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Jackin' Jill Ch. 05

"Jill's master plan -- flying solo with Denise."

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Denise glanced down at Rodney’s hand, and then lifted her eyebrows.

Snapping out of the momentary trance, he reached out and added his other hand to the first, tugging upward on her top. She raised her arms when the material reached the bottom of her lacy pink bra.

As her top slid over her head, Denise took over and absently tossed it off to the side. The bra was sheer, leaving little of her small, perky breasts to the imagination, while still making him hungry for more. A crooked, sexy smile decorated her face as she reached for the tail of his shirt.

With the back already untucked, it took only a pluck of her fingers to free his shirt from his pants. She wasted no time in pulling it up, and offered a moan as she revealed his chest. The neck of the new shirt briefly resisted her efforts, but she giggled and persevered. His shirt joined hers on the floor next to the bed.

His hands moved seemingly of their own volition to her sides, caressing her soft skin and drawing a moan from her. She reached behind her back, and he saw the band at the bottom of her bra go slack. He slid his hands upward until his thumbs were just below her breasts, and then looked up at her face.

Denise’s eyes lit up and her smile widened. She shrugged the straps down off her shoulders, one after the other, drawing his eyes to them with the movement. Then, at last, she slipped her arms out of the straps and fully revealed her breasts to him.

Rosy pink circles surrounded her stiff nipples. The small swells they capped were firm and smooth. They were far different from Jill’s larger globes – the only others he’d seen – but just as beautiful.

She gasped and let her head loll back when he cupped them in his palms. Unable to resist, he leaned in and suckled the right one between his lips.

“Uh huh,” she whimpered as his lips and tongue tantalized her. “Oh yes.”

“Oh my god,” he muttered as he switched to her other breast.

“It feels so good.”

One hand came to rest on the back of his head and tousled his hair. The other ran up and down his spine. The practice on Jill served him well, and he tried every trick he’d learned with only the briefest of thoughts. Her moans and whimpers let him know it was working.

When he sucked a little harder, her fingers tightened in his hair. Switching breasts and sucking even harder caused her to gasp and pull him toward her. He kept it up until he’d drawn not only her nipple, but also her areola into his lips.

“Yes, just like that,” she said in a breathless voice.

Rodney groaned as her hand slid between his legs and brushed against the hidden hardness there. She traced the contour of him, making him throb beneath her fingers.

“Oh my,” she whispered as she gave him a squeeze.

He gasped from the touch, letting her nipple escape him. Her fingers uncurled from around him, moving to the button of his pants. While the button popped open and his zipper slid down, he kicked off his shoes.

“Lie down,” Denise said.

He reclined and allowed her to pull his legs up on the bed. She took off his socks one after the other, and then tugged on his pants legs. Rodney shoved his pants down to his thighs, allowing her to whip them off. He drew in a deep breath as her fingernails slid up his bare legs, and then over the bulge in his underwear. He sighed in relief as her fingers slipped beneath the waistband and released his cock from its cotton prison.

Denise moaned as she leaned down and turned her head sideways. She was looking directly into his eyes when her tongue slipped out and tickled the ridge around his swollen helmet. A sly grin spread across her face when his cock jumped from the touch, and she did it again.

Grunting with every slippery tease of her tongue, he found it hard to stay still. When he happened to turn toward the window, he saw something through the billowing curtains.

“We forgot about the window. I think there’s somebody over there watching,” he warned her.

She gave his manhood a far longer stroke of her tongue, and didn’t even glance toward the window. “I don’t care. Let them watch,” she said in a husky voice.

As he’d come to discover with Jill, the thought of someone watching made it all the more exciting.

Denise kissed the head of his cock, and then sat up over her knees again. Her fingers slipped beneath the waist of her panties and pushed. Ever so slowly, she revealed the last of her treasures to his gaze.

First, a triangular-shaped patch of hair emerged. It was a little darker than the hair on her head, and artfully trimmed. Then the cleft emerged from the shadows of the pink cotton, still mostly hidden because her legs were close together.

