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Jackin' Jill Ch. 03

"Jill knows just how to relax him so he'll take the plunge."

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Rodney started awake, shaking his head and blinking against the light streaming in the window. After a few seconds, the sleep fog began to lift from his head, and he realized that the light was out of place. He wasn’t in his basement room at home.


Memories returned as his eyes adjusted, and a smile spread across his face.

Jill completed a long, broad-tongued lap of his erection. When she saw that he was awake and watching, she stopped teasing and took him in her mouth. After a few sucks, she pulled his wrist, guiding it to the back of her head. Rodney groaned, pulling down ever so slightly each time she swallowed his cock.

Her hot mouth tantalized him for around a minute before she let the tip slip free, looked up into his eyes and said, “Good morning.”

“Uh huh,” he responded – his saliva-slick member bouncing up to tap her in the chin. He shifted on the bed, wincing a little from the pressure in his bladder.

“Need to pee?”

Rodney nodded.

She gave the head of his cock a final kiss and said, “Go ahead.”

By the time he returned from the bathroom, she had put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. It was disappointing – but only a little. She was every bit as sexy clothed as she was naked.

“Thought we should probably slow down a little.” She picked up his underwear and tossed them to him. “You’re going to need enough energy to go get some clean clothes.”

While he pulled on his clothes, she typed away on the computer. He could see that she was on her website, posting on the forum. Once dressed, he said, “So, uhm...”

“What now?” She chuckled. “Like I said, you need to go get some clean clothes. First, I want to see this Denise. Do you have any pictures of her or anything?”

“Her Facebook, I guess.”

“So, she added you, then? That’s a good first step. Show me.”

He navigated to the site, and then to her profile. She’d just posted a status about a movie that had opened, saying she planned to go see it. Jill leaned in and gasped, so he looked at her and asked, “What is it?”

“Just that she’s delicious. Click on the pictures, silly. I want to see more.”

Rodney cycled through the pictures, growing hard as Jill leaned over his shoulder, moaning in approval with each new one. She gestured for him to return to the main profile page after the last picture, then pointed at the screen to her relationship status – single.

“You should do something about that.”

He blushed, shifting a little on the bed. “It’s just... I’m too nervous.”


“Because I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never been on a date or anything.”

“You’d never had sex until yesterday, either. You got over that pretty quickly,” she said in a sultry whisper right into his ear, then kissed his neck.

“That’s different.”

“No, it isn’t. Okay, do you have her number?”

“Uh, yeah. We were grouped together for a lab once.”

“So, start dialing.”

“I...” His stomach knotted up in fear.

“Okay, you need to relax, and I know just how to do that.” She pulled her shirt off, letting her breasts free, and then leaned in to unbutton his jeans. “Pants off.”

Jill lay back on the bed, caressing her breasts and licking her lips. Rodney put the laptop down and quickly removed the pants he’d put on only a few minutes before. As soon as he kicked them off, she sat up and used the convenient handle of his stiffening cock to pull him toward her. She then reclined again, still holding on, and pulled him to straddle her. Once he was atop her with his balls resting on her tummy, she squeezed her breasts together and nodded toward them, twitching her eyebrows.

He knee-walked forward, and she let the firm globes separate again. Once his erection settled between them, she squeezed her breasts together around him, forming a warm nest.

“Now fuck my titties and come for me. No holding back. Just do it, and explode for me.”

Rodney rocked his hips, letting the firm globes caress him. His cock wasn’t really sliding between them, but rather moving the skin over the core of his hardness. At the end of every stroke, the tip would still poke out from between her breasts, though. It was then that she took advantage of the opportunity to lick or suck on the swollen head.

“Feel good?” she asked between flicks of her tongue.

“Fuck yes,” he responded, pumping faster.

The words coming rapidly, and in excited tones, she encouraged him, “That’s it, baby. I want your cum. I want it all over me. Do it.”

