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The Camping Trip -2

Luke got away with it, but now will he keep doing it?
I was awoken by a kiss on the lips. I didn't know who it was and I didn't know if I hoped it was Ashley or Mia. I opened my eyes to see it was Ashley. 

"Well good morning sleepy head!" she said to me as she teasingly put her small tits right at my eye level. 

"Morning," was all I could get out. My heart was racing and I was scared! What was I to do? Should I really use her sister in such ways without her knowing?

"So, I was talking to my parents and they know this really good hiking trail up to the top of the waterfall on the other side of the lake! So get your hiking boots on and get some breakfast!" 

With that, she left me with one single peck and I slowly got up. At least I could think upon things on the walk. 

I got out of my sleeping bed and noticed I was slightly wet and the inside of my bag was more than slightly wet. I had a wet dream last night. 

I met Ashley and the rest of her family outside of my tent around the picnic table where we all practically ate in silence. 

"Well," her dad started, "I was thinking that today would be as good a day as any for that hike we've planned on! So go put your dishes up and we will all meet in twenty minutes at the big rock over there covered in moss!"

We all cleaned our dishes and put them away. I went to go take a piss in the designated bathroom spot. After I was done peeing, I felt someone close near me. Someone grabbed me around my waist and pulled me into them from behind. 

I turned around to see Mia there..

"Well, we have ten more minutes. I think that's enough time to.. Relieve some urges." Mia said in that sexy voice of hers. 

I couldn't resist her. Before I knew it, I threw her against the tree behind her and buried her with a deep sensational kiss. She had her tongue down my throat in am instance. My hands started wondering her body where they led me to her tits. Without taking her shirt off and without breaking the kiss, I undid her bra and started playing with her left nipple. I was squeezing it and twisting it. 

Mia let out a few moans as I felt her hands discover my rock hard dick. As I was switching back and forth between her nipples, she slid my pants down and started rubbing my dick between her legs. I slowly slid my hands down her sides to her shorts. I undid the drawstring and hooked my fingers on her shorts, surprised to find no underwear. I couldn't help but smile a little at that. 

I got her shorts down to see her neatly shaven pussy ready wet. Without much sounds but a loud moan coming from Mia's mouth, I slid my fingers into her warm pussy. 

"Oh god, Luke! Your turning me on so fast!" Mia said while kissing my neck and anything else in sight. 

I slowly started pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy. I picked up the pace and I found her clit. Before I knew it, I had her in the verge of an orgasm. A few seconds later and I had to help her stay up and keep her from making too much noise. 

"You owe me." I said confidently as I gave her one single kiss, zipped up my pants, and walked away. 

I was a happy man at that point but Ashley was still there, in the back of my mind. She would never do this stuff with me, so why should I feel bad?

And at that point, I didn't feel bad at all.

I returned to my tent to grab my water jug and was surprised to see Ashley in there waiting for me. She had her arms folded and was giving me a look of disapproval. Oh god, what is she caught us? What if she saw the whole thing!

"Hi, Luke." she said in a monotone voice. 

"Hi, babe." I said back trying not to quiver. 

"So, I knew it! I knew it this whole time!" She had to have figured out..

I gave her a questioning look. 

"I'm not happy about this but I'm willing to forgive you. IF! If you can tell me the promise you made me when we were in the car on the way here."

Thinking back to the car ride...


Ashley and I were kissing in the back. (There was a privacy curtain so no one could see). We were getting pretty serious and hadn't stopped making out for twenty minutes. I stopped the kiss and looked in her eyes. 

"Baby, I love you so much. More than you could ever know." I said sincerely.

"I love you too. Your all I've ever wanted and more." Ashley said with that smile that melted me 

"On the first real day we are at the campsite, I promise I will not leave your sight, not even when we use the restroom! We will always be in talking distance and I'll sneak into your tent that night." I whispered the last part. 

She looked back at me and we started making out (with a little boob squeezing and a little crotch feeling). 


Uh oh. Today was the first real day that we've been here and already, I left her to put my dishes up AND to use the restroom. 

Ashamed, I looked down and quietly said, "Today is our real first day here... And I left your side..." at least she didn't catch me doing what I thought she did!

She kissed my cheek with her warm lips. 

"I'm not upset anymore because you realised it. Let's start this over right now."

And with that cue, I took her hand and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. 

We held hands and met up with the family at that big rock. 

"You know dad, there are about 500 big rocks with moss on them. I went to two others before this one. It might have maybe helped just maybe if you pointed out THAT THERE WAS A SMILEY FACE ON THE SIDE!!" Matt pointed out and sure enough, there was a smiley face purposely drawn as big as can be. 

We all laughed and started the hike. Ashley and I held hands the whole way and talked with Matt (and Mia a little). After ten minutes of hiking, we came across this flat area that we used as a rest point. 

"Ok, kids, this is the meet up point. Ten minutes to look around here on your own. Do not go more than a mile away!" Ashley's mom said and we all split up. 

Ashley and I walked fast for a few minutes until we came upon a flat tree stump. 

"God, how I want you right now." Ashley said. She totally surprised me by that and I suddenly felt bad about me and Mia. "But a promise is a promise and I'm keeping that promise."

We talked for a minute until I was sitting on the stump and Ashley sat on my lap facing me. She put her hands around me and started kissing me. I was getting turned on and I guess Ashley felt it because she started grinding her crotch onto mine through our clothes. I took the chance and I moved my hands from the side of her face, down her shoulders, right next to hers small boobs. She didn't move so I grabbed one of them and started to play with it through her shirt and bra, but grew tired of that fast. I moved to grind into her crotch like she did mine she slightly moaned so I must have hit a spot. She was enjoying the makeout session so much that I took a big risk. I slowly slid sown her tanktop and bra straps off her shoulders. She only hesitated a little but gave me enough confidence to continue. I pulled just her tanktop down to where I could see the top of her belly and her black Bra. I slid my left hand up into her left cup and this really got her moaning. 

She kissed me even more and started to kiss my neck too. I grabbed her small tit which was as hard as my cock. I rubbed it around my fingers to find that she was very sensitive there I squeezed the thing and pinched it before I moved to the other. By that point, she was grinding hard into me. After making out, I slowly pulled her straps back up and we got up. 

"Wow. That was the best makeout time we have ever had," she said with a tone in her voice that told me she wanted more. 

"I knew you would like it. I could tell you like it, actually. You were moaning for more and grinding like crazy." I said starting to walk closer to her. She had lust written all over her face and I acted like I was going to kiss her. 

Instead, I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and started to run. She started laughing and screaming. Before I knew it we were back to the meeting point. Her parents were there but Matt and Mia weren't. 

"Have a good look around?" her Mom asked teasingly. 

"Well of course! Where else am I going to find rocks, trees, and dirt?" I said just as teasingly. 

"Well all I know is, is that I want to see that waterfall!" Ashley said

"Well we have another hour hike or so, so don't get too excited yet!" Ashley's dad told us. 

Matt and Mia came out of the forest together, bickering about who knows what. We gathered our things and headed off. 

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