That changed once the panties reached her thighs, because she parted her legs to allow the cloth to stretch between them. The effect was unbelievably exciting to him, and he found himself sitting up to lean toward her.

A moan escaped her, and she sat back on her bottom. Rodney pulled his knees under him as she reclined, and took over when her panties passed below her knees. The moment he released her ankles from the frilly cotton, she spread her legs wide open.

Her folds were smaller and pinker than Jill’s, with fewer crinkles. Her nether lips were baby-smooth, giving him an unfettered view to admire them.

Admiring them lasted only a few moments, though.

A combination of desire and the confidence Jill had instilled in him caused him to drop down onto his hands as soon as her panties fell from his fingers. Denise let out a surprised moan as he moved into the V of her legs.

The first breath of her musk filled his lungs only a fraction of a second before his tongue touched her. He parted her folds with a strong upward stroke that ended at her clit. She felt and tasted different from Jill, but it was just as sweet.

In his peripheral vision, he saw her fingers turn into claws and dig into the sheets. She drew in a ragged, high-pitched gasp. The breath then emerged in a clipped, “Oh yes,” of delight.

With an enthusiasm only a man tasting his second pussy ever could muster, but with a skill nurtured under Jill’s tutelage, Rodney lapped and sucked her folds. Within a few seconds, she was squirming beneath him.

Between a series of loud whimpers, she cried out, “Oh yes. Oh yes!”

Rodney growled as he locked his lips over her clit. One of her hands snapped to the back of his head, and he could barely see the other pinching her nipple. Her butt lifted off the bed, grinding her pussy into his mouth. He responded by sucking even harder.

She squealed and her fingers tightened in his hair. “Like that. Like that. Oh my god.”

A plaintive whimper escaped her when he released her swollen bud. He swirled his tongue over it for a moment, and then gave it another lightning quick suck that made her yelp. He wiggled his tongue over her folds, tasting her sweet nectar, but her fingers tugging on his hair left little doubt where she wanted him.

He had no problem with that.

A quick push of his thumb pressed down on the shaft of her button, exposing it from beneath the hood. He flicked the swollen bud, and her loud whimpers let him know he was on the right course. Using his thumb to massage the shaft, he assaulted her naked clit with gusto.

Her voice rose. The writhing of her body on the bed grew even more pronounced. All the while, he kept up the pressure. Sometimes sucking, sometimes lapping, he never gave her clit a moment’s respite.

“Don’t st... Don’t... Ah! Oh! Oh my g-ah! Ah! Ah!”

Denise loosed a squeal as orgasm ripped through her. Her hips lifted and trembled. Her hands pushed down on the back of his head, grinding his face into her climaxing pussy. She gasped and cried out, sometimes forming sounds that were close to words, but never quite understandable. Rodney was licking through a smile the whole time.

A yelp nearly as loud as her initial cry of orgasm accompanied her pushing on his head and lurching away from his mouth. Her hand fell to the bed, joining the other that was clenched and tenting the bedclothes. Her right leg shook – seemingly beyond her ability to control – as she gasped for breath.

Rodney licked his lips and watched the final throes play out. He caressed her trembling leg and felt it finally go still beneath his fingers. After that, her breathing slowed, and she let out a long, slow groan.

When her eyes fluttered open, he saw her already flushed cheeks grow even darker. She turned away from him and laughed into her hand for a moment before meeting his gaze again to say, “Oh wow.”

“You taste so good,” he said. “Was that okay?”

“Okay?” she asked, and closed her eyes again. A shiver rippled through her and she continued. “Ohh, that was intense. I haven’t come like that in a while.”

He could only look down at her wearing a silly grin.

Denise slapped a hand on her leg and chuckled as it began to quiver again. “When I come that hard, it doesn’t want to stop. It’s like it’s possessed. Mmm – kiss me?”

As he leaned over her, Rodney saw that their audience had grown. Now two figures were watching from the balcony across the way. They were soon forgotten as he fell into the kiss. It was soft and sweet, but lingered for far longer than the brief farewell kisses of the last couple of days.

