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Jackin' Jill Ch. 01

His favorite camgirl walks into his real life and makes an offer there's no way he's refusing.

Rodney stood at the top of the stairs, listening for hints that anyone was still awake in the house. After a few minutes, he was sure that his parents and sister were all out for the count. He closed the basement door, locked it, and crept down the stairs, his heart beating fast and his cock already throbbing.

Wasting no time, he headed to his computer and navigated to the cam site, praying that he hadn’t missed her. A wide smile spread across his face when he saw Jill’s headshot near the top of the listing of cam models. Not only was she still on, she was obviously having a good night. A model’s position in the list was determined by the number of private minutes she did while on cam, and only two other models were ahead of her.

Rodney clicked into her room and let out a quiet groan when her image appeared on screen. Jill was wearing his favorite outfit – a pink bra and panties with stockings and garters to match. Her room was packed as usual. She was hardly the youngest model on the site at thirty-six, but she actually chatted with the people in her room and gave a few peeks in free chat. That was what brought him to her room night after night, and he wasn’t the only one.

His smile spread wider and his erection throbbed when her voice came through his headphones. “Rod! It’s about time.”

“Hey Jill. You look awesome,” he typed.

She flipped her short blonde locks and affected a girlish pose. “Thank you. I was just about to go off cam for the night. I’m glad I didn’t miss you.”

Crestfallen, Rodney typed, “Awww. Howmuch longer?”

“About five more minutes, unless somebody goes private.”

The temptation was tremendous. With his recent raise, he could almost afford to buy a private show, having her all to himself for a few minutes, and finally seeing all of her body live. It would mean bringing sandwiches to eat between classes at college and on lunch break at work for quite a while, but he was beginning to think that it would be worth it.

The chat moved fast as Rodney agonized over his decision. Jill was posing for the camera, displaying her assets to good advantage in hopes of enticing a final private show before signing off for the evening.

Shw ur puss. Get ur tits out. Dog style. The beggars in the room typed fast and furious, hoping for a peek.

“They’re 36D,” Rodney typed to answer one of the constant questions that came up in chat, even though that very thing was listed in her bio on the left side of the screen. “Yes, they’re real. Let her do her thing. Begging doesn’t help,” he continued.

“Listen to Rod. He knows what he’s talking about,” Jill said, and then winked at the camera before cupping her breasts and jiggling them.

On the verge of clicking the private show button more than once, Rodney’s nerve finally failed him. He was just too nervous to go through with it. His raging erection had even softened. He let out a sigh when Jill sat back down and grabbed the keyboard, knowing what was coming.

“Last chance,” Jill said after typing the same thing for those who weren’t streaming the sound, “If you want to go private, better do it quick. I’m going to be off for a week.”

The begging continued, but nobody bought a private show.

“Okay, I’m going to go,” Jill said, and typed. “This is for Rod, Bird, and ChiDog, because they know how to behave.”

Rodney groaned as Jill tugged one of her breasts free from her bra and lifted it. She teased the dark pink nipple with her tongue for a second, then let the heavy globe drop back down. After a finger-waggling wave, she closed down the room.

A click on his favorites bar took Rodney from the chat site to her private website, because she usually went there and posted on her forum after going off cam. Much to his delight, he discovered that she’d posted some new pictures.

The shots were shower pics – something that he’d requested. The first few were silhouettes through a shower curtain in provocative poses. The last was of her peeking out from behind the curtain, her hair damp and beads of water adorning the leg she revealed. Her nipples were visible where they were pressed against the frosted curtain.

Rodney knew that he had his masturbation fuel for the night, and there was more to come. He was one of the few that Jill had given access to the private part of her site – at least one of the few who had never bought a private show. He clicked the link to the password-protected section, throbbing in anticipation.

The second set of pictures was all with the shower curtain open. At first, her assets were completely covered in thick lather, but following pictures showed her stepping into the cascade of water to wash the bubbles away. The last few were of her shaving her legs and nether lips with water flowing down her gorgeous curves.

Rodney was hard as a rock, and could feel a cold spot where he’d leaked pre-cum. It was then that he noticed something she’d added to the bottom of the page.

You can all thank Rod for these. They were his idea.