The bed creaked as he continued to build speed. She dragged over a second pillow, propping up her head and giving her better access to his tip when it peeked out. The increasing strength of his thrusts revealed more of his cock as his excitement mounted. Jill locked her lips around it when she could, sucking hard, and causing it to audibly pop from between her lips.

Rodney grunted, rising quickly to a peak. When his cockhead next popped out of her hot, wet mouth, he was there. “Ah, yeah. Gonna come.”

“Give it to me!” she demanded, her voice warbling as he rode her body, fucking her tits hard.

One last pump set him off, and a hard jet of cream spattered against her chin, trailing up onto her face. He gasped, and the next spurt went directly up the bridge of her nose, into her hair, and onto the pillow beyond. His hips twitched beyond his control, and his still-trapped cock erupted in three more squirts, decorating her lips, cheeks, and closing one eye. The final pulses spotted her neck with his cream and pooled beneath his throbbing organ.

Jill released him from her breasts and he fell forward on his hands over her. She licked her lips, moaned, and cleared his cum from her eye so she could look up at him while sucking her fingers clean.

He only saw that afterwards, though. His eyes were tightly closed as he panted for breath. It was only when she gave his bottom a smack and then pushed on his hips that he opened his eyes to see her smiling up at him. With no small amount of effort, he lifted one knee, and then sat down heavily on the bed next to her.

“There, now. Aren’t you a lot more relaxed?”

“Uh huh,” he sighed, and then chuckled. She was still pulling the copious spatters of cum adorning her face to her lips, savoring every drop.

“Good.” She sat up and picked up his phone from the nightstand. “Call Denise and ask her out.”

“To where?”

“The movies. She’s already planning to go. It’s a nice, safe first date. You automatically have something to talk about, and you won’t need to worry about tripping over your tongue while the movie is running.”

While she talked, she did something on his phone. When she handed it to him, she’d already selected Denise from his contact list and hit send. His heart beating fast, he brought the phone to his ear just as she answered.

“Hi, Denise.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jill making a circling gesture with her hand. “I was wondering if you would want to go out to the movies?” A combination of panic and relief washed over him as the words came out.

“I was actually going to go tonight by myself,” she answered. “But if it’s your treat?”

Stunned by the sound of enthusiasm in her voice, he said, “Sure. My treat.”

“Meet me at the library at seven?”

“The library at seven.”

“I’ll see you then.”

“Yeah, okay. Bye, and see you then.”


Rodney clicked the end button and stared at the phone for a moment, in complete disbelief.

“Now, was that so hard?” Jill asked.

A chuckle escaped him as the absurdity of what had just happened hit him. He’d asked a girl out for the first time while sitting with his cock out, next to a bare-breasted woman covered in his cum.

She gave him a pat on the bottom. “Get cleaned up and dressed. Then go home and get some clean clothes. Bring something to change into tomorrow, too. You have a date to get ready for, and I have videos to edit and upload.”

“I have to work tomorrow.”

“Watch can drop you off at work and pick you up. He’ll be back in a little while. He called before you woke up. I guess Gina wore him out.” She laughed, then bit her lower lip and fixed him with bedroom eyes.

“There’s still some firsts I haven’t claimed yet.”


Rod looked at the clock and swallowed hard.

“You okay, man?” Watch asked.

“I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Relax, man. Okay, number one. You asked her out, and she said yes. Number two. You said you wanted to see the same movie she did. Number three. You’re taking a lot of the same classes. That’s common interest, buddy. That means things to talk about.”

“I don’t know.”

“You were nervous as fuck the first time you came in Jill’s room too. I was there, remember? You got over that quickly enough.”

“That’s online.”

“Yesterday wasn’t online,” Watch countered.

“That’s...” He blushed, unable to find an answer.

“That’s a woman. One who likes you despite sharing fewer common interests, I might add. You’ve got a sense of humor, and you know how to pay a girl a compliment without being creepy. Use it. You’ll just have to say it instead of typing it.”

