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Time On My Side

If you could go back in time, would you do what I did?

My name is Sarah Pendleton, senior science advisor and consultant for TrueTime. I'm special, but everyone over the age of forty thinks they're special, right!

I've worked with time for so long now that I'm starting to believe that it's an integral part of me. My mind is different and I can see and move in different dimensions by simply meditating. I know – crazy right!

That's why the government hasn't found me yet. What better camouflage to wear than by working for a time travel company.

Someone once asked me 'if you could do anything in the world - what would it be?' I thought about it for a while. A long while in fact. Then I came up with the most stupid idea of going back in time to tell myself to change my sexuality and enjoy life. Stop pretending to be heterosexual and be who you really are.

Then, one man showed me how to do it. It was surreal and it scared the shit out of me.

We all know that when we travel at the speed of light, time stands still. And we all know that the lowest speed one can travel is zero, right. Wrong! The lowest speed is minus the speed of light. That was the revelation that I was shown by one Gavin Price. I don’t know who he was and I never saw him again after that once in a lifetime meeting. So what happens at minus the speed of light – well space stands still and time flows right past you in either direction so fast that it’s a struggle to get off.

All you have to do is travel slower than zero. How do you do that? Meditation. Everyone is theoretically capable of it but consider the fact that we are on this Earth spinning at a phenomenal rate about our axis, the sun, the centre of our galaxy and the universe. Well, you have to slow all that down, and some more, and all in your head. It wasn’t simple, but I did it.

I used his technique and made a few forages into the past but they upset me so much that I stopped going there. The future is no better; that's a horrible place to be too. You wouldn't believe the mess that humans will make of the future, or perhaps you will. Nothing surprises me anymore, not after what I’ve seen.

Then something happened that caused me to become selfish. I started to look inwards, at myself. I am more than happy with who I am, but the one thing that has eluded me is true love. I have never found that someone special. Someone to spend my life with and live happily ever after, however short it will be.

My life is short, or at least it will be. I have been diagnosed with terminal atrophy at the age of forty-one.  It's a degradation of all my body parts and I don't know when it started but I do know when it will stop. Twenty years from now; that is when I will die. It’s also unstoppable. I have all of time to investigate it but I will still die at the age of sixty-five; that’s a scientific fact. I have known for the last four years and I have made a plan; it’s the craziest plan you can think of.

I have been saving all my money in order to pay for phase one of my plan, which is almost complete. Phase two is next and while I don't have to pay for it, I have decided that I will. It just seems like a final step if I pay to do it rather than just disappear.

Phase one was an eye-opener. I decided to book myself into a body restructuring programme offered by one of the most expensive genetic refactoring clinics around. I needed to change how I look, my eye colour, hair colour; not just by dyeing it, but permanently re-colouring it. They use genetic crossover techniques to change the genetic code. It's fascinating stuff.

I changed my face as well. I needed to do that, it was essential for the journey I was about to embark upon. I also changed certain body parts. Again, I know what I like and what I'm attracted to, and I like larger breasts and smoothness where it counts. So, I paid for a few permanent changes where necessary. The rest of me – I like!

So, now I am a blonde forty four-year-old with sizeable tits and a body that any twenty year old would die for. I'm hoping that's the case, anyway.

I am on the verge of phase two of my plan – travel. I admit to being a little nervous as I climb into the TT4000 machine on my last day in this year of 2045. I have paid for a one-way journey; it's what a lot of people are doing in the hope of a better life. There are rules of course, but who really obeys them when they go backwards or forwards in time.

Time travel costs a small fortune; otherwise, everyone would be travelling back in time and buying the winning lottery ticket to enjoy their future life. It has happened, and a new time police department had to be set up to monitor the misuse. The time travelling criminals soon stopped.

I feel excited and scared. This is not a journey for everyone but as I said, I'm special.