“Mmm. I do taste good,” she whispered as their lips parted.

Rod stiffened and gasped as her fingertips unexpectedly brushed his manhood.

She bit her lower lip, and then gestured with her eyes toward the bedside table. “Get my purse?”

“Sure,” he said, though he was loathe to pull away from her fingers tickling his cock.

Denise sat up as he turned around to hold out her purse. His heart skipped a beat when she pulled out a condom and dropped her purse over the side of the bed. She scooted closer, pushed on his chest, and he dutifully reclined.

His cock bounced away from his body in a steady, rhythmic dance as she caught the corner of the foil square between her teeth. She slowly ripped the package open, and then pulled out the condom.

Denise gave her hair a flirty flip as she curled her fingers around his erection, standing it straight up. With the tip of the latex sheath pinched between her fingers, she settled it over the head of his cock and began to roll it down.

Rodney throbbed in her grasp and felt a drop of pre-cum bubble up. As soon as the condom reached the base of his shaft, she lifted one knee to straddle him, and moved in for a kiss.

Once again their tongues danced over each other, and they paused only long enough for quick breaths. Rodney held her close when she tried to pull away, giving her one last, deep kiss. A sultry smile decorated her face as she sat up over her knees and scooted backwards.

With her hands braced on her knees, she sank down until her nether lips pressed against his hardness. She rocked her hips forward and back in a sinuous dance, caressing him with her folds, and he groaned from the attention. He saw her glance toward the window, and color blossomed in her cheeks.

Then she looked back down at him and chuckled.

When she lifted up, he could see the latex glistening with her wetness. Never pausing, she reached down to stand his cock up straight and center herself over it.

Rodney grunted, and she gasped as the flared tip popped into her canal. She took a couple of panting breaths, and then sank down farther. She worked her hips, stroking an inch or so of him inside her, and then engulfed him in her warm embrace.

Denise threw her head back as her nether lips wrapped around his root, and said, “Oh, you feel so good.”

Despite the condom, she felt like pure heaven to him as well. “So hot,” he said as his eyes took in the sight of her impaled on his cock.

She swiveled her hips, stirring him inside her, and let out a long moan. Somewhere beneath that sweet sound, Rodney could hear a man across the way outside yelling something in an encouraging tone. It made him throb all the stronger inside her.

“God, you’re so hard,” she breathed as she moved faster, putting on a beautiful show for him and the voyeurs.

“And you’re so sexy.”

“Oh yeah,” she gasped, and switched to a forward and back motion with her hips.

Rodney grunted from the increased sensation and reached out to stroke her legs. It seemed to encourage her, and she picked up the pace. Her eyes widened after a few strokes, and she went into a sudden frenzy.

Even though the tug on the backstroke was uncomfortable, Rodney barely noticed. The sight of her riding him with her breasts jiggling was more than enough of a distraction.

“I’m not... hurting you, am I?” she asked without slowing.

“No. I want you to come for me.”

“Uh huh,” she cried out, and he felt her walls tighten around him. At the same time, she brought two fingers to her clit, matching the frantic pace of her hips.

She switched to bouncing after a few seconds, stroking him. His butt sank down into the mattress and he breathed faster. The sound of her fingers flashing over her clit mingled with her whimpers, and he felt a drop of wetness meandering down his balls.

Denise bounced, thrust, and gyrated atop him with wild abandon. Her features slowly tightened as her cries grew louder. Even with the condom shielding him from the full bliss of her tight pussy wrapped around him, he felt the tickles of a building explosion within him.

She was well ahead of him.

Her face flushed and her mouth dropped open as she somehow found the strength to ride him even harder. Her silent scream turned into a real one as she suddenly froze atop him and exploded into orgasm.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah,” Rodney heard himself say as she trembled and whimpered. Her intimate muscles clamped down on him like a vise. When they relaxed for a moment, she let out a squeal and rocked her hips.

She came and came, drawing out her orgasm with jerky movements of her hips. Rodney was entranced by her, and swelled with pride at the sight of her in perfect ecstasy.