Talking about Jill made him wish she was there. When he was around her, he felt so much more confident, and he could use that right now. Unfortunately, she was at Gina’s on an impromptu live cam session.

“No more time to worry about it,” Watch said as he grabbed his keys. “I’ll drop you off by the library.”

Rod spent the whole drive trying to think of things to say to Denise when the time arrived. Nothing that popped into his head sounded right. He felt dizzy as he climbed out of the car, and quite nearly got right back in.

Watch put the rental car in gear and said, “Relax, and have fun. See you later.”

With that, Rod was on his own.

Barely around the corner, he saw her waiting. A quick glance at his cell told him that he wasn’t late, which prompted a sigh of relief. She was just a little early, the same as him. She looked incredible – dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a blouse. Her hair was longer and a darker blonde than Jill’s, and she had smaller boobs, but they were still plenty eye-catching. As he walked toward her, their eyes met, and she flashed a brilliant smile.

“Hi. Ready to go?” Denise asked as he walked up to her.

“Yeah,” he answered, mesmerized by her smile.

“What?” she asked after a few seconds.

Realizing he was staring at her and wearing a silly grin so wide it made his cheeks ache, he said, “Sorry, you look great. You did something different with your hair.”

“You like it?” She turned her head and smoothed her fingers down her blonde locks.

“Yeah, it looks great.”

“Thank you. Well, let’s go so we can get decent seats.” She started walking, and he fell into step beside her. “I’ve been waiting for this ever since I saw the previews.”

“Me too. Looks like it’s going to be good.”

Her voice carried hints of amusement when she said, “So, you skipped out of classes Friday.”

“Yeah. An online friend I’ve never met in person was in town. Figured I could miss a day.”

“Everybody was shocked. You never miss class. I can give you copies of the notes from the classes we share, but you didn’t really miss much.”


“That’s cool that you met somebody from online. There are a few I want to meet, but it’s kind of scary. I think I live online, sometimes.”

“Me too. Whenever I see a form with an address line, I want to write my IP address.”

She laughed and Rod chuckled. All of the sudden, he noticed that the butterflies in his stomach had stopped fluttering. Maybe – just maybe – Jill and Watch had been right after all.


The conversation during the walk back to the library was easy, as it mostly centered on the movie. Rod was completely at ease until they stopped. He was beginning to panic, trying to think of something to say when Denise jumped in.

“This was fun.”

“Yeah, me too.” He prayed that didn’t sound as lame to her as it did to him.

“We’ll have to do it again some time. Call me?”

His heart skipped a beat. “Sure.”

“Well, I’ll see you in class, then.”

“See you Monday.”

She gave a wave and turned to walk back to her dorm. It was all he could do not to stare at her tight little butt swaying hypnotically. Somehow, he forced himself to turn around, and saw Watch leaning against his rental car down the street.

“That looked like it went well,” Watch said as Rodney walked over. “She’s a hot one.”


“Yeah, she’s hot, or yeah, that went well?”

“Both, I guess.”

Watch chuckled. “Told you to just relax. Let’s get back. Jill isn’t going to relax until you tell her how things went.”

The prediction proved accurate, and Jill wasn’t satisfied until he had spilled about every moment he could remember. She was wearing a short blue dress, black stockings, and heels, and looked absolutely stunning to him. It was almost odd chatting with her while she had clothes on, after so much time spent with her naked – exactly the opposite of how he’d felt not so long ago. With the details of his date recounted in minute detail, it was her turn to show how her day had gone, because she had video.

At first, there was a lot of footage of the two of them sitting in lingerie on the bed, talking and typing. A few short – and hot – private shows interrupted, but much of the beginning was chat. Jill explained what the chatters were saying that prompted the reactions on the screen, resulting in Rod and Watch riffing off the comments and each other, just as they did in chat.

