soft bed as they struggled with her was something else, I knew the video would be a teenage boy’s wet dream.

They turned their attention to her lower half next, Sarah holding her down while Cara tugged the remainder of the satin away from her smooth skin with her teeth. They pulled her knees apart exposing her for me and my camera. Her clit ring made an excellent contrast to her reluctant pose and almost tearful looking face. I knew the photos would show a girl reluctant to give herself up to me, but secretly slutty enough to have let someone pierce her down there.

The blood pulsed through my cock as I looked at the three of them naked and knew in minutes I was going to be comparing the tightness of their pussies, the feel of their breasts. I threw a bottle of baby oil on the bed and nodded to Cara. ‘Pour that over your breasts and use them to massage the oil into Jennie. Make sure you get all of her or the camera will pick up the dry spots.’ She did as she was told, with a smile as always. Starting at Jennie’s head she leant over the naked blonde and began to rub her breasts down her body, stopping now and then to pour more oil onto her own chest. Her necklace rolled between her breasts and Jennie’s soft skin as she rubbed herself over her chest, her smooth toned stomach, down to her crotch. She opened Jennie’s legs wider as her slippery breasts forced their way down between them, delivering the oil which would make her cunt wet and ready for me.

When both were shiny with baby oil I had them kneel up and pose for me and Sarah (who was obviously enjoying the show as much as I was). I asked them to kiss with their nipples touching as I handed the camera to Sarah and moved in to begin the next stage of the plan. By carrying on having their photos taken I could keep them in the mindset of a photo shoot while getting more hands on myself. This was about to move from a professional photo shoot to an all out fuckfest.

I removed my jeans, releasing the end of my cock which was already damp with pre-cum and joined them on the bed. I slid in behind Cara and took hold of her slippery left breast as I stroked my cock with my other hand. I whispered in her ear, asking if she’d like to feel something hard between her thighs.

She was obviously very turned on, both by what she was doing and from the oral sex Sarah had given her just minutes ago. She nodded her head a fraction of an inch. It was enough for me. I pushed firmly against her wet tunnel, driving my throbbing cock fully into her in one stroke. I felt the heat as her soft pussy enclosed me. This was it, I was fucking a hot young girl on film. I slid slowly back until the head of my cock was at her entrance and made a slow circling motion, teasing myself with her pussy for a moment, and then pushed back down into her. She let out another deep moan of pleasure.

I pulled Jennie in closer to her so that I could reach her pussy with my spare hand. I ran my finger lightly over her clit, feeling the strange metal ring as I kneaded Cara’s breast with my other hand. I’d never felt anything like this before. I was starring in my own porn film with girls I’d handpicked for this and I was directing the action.

I found it hard to go slow in Cara, my dick wanted to race to its first orgasm and my heart was hammering in my chest. I decided I’d have no problem getting hard again with these three on offer and sped up as I fucked the hot brunette. I pulled out at the last second and covered the outside of her pussy in cum, slipping my finger inside Jennie at the same time so I could enjoy the feeling of another pussy as I came.

I tossed her a damp flannel to wipe herself and asked Sarah to join them on the bed for some three-way girl-on-girl shots. It only took a few minutes of them playing together for my erection to return and at this point I lined the three of them up on the bed, considering which one to have next. I wanted Jennie most, I knew she was still a little reluctant and if I’m honest that turned me on even more.

I decided there was no point choosing just one. I would have a few strokes inside each until I couldn’t take it anymore and then sit them up for a three-girl facial. This was the fuck of my dreams, my cock throbbed as I plunged down into Sarah, amazed at how tight she was for such a slut, perhaps her thing for girls meant she hadn’t had much cock inside her.

Then after just a few strokes I pulled back and moved over to lower myself between Jennie’s waiting thighs. She looked stunning, her face was reluctant but her oiled body was giving her away, her nipples stood up proudly and her clit ring moved as the blood pulsed through her pussy. She obviously wanted it whether she knew it or not.

I grabbed the back of Sarah’s head and pushed her down into the position I’d dreamt of, watching her start to tug at the little piece of gold jewellery as my cock approached Jennie’s hot tunnel. I was so engrossed in fucking Jennie and watching Sarah lick her clit I lost track of what Cara was doing, but to be honest I didn’t care, I’d had her and I knew I could have her again later if I wanted. All I could concentrate on was the feeling in my cock as my second orgasm approached.

I slid my hand under Sarah and slipped a finger gently into her ass, knowing she was too far gone to object and wanting to get her ready for my cock. When I was on the verge of cumming I pulled back and eased myself gently into her anal passage, the oil acting as I’d planned and allowing me to slip more easily into her virgin ass.

She started as she realised what had happened but quickly adjusted to the feeling of me pushing my cock gently up inside her ass. As Sarah lapped more urgently at her pussy she began to moan more loudly and just as I reached full penetration we came together, her pussy squirting delightfully on Sarah’s face as my cock exploded inside her. After a few moments I eased my spent cock back out of her and went to clean up telling them we were done for today but they were definitely hired.

They were thrilled, all signing the fake contracts and kissing me on the cheek before they left smiling and laughing. I couldn’t believe I’d gotten away with it. I’d had every kind of sex with three of the hottest women I’d ever seen, and they were all coming back for more.

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