Grinning so wide that his cheeks hurt, Rodney opened a new window to go to the forum. A private message notification popped up as soon as the page loaded. It was from another regular chatter he was friends with, DaWatcher.

The message read, “Good suggestion on those pics. DAMN! Hey, I’m going to be down in Galveston next week, starting tomorrow. Want to meet me somewhere?”

He and Watch always played off each other’s jokes, and had quite a few similar, geeky interests. The chance to hang out with someone he actually connected with – and could talk to about Jill – was too good to pass up.

After a reply suggesting a restaurant where his damn Yankee friend could get some genuine Tex-Mex, the refreshed window showed yet another private message. This one was from Jill.

“Everybody loves the shower pics. I had fun with that shoot. Missed you tonight. Were you out on a date with Denise?”

Rodney was beginning to wonder if telling her about Denise was a good idea. She teased him constantly about leaving her for another woman, but also encouraged him to go for it daily. Denise was in a couple of his courses, and they often chatted in the time between the two. She was the first girl in a long time that he’d felt he might have a chance with, but he still hadn’t worked up the courage to ask her out.

He was almost as afraid of her saying yes as no, because he hadn’t had a girlfriend since the fifth grade. Needless to say, he was still a virgin.

He typed back that he still hadn’t asked her out, and then opened another message from Watch which said that the time and place were both fine with him. As soon as he replied that he’d see him there, he read the final message from Jill.

“Ask her out, silly. I’m going to bed. Night night. Think about me? Mmmm!”

Rodney shivered, imagining her thinking about him – the insider code for masturbation. With her shower pics fresh in his mind, he knew that he would certainly be thinking about her.

Rock hard, he turned off the computer and went to do exactly that.


Rodney spotted Watch easily when a friend dropped him off the next day outside the Tex-Mex place, having exchanged pictures quite some time ago. He was in his thirties, but love of Star Trek knew no generations.

“Rod,” Watch exclaimed upon spotting him, and held out a hand.

He shook it, and said, “Welcome to Texas, Watch. Looks like there are some tables on the balcony.”

“Works for me. I’m starving.”

The pair ordered and found their seats on the balcony, which offered a fine view of the scenery – natural, architectural, and human. A pair of attractive women with large, well-displayed breasts were center stage below as the two friends sat down. Watch blew out a quiet whistle as he admired the sight.

“Everything’s bigger in Texas.”

Watch laughed. “Looks like it. Hey, that reminds me. You missed this jerk in chat last night. Came in with the name Texas Longhorn.”

That began a long conversation about chat, kept reasonably quiet to avoid alerting the people seated nearby to what they were actually talking about. The pair often broke out into gut-busting laughter, reminiscing about how they had chased off annoying people from the chat with one-two punches of biting insults. The amused encouragement of the other people in the chatroom – and more importantly, Jill – usually did the trick. Having an attractive, half-naked woman laugh at you when you’re not trying to be funny was apparently a bit of an ego killer.

The food was long gone and Rodney still wiping tears out of his eyes from laughing at the latest tale Watch had told when a tone sounded.

Watch pulled out his cell and checked the text message, still laughing as well. After tapping a reply, he put the phone away and looked around. “Think people are starting to get annoyed at us. I’ve got some beers back at the hotel room.”

Still below drinking age, and hardly part of social circles where he was regularly invited to parties, Rod jumped at the chance. “Hell yeah.”

“I got the tip.” Watch pulled out a few bills for the gratuity, shaking his head when his cell beeped at him again. When he finished replying, he stood and said, “Let’s go get a good buzz on. I walked, because this place isn’t all that far away.”

Glancing over the balcony at the scantily clad women moving about, Rod said, “And you can’t beat the scenery.”

“No shit.”

Quite a few of those attractive girls glanced their way on the walk. Watch was attractive, muscular, and exuded an air of confidence. Walking at his side – skinny and shy – Rod had to wonder why his friend hung out in nude chat rooms. It wasn’t as if he likely needed a substitute for real female company. It did feel good to have women looking in his direction, though – even if it was directed at Watch.

He was staying at one of the better hotels in town, and they continued to chat along the way, moving into discussions of Jill’s various outfits. When they arrived at his room, he scanned his keycard and pushed the door open.