I look in the full-length mirror within this colossus of a machine and I can honestly say that I have maximised my chances of success. I wear clothes that blend in with the period; even though it is only twenty-five years in the past. I have a new identity as Sophie Anderson and I look gorgeous; so gorgeous in fact that I would definitely take myself to bed and devour me completely.

I seem to be on my way, my reflection is fading. This is my first journey back but I don't think it will be my last. I’m about to do something that is against the law. Not any political law – but the laws of physics. I’m about to start a time loop.

I hope this works out, it may not, but if anyone knows me better than myself, it's me.


Wednesday 3 August 2020

I arrive in a quiet side street in the bustling cornucopia of Edenfield. It's the place I grew up and where I have lived all my life. I have enough local currency to see me through to Saturday when, soon after, I shall be a rich woman. I know, rule number one of time travel will be well and truly broken within a few days, but this is a no return journey, and a girl has to live.

Preparation, however, is everything. I did choose a person in this time frame that has no real family to speak of, hence my new name. I did set up a bank account in her name and I have taken on all her social security details and she did live miles away from this place, so there’s no connection at all to Edenfield. I even have a passport with my image on it. All the details that I need to be someone and all because I can travel in time without the machines; in fact, in this time frame, they haven't been invented yet, because I haven't invented them.

I book myself into a local B&B as Sophie Anderson and start my new life. As I walk down the street I wonder how many other people are from the future and what would be the chances of me bumping into them. I wonder whether time travellers have invisible labels attached to them. I know it's just paranoia, but I can't help it.

Saturday will be one hell of a day.

Saturday 6 August 2020

I've bought my ticket and now I just have to wait until the evening and then seem surprised that I have been fortunate enough to win the lottery. Not the million pounds, that would be asking for trouble, but just a little more than enough to be comfortable.

I've applied for a job that I hope I will get. That’s not actually true; I know I will get it. It's all in my plan and I've researched the company so much that I know everything that they haven't done yet. I'm going to be an asset, that's for sure.

Tuesday 9 August 2020

I'm rich, but I knew that. I'm dressed as one hell of a sexy personal assistant and I've got an interview with Lawrence and Pendleton Technologies.

Yes, you read that right, Lawrence and Pendleton. I walk confidently into the main office on the forty-third floor. My breasts on show for Mr Lawrence's sake, as I know what a pervert he is, and the rest of me is wondering whether I will get on with Mrs Pendleton.

Mrs Pendleton doesn't recognise me of course, how could she when her daughter is twenty-five years younger than me and at university studying physics. I am asked a number of questions which I supply excellent responses to. I’m not just a dumb blonde after all. The interview is a breeze and I am offered the job before I even leave the office. I can't help but stare at my mother. My younger self hates her, but I - I like her a lot.

As I look at her I feel a great sadness descend upon me. I know that my younger self is at odds with her, yet I know that in a year she will be gone. She will die in a car accident that is not of her doing. This company will struggle to continue without her, even though its technologies will be partly responsible for her daughter’s success when she starts up TrueTime and develops time travel for the masses.

Where will she get these innovative technologies from – me of course! In a roundabout way, that is. But my mother is not the reason I'm here in this timeframe, in this place. Someone else is the real reason.

Friday 16 November 2020

Work is going well and I'm more than an asset to the company already even though it has only been a month at the most. Maria, Mrs Pendleton's first name, is taking a liking to me and I'm finding it a struggle being her friend as well as employee, I didn’t see this coming, not at all, but why wouldn’t she – I am so like her in many ways even though I am only five years younger than her.

Mr Lawrence definitely wants to get inside my knickers. I can tell by the way he positions my chair so that he can look up my skirt. He also paces the room when dictating; it's his way of covertly looking down my cleavage. It's also amazing how all the files he asks me to fetch are in the lower drawer of the cabinet. I never fail to please him but I know that he has no chance with me. I have no doubt that he probably goes home at night and masturbates over the display that I provide him.

Maria has invited me to her house this weekend to meet her daughter for her twentieth birthday party. It’s a little unexpected and I’m terrified to be honest, but I have accepted.

