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Time travel Stories

time travel

The New Adventures Of Scarlett Holmes, Chapter Five

Scarlett solves the problem whilst getting laid. Again!

Chapter Six. The conclusion of The Case of the Five Orange Lips. xxx To say that Scarlett Holmes was bored to tears was an understatement. The private detective from yesteryear had spent a tedious morning researching the ancient Indian practice of yoga. T...

The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes, Part Four

Scarlett studies the clues and takes due action

Chapter Five. 'The Five Orange Lips' The wind howled around the tall apartment block that was Harbour Way, and as the night drew in rapidly, the storm grew wilder and louder, and the rain lashed the windows with a savage ferocity. Emma Watson's stylish fl...

The New Adventures Of Scarlett Holmes, Part Three

Scarlett participates in a satanic orgy

Chapter Four. 'Scarlett And The Devil Worshippers' Emma Watson sighed with relief as she opened the front door of her fashionable apartment overlooking the Thames. She kicked her shoes off and slumped into one of three comfortable armchairs, rubbing her t...

The New Adventures of Scarlett Holmes, Part One

Scarlett finds herself transferred into the future

Chapter One. 'Holmes Falls' London, 1891. It is with a heavy heart that I take up my pen to write these last words in which I shall ever record the singular gifts by which my friend and lover, Miss Scarlett Holmes, was known and distinguished. I, Emma Wat...

Blue Flamingo

Sex so extreme it sends him back in time!

Channing looks over at Loni as she opens beer bottles, pours whiskey, and flirts with the customers. It is that kind of joint, with no frills or fancy cocktails, just people grabbing a few beers and maybe a rack of ribs after a heavy day at work. Channing...

A Hitch In Time Is Divine

Time travel can bring one a headache

September thirtieth, 2023. One a.m. x It was on the occasion of Jessica Wright's nineteenth birthday when it happened. She had enjoyed the company of her parents and younger brother during the day as they visited her from the family home in Winchester. No...

Holly The Horny Witch 6

time travel can be complicated

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2023. Six, p.m. "Change of plan, Holly. Jennifer is coming home earlier than we thought. She'll be here in fifteen minutes." "Balls! I was really looking forward to our time together." It was no secret to most that David Watts and Ho...

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The Time Traveller

The magic of lush and lust

She was a time traveller. They first met in a mystical world, where fantasy was rife, yet connection was deep. They enjoyed each other's company. There were dates, dalliances, and dreams each drawing them closer. Until, she slipped in, naked, between the...

The Fangs Of Time: Hurdy Gurdy Man

Traveling to the past, Gail Cavalier is not only horny, but she's about to receive her first, real, mission

My chamber was comfortable enough, consisting of one barren-walled square room with a small wooden table, a few matching chairs, a luxurious bed, and a food area with some ancient metal box that kept foodstuff cold. There was a primitive drink dispenser b...

Lady D., Lady Wrestler

A whimsical look at an infamous lady wrestler

Lady D. was badass to the bone. Blonde and hirsute, with her wild bush peaking around the corners of her leopard-spotted, silk bikini and her outrageous prize-winning breasts; she would wrestle a male client to the ground. smash him in the face and then h...

Metamorphoses: Chapter 3: Winter Storms

Daphne has an unexpected visitor.

“Ah, Mrs Stubbs! Do come in.” Mrs Stubbs was, in contradistinction to her name, tall, slender and elegant, with pale skin, gently slanting oriental eyes, her black hair formed into a soft bob which, indeed, bobbed winsomely as she entered the consulting r...