The three sat laughing and making fun of the sillier people who were ever-present in chat. Rodney had three beers, and had a strong buzz going by the time the percentage of private shows to public chat reversed. Jill also started a sultry commentary about the sex on the screen, which caused a quite natural reaction in Rodney.

He stiffened a little the first time she squeezed his cock, because it was weird with Watch sitting just on the other side of her on the bed. After a few more squeezes and teases, his sex drive dulled the embarrassment – though not completely. Near the end of one of the nearly constant private shows where Gina was straddling Jill’s face and coming from a combination of the blonde’s tongue and a vibrator, Jill leaned over and whispered into Rodney’s ear.

“Mmm... Imagine if that was Denise I was licking, and that vibrator was you fucking her hard and making her come.”

He couldn’t help but shudder.

She let out a purring moan at his reaction and then said, “By the way, have you been on my site today?”

“No. Been too busy.”

“Your Jackin’ Jill video is up. Watch rendered and uploaded it at Gina’s. Everybody’s loving it. You just took the record for most comments in a day.”


“Mmm hmm. The other one is uploaded, but I haven’t linked it yet. Gina didn’t have the software to blur out your face.” She started running a finger up and down his chest. “Of course, we could just go ahead and put it online.”

There was no doubt from her suggestive tone that she was asking for permission. “I don’t know...”

“Wouldn’t you love for everyone to know that you fucked me? Ate my pussy and stuffed that gorgeous cock deep inside me and filled me full of cum? Let them see you, baby.”

Her fingers reached his crotch again and wormed beneath the waistband of his pants to tickle the head of his cock through his underwear. Rod groaned, “I...”

She leaned in and whispered directly in his ear, “Pretty please.”

In the back of his head, in a split second, he rationalized that the video was going to be on the private part of the site anyway. Only people who had bought private shows would be able to see it. It wasn’t likely that anyone he knew was going to see it.


Watch laughed. “I’ll be damned. You win. I didn’t think there was a way in hell you’d talk him into it.”

“I’m good,” she said rather haughtily, then leaned back in to seductively whisper in Rod’s ear, “Aren’t I?”

“Yep,” he admitted, his face burning as he realized what he’d agreed to.

“This ought to drum up some repeat business,” Watch said as he walked over to the computer.

“I can’t believe I just said that,” Rod mumbled.

“Mmm... I bet you end up loving it. Showing off is what really turns me on. I’m not kidding when I say that on cam.” She bit her lower lip and hit him with her bedroom eyes. “As a matter of fact...”

“Oh boy,” Watch said as he clicked away in the process of linking the video up on Jill’s website.

“Grab that camera, and let’s go out on the balcony,” Jill said.

Rod’s eyes widened. “Are you serious?”

“Mmm hmm. I love getting naked in public and knowing that people might be watching. You get to work the camera and get nice and horny.”

“Video’s officially on the site. I’ll keep an eye out for cops,” Watch said, and then laughed. Because Rodney hadn’t yet picked up the camera, he did, and handed it off to his chat partner in crime.

More than a little nervous, Rodney took the camera and followed Jill out onto the balcony. She sat down on the table there with her feet in a chair. If she had sat down in the chair, she would have been at least partially hidden by the slatted railing. On the table, she would be visible to anyone in the parking lot and beyond.

“Just turn it on and point at whatever you want.” She gave a little wink. “I’ll tell you if I want you to do something specific.”

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“Okay,” Rod said as he turned on the camera, adjusted the focus to show her completely, and started recording.

Jill waved and said, “Hi, everybody. I just had an urge to come outside and enjoy the night air while I’m on vacation.” She leaned back on her hands, thrusting her breasts up into the air and moaned. When she sat back up, she said, “Show everybody the view.”

Rodney turned, and then scanned the camera left to right to show the ocean view. It wasn’t right next to the hotel, but they were close enough to smell the ocean. He then aimed the camera back at Jill.