Saturday 17 November 202

I arrive at the Pendleton's in style. I'm dressed to the nines, red dress, low plunge line, a mid-thigh hem, stockings and suspenders and the obligatory heels.  Not smutty, just sexy. She did say it would be a formal dress party. I hope I haven’t overdone it.

I am soon introduced to the birthday girl, Sarah, and I smile at her like she is a goddess. My eyes widen and a loving feeling flows through me; like I’ve known her for years.

I'm actually shaking like a leaf. My lips are trembling because I know that I will have to speak to her.

She is, of course, a goddess - because she is me. A younger me, that is.

This is the first time she has set eyes on me but I already know how her mind works. I know, that right now she is struggling with how she feels; struggling with her sexuality. I can feel her uneasiness seep through her voice as she makes polite conversation. But then, I am dressed to exploit her feelings in every way I can and I speak to her like we have been lovers for eternity.

It's no surprise that I have always loved myself, but this is so very different.

I'm actually here because I want to change her life. Make her who she wants to be now, not in fifteen years when she realises it's too late. I have every intention to seduce her but not here, not now, not on her birthday.

I spend my time with quite a lot of other guests especially all the high flyers of technology. Every now and then I turn my head and scan the room and I know that Sarah is watching my every move. Watching how I twist and turn and smile and how well I display my charms; mostly to the men of course but in the safe knowledge that I’m teasing them. I’m teasing her too because I know she’s watching me. She can’t help it.

I eventually find myself in her company and I’m taken aback by her brazenness. I wasn’t like this at her age, but then I wasn’t here, at this party, when I was her age. She’s definitely coming onto me in a big way. The slight touch of her hand on my elbow is reassuring, her hand around my back and onto my waist as she leads me through to the kitchen for some fancy foods.

All the time we talk about my position in the company, the job I do and what she does at university. It all comes as no surprise; I know all this of course. She asks me about all the men that must be after me and telling me that I would be such a catch for them. She even warns me about Mr Lawrence. It is then that I decide to drop the bombshell. I tell her straight.  I prefer women.

I think she expected my response, I don’t know why, but she did. She pursed her lips and let her tongue slip from between them before opening her mouth in a seductive way. The whole kitchen fell silent despite the number of people furiously chatting away. The way she did that thing, with her lips, caused a flood between my groin and I was glad that I had worn knickers. If we were alone, right now, I would have sunk to my knees, pushed her skirt up around her waist and attacked her.

By the time the noise flooded my senses once more, I found myself chatting about her career and what she wanted to do once she left university. I think she had satisfied her intuition about me and I was glad that the ice had been broken; not smashed to pieces, not yet anyway.

I actually left the party a little earlier than expected. I could see the disappointment on Sarah’s face as I told her mother, my mother, our mother that I was leaving. She caught me at the door and before I knew it we had arranged a drink for the following Tuesday.

Tuesday was a long way off.

Tuesday 20 November 2020

We stood at the Bar du Soleil with our gin and tonics to hand. The conversation was easy and I knew that she was somewhat different. I think the party, last Saturday, had made her realise something.

We had booked a table to eat but at the last minute decided that we would wander the Bayside area and buy some of the street food that was on offer. I’m glad we did. We made a mess of finger eating but it gave me the opportunity that I had been waiting for. The barbecue sauce was trickling out of the side of Sarah’s mouth and along the crease made by her dimples, edging ever closer to her white top. I instinctively raised my hand, caught the sauce on my fingertip and slipped it into her mouth. She sucked avidly on it; dragging it in further than it should have gone and kept it there for even longer.

We stood in silence as I slowly removed my finger; all the time, we watched each other, waiting for someone to make a move. It was Sarah that stepped closer to me. One small step at a time and with each step my mouth opened a little more. My personal space had been invaded and I loved it. The kiss was everything I had ever wanted from a woman. It was heavenly, highly charged and erotic. Instinctively, my eyes closed as I became lost in what we were doing.