Rod’s mouth dropped open and his eyes widened when Jill said, “Surprise!”

He was still in a state of shock when she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips to his. Despite the surprise, it only took a millisecond for him to melt into the kiss, which turned his legs to water.

“Mmm. Sweet kisses,” she said with her lips still only inches away from his. “Come on in.”

Watch was chuckling as he followed them in the room. Wondering if he was dreaming – and praying he wouldn’t wake up – he turned to his friend.

“Sorry. She made me do it.”

“I wanted to surprise you,” Jill explained.

Though he regretted the stupid question as soon as it passed his lips, Rod asked, “Jill?”

“Of course, silly. Well, it’s actually Lisa, but stick with Jill. Hearing my real name is weird, and that way you won’t slip up in chat.”

If anything, she was more stunning in person than on cam. Her luscious curves in a short skirt and tight, spaghetti-string top were mouth watering. The smile he knew so well brought one to his own lips as she led him over to sit on the bed.

Bending down into the mini-fridge, Watch said, “The beers are real, though,” he passed one to Rodney, and then opened one for himself.

Jill sat down close to him. “I wanted to meet you, since we were going to be here anyway. Had to play it safe and have Jeff make sure you weren’t a serial killer or something, though.”

Thinking that a little liquid courage wasn’t a bad idea, Rod opened his beer and took a long swig.

She put her hand on his knee and laughed. “Relax. I’m not going to bite – unless you want me to.” She twitched her eyebrows.

“It just feels like I’m dreaming,” Rod finally managed to say.

“I know. Me too,” she agreed. “I thought Jeff... Whoops – Watch – was never going to bring you over.”

“I was having too much fun,” Watch said as he sat down on the opposite bed and took a pull of his beer.

“May as well tell you and get it out of the way,” Jill began. “Watch and I have been best friends since like the third grade. We lived next door to each other. We never really dated, but we hung out and started experimenting when we got to that age. We got each other’s virginity, and we’ve pretty much been together ever since.”

“So, you’re married?”

She laughed. “God, no! He’s too much of a whore. We’re fuck buddies, but we’re not exclusive or anything. He’s my cameraman, and plays stunt cock when I want some facial pictures or something. He’s the one in the first couple of Jackin’ Jill videos.”

Rod had always been fond of those videos, where Jill did a sexy striptease, and then gave a man a handjob, jerking him off onto her tits. They were all shot point-of-view, which let him put himself in the guy’s place.

“The rest of them are nice guys from chat that I’ve met in person. Bird was the guy in the last one.” While she talked, her hand slid up from his knee to his thigh.

Watch broke out into a laugh as Rodney’s eyes widened again. “I think it’s starting to sink in.”

Jill’s fingers glided over his crotch and she asked in a low, sultry voice that made him break out into goose bumps, “Want to be in the next one?”

“Seriously?” Rod asked, his voice cracking and making the blush already rising in his cheeks even darker.

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned, her fingers pressing tighter against his crotch. “You always make me smile in chat, and you get me so hot when you start teasing. I’ve been thinking about it constantly ever since we knew we were coming to Galveston.”

“We damn near missed our plane because she was getting herself off one more time before we left,” Watch interrupted, and laughed.

Jill stuck her tongue out at him.

Though his heart was pounding and his cock rising fast from the thought, Rodney couldn’t help looking over at Watch. No matter how incredible the notion of Jill jacking him off was, the thought of another guy – even Watch – over his shoulder with a camera was a bit much.

Watch waved a hand in front of him. “All I’ll be doing is setting up the lights and the camera. Then I’m out.”

“It would just be you and me,” Jill said, squeezing his erection and letting out a moan that mingled both surprise and pleasure. “Pretty please? I want to make you come. I want to see it. I want to feel it squirting all over me – for reals.”

A groan escaping him from the feeling of her hand caressing him and the sexy serenade of her voice, he nodded his head.

Jill gave him one final squeeze, and let out a sharp growl. “I’m going to go get changed.”

Rodney watched her walk to the bathroom in a near daze. She looked over her shoulder, winked, and gave her ass a slap before disappearing around the corner. He tilted his head back and drained the last of the beer in one long guzzle.