“I’m out on the balcony, and I love the smell of the ocean. It turns me on,” she said while reaching up to caress her breasts. “A lot.”

“What turns me on even more is that someone could be down on the beach, or out in the parking lot watching me. Maybe there’s some lonely guy from Iowa down there looking at me, wishing I wasn’t wearing so many clothes.” She popped open a couple of the large buttons on her dress to reveal a lacy black bra. “Like this.”

Rodney held back the sigh that wanted to escape him as she slowly poppedopen a couple more buttons. After giving a few jiggles, she tugged down the cups of her bra, letting her breasts tumble free from confinement.

Concentrating hard on keeping the camera steady, Rodney reached down and adjusted his erection.

Jill parted the material of her dress a little more and cupped her breasts. “The ocean breeze feels so good. My poor girls were all cooped up in there. Aren’t I a bad girl, sitting out here showing my tits to everyone? I love it. It’s making me wet.”

She lifted first one, and then the other breast to her lips so she could lick her nipples, moaning from the sensation. “You know what else? This naughty little girl isn’t wearing any panties, either.” She affected a look of surprise and said, “What? You don’t believe me?”

Having seen a similar video of her before, Rodney shook the camera back and forth as if it was saying no, as the camera man had done in that video.

“Guess I’ll just have to prove it then.”

More buttons popped open, but she held onto the cloth, keeping it from opening more than a tiny bit. It was only when the last button was free of its hole that she tugged her dress fully open to show off her pussy and the garter belt holding up her stockings.

“See? I told you.” She lifted one knee up onto the table, parting her legs, and slipped a finger into her pussy. After a shiver, she brought her finger to her lips and sucked it clean. “I wasn’t kidding about being wet, either. My poor little pussy is soaked and needs attention.”

Rodney zoomed in between her legs, taking cues from the numerous other videos of her he’d watched. Jill spread, caressed, and teased her folds, her wetness evident as it sparkled in the low light. When she pushed two fingers deep inside her and groaned, he zoomed back out.

With her fingers still buried inside her and wiggling, Jill pinched her right nipple and giggled. “I love getting myself off like this – where anyone can see me. I bet you’re stroking your cocks while you watch me, too.”

I wish I could, Rod thought, because his was throbbing like mad.

Though she kept it quiet, Jill whimpered and moaned as she played with her clit and finger-fucked herself. Years of practice meant that she always gave Rod a good view of her in the camera that was almost never completely obstructed by her hand. She picked up the pace, beginning to writhe on the table, and then suddenly gasped and pulled her fingers from inside her. They were absolutely coated in her nectar.

She bit her lower lip and crooked those slippery fingers into a beckoning gesture. He assumed it was just another tease for the video until she pointed a finger directly at him, and beckoned again.

He looked out from behind the camera’s viewfinder and she nodded her head. “Come here.”

The next thing Rod knew, Watch had a hand under the camera. Rodney let go of the camera with his stomach doing flip flops. Jill fixed him with a hypnotic gaze and said, “Don’t make me wait.”

Though part of him was shrieking in terror, Rodney walked toward her and followed a combination of nods and hand signals to stand next to the table. His eyes widened when she scooted closer and reached for the button of his pants.

“You’re going to love it. I just know it,” she said as her deft fingers popped open the button and slid down the zipper. She was obviously in no mood to wait, and jerked down his pants and underwear simultaneously as soon as the zipper parted. His cock had barely stopped bobbing from springing free before she wrapped her lips around it.

Rodney groaned, the panic that he was standing on a hotel balcony with Watch filming him evaporating in the face of her lips wrapped around him. She sucked him slow and deep, taking him into her throat every few strokes. All the while, her fingers worked her pussy, making her moan around him. He put his hand on the back of her head, marveling at her swallowing his cock.

And, she was right. The danger that someone could catch them was exhilarating. The fear mingled with his arousal, and he throbbed in her mouth as the night breezes washed over him.

