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Nudist Stories


The Naked Study Buddy Part 2

A nudist embarks on a naked journey to a friend's house for the first time with no lifeline for a study session and some exhibitionist fun

It was a twenty-minute drive on the highway before turning onto a more desolate road that led to several small communities and farms. Her family lived on seventy acres of land with a creek that ran through their property. We had once talked about grabbing...

The Naked Study Buddy Part 1

A nudist embarks on a naked journey to a friend's house for the first time with no lifeline for a study session and some exhibitionist fun

I was just finishing up some schoolwork early before the weekend officially began. I was a freshman in college, majoring in psychology. The city that housed the college was only an hour’s drive away from my small hometown. I opted to stay home instead of...

A Train Ride To Remember

A young woman met a nudist woman on a train.

Alice smiled and waved goodbye to her parents. She was excited to get back to college after the exam. As the train pulled off, she sat down in her seat. Alice, fortunately, had the cabin to herself. She looked at the trees and buildings running behind her...

A Night Of Bliss With My Wife And Sister-In-Law

A wonderful evening of nudism, a group shower, and some bedroom fun with my wife and sister-in-law.

My wife Melissa and I were staying at my sister-in-law’s house for a weekend during the covid lockdowns. My sister-in-law Emily was lonely and trying to rebound from a difficult relationship. We were there to bring some companionship and joy into her life...

A Delicious Weekend With My Wife And Her Sister

A beautiful weekend of masturbation and bonding with my wife and sis-in-law.

During covid, my wife (Melissa) and I went to stay with her younger sister (Emily). Em is an awesome person – warm, welcoming, and completely nonjudgmental. Her boyfriend had moved out a few months earlier, and she was lonely, so we decided to make the dr...

A New Nudist Family Ch. 03

Family members that play together stay together.

When Justin went into the living room after dinner, he saw his mother lying naked on the couch and reading a book. It was a small couch. Susan had her head resting on one of the armrests of the couch, and her toes were almost touching the other armrest. "...

A New Nudist Family Ch. 02

Which is more enjoyable: showering or sunbathing?

Susan’s eyes opened wide as she saw the huge, circumcised, 7-inches throbbing member dangling between her son's legs. "Wow, look at his dick!" Justin heard his sister, Emily, exclaim. "It's huge!" "My, oh, my!" his mother exclaimed. "My son is shaved like...

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Victoria and I left the villa, walking down the beach to the water's edge. Walking along the beach line, feet in the water, we could see there were people and small groups dispersed, a couple of naked lifeguards to look after us. In the distance, we saw w...

I woke the next morning to the feeling of long soft hair stroking my thighs, and suction on my dick. Opening my eyes, I looked down to see the white sheets moving up and down. With a smile, I lifted the covers to see my sixteen-year-old ex-student's raven...