Watch laughed and walked toward a large suitcase. “Plenty of beer in the fridge. Bird drank a six-pack before she finished getting dressed.”

Nerves on edge like nothing he’d ever experienced before, Rodney leaned down and into the fridge for another beer. He finished that one and another – sitting in awkward silence – while Jill was in the bathroom and Watch set up the lights on tripods from the suitcase.

In the process of testing the camera and the hookup to the laptop so she could see the camera to control it with a remote, Watch finally said, “Relax, man,” and chuckled. “You look like you’re about to throw up.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“Yeah. Guess so. Everything’s ready to roll. I’m out.” He pointed and said, “Have fun,” before leaving the room.

The door outside hadn’t even completely closed when Jill stepped out of the bathroom. She was wearing his favorite outfit again, but had added elbow length satin gloves to the ensemble.

“Like it?” she asked while reaching down to trace her middle finger over her panties.

A silly grin spread across his face as he nodded.

“Mmm. I can’t wait any longer. Sit down in the chair.”

It wasn’t exactly rocket science to figure out which chair she was talking about. Lights were carefully aimed to illuminate it, and the camera was positioned just to the right and behind it. With his eyes locked on her as she negotiated the cables and equipment, he sat down in the chair.

She raised a satin-clad finger to her lips, winked, and then picked up the remote, starting the camera.

Jill waved and said, “Hey, everybody. It’s Jackin’ Jill time.” She reached up and cupped her breasts for the camera and groaned. “I’ve been waiting for this for days. Playing with myself. Making myself come.”

Rodney stared as she moaned and slid her hands down her body to press her fingers between her legs. He’d gone soft from nerves, but that was changing in a hurry.

“I’ve got a brand new cock to play with, and the thought of it is making me so wet.” She sat back in the windowsill behind her, bending one knee until it rested on the sill as well.

Rodney tugged at his jeans, trying to make room for his hardening cock. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that she was zooming the camera with the remote while she pulled her panties aside. He glanced over at the close-up view just in time to see her part her nether lips, showing the wetness within.

“See?” She tugged her panties back in place and let her foot slip to the floor after zooming the camera back out. “I usually get naked, but I know he loves this outfit. So, I’m going to leave it on.” A coquettish grin preceded her adding, “Mostly.”

Jill stood up into a slow, sinuous dance, running her hands all over her body. “I know he wants to see my titties, and I know you all do too. I love showing them off, thinking about how hard they make you.” She reached up and pulled down first one, and then the other strap of her lacy pink bra.

“I know most of you have your cocks out right now.” She rolled her eyes up and moaned. “I know you’re going to be stroking them. Coming for me. It makes me so hot.”

Throbbing so hard that he thought he might bust straight through the zipper of his pants, Rodney breathed heavily, hypnotized by her words and her sexy body.

Her hands moved behind her back, ever so slowly, to meet in the middle. Her breasts jiggled as she unhooked the clasp, and she licked her lips. Looking straight into Rodney’s eyes, she slipped her right arm out of the bra. Then, she crossed her arm over her breasts, and managed to wriggle her left arm free without dropping the bra.

Moving her hands to the overflowing pink cups, she held them in front, and then let the bra tumble to the floor. A second later, she snapped her hands out in a ta-da gesture and laughed as she revealed her breasts in all their glory.

“Look how hard my nipples are,” she said while reaching up to tease one with her finger. “Ooo! Mmm, these gloves were a good idea.” She stroked her breasts with both hands, arching her back to thrust them toward the camera. “A very good idea.”

Rodney could feel the chilly spot in his underwear from a drop of pre-cum having seeped from the swollen head of his cock. His pants weren’t even unbuttoned yet, and he already felt as if he weregoing to explode.

“I know I should tease some more, but I can’t wait.” Jill walked toward him, her heavy breasts swinging and jiggling with every hip-swaying step. She aimed the remote at the camera, panning and zooming as necessary until she was in frame, on her knees in front of his chair.

She stroked her fingers up his legs, looking up into his eyes. “It’s just like Christmas. I can’t wait to open my present.”

Rodney panted as her gloved fingers worked loose the button, and then closed around the tab of his zipper. She parted the denim and her eyes flashed wide at the bulge in his tighty-whities.