Jill let him pop free from her lips and sucked in a great gasp. The next thing he knew, she was desperately shrugging her dress off her arms and pushing it off the table. His saliva-slick cock bobbing, he watched her spin and part her legs.

“I want you to fuck me, baby. Fuck me and come all over me. I want you to cover me in cum.”

Caught up in the excitement, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest. She was soaking wet, and at the perfect height for him to push in balls deep with a strong thrust. She lifted her stocking-clad legs to rest them against his shoulders.

“Give it to me,” she pleaded while her fingers went back to work on her clit.

He did just that, slamming his cock home at a ferocious – almost desperate – pace. The table legs creaked on the floor as their bodies collided with loud slaps. Her tits were bouncing everywhere from the shockwaves running up her body, and her face was flushed.

“Oh, fuck yes. You’re going to make me come. I want your cum too,” she squeaked after less than a minute.

“Come for me,” Rod growled under his breath.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m there! Fuck yeah!”

Rodney felt her walls clamp down on him and grunted, but he was well on his way to an explosion as well. He kept pounding her as she came and whimpered in time with his thrusts. The tightness and wicked itch built in his cock with every stroke into the hot grip of her pussy, and soon enough, he knew there was no holding back any longer.

“Do it,” she whimpered, sensing he was at the point of no return.

Rod jerked free with a growl and barely managed to wrap a hand around his cock before the first spurt erupted, splattering her breasts. Not even bothering to stroke, he just held his cock tight and sprayed sticky streams of cum all over her tummy and tits. His chin dropped to his chest when he was spent, the last few dribbles of semen falling onto her folds.

Brain barely functioning, he watched her smoothing his cum into her skin. She was talking to him and the camera, but his brain simply wouldn’t process the words. She sat up and waved at the camera, then pulled up his pants and grabbed his hand to lead him back inside.

Rodney fell onto the bed and groaned as Jill stood nearby, alternately chuckling and moaning. Watch was grinning and shaking his head as he followed them in, carrying both the camera and her discarded dress.

Jill sat down on the bed and closed her eyes, a shiver running through her. “God, that was hot.”

“Uh huh,” Rodney weakly agreed.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” she said, and then leaned in to kiss him. He found that he wasn’t even remotely thinking about her having his cock in her mouth not so long ago as their tongues danced over each other.

Watch flopped down on the other bed as Jill strutted to the bathroom. “Persuasive, isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” he admitted, now feeling a little embarrassment as he realized Watch had been a couple of feet away filming the whole time.

“Got to work tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Man, I don’t want to go in, let alone go back to class Monday.”

“You’ll probably be glad for the time to recover. She can’t get enough once she gets going. She’ll drain you dry.”

“You’re not...” Rod trailed off, not really sure how to say what he wanted to ask.

“Relax. I don’t have a problem. Like she said, we’re just fuck buddies. It’s about time you got over being down on yourself – and that whole virginity problem. Pretty much solved that one, eh?”

He couldn’t help but laugh. “I think so.”

“Crashing out here again tonight?”

After a moment of consideration, he said, “Yeah. I guess so. I should probably head home in the morning for a while though.”

“Keep the family from freaking out?”


“I’ll drive you, and break it to her. She can be a bit clingy – especially because she knows we’re heading home next weekend.”

A tone sounded from Rodney’s phone and he pulled it out of his pocket, realizing that it very well could have bounced off the balcony while his pants were around his knees earlier. Not surprisingly, he saw a message from his mother wondering where he was.

Jill wasn’t the only one who was a little clingy.


Rodney walked back down to his room after an early supper. Work had been as frustrating as usual, and convincing his mother that he wasn’t setting himself up to be kidnapped by strange internet people hadn’t been easy. Eventually, she’d given in, but only after demanding that he check in more often.

He picked up his phone – which was forbidden at the dinner table – and saw a text message from Watch waiting for him. “Coming back to the hotel? I’ll pick you up.”