A pained-sounding groan bubbled from her lips as she leaned forward and sank down against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling her shiver every time his still-buried cock throbbed inside her. He stroked her hair and reveled in it.

After a couple of minutes of him holding her, she moaned, “Oh, Rodney. That was so good.”

“I loved it,” he said, and then on impulse, gave her a short thrust of his hips.

Her eyes shot open and she gasped. She quaked from the resulting aftershock, and then let out her breath as a chuckling moan.

“I want more, but I don’t know if I can take it.”

He slid his hands down to her bottom and – amazed at his own confident tone – said, “Only one way to find out.”

“Mmm hmm,” she agreed as she pushed up from the mattress.

Another spike of lingering pleasure rocked her as she straightened, but she pushed through it to settle onto his cock again. Her first few bounces were short and broken by pants for breath, but the interval between hops shortened with every passing second. As she settled into a rhythm, she sucked her fingers to moisten them, and went to work on her clit.

She was bouncing far more than rocking this time. The difference was profound for Rodney as her canal milked him. He felt the tickle in the head of his cock turn into an itch in short order.

The loss of sensation from the condom wasn’t going to save him this time.

Grunts and groans escaped him as he fought the rush toward the eruption his body desired. Denise was no less vocal, raising her voice in whimpers and yelps that jumped in pitch when she dropped down to bury him inside her. Her bottom smacked against his thighs in a quick tattoo, and they both soared toward a crescendo.

The open window had done its work and more. Sweat beaded on Rodney’s forehead as he breathed heavily through clenched teeth. Denise’s skin glistened as well, making her look all the more sexy.

“Oh god. So close,” she squeaked as her face flushed.

Rodney growled as his balls tightened. He was to the point of no return, and there was nothing he could do about it.

She must have seen it in his face. “Are you gonna come?”

Pinching his eyes closed in a last ditch effort to prevent the sexy sight of her from pushing him over the edge, he nodded.

“Oh yes, baby!”

That was it. He lurched just as she dropped down on his cock, ramming his manhood hard into her depths. With a growling roar, he loosed the first blast of cum into the latex sheath.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah,” she cried out in encouragement while continuing to ride him.

Every gasp of air Rodney sucked in emerged as an inarticulate cry. He got tunnel vision as cum continued to surge up his shaft and erupt in powerful spurts. Their sounds of pleasure and the squeaking of the bed dimmed beneath the pounding of his heart in his ears.

But he clearly heard her scream.

Denise fell forward onto the hand not pressed against her throbbing clit as she came. Rod’s hands instinctively snapped to her back, pulling her down until her sweat-dampened breasts were pressed against his chest. Locked together in beautiful agony, they trembled and gasped their way through the waves of ecstasy.

He heard it as soon as his senses expanded beyond the almost painful throbbing of his cock. There was no mistaking the sound of applause or the whoops coming from across the way. When he turned to glance out the window, Denise did so as well. An especially strong, hot breeze blew the curtains wide, letting them see the topless men in shorts across the way.

They both laughed, and then gasped as simultaneous aftershocks rocked them.

“Getting... Getting hot now. I wonder why?” Denise said, and then weakly chuckled.

“God, Denise. That was incredible.”

“Uh huh. Ohhh, I don’t want to, but I need to move.”

He gave a brief nod and released her from his embrace. They both cried out when his cock slipped from her depths. After a few seconds to catch her breath, Denise pushed up onto her knees, wearing a beatific, satisfied smile.

She slipped out of the bed, and he followed the sexy sight of her walking toward the window – nude and flushed with post-orgasmic bliss. She closed it to a final shout of, “Ah, come on,” from across the way.

“Show’s over,” she said as she turned. Seeing Rodney smiling and gazing at her through half-lidded eyes, she added, “For them anyway. You can have all the encores you want.”

He groaned and shivered from the thought of that as she sauntered back to the bed. When she sat down, she grabbed a couple of tissues.

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“Ready for this?” she asked, and then glanced at his slowly softening manhood.

Rod swallowed hard when she didn’t wait for an answer.

