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Sex dream

I come to your house, finding it was easy enough even in the dark. All of your lights are out. I know that it's past your bedtime and you'll be fast asleep.

I enter easily enough, sneaking, almost floating up your stairs without a sound.

Tiptoeing into your room whilst you sleep, stopping and watching over you silently as your eyes flutter with whatever dreams you may be having, I hover over you, getting closer to the goal which I seek underneath your blankets.

A slight weight on the bed is all you vaguely feel, my form just a hint of pressure against your naked flesh, but I feel you stir and your cock begin to rise.

I look down at you with your cock suddenly rigid and I lick my lips.

"Shh," I whisper. "You are dreaming, my dear."

You groan sleepily and lie back as far as you can against the bed and suddenly I'm lying down with my head in between your legs, the coolness of my breath blowing across your groin.

My mouth kisses its way down your stomach, light little kisses so I don't wake you up. It feels like cool air on your skin, goosebumps rising at my touch and they only make your cock grow firmer. 

My lips trace slowly over every inch of your shaft, my tongue softly teasingly you all the way down to the base of you. I mouth your balls one at a time, taking care to suck them ever so gently, my hot wet mouth causing you to groan. 

"Shh...." I whisper again and your body stills underneath me, almost spellbound.

My eyes look up deeply up into yours, searching behind your shut eyelids, wanting to see your reaction to the feel of my hot wet tongue encircling you, searching for the darkness that your eyes would take as you lose yourself to the stimulation I hope to give. A smile plays at your lips, you let out a sigh and dream on.

I take your balls out of my mouth, cupping them in my hand, massaging them together and giving them my undivided attention.

I take your cock firmly in my other hand as I begin to slide you in and out of the palm of my hand. 

I lean over closely and slowly press my lips to the tip of your cock and kiss it, teasing you before I take you into my hot wet mouth.

You let out a gasp and push yourself inward, unable to control your body almost as you search for the back of my throat, pushing down deeper as my cheeks surround you and you murmur almost apologetically.

I moan quietly around you, as my cheeks expand and contract, sucking you slowly and gently as you lie there heavy with sleep and powerless, but you begin to grind your hips back and forth, sliding your cock in and out of me slowly matching my rhythm. 

My tongue finds and probes at the slit at the tip of your cock, teasing along it and gently pushing into it.

I lap and suck you for all I'm worth as your cock begins to swell and twitch. 

With a long drawn out groan you push as deeply down my throat as you can, shuddering gently as you explode inside of me.

I seal my lips around the base of you, gently sucking and drinking you down, swallowing delicately. 

"Mmmm, thank you," I whisper as you expend yourself and pull out of my mouth with a contented sigh. " are dreaming."

And with a breeze in the air I am gone from your bed, gone from your room as you begin to waken and wonder at the slight dampness of where my cunt had rubbed against your sheets.

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