“Sure. When?” he replied.

“About fifteen minutes. Everything cool?”

He knew the drive from the hotel was far longer than that, so he wondered where they were. He shrugged it off and replied, “Yeah. Mom’s not freaking out any more.”

“See you soon, then.”

It was only about twelve minutes later when Rodney got another text that his ride was waiting just down the block. Grabbing a bag he’d packed with a few things, he tossed it over his shoulder and headed out the back door. Luck was with him, and his mother either didn’t notice his departure, or chose not to deliver another lecture before he left.

Rodney spotted the rental car, and grinned when he saw Jill climb out of the passenger side. She was wearing a red spaghetti-strap top that really showed off her tits, and a short skirt. As he picked up the pace a little, she closed the front door and opened the back instead. Before climbing in and scooting across, she waved for him to follow.

Watch affected an outrageous, stereotypical butler voice as Rod climbed in. “Are we ready to depart then, milady?”

“Just drive, you goof,” Jill said, and then promptly pulled Rodney in for a tongue-wrangling kiss before he could even get his seatbelt on. “I missed you,” she said as their lips parted.

“Missed you, too,” he said, feeling light-headed from the kiss.

“We were helping out Wendy from the site. Know her? Redhead who always wears pigtails and tartan skirts?”

Rod shook his head.

“She’s pretty new. Her feed was really dark and grainy, so we helped her out with lighting and the settings on her cam. It looks great now. Going to do some shoots with her before we leave.”

“I’ve got some shots for her,” Watch said, and then growled.

Jill rolled her eyes. “He’s all excited because she wants some messy facial pictures to put on her website.”

“Pigtails make great handles.”

“And he has a ginger fetish,” Jill teased.

“Ain’t gonna deny it,” Watch admitted as he hit the on-ramp to the highway.

“So, how was work?” Jill asked. Her hand glided up and down his leg the whole while.

Rodney offered a grunt. “It was work. About as annoying as usual.” The car accelerated to highway speed, and Rodney noticed a truck pulling up alongside as they cleared the ramp.

“Somebody likes the scenery,” Watch said with a chuckle.

A closer look at the truck revealed a guy about his age leaning out the passenger window, obviously saying something, although it was inaudible due to the rolled-up windows of the car and the truck’s loud engine. His gestures left little doubt that he was talking about Jill’s breasts, though.

Jill chuckled and turned toward the window. “You like these?” she asked, cupping her breasts in her hands.

The guy immediately mimed lifting his shirt.

“Here it comes,” Watch predicted.

Jill laughed. Without the slightest hesitation, she lifted her top and let her breasts tumble free.

Rodney glanced back, seeing the nearest traffic was quite some distance behind. When he looked back toward the truck, he saw the driver leaning forward for a look, while the passenger snapped a picture with his cell phone. The guy in the passenger seat then pointed down toward his crotch.

Jill moaned. “Don’t mind if I do, but you’re not the one getting lucky.”

“Oh boy,” Rodney said when she turned toward him, bare-breasted and wearing a mischievous grin.

Her seatbelt popped open, immediately followed by his. He looked up as she unbuttoned his pants to see the passenger in the truck talking to the driver. They were both leaning toward the passenger window when Jill pulled Rodney’s cock out.

Rodney’s head thumped back against the seat and he groaned as Jill wrapped her hot lips around him. Outside the window, he saw a thumbs-up from the other vehicle, followed by a mime of putting his hands on the back of her head.

Feeling strangely excited and proud that the two guys were watching a hot woman suck him off, he followed the offered suggestion. Jill moaned around him as his hands worked in time with her bobbing head.

She wasn’t playing around, either. She sucked him hard and fast, popping and slurping sounds accompanying her efforts. Every so often, a croak would join in when they hit a bump in the road or Rodney’s growing excitement caused his cock to slip deeper, tickling her throat.

