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Binding the Demon

Ari uses sex to tame Matthias' demon

Two days after the attack, they finally reached the river Sarn. The water moved along a gentle current, and trees lined the banks. Orange light reflected off the drifts, filling the stream with glittering brilliance, and darkened by the time they settled their campsite. Aurianna pulled Clara aside, “You can bathe first. We’ll be nearby by. Just, no screaming over snakes this time, yeah?” Embarrassed laughter and acknowledgment followed as Aurianna mussed up Clara’s hair. Turning, with hunger in her gaze, she beckoned Matthias to follow her into the woods.

Matthias had shown great patience since declaring his hunger for her, but he couldn’t last much longer. Not with the demon in his soul, making demands. Hell, her own patience was waning. She wanted affection and passion and completion, but more than any of that, she needed control. For whatever reason, the demonlands were quiet, and while they were quiet, she would slake her desires upon Matthias.

Sunset filtered through the trees as they walked. Aurianna knew what she wanted, a location far enough away from Clara that she wouldn’t hear them, near a tall tree with an overhanging branch. She didn’t speak when she found it, didn’t explain, just tossed one end of the rope over the branch, and held both ends in one hand.

 “Come here,” she demanded. His eyes held a question, but he didn’t let that get in the way of her invitation. His arms went around her waist as hers went up over his shoulders. His warmth was welcome against the creeping chill of the evening. His lips proved even more welcoming, parting for her tongue so she could savor his taste. The kiss deepened, fed by their need, carried by the moans with their shared mouths. She caught his hand before they threatened to explore her body, tying them to one end of the rope. The kiss once he was realizing what she was doing.

“I was not talented in my demon binding lessons. Adequate, but not nearly as skilled as I was in handling a spear,” she explained, winking with the words, “but I still remember a few things. Like that it’s important to reapply the bindings frequently before the demon gets out of control.” Once his hands were bound together, she let go, tugging on the other side of the rope to pull his arms up taut. 

Keeping the rope looped in her hand, she stood on tiptoes to kiss him, intending to force him to endure whatever she wanted. The journey down his figure was slow, languorous, her mouth sampling his skin, salty with sweat. Her hands traced every inch of his musculature, immense strength lying just underneath.

“I don’t have any demon binding magic to call upon, in order to bind you to me. So I am going to have to find another means subjugate you to my will,” she announced, pulling his length out, stroking him harder now. She kept a firm grasp of the rope, know that if she let go, he would take her, fuck her raw, just as he had already promised. Maybe another time, but not tonight. Not with trauma lingering in the back of her mind.

Matthias groaned as Aurianna's lips closed around the bulbous head of his shaft. "You always did... have a mastery of... spears..." he gasped, hands gripping the rope as he tried to buck his hips and drive his meat deeper into her mouth.

He groaned again as she looked up at him, smiling around his cock as her head drifted back with his thrusts. She kept just his tip in her mouth, tongue laving his opening as one hand slid up and down his length. "It seems you still... remember... some of your training…" he gasped out. "Establish dominance... bind the demon to... your will... and compel him to... obedience..."

She went slow. She would not move at his pace, he would move at hers. Taking only the head for the time being, she waited for him to calm himself. Once he was done trying to fuck her mouth, she continued, taking inch by inch between the silken walls of her cheeks. If he tried to force her to take more, she would stop again, and subject his cock to the cool night air. Waiting for him to whimper with need before plunging him back into the sultry sanctuary of her mouth.

His body arched, as he gripped the rope and tried to drive himself into the teasing wet heat of her mouth. "Fuck..." he groaned.

The rope creaked as Matthias gripped it with both fists, groaning and snarling as Aurianna fucked him with her mouth. He writhed under her sweet torture, moaning and snarling and blaspheming. Her free hand slipped between his thighs, gripping the meat of his ass as she took him even deeper. The blunt head of his cock met her throat, pushed in, and her every swallow massaged him. With a sudden roar of release, he felt his seed gush from his cock, pumping into her mouth and throat. The wild bucking of his hips was met by suction and a greedy slurping sound, and he uttered a long moan as she sucked his meat dry.

“Time to check if the binding was successful.” Releasing the rope meant tempting his demon. How might he repay her teasing? How might he turn it back on her? Thrill threaded her desire, left her shivering against a night that wasn’t so cold.  Still, she stood firm, challenging his demonic nature.

“You will repay the favor, with your head between my legs. You will bring me to orgasm with mouth and one finger, and you will not feed on me.”

Matthias slammed Aurianna against a tree, roughly dragging at her pants as he did. "Mouth and one finger, hey?" he growled, lifting one thigh over his shoulder as he knelt before her. "Remember... you wanted this."