Still quite sensitive, he stiffened and held his breath while she removed the condom. He had only the briefest respite while she tied the condom off, and then she went to work with the tissues.

He closed his eyes and went limp when she balled up the tissues to drop them into the trash can with the condom. Denise snuggled in next to him, and as soon as he opened his eyes, she moved in for a kiss. Their lips met in a few pecks, and then a soft, lingering caress.

He sucked in a fast breath through his nose when her fingers settled on his cock.

“Sorry,” she said as she moved her fingers. “I can’t help it.”

“It’s okay. Still just a little sensitive.”

She chuckled and asked, “Could you tell I was nervous?”

“No. Were you?”

“God, yes. It’s been a while.” She looked away for a moment, and wore a sheepish expression when her eyes met his again. “Especially when I came out of the bathroom. That’s why I sort of jumped you before I could change my mind.”

“I wasn’t expecting it,” he admitted.

“And that’s one of the things I like about you. I can’t remember the last time a guy wasn’t pawing at me the first time we went out. Opening doors for me, pulling out my chair...” She paused and let out a sweet sigh. “You made me feel like a queen. I really needed that.”

Lost in her eyes, he spoke the words that popped in his head without a moment’s hesitation. “You deserve it.”

She shivered – her eyes widening and lips parting. Rodney could almost hear Jill saying, “Kiss her, silly!”

So he did.

The kiss was soft and electric. Denise moaned when their lips parted, and reached up to run her fingers through his hair. “You’re a little sweaty for some reason,” she teased.

“Yeah. A little. You too.”

“Think you could get me some water?”

“Yeah. Let me get dressed and I’ll run–”

She cut him off with a shake of her head. “No getting dressed. Tap water’s fine. There’s cups over there.”

A silent chuckle shook him and he said, “Okay.”

Her eyes followed him as he sat up, slipped out of the bed, grabbed the cups, and headed to the bathroom. He glanced back toward the bed before entering the bathroom, and saw her admiring his butt.

Face red, he filled a cup for each of them and walked back out. Her eyes dropped to his dangling manhood, and then lifted to his face. When their gaze met, she twitched her eyebrows and licked her lips.

He sloshed a little water out of the cups when his body reacted to that sexy vision.

Denise chuckled and sat up with her back against the headboard. She took her cup when he held it out to her, and drank as he sat down.

“Whew, I needed that,” she said after several swallows.

“Mmm hmm,” he hummed as he drank.

They both finished their water, and Rodney asked, “Do you want some more?”

Her voice full of deep suggestion, she said, “Of what?”

Feeling comfortable with her, his internet confidence emerged in the real world once again. “I meant water, but...”

She moaned and smiled. “You remember when you dropped me off after we went to Olive Garden?”


“Did you see me looking out the window at you once I was inside?” When he shook his head, she said, “I almost came right back out. You made me feel so good, and it made me want you so bad.”


Her cheeks flushed and she answered, “I’m glad my roommate wasn’t there, and that I had batteries in my vibrator. I did it again when I got off the phone with you last night, too.”

Caught up in the heat of that revelation, he said, “So did I.”

She gasped and said, “I wish I’d known that.”

“Me too.”

“It was worth the wait, though.”

They both leaned in at the same time and met in a passionate kiss. Between the hungry pecks that followed, she said, “Why don’t we go get in the shower?”


Rodney awakened to a kiss.

“Morning,” Denise said as she twirled a finger through the sparse hair on his chest.

“Morning,” he responded, and then fell into the following kiss.

Cleanliness was the last thing Denise had in mind when they’d stepped into the shower the evening before. Somehow, she’d grabbed a condom without him noticing and surreptitiously placed it within easy reach as they got in the shower.

Afterward, tired from long nights, they’d fallen asleep early in each other’s arms.

She asked, “Think you could do me a really big favor?”


She shivered and let out a moan. “I like the sound of that, but we probably should behave. We’ve both got classes in a couple of hours. Could you go to the car and get my book bag? I’ve got a change of clothes in there.”

“Sure,” he agreed as he sat up.

