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The Naked Study Buddy Part 2

"A nudist embarks on a naked journey to a friend's house for the first time with no lifeline for a study session and some exhibitionist fun"

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It was a twenty-minute drive on the highway before turning onto a more desolate road that led to several small communities and farms. Her family lived on seventy acres of land with a creek that ran through their property. We had once talked about grabbing her dad’s boat one day and paddling up to the main river. Her house up on a hill had a spectacular view of other ranches, hills, and small mountains on the horizon. We arrived at her empty driveway.

“Looks like I lucked out,” I exclaimed with delight trying to hide my slight disappointment as I uncrossed my legs. It was all I could to keep my pre cum from rolling onto her seats.

“You know they could still show up, right?” My cock immediately reacted with a throb, pulling her attention

“Hey, eyes up here,” I said jokingly as her face lit up like a stoplight 

“Hey if you didn’t want people to look you’d put some clothes on!” she quickly and nervously

“Hey there’s looking and there’s staring,” I said with a laugh while turning around to reach behind the seats to grab my backpack that had slid over behind the driver’s side. I could feel her get a good view of my ass, being inches away I felt her caress it with her warm breath as I kneeled on the center console to reach over and grab my bag

Because of the position I was in my precum started dripping off my cock leaving thin, sticky strings behind as it descended onto her car’s floorboard. I knew I’d have to clean it up but the fact that I was leaving a part of my sexuality behind was making me feel hot and horny in a different way than before, so against my better judgment, I grabbed the bag, turned to open my door and stepped out of the car. 

I arched my back protruding my bubble butt as I started to stand out of the car, making sure to give her a tantalizing view of my sex-swollen balls. 

Her driveway, that could easily fit six big trucks, was just dirt with the occasional patches of gravel. The dry dirt felt soft yet sturdy beneath my feet as I made my way across to her two-story cabin-inspired house. The wooden deck was smooth to the touch, with a hammock on a spreader bar, a pillow lying on top, and some chairs on the opposite side that didn’t look to get much use. 

My hard cock had started to calm down while still retaining some girth and 5” inches of length. Its downward position beckoning, my collected pre cum to drip down, landing warmly on my feet and leaving sticky trails as it traveled down my thighs.

Emmalee was grabbing her stuff from the trunk, it was so full of junk and messy that finding her backpack was gonna take a search-and-rescue dog to get that bag out of there. Meanwhile, I saw an opportunity to explore what seemed like a new fetish, I walked over to the pistachio green hammock, grabbed the flower-patterned pillow, and set it against the top of my feet and thighs wiping my pre cum off, guiding it up to my cock, grinding and teasing my balls with it leaving the last of my wet sex on its cotton surface. I went to make sure Emalee hadn’t gotten lost in her own trunk.

“Did you fall in?” I said jokingly.

“No, did you get lost?” she snapped back. 

“Uh, I’m not the one who can’t seem to find their way out of their own trunk.” 

“Just hush up and help me,” she commanded while miserably digging through her disarray of clothes, dishes, books, towels, and some groceries.

There wasn’t much space for the two of us so my naked hips and shoulders would rub up against her pleasantly soft pants and light sweater. It sent a pleasant warm tingle through me as my exposed skin would rub up against her as we turned her trunk inside out. After moving most of the stuff to her back seat we finally got to her bag, a temporary solution until she needed something from the back seats. 

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“Watch your fingers and other parts,” she said half serious half joking 

She looked down at my soft 4” cock, now retreated under the cover of my foreskin, while shutting the trunk with a look of slight disappointment.

“Oh looks you’re not as excited to be here as you were earlier,” she said holding her look longer than earlier.

“Hey, it comes and goes,” I said, walking away with the pleasure of knowing that she was taking in the scene of my bubble butt jiggling as I got a second head start to her door.

“Wipe your feet on the mat but if it’s too rough on you I can bring you a wet rag,” she offered kindly almost as if having a naked guest was normal.

The undecorated mat was unpleasantly rough and spiky on my bare feet so she kindly brought me a small rag. I leaned back, the railing was just the right height that it was pushing up and emphasizing my bare cheeks. I raised my feet up one at a time to lightly dust them off. I left the rag hanging on the deck, in case I needed it later, before making my way through the door where I was welcomed by the scent of cashmere and the plush, thick, ivory-colored carpet. The living room was simply decorated with portraits of fields, a large leather couch and three leather recliners, a huge 70” TV, and scattered family photos neatly displayed on stands and walls. 

“Make yourself at home,” she said as she disappeared into the kitchen.

“Thanks!” I said as I stood there stroking my feet over the incredibly soft carpet

 The sensations were making my soft cock start to swell. As it grew the the foreskin peeled back revealing its swollen deep red head. It stood at full mast when she walked back in with some sodas and snacks on a tray as she stated with a fake British accent.

“Some beverages and snacks,” she said cheerily.

“Oh look who perked up as soon as I mentioned snacks, or was it something else?” she tried to say in a sultry voice as her bright red face betrayed her confidence and composure.

“Could've been the British maid that was just here,” I said teasingly with a wink.

My stiff cock swung chaotically as I made my way to help her out with the tray. I reached out grabbing it by the sides, but she stubbornly refused and asked me to grab her a notebook and pencil from her room instead. Light came in from the two large windows, illuminating her room decorated with a large bed, a few stuffed animals, a small bookshelf, a desk with a stationary, and a few polaroids of her and her friends taped to the walls.

Precum steadily trickled from my cock's exposed head as I stood in her room, the eyes of her friends staring at my uncovered sex-filled figure. I passed the desk and reached over to grab the large teddy bear that was about a third of my size. The synthetic fur was greatly relished by my swollen balls and cock, careful not to tease myself too much as I used the plushie as a quick and dirty cum rag. Its fur caressed my bare ass and moved up along to my chest before setting back in its original spot.

I made it back to the living room where Emmalee was sitting at the table, big black remote in hand, surfing through the TV channels

Written by SoloNudist
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