His mouth covered her mound, tongue playing her slit as he did. It this posture, she was spread open for him, lips parted and dripping with her need. He groaned at the taste, tongue savoring her before his lips fastened roughly on her clit. As he sucked and tugged, one finger thrust into her channel. He grinned, feeling her drip down his hand as he finger-fucked her.

“Oh, Goddess…” Her body shook in the tension that had built up over the last several days, and her hips ground against his face. Wet muscles quivered around his finger, quivering that spread through her body. No pain, only pleasure. “Afodisia!” she praised, trying to nullify his earlier blasphemies by invoking the Goddess.

His tongue replaced his finger, thrusting deep into her. The finger, slick and hot with her juices, left a damp trail as he slid it further back. He circled the tight ring of muscle at her rear, then slowly thrust the slick finger in. One knuckle, then two, tongue fucking her cunt the whole time.

His grin glistened with her lust. "Didn't say how to use the finger," he leered. And then his lips found her clit as he fingered her ass.

“Ma... Ma... Matth... Matthias!” she cried, stumbling over the syllables in his name. This had only ever hurt her, but he was slow. Gentle. Measuring his pace against the demands of her body. His touch rehabilitated past pains into pleasure, teaching her body about bliss. She would give herself to him, give him everything she was and possessed, and in return, he would give her a world of delight. So, she surrendered to him, the tight ring of muscles enveloping his finger until euphoria found her.

Ecstasy and relief trembled along her thighs until she could no longer support herself. “You are mine,” She said into his mouth, tasting her pleasure on his tongue, before pulling away to catch her breath. “And I am yours.”

Aurianna nuzzled Matthias, giggling in between deep breaths. “Do you want me?” She took a kiss as he answered, testing his reaction, his hunger. “Could you be gentle?” She asked, the words shuddering as they left her mouth. Firmness was called for now, dominance, insisting the demon obey her instead of asking, but she couldn’t help herself. Not as fear pooled in the back of her mind once more.

"Gentle?" Matthias echoed, voice thick. His hands shook as he tore at the lacings of her blouse. "I had planned to tie your hands behind your back," he snarled, squeezing the soft globes of her breasts, "and loop it around your throat, and pin you against that tree with my cock." He gripped her throat with one hand, fucking her mouth with a tongue that still tasted of her orgasm.

The hand on her throat tightened just a little and then slid away. Instead, it caught a fistful of hair and pulled, dragging her mouth from his as her neck arched. "Remember," he growled, fangs tracing over her skin as his lips slid down her throat, "you wanted this..."

Aurianna gasped as his fangs pierced her flesh, melting into his arms. Since they’d begun traveling, she resisted the urge to let him take her blood directly from her veins. The heat of his lips on her skin contrasted with the sharp bite of his teeth, combining into an intoxicating sensation that tore down her defenses. With fangs buried in her skin, she was his.

Matthias' tongue sealed the bite, and he leered at Aurianna with crimson lips. With a sudden movement, he pushed her onto her back, pinning her to the ground with a hand on her throat. His other hand gripped his thick cock, lazily masturbating himself as he pressed the head against the lips of her sex. "Say you're mine," he growled. "Beg me to use you."

“Matthias, I want you, I need you, inside me, filling me, making me whole. I want this, more than food or water or, my next breath. I am yours, Matthias, and I need you.”

Matthias' blood-stained grin became more feral, more predatory, as Aurianna begged him. Begged for him. Swore herself to him. "Mine," he snarled, rubbing the head of his cock against her clit. "Bound by blood and oaths, you are mine!"

With a single thrust, he buried himself in her, his hips slamming into her and his balls slapping her ass. "Mine to use!" Holding himself still in her he leaned forward and kissed her roughly, and she tasted her own blood on his lips. His hand tightened on her throat as he did, restricting her breathing.

"Don't call up that which you cannot put down," he whispered, his length still within her pulsing cunt. His free hand squeezed her breast, and he pinched and twisted her nipple as his tongue invaded her mouth once more. "And it takes more than just this sweet mouth to put me down..." He flexed as he said it, making his cock throb within her.

"Now," he purred, rising into a kneeling position and gripping her hips, "I am going to fuck you without mercy until you learn that lesson." He began moving, pounding his cock into her with bruising force. With every thrust, her body jerked and bounced. "You will cum, over and over while I use you until you can make me orgasm!"

Oh. how she tried to fight this invasion. She clenched her core muscles, squeezing him, but he just stroked harder, ravaging her. Her legs wrapped around his thighs, holding him within her, but still every thrust rocked her entire body, rubbing her ass raw against the hard ground. All that remained were exultant cries, tinged with pained whines.