“Okay, I’m going to go see what I can do about making myself presentable, then.”

“You look great,” he said as he admired her still-nude body.

She giggled and said, “Thank you. Same to you, but go get my clothes.”

With that, she climbed out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. Her bottom swayed in a display obviously meant to attract his eyes. She confirmed it when she paused at the bathroom door to give a wiggle and a laugh before vanishing inside.

Rodney grabbed a clean pair of underwear from the bag he’d dropped off in the room. As he pulled them on, it hit him that Jill had been right all along. Denise had come prepared with condoms and a change of clothes. She’d been planning – or at least hoping – for the day to turn out exactly as it had.

It made him realize he had a big problem, though. He had no idea how Jill was going to take things, even though she’d encouraged him every step of the way. He had too much of a conscience to go behind Denise’s back.

There wasn’t much he could do until he talked to Jill, though. He thought it would be a good idea to feel things out through Watch first. He knew her better than anyone, and might have an idea of how to break it to her.

Course of action decided, he finished getting dressed and went to get Denise’s bag from the car. On the way, he checked his phone. Somewhere around midnight, while they were asleep, Jill had sent a message.

“You’re getting laid, aren’t you? You owe me every hot and sticky detail, you know?”

She already wasn’t making things easy.


It still felt surreal to have Denise kissing him in front of god and everybody as they met briefly between classes. Surreal, but wonderful.

“A friend of mine wants to talk to me for a while after class. Do you mind?” she asked.

“No, of course not.”

“Thanks. So, I’ll text you later, then?”


“Okay. Gotta run.” She gave him a peck on the lips and hurried off.

Having a little longer to make his next class, Rodney called Watch’s cell.

“Hey, hey, man,” Watch answered.

“Is Jill there?”

“She’s out with Gina. You should probably text her. She’s getting antsy. So...”

Rod knew exactly what he was asking. “Yeah.”


He chuckled despite the serious reason for his call. “Kind of puts me in a weird place, though.”

“Don’t worry about it, man.”

“So you don’t think Jill will be upset if... Uhm...”

It was Watch’s turn to chuckle. “Don’t sweat it. You’re not going to get away without telling her how things went last night, though. And you really should text her.”

“Okay. Denise is going to meet a friend after classes, so I guess I should come over then.”

“Sounds like a plan. One of these days, we’re going to have to find some time to hang out. Jill’s monopolized you this trip.”

“Yeah. So, I guess I’ll be over later.”

“Don’t forget to text her.”

“Soon as I get off here.”


True to his word, he brought up Jill’s text and mulled over what to say. In the end, he decided on, “You were right.”

Her reply came back only seconds later. “Yay! When and where?”

He knew she meant when could they meet. “I could come over after class. Denise is going to hang out with a friend.”

“I’m closer to you than the hotel. Meet you at your room there?”

“That will work.”

“Mmmm! Can’t wait to hear every naughty detail. See you soon. Kisses!”

Rod sighed and headed for his next class. He hoped there wasn’t anything terribly important going on, because he knew he was going to have trouble concentrating.


Rodney swallowed hard when he parked at the hotel and saw Jill climbing out of a car some distance away. She was wearing a pair of short-shorts and a low-cut top that looked to be on the edge of bursting from trying to contain her tits. He also recognized Gina getting out of the driver’s side, dressed in identical fashion.

He was hard as a rock before crossing half the distance between them.

“I know you know Gina from chat, but she wanted to hang around long enough to meet you for reals,” Jill said once he was close.

“You’re funny on chat,” the redhead said. “You’ve cheered me up after a bad night a couple of times.”

Rod shrugged and said, “I try. I know it has to be hard some nights.”

“Speaking of hard,” Gina said while stroking her fingers over her right breast, “Nice videos.”

Jill swatted her friend’s butt and said, “Tease,” when she saw Rod’s face fill with color.

Gina cocked her hip to the side in a sexy display and said, “That’s my job, isn’t it?” After a brief pause, she laughed and said, “You two have fun. I’ve got to get back. Come by my room any time. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too.”