“Oh my,” she exclaimed, and wasted no time in sliding her fingers beneath his waistband, pulling the cotton out and down.

Rodney winced as the head caught up in the elastic band for a moment, and then gasped when his cock popped free to slap him.

“Oh, that is such a gorgeous cock,” Jill said in a breathless voice, curling her fingers around it.

The touch only lasted for a second, but it was enough to make every muscle in his body tighten. After so long fantasizing about it, Jill was really here, on her knees, touching his cock.

“I want those pants off,” she said in a rush, and grabbed the waistband. He lifted his hips, allowing her to pull the denim and his underwear down. She looked back up while forcing his pants past his knees. “Take your shirt off too. I want you nekkid.”

Rodney fumbled with his shirt, having trouble because Jill lifting his feet to remove his pants had his back pressed against the chair. By the time he managed to pull it over his head, she had removed his shoes and yanked the denim past his feet.

Jill rose back up on her knees, wiggling back and forth to let her breasts bump his legs, and chuckled. Then satin fingers glided up and down his length, while others cupped and caressed his balls. “It’s an even bigger present than I imagined,” she said, her eyes locked with his.

Her hand wrapped around the root, and she stood his member straight up. It throbbed, pulling against her, and she moaned. “You’re so hard for me.” With the tip of one finger, she traced circles around his swollen purple helmet.

Rodney groaned, unable to hold back the sound. Another drop of pre-cum welled up from his tip, and she smoothed it into his skin. He’d never felt anything as incredible as her talented hands wrapped in soft, slippery satin.

A hand returned to his balls, tickling the orbs from beneath. “So tight. Mmm. I know they’re full. Full of hot cum for me.”

He could already feel the itch in the tip of his cock, but fought it with all his might. The last thing he wanted to do was erupt so quickly in the midst of a dream come true.

As if reading his mind, she let his erection drop back down against him. She grinned, winked, and then rose up higher to lean over him. She giggled as her breasts slipped on either side of his manhood. Light taps on the outer swell of the globes bounced his cock between them, making quiet slapping sounds.

When she released him from the warm nest of her bosom, she gave the head of his cock a pinch. He winced, sucking in a hissing breath from the sting of pain. At first, he wondered why she’d done it, but then realized that the urge to come had almost completely evaporated.

A sultry, knowing smile decorated her face as she took him in hand and started stroking him. “Mmm, I love that cock. I can barely get my hand around it. I just want to jack it all day. Mmm, but I want that cum, too.”

Her hand pumped a little faster as she stood his erection up straight again. He could feel her hot breath as she made little sounds of pleasure. Every few strokes, she would squeeze his balls just tightly enough to make him wince, continually staving off the itch that built in his tip from her wonderful hand.

Little flips of her wrist caused her hand to rotate around his shaft, adding a whole new dimension to the pleasure. The head of his cock glistened in the light from numerous droplets of pre-cum. It went on and on, drawing grunts and groans from deep in his chest.

“Oh, I love that. Love to hear you losing control.”

Losing control was exactly what was happening. Though she’d added a couple more pinches to the ball squeezes, the whole head of his cock was tingling, and it was getting stronger by the minute.

“You ready to come for me, baby? Come all over Jilly’s titties?”

A panted breath that resembled the word yeah and a jerky nod of his head was all he could provide by way of an answer.

“Oh, I want it, baby. I want your cum.”

Rodney shifted a little in the chair as she aimed his cock at her, pulling at the root. Her satin hand slid up and down his shaft, fast enough to blur in his vision and make hissing sounds. Her other hand gently caressed his balls, while a finger stroked the ropy cord separating them.

Grunts completely beyond his control emerged in a steady stream as his cock grew warm from the friction. He was on the brink, held back only by the uncomfortable angle of his cock.

Jill’s words came fast, her tone pleading. “Give it to me. Come for me. Come all over me. Oh, come for me. Come for me.”

Rodney lurched as he reached the point of no return. A loud, inarticulate cry burst from his lips, and he erupted. The first jet spattered hard against her left breast.

“Ah! Uh huh! Give it to me!” she encouraged him, her hand never slowing.