He alternated between watching her and the audience she was playing for, squeezing her breasts and tweaking her nipples all the while. The truck kept perfect pace, and he saw a gesture asking him to lift up her skirt. Caught up in the moment, he grabbed the cloth and flipped it up to reveal that she wasn’t wearing panties.

Far from bothered, Jill instead lifted up on her knees a little, giving them an even better view. When the passenger in the truck mimed a spank, he went right along with that suggestion as well. Jill let out a surprised yelp, her breath hot on his saliva-slick cock, but then moaned and took him right back in. A few seconds later, he could see her reaching between her legs to tease her folds, never missing a beat.

At that point, the tickle in the head of his cock spread rapidly down the shaft. Rodney’s eyes closed, and his fingers entwined in her hair. Jill moaned with every stroke of her lips, the pitch steadily increasing until he grunted and exploded in her mouth.

Rodney twitched and groaned as Jill’s hot mouth drained him dry. Before he grew too sensitive, she let him slip free of her lips. After a twitch of her eyebrows, she turned toward the window.

A faint reflection in the window let him see her open her mouth, showing the cum pooled there. Then she swallowed while pushing her breasts together and opened her mouth again.

“They’re about to get pissed,” Watch said.

The driver of the truck didn’t react quickly enough when Watch hit an exit, and the two vehicles veered apart. Jill offered her signature wave, then turned back around. She smiled, licked her lips, and said, “Nummies.”

“Well, there’s road-head off the list. Or does it count if he’s not driving?” Watch asked.

“It counts,” Jill answered, while pulling her top back into place. “First again,” she said in a sing-song voice.

Rodney chuckled as he fumbled to pull up his pants and underwear from where she’d bunched them underneath his butt.

“You liked having them watch, didn’t you? You surprised me when you pulled my skirt up and spanked me, but I liked it.”

Watch said, “What’s not to like about having somebody see you getting head from a hottie? Am I right?”

“Right,” Rodney agreed.

“Feeling nice and relaxed now?” Jill asked as she put back on her seatbelt.


She chuckled, and then asked another question. “Do you like Olive Garden?”

Taken aback by the abrupt change in conversation, Rod answered, “Yeah. We don’t go out to eat very often, though, and I feel weird going in there by myself.”

“It’s Denise’s favorite place to eat.”

“How do you know that?”

“I linked up from her Facebook to her Pintrest and Instagram. Go on, get out your phone and ask her out tonight.”

“I’m kind of broke right now,” he admitted.

“We’ll cover it. Hmm... Jeff, go by the rental place, too. We’ll need this one, so we’ll have to get him a car to pick her up in.”

“I haven’t even asked her yet,” Rodney said as he pulled out his phone.

Jill winked. “She’ll say yes. I have a feeling.” Then she put her hands on her hips and said, “Either start dialing, or I will.”

Though nervous, he found it wasn’t nearly as stomach-turning to make the call as it had been the first time. When she answered, he said, “Hey, Denise.”

“Hey, Rodney. What’s up?”

He smiled – pleasantly surprised that she sounded glad he’d called. Jill gestured for him to move it along in his peripheral vision.

“I was wondering if you might like to go out to Olive Garden tonight.”

“I love Olive Garden. Your treat again?”


“I’d love to. When do you want to go?”

Taking the cue from Jill holding up fingers, he said, “How about I pick you up at eight?”

“Great. At the dorm?”


“I’ll see you at eight, then. Don’t be late.”

“See you at eight. Bye.”


“Told you,” Jill said as he ended the call. Then she turned toward Watch and asked, “How long until we get to the rental place?”

“Probably fifteen minutes. Maybe a little more if we hit traffic.”

“Plenty of time to have a snack before dinner,” Jill said while unbuckling her seatbelt again.

Rod was quick to pop his open as well, and he dived between her legs as soon as she flipped up the front of her skirt.

Written by RejectReality
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