Jill took his hand and tugged him to the side while Gina climbed back into her car. She grinned and said, “Your pants look a little tight.”

“Yep, they are,” he admitted.

“Okay, I’ll stop teasing.”

Gina put her car in gear and backed up, but stopped when her window was next to them and rolled it down. “I meant what I said about those videos,” she said, and then licked her lips before letting off the brake.

“Thought for a minute we were going to double-team you, huh?” Jill asked while the redhead backed out the rest of the way. “The thought had crossed my mind. You haven’t had a threesome yet. Another first.”

Rodney tightened his throat into a put-upon squeaky tone and said, “Thought you said you were going to stop teasing?”

“I don’t know if I know how to stop. Besides, that’s one of the things you love about me,” she said while playing with her hair.

He knew that he had to break the news to her, and that if he didn’t do it soon, it was only going to get harder. He took a deep breath.

She demonstrated that she was a step ahead of him when she dropped the coquettish pose and said, “But that’s all. Jeff told me you were worried, so don’t be. No playing with you, no matter how much I want to. Doesn’t get you out of telling me every detail, though.”

It was a relief, but tempered by wondering how well she would stick to that promise once they were alone – and whether he could resist the temptation as well. Even walking beside her across the parking lot and through the hotel to his room tested his resolve. She had been his first only a few days before, and the memory of that would be vivid to him for a long, long, time.

Once in the room, Jill drew in a gasp and swept past him. He closed the door just in time to see her pick up Denise’s panties from the floor. It was absolutely no surprise to him when she lifted the pink cotton to her nose and breathed in. There was no way to avoid the necessity of adjusting his throbbing manhood when she did it, either.

“God, she must have already been dripping before these came off,” Jill said, and then moaned as she pulled the panties away from her nose. She sat down on the bed and said, “So, start with how you ended up coming here.”

“Well... Uhm...” He hesitated, thinking that sitting next to her was probably a bad idea.

She scooted closer to the head of the bed, and then leaned over to pat her hand on the mattress closer to the foot. “Just sit down there. I’ll behave.”

Her definition of behaving was somewhat relative, as she still had Denise’s panties in hand, rubbing the satiny material between her fingers.

Rod sat down and said, “Well, she said that she needed to use the bathroom and didn’t trust the restrooms at the park.”

“Can’t blame her there.”

He grinned from the coincidence. “That’s what I said.”

She grinned right back. “I figured. So, whose idea was it to come here?”

“Hers. She said it was close,” he answered.

Jill let out a playful, “Mmm hmm,” and then said, “Go on.”

“Well, we came back here, and she went to the bathroom. Then she... Oh, before she went in, she asked me to open the window because it was freezing in here. Anyway, she sat down on the bed when she came out and held out her hand, so I took it and sat down next to her. Then she said she was cold, asked me to warm her up, and kissed me.”

A sweet sounding sigh escaped Jill, and she said, “I told you, didn’t I?”

“Yes,” he answered, and nodded.

“I bet she was ready to jump your bones after Olive Garden.”

His eyes widened as he wondered if she was a mind reader. She didn’t miss the reaction.

“Aha. Spill. What did she say?”

“She told me... You know – after – that she almost came back to the car when I dropped her off that night, and that she went straight back to her room and got herself off.”

Jill shivered and moaned. “I knew it. But no more after yet. From the kiss, and don’t leave any little thing out.”

Rodney launched into the tale, describing how they undressed each other, and the slow revelation of her body that he could see in his mind’s eye as well as if it was happening at that very moment. Jill chimed in with the occasional moan and played with Denise’s panties the whole while. When he reached the part where Denise was licking him and they realized someone was watching through the open window, Jill began caressing her breasts.

It escalated from there. Jill leaned back against the headboard and let her legs slip apart. She pinched her nipples, squeezed her breasts, and rubbed her fingers over the crotch of her shorts. When he told her about Denise sitting on his cock, Jill pushed a finger up into the leg of her shorts.