Another thick rope of cum shot high enough to decorate her cheek, and hang down from her chin. A third spattered her breasts. Then another, and another. He felt as if even his balls were trying to come up the pulsing shaft before her hand finally slowed.

“Oh yeah. That’s it, baby. Mmm hmm.”

Rodney forced his eyes open to see Jill smiling at him, her mouth open and her tongue swirling around her lips. She was absolutely covered in cum, with a strand even going up the bridge of her nose into her hair.

“Oh, I knew you had a lot of cum for me,” Jill said, and then turned to the camera and twitched her eyebrows. She puckered her lips for the camera, thrust her cum-coated breasts toward it, and gave her signature, finger waggling wave.

She looked around on the floor and found the remote, shutting off the camera a second or two later. After a glance down at her body, she looked up and said, “Well, hello, Peter North.”

Rodney chuckled, and then groaned as a final aftershock rippled through his body.

“Have you ever done drugs? Had a blood transfusion? Had unprotected sex?”

He shook his head, his cheeks warming when she mentioned sex. “No.”

“Oh, I can trust you,” she said, and then lifted her breast to her mouth, lapping up his cum and moaning.

He shuddered, snapping his knees together as the sight set him off again.

“Oh my god, you taste good.” She continued to lap until she couldn’t reach any more, and then lifted her other breast.

All he could do was watch – transfixed – as she gathered up every drop of cum she could reach with her tongue, and then switched to her fingers. Her other hand slipped into her panties. His sensitive cock protested, even as it softened, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away.

She finished with the strand leading up her nose, savoring it from her finger. Her moan turned sharp and loud as she pulled the finger free from her mouth with a pop.

“Do you always come that much?”

He shook his head. “I don’t think I’ve ever come that much.”

“Guess the other girls just weren’t as good as me,” she said, affecting a playfully haughty expression.

Again, his cheeks warmed and he clenched his teeth, embarrassed by his virginity.

Her brow knitted for a second, but then she slid a hand into her panties again. “God, I’m aching. That made me so hot.” With that, she stood up and started popping open the clasps on her garters.

A cellphone started meandering across the nightstand, vibrating powerfully.

“Stupid phone,” she said – pouting. She gasped upon looking at the display, and quickly picked it up.

“Sorry, Jeff. I lost track of time.” A brief pause, and then she said, “Oh yeah. Real good. No, I’ll be ready. I just need a quick shower. Bye.”

Rodney shrugged. “Guess you’ve got to go, huh?” For a few seconds when she was working on her garters, his hopes had soared that it might go beyond just a handjob – as amazing as it had been.

“Yeah. I was so excited about meeting you that I almost forgot why we planned this trip in the first place. We’re supposed to meet a couple of other girls from the site and do some videos. Do you know Gina?”

He nodded, having visited the redhead’s room a couple of times when Jill wasn’t on. She was twenty-one, and had a smoking body, but didn’t chat quite as much as Jill did or give out free peeks.

“We’re going to do a video together for both of our websites.” Her eyes suddenly lit up. “Oh, I need to fix your login to the site, too.”

“What do you mean?”

She walked over to her laptop. “You’re part of an exclusive club, now. There’s a special part of the site where only guys that I’ve met in person can go.” After a few clicks, she said, “There. You’ll see it when you log in. Go ahead. I’m going to get in the shower.”

Still more than a little weak in the knees, Rodney turned to watch her walk to the bathroom, garters jingling about her thighs and her stockings sagging slightly. He sighed, and tried to work up the energy to rise enough to retrieve his underwear and jeans.

Jill came back out of the bathroom with a wash rag, nodded toward his flaccid member, and then handed it to him before heading back.

After cleaning up the sticky remnants of cum from his body, he put on his pants and shirt, and headed for the computer. As soon as he logged in and clicked on the new Jill’s Guys link, he knew that his normal masturbation sessions had just changed dramatically.

Though they were both currently offline, two video windows labeled new shower cam and bed cam promised delights. A note next to the latter reminded everyone with access to the section of the site not to tell anyone that they could see the private shows for free on the bed cam.

There were picture galleries he’d never seen, and expanded versions of the ones he knew. There were exclusive videos, and even a special forum. On top of everything else, there was a coupon code that cut the cost of private shows with her in half.