We had trouble parting despite the catcalls from passers-by. Here was I, a voluptuous woman of forty-five making out with a twenty-something beauty. More than double her age. More than that though! I was making out with myself.

I eventually pushed myself out of our embrace and looked deep into her eyes; into her soul. I could see she was already in love – just like I was. I stepped backwards, turned and took a bite of my kebab and to watch the boats on the water. I secretly smiled to myself and I expected Sarah’s next move.

I had done what I set out to and that was to make her realise that she was a lesbian. That task I completed. I also set out to try and find my soulmate but I wasn’t expecting me to question myself over who it would be. Yet I was.

Sarah once more stepped into my space and the question I had been dreading came fast.

“Are you OK, is something wrong about what we just did?”

Yes, something was wrong, I thought to myself, you’re me. I felt her arm fold around my waist and we both looked out to sea; not daring to make eye contact. We finished our food without any more mishaps. Eventually, I slid my arm around her and pulled her in close for another kiss.

Yes, something was wrong, but even more of it was just right.

I had decided to take some time to think and so we both moved in the direction of our cars and we parted company at the Waterside hotel, its blue hue washed across the tarmac. We said our goodbyes but not before arranging another meeting.

I watched Sarah drive away and a heavy feeling exploded in my heart. My hand snaked up my dress as soon as I got in the car and I felt my finger enter me as I sat there staring from the window.

I knew that I wanted her so badly.

Saturday 24 November 2020

Four whole days had passed and I have been on tenterhooks. I must have masturbated three, maybe four times a day.

A knock on the door signified my excitement. I opened it to find Sarah dressed like a slut. She was sporting a diagonally ripped white top that bared one of her nipples through the fuzzy fabric. Her denim shorts also ripped and disappearing up inside her mound and red tarty platform soles.

I took a step back.

“What the fuck!”

Sarah smiled. “You like it then?”

I had to agree I liked it. I, on the other hand, was dressed in a sophisticated outfit and ready for seduction. I didn’t need it at all. In fact, there wasn’t a lot we did need.

The food went cold as it sat partly on the table and partly on the top of the cooker. I pulled Sarah inside my flat and started to suck on her nipple before the door closed. A passer-by caught a glimpse of us but I didn’t care.

My hands busied themselves on the only button holding up her denim shorts as my mouth struggled with part nipple-part cotton fabric. I pushed her over to the sofa and as she fell onto it I pulled her shorts down and over her legs. I discarded them before I pushed her legs apart and attacked her sex.

Fuck, she tasted heavenly. I spent no time in wetting her pussy with my saliva, not that she needed wetting, she was making more than enough juice for the both of us. Honeydew – that’s what it was like – honeydew. I licked her from top to bottom and didn’t stop until she climaxed. I knew every part of her sex, what she liked, how she would respond, and when she would explode. I knew exactly where and for how long to tongue her slit before sucking on her sensitive bud.

I knew this would be her first time and I needed to show her exactly what I liked too.

Sarah must have come three times before she eventually got up and pushed me down on the sofa. Time was ticking by, food was getting colder by the minute and I was getting a lashing from her tongue. It was exquisite, to say the least. I would be hard pushed to provide the name of any of my other lovers in the future who could lick pussy this good. She was incredible. Absolutely incredible.

When I eventually recovered I decided to treat her and show her my tits. I scrambled out of my dress and started to strip off the non-essentials. My bra stayed on but other than my stockings I stood naked in front of her.

I slowly undid my bra and teased her with it. I started to cup it in my hands and wobble it to and fro in front of her. Her hand shot forward and grabbed it from me, throwing it to the floor just as quickly.

The look on her face was unbelievable. She plunged her hands onto my breasts and within seconds of touching them her face was between them and she started slobbering over them. Sarah was a horny little fuck for my breasts. That’s why I had them enlarged because I know I like breasts too.

In all honesty, hers are very nice, a little smaller but nevertheless very nice to hold.

