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Enigmatic Rendezvous

Pure escapism with two young lovers
Her breasts jiggled, quivering with excitement as she slipped tacitly from her revealing robe. The pink of her nipples, having been exposed to the cool night air, quickly became rounded nubs. The woman smiled coyly as her dark red hair fell languorously around her chest. The curled crimson framed her breasts as she sauntered over to the bed. Her legs moved with a certain grace that caused his jeans to tighten. His bulge was prominent even in the low light and her lips were a full red in anticipation.

He lay shirtless on her bed, his hands behind his head and a broad smile creasing his handsome face. Her eyes glittered, while kissing his stomach softly working her way to his mouth. This was it. Her first time. She laid a hand casually on his crotch, acting as if she had done this a million times before. She didn’t know why she was pretending: he knew her sexual past, or lack thereof. As a matter of fact it was his first time as well.

She felt his cock swell, threatening to show its head out the top of his pants. She squeezed her hand and her man groaned in pleasure, pushing his hips forward in a laconic request for more. Her pussy grew slick as she heard his moan and she desperately wanted him inside of her. Like she had done thousands of times before, she imagined his throbbing manhood sliding perfectly into her, filling her completely. But she restrained herself for now.

“Later” she thought.

As his tongue danced with hers inside her mouth, she slowly unzipped his jeans. The bulge in his undies shot out of the opening. She slid his jeans off of him, leaving him lying, tortured, in his underwear. There she stood at the end of the bed in her lace bottom, eyeing off his cock hungrily. In a flurry of movement she extracted the member from his underwear, taking them off rapidly. Her hand touched the shaft, which twitched at the sensation. Slowly she wrapped her hand around its base.

Are all men this big?” she asked, giggling slightly. A sly smile was her only response and her hand began slowly pumping the huge totem. Every time she reached the head, he groaned aloud and his cock engorged with even more blood. He had closed his eyes as her hand moved faster and faster. Up and down the veiny cock. Making sure his eyes were still closed, she brought her head forward, enclosing the head of his penis with her mouth. This new sensation brought a loud moan. She moaned as well as she reveled in feeling his rock-hard cock fill her mouth.

She slid down as far as she could, her tongue working overtime, lapping and lathering the head and the shaft. Her hand cupped his balls and she felt them begin to tighten and rise.

“Ahhh! I’m going to cum if you don’t stop!” he shouted, grunting. She wasn’t going to stop and moved faster, clenching slightly with her teeth. Her tongue felt the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum and her pussy flooded in arousal. She bobbed deeper; making his cock hit the back of her mouth.


He exploded inside of her mouth suddenly. White, hot cum shot down her throat and ribbons of it flew and filled her mouth. The salty substance dribbled down her chin and her tongue darted out hungrily. She swallowed his load greedily, her eyes looking up at his cock, a bit disappointed. She thought it was over. He had different ideas.

He got up and practically threw her on the bed, ripping her lace underwear. His fingers quickly found her clit, and began work on it straight away. She convulsed with the sudden pleasure and his hand was washed by a wave a pussy juice. He pulled his hand out and licked it, the sight of his moist hand sending her closer to orgasm. His hand thrust deep inside of her, opening her up for cock.

He needed to taste her pussy fresh so he ducked and used his tongue to fill her cavity. She moaned and covered his face. He lapped up any of her sweet juices constantly driving deeper, looking for more. He was pushing her over the edge. Abruptly he stopped. She turned her head and saw him poised with his cock, hovering around the entrance of her pussy.

“Uhhhhh. Please! Please do it.”

He pushed forward with his hips and drove his manhood deep inside of her. He drew it out to the point that its head lay in the folds of her pussy before driving deep again. He started slow before increasing the pace. She screamed with the absolute pleasure and bliss he provided. She felt his cock get even harder inside her pussy, growing to a massive size inside of her.

She cried out as he fired globs of semen. Her pussy exploded in retaliation, tightening and sending a wave of fresh liquid to coat him. Screaming her orgasm sent waves of excitement pulsing through her body radiating from her pussy. She continued to ride him, wanting the moment to last forever. She squeezed every last drop of his cum before he extracted himself and fell spent onto the bed.

“That was amazing. . .” he said breathlessly.

“It was,” she smiled back. Turning to face him, she looked mischievous.


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