“Hey Rod, come here a second.”

His itch to start clicking vanished in an instant at the sound of her voice, rising above the shower. He hurried to the bathroom to see her peeking out from behind the curtain.

“Aww. You put your pants back on.” She pouted for a moment and laughed. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“Are you a virgin?”

His cheeks burning, he couldn’t find his voice. Knowing that his reaction was an answer anyway, he nodded.

“Oh, sweetie. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I was just curious. Bird was too when I met him, but he didn’t admit it at the time. I like knowing that I got to be first.” She pulled back the shower curtain, revealing her body in all its naked, dripping glory. “Come here.”

He stepped up to the edge of the shower and she put her hand on his cheek, leaning out to kiss him. Far different than the kiss at the door earlier, this one was hungry, her tongue snaking out to caress his gums.

When their lips parted, she said, “I’ve got to hurry up and finish my shower, but I want to be the first woman you touch, too.” With that, she lifted his hand to her breast.

Rodney groaned as she guided his hand over her breasts, encouraging him to squeeze and heft the heavy globes for a few seconds. Then, she pushed his hand down, between her legs. His fingers glided over the curls on her mound to the folds beneath. A push on his middle and index finger slipped them into her warm, wet embrace.

She moaned, thrusting her breasts toward him. “I know it’s a terrible tease, but I wanted it so bad. Taste me.”

He reluctantly pulled his fingers from inside her and brought the trembling hand to his lips. Her musky scent and rich, tangy taste made his cock come back to life, rising despite twinges of discomfort.

“Do I taste good?”

“Incredible,” he answered, still licking for every drop of her nectar.

“I’ve got to finish my shower, but I want you to stay here while we’re at Gina’s. We should only be a couple of hours. You can watch television or go on the site, order food, whatever you want. Just stay. I want to talk.”

His mind racing, he nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Good. Keep quiet about meeting me on chat and the regular part of the site, but go on the new forum and say hello to everyone.” She blew a kiss, and then slipped back behind the shower curtain once again.

There was little conscious thought involved in walking out of the room and back to the computer. Though he was trying not to get his hopes up, the taste of her had him aching and thinking about the possibility of more. Still running on auto-pilot, he clicked on the link to the forum.

The very first topic he saw was titled, Welcome Rod!

The shock of seeing his name already part of the posting on the forum was enough to bring his thoughts back out of the ether – to some extent. Clicking through, he discovered that Bird had started the thread.

"Saw your name in the online list, so that means you’re part of the club now," the post began. A couple of other people he knew from chat had already replied, welcoming him as well, and recommending videos he should watch first.

The door to the hotel room opened and Rodney turned around to see Watch. His friend let out a laugh and said, “Talk about a shit-eating grin. Hey, Man.”

“Hey, Watch.”

Jill called to Watch from the bathroom, and he held up a finger before stepping in to talk to her. A minute or so later, he came back out. “Sorry I’m in a rush. Gotta get stuff gathered up to go to Gina’s. I tried to tell Jill to wait to hook up with you and her until we’d been here for a day to settle in, but you know how she is.”

Rodney chuckled. “Yeah.”

“We’re going to be here until next weekend. Have to see if we can find some time to hang. I’ve got all sorts of dirty secrets I can tell you about her.”

The water had shut off in the bathroom, and Jill called out in an authoritative voice, “No you don’t.”

Yes, I do, he mouthed, and then laughed. “Give me a hand with this junk?”


The pair had taken down the lights and camera when Jill sauntered out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a grin.

“Even after all these years, I’ve never gotten used to that,” Watch remarked.

Jill chuckled, jiggled her breasts, and gave her ass a slap before digging into her suitcase.

Rodney helped pack up everything while Jill dressed, and before he knew it, she was giving him a goodbye kiss. Still trying not to read too much into her request to stay, he hit the new forum and thanked everyone for welcoming him. It was when he went to the regular forum that he really began to smile, though.

Nobody outside the club knew why certain members had glowing usernames, but they knew it represented some sort of elite status. Already popular for his wit and helping people on the board with computer problems, he was now like unto a god, thanks to those glowing letters. As he basked in the popularity that so eluded him in the world outside the box, the hours rolled by almost unnoticed.

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