Rodney’s voice grew tight with passion from the memory and what Jill was doing right in front of him. Though her sex was covered by white denim, he could still see the movement of her fingers beneath. He was breathing hard when he finally described exploding into the condom.

Jill shuddered and said, “Oh, fuck yeah. You did it with someone watching through the window, and I know she loved it.”

“I think so, too,” he agreed.

“You just made me so wet,” Jill said, and then proved it by pulling her glistening fingers out of her shorts and into the light. The digits went straight to her mouth, and she sucked them clean.

“God, Jill,” Rodney muttered while adjusting his erection.

“I know. I’m supposed to be behaving.” She tugged the leg of her shorts back into place, as it was nearly within the cleft of her pussy, and then sat up from her half-reclined position. “Jeff better be ready to get rode hard and put away wet.”

Rod shrugged and said, “I just...”

“You just care too much about Denise to go behind her back,” Jill finished for him. “I love you for that. She’s lucky to have you, and I think she knows it.”

“I can’t come into chat any more, or go to your website or anything,” he added, thinking it best to put everything on the table.

“I understand. I’ll miss you, but I’d rather know you’re happy with her. You and Jeff both go to that Star Trek site. You can keep in touch with him there and keep me updated that way. Is that okay?”

He thought about it for a second and said, “Yeah. That’s cool.”

“Good.” She pulled out her phone and said, “Time for Jeff to come get me – in more ways than one. Glad he’s at Gina’s editing video instead of at the hotel. I don’t think I could wait through that drive.”

His friend must have answered the call with a question, because Jill responded, “Yes, I behaved myself, but it wasn’t easy. Mmm hmm, come get me.” She listened for a couple of seconds and then held the phone out to Rodney.

“Hey,” Rod said when he brought the phone to his ear.

“I’m about to get turned into a carnival ride, aren’t I?”

Laughing, Rod answered, “Probably.”

“Ah, such a fate,” Watch said with mock resignation. “Anyway, if Denise has something to do some time before Friday night and you have some free time, give me a ring. Now that Jill can’t hog your time, maybe we’ll be able to hang out.”

“Sure. Will do.”

“No worries if you don’t, though. I’m not afraid to tell you that you’d lose that match-up if it were me. Take ‘er easy, man.”

“You too.”

“Don’t sound like that’s an option. Tell her I’m on the way. Later.”

“Later,” Rod said, and then hit the end button. “He’s on the way.”

“Guess I’d better put these back where I found them,” Jill said while holding up Denise’s panties on the tip of her index finger.

Rodney’s phone buzzed in his pocket, so he pulled it out to check it. The message was from Denise, asking him to come get her at the dorm.

“She’s ready for me to come get her,” he told Jill as she knelt down, putting the panties back in the spot they’d ended up the night before.

She stood up and said, “Perfect timing.”

He was at a loss for what to say, but she smiled and held a finger to her lips. She then took the couple of steps to him and urged him to stand.

“If you ever need any advice, or ideas of ways to make her swoon, just get a message to Jeff,” she said.


“You’re welcome, and thank you. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. So, would it be too much to ask for one last kiss before I go?”

His conscience needled him, but he answered, “I guess that would be okay.”

She smiled and slipped a hand behind his neck. He put his hands around her waist and leaned in, feeling the familiar electricity as their lips came together. Their tongues slipped over each other for a couple of seconds, and then Jill pulled away.

“Nummies,” she said, crinkling her nose at him, and then stepped back to take his hand.

Rodney walked her to the door and she opened it before letting go of his hand. He barely had enough time to register her smirk emerging before she squeezed his still-hard cock.

“Put that to some good use when you get her back here. The room is yours until Saturday morning. Take advantage of it,” Jill said, and then gave him her signature wave. “Bye.”

Closing the door without leaning out for one last look at her ass took some serious willpower, but he did it. He pulled out his phone and sent Denise a message to let her know he was on the way. After a quick check in the mirror and wiping off some of Jill’s lipstick, his phone buzzed to alert him to another message from Denise.

“Hurry. I want you.”

She didn’t have to ask him twice.

Written by RejectReality
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