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Another Boring Friday Night

I thought it was a Friday night alone. It wasn't.
With my wife away for the weekend visiting her family, the weekend looked to be pretty boring. I had stayed home because of work. I was on a design project with a hectic schedule of long hours and late nights and there was really no way I could take a three day weekend. I had worked well into the night this Friday night and was just about to lock up the office and head home.

As I walked to my car I thought about the empty house waiting for me at home. It had been a while since I’d visited the local adult bookstore. It had been too long, in fact. The bookstore, and especially its video booths, held their own special enticement. It had been a long time. I started the car and headed toward the video store.

I parked in the public lot just behind the store and a bit down the alley and walked in through the back door. This was how