She was tossed over, forced up on to her knees so Matthias could fuck her more, his cock hitting her even deeper, harder from this angle. Harder and deeper, as he pulled back her wrists and made her arch her back. She couldn’t let this continue. He would break her if this kept up. Oh, she wanted to believe that Matthias would never hurt her, at least not in a way she didn’t like. But, there was the demon to account for. The demon that was all instinctual, all base desire, no rationality, no concern for what it did to others. Who was fucking her now? Matthias, or the demon? Was there as much distinction as she had thought? Had hoped?

She had to do something, anything, but it was hard, hard to think as he plunged into her again and again. Somehow, she wrested a wrist from his vice grip, bringing it to her slick sex, brushing against his cock entering her, teasing her clit. She was bucking into him, meeting his rhythm, not just taking him anymore, but also fucking him back.

He snarled as she wrenched a hand free from his grip, and tried to snatch it back. "Who said you could do that, Mistress?" he laughed, grabbing a fistful of her hair instead. Pulling on it like reins, he continued ravaging her. And then his rhythm faltered as her fingers stroked his cock. Releasing her other wrist, he pulled her hair harder and slapped her ass. "It won't work, Mistress," he laughed, slapping her ass again. "I'm going to use you as my plaything until I finish!"

Ari's only response was to stroke them both, fingers playing over his shaft and her clit as he fucked her. And now, with her other hand free, she had the leverage to fuck him back. Drawing on her strength as a paladin, a strength equal to his infernal power, her cunt swallowed him and her ass slammed into his stomach every time he thrust deep into her.

"This... changes... nothing!" he snarled, gripping her hips with bruising force as he tried to take control once more. His words burst forth in gasps, exploding out as her body met his. "You're... still... mine… to... use!" He tried to force her to hold still, to submit to being fucked without mercy, but she was too strong for that. She continued fucking back into him, inner walls squeezing him like a vice and fingers stroking his shaft as he plowed into her.

With a shocked cry, he threw his head back, roaring her name as he drove himself deep into her one last time, gasping as the first hot rope of his bliss spray into her womb. She wasn't done with him, though. Her walls clenched around him as she continued moving, continued fucking his climax out of his pulsing shaft, and he was helpless within her. All he could do was cling to her, shuddering and gasping as she drained his cock dry. Finally, utterly spent, he collapsed against her.

"Yours, Mistress," he whispered, breath hot on her sweat-slick skin. "Your bound demon slave, bound to your soul by ties of seed and blood." One hand trailed along her side, then slipped beneath her body to cup her breast. "But understand that I will try to wrest control from you." He smiled and bit at her shoulder. "From time to time. So you'll need to practice your binding rituals frequently."

Yours. She smiled at the word, liking the way it sounded coming from his lips. Yours. It was enough, enough for her, enough for now. Yours. It was a triumph, a revelation of her own strength, and prowess. And the sign that he needed her, too.

For a few moments, it was nice, to just lie in his arms. Exerted muscles burned away the cool touch of the night and the scent of their combined lust hung in the air. Breathing in tandem, they both fought to catch their breath, to recover from energetic passion.

 It didn’t last long. The ground was hard and flecks of dirt stuck to their sweat-slick skin. They needed a fire, and blankets, and clothes at least, in addition to their bodies wrapped around one another. So, she forced herself to sit, wincing at the effort it took to accomplish that much.

“My demon slave, hmm?” She asked, running fingers along his arm, now awkwardly wrapped around her as she tried to get up. “Can I order you to carry me back to camp? After fucking, I don’t know if I can walk that far."

“Carry you back to camp, Mistress?" Matthias chuckled, making a half-hearted attempt to pull her back down into his arms. "I think that, perhaps, it could." Abandoning his efforts, he stretched like a great cat.

She realized her voice was hoarse, and her throat was raw.  “Did I scream that whole time? Do you think Clara heard?”

"I wouldn't be surprised if the girl heard us." A pause as he struggled to sit up, and then another as he drew her close and kissed her. "I wouldn't be surprised if they heard us at the Seraphim Wall."

Another kiss, and this time he lingered over it as his free hand explored her body. Then, with a laugh, he swatted her rear. "Come on. Let's find our clothes."

Somehow, they managed to keep their hands off each other long enough to dress, at which point Matthias scooped Aurianna up in his arms and carried her back to camp. In retrospect, she probably could have walked, but this was so much better.

"So," Clara asked, not looking up at them, "Did you find what you were looking for?"

"Oh, yes," Matthias replied, voice laced with dry humor. "Several times."

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