By the time I unmasked my pussy I could see that Sarah was drooling. I was drooling too as I couldn’t wait for her to touch it. I slipped onto the sofa and opened my legs wide for her. I drew my finger along my slit and waited for her eyes to catch up with me.

She almost fell to the floor in a quick response to replace my finger with her tongue. I loved it. More to the point, I loved that she loved it.

I must have come three times to her incessant tongue lashing. For a beginner, she bloody well knew how to lick pussy.

We didn’t part that night. We fell into bed beside each other. We pleasured each other until we were exhausted and I actually fell asleep with my face between her legs.

March 2021

It hit the local news, not the television version, but the grapevine version.

I’m summoned to Maria’s office and suddenly I have a choice, no job or no Sarah. I try to reason with her and plead our love for each other. Yet she seems set that I am too old and of the wrong sex for her daughter.

No job it is then!

I walk out of the office, clear my desk of my belongings and head home. Only one person seems to miss the fact that I won’t be working there any more – Mr Lawrence. I flash him one last show of my tits, bending over and wobbling them for him to ogle before I straighten and leave the building with a smile on my face. At least I have Sarah. I hope.

I phone Sarah to warn her but I’m too late – her mother has beaten me to it. We have a strained conversation at first before I realise that she wants to move in with me, now that we’re a couple.

I start to think, perhaps I am the reason why she didn’t get on with her mother in the first place but I soon park that thought as ill-founded because I wasn’t there the first time around.

Monday 3 September 2021

I have been watching the clock for ages now; watching the minutes and seconds tick down. It’s eleven thirty-four in the morning. In five minutes or so, Sarah is going to get a call from the police department informing her of her mother’s death. She will be distraught. She will cry and then she will phone me and I will comfort her.

I’m already crying for her. Although Maria did not relish our relationship she is, after all, my mother too – albeit from a different time. Twice now I have experienced her death, once as Sarah and once as Sophie.

The phone rings. I hesitate to pick it up but I must.

“Hello,” I say.

I know it’s Sarah and we start on a conversation that I know can only go one way – downhill.

Saturday 8 September 2021

It’s the day of the funeral. It goes well for both of us. A million or so people seem to have turned up, or so it seems.

It’s the first time that Sarah and I have been seen together as a couple. Tongues are wagging and tales are being told. If only they knew the truth.

At the funeral, neither of us shed any tears. We listen to all the good words that are said, and after the embers of the last song die down we head for a private room.

Sarah lets out an almighty sigh as soon as we are inside. We start crying almost straight away and before we know it we are both kissing. My fingers push urgently up her skirt and I start fingering her and pushing them inside her. Our kisses are passionate and powerful and she comes in seconds of me wiggling my fingers over her clitoris. Suddenly, it is I on the receiving end of the same act. I come hard and gasp into her open mouth.

We slump into each other’s arms and we cry some more.

I have never thought of it before, but grief imparts strange behaviour on people, sometimes.

Tuesday 11 September 2021

A few days after the funeral and Sarah is pressurised into taking over her mother’s position. I decide to encourage Sarah to go her own way and not enter the family business, leave it to Mr Lawrence. She takes my advice, though I don’t know why, business is so much different to love. She has just finished university and it would be a much safer option for her to stay with Lawrence and Pendleton Technologies.

Even this part of the future is a little unclear to me. I didn’t investigate this part when I took on all those excursions back in time. But I know that she only has ten years and after that everything will start to fall into place.

Between now and then I will have to appease her sexual appetite and fuck her to smithereens at every opportunity.

July 2031

Ten years on and Sarah and I are blissfully married, so to speak. She is now thirty and I am fifty-five. I have ten more years to live and I can feel my body fighting this disease with all its might.

We have the most amazing sex and there is never a dull moment. Our list of toys has grown out of proportion to their use. Our clothes range from the downright bizarre to the mundane. We specialise in role play costumes and she loves dressing up like me; a personal assistant. She dresses to please and her sole purpose is to fuck her boss; her boss being me, of course.

I like our role play sessions and I get her to do the dirtiest things imaginable. Nothing seems to put her off. She is a proper slut when it comes down to it.

I have suggested she fuck a guy on the Fyf Station on our way home from the other side of town. She nearly did it too. She was down sucking his cock and if he hadn’t had come so quickly, and surprised her, I think she would have taken his cock inside her. I know she was only following orders, but she’s a lesbian for fuck’s sake. She should have some morals.

October 2031

Sarah has a meeting today. It is one I have actually arranged. It has taken me a while to track down a man I once knew – Gavin Price. He is more than mysterious but he has been visiting high tech consultants in our region. He meets with one before he moves on to another and then another. He’s looking for someone and I know who that is.

I know what he knows and I want him to tell my younger self what it is. I know I could tell her everything but if I did that then I would have to spill all the beans, not just a few.

I encourage her to attend the evening meal and I know what will happen. During the meal he will ask her that all-important question 'if you could do anything in the world - what would it be?' and I know her mind inside and out. She will want to know more and he will tell her all about time.

Within a few weeks, that knowledge will be pulled apart and within six years that time machine will be built and time travel will open up all sorts of possibilities.

December 2036

I’m living part-time with Sarah, part-time in the hospital. Five years until I die. Our sex life is getting worse. On the upside, Sarah is on the verge of an important discovery. She wants to give up, it’s hard to keep going like she is but I keep on encouraging her. She’s been working on this time stuff for five years now. She’s already been back in time once – on her own that is – but the machine’s complexity is pushing her to her limits.

Yes, I could help her out, but really, what the fuck would a sex possessed personal assistant know. I keep pointing to the mathematics that is incorrect on the big whiteboard in her office but as soon as I do that she just rips my knickers off and gives me a good licking. That’s after she has bared my tits and sucked my nipples until they are hard as nails.

Of course, I have to let her do it. I can’t resist her spreading my legs wide and letting her tongue wash over my smooth pussy. She doesn’t take long on the formalities but it’s so gorgeous when her tongue intrudes past my lips. Fuck, I love her to bits when she’s down there pleasuring me.

I’m the same of course, I know what goes through her mind, I know how nice it is, how pleasurable and erotic it feels, especially when the other person is craving it all the more. I seem to crave more than she does at the moment, I think that’s all to do with the pressure of work and my weakening condition.

One more year of this and I know she will have time travel in her hand.

February 2040

Time will be the death of me. What a thought for the day that is; a thought that everyone should have at least once in their life.

Sarah is beside me in the hospital, holding my hand and blubbing like she has just watched sixteen episodes of a girly flick back-to-back.

“I don’t want you to go. Don’t you dare fucking leave me.”

I feel so weak. Tired of this fulfilling life I have led. I actually want to go – I’ve had enough. I don’t want to leave Sarah, she has been my rock, my everything. I wonder whether I should tell her the truth but I’m a coward at heart.

She isn’t though.

I whisper in her ear, quietly so that no-one can overhear. There’s actually no one to overhear but it just seems right.

“You already know what to do to be with me.”

She looked puzzled. Even I looked puzzled.

In a day or so I will be dead. In a year from now, Sarah will be diagnosed with terminal atrophy. I know that but she doesn’t. Not yet anyway. She’s a bright kid and I know that she will work out my last conundrum. She will propagate the time loop that I started. She will have to because I started a causality loop that has to continue; beyond time. However, her reasons for continuing it will be different to mine.

As I drift into another dimension, maybe a timeless one – who knows, I know her heart bleeds for me and for our deep love of each other. I hear the echo of crying like it’s a distant numbness. I know she hurts but I know she will save for the future, sign up to those body restructuring programmes and in four years she will step back in time twenty-five years.

She will fall in love all over again.

On her birthday.
In Edenfield.
On Saturday 17 November 2020.



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