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Redhead Stories


Steampunk Harlots - Chapter 43

Finally arrived at a new city but things happen before work.

Easy let her wings flutter in the breeze as she looked over the railing at the city their ship was flying over. Mari held her by the hips to keep her from falling over again and shivered at the chill wind her so-called clothing failed to mitigate. “I thin...

If You Fly, I'll Buy - Part Four

Kat returns home to be reclaimed by her husband.

The flight home was filled with anticipation. When I agreed to the hotwife lifestyle, the main attraction for me was the part where I returned home to be reclaimed by my husband. I had fun with Rick, but it was just sex. With Kevin, there would be a wonde...

If You Fly, I'll Buy - Part Three

Kat helps Rick get beyond his anger at his ex-wife

After a short break to refuel and rehydrate, I slipped into Rick’s bedroom and waited for him to follow me. With a gleam in his eye, Rick looked at me as though he’d like to eat me in big, greedy bites. But who could blame him as I lay on his bed spread e...

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 4

Katie continues to be a good girl but a slip of the tongue causes problems

I lie with Katie in the middle of the bed, her red hair splayed out on the white cotton sheets. Her pink nipples are hard and her curls are damp and smeared with our combined juices. I gaze into her big green eyes and smile at her. I lean in and brush her...

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My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 2

Katie wants to be a good girl and events continue to spiral out of control

I come down for breakfast the next morning and find Katie and Aoife already at the breakfast bar, munching their way through the crunchy nut cornflakes. Katie blushes and smiles sheepishly, watching me over the top of the cereal box. Images of last night...

The Perfect Man

I'm so lucky to be married to the perfect man.

I have the perfect man. He is many things to many people: husband, father, grandpa, boss, friend, and mentor. But at the end of the day, he takes on his greatest role—my lover and best friend. His focus becomes my body and the pleasures he can bestow upon...

My Daughter's Best Friend

My daughter's best friend is staying over on a sleepover, what could possibly go wrong?

My wife, Clodagh is away for the weekend so it’s just supposed to be me and Aoife, my sixteen-year-old daughter sharing pizza and popcorn and watching something silly on Netflix. “Hi Mammy, is it ok if Katie comes over tonight?” I look up from my phone, d...

If You Fly, I'll Buy - Part Two

Katarina and Rick work through some awkwardness and enjoy some hot fun.

After exchanging text messages with my husband, I set my phone aside and stood before Rick. We had often talked about what he would do if we were lucky enough to meet in person. So, I didn’t need any direction from him. I knew what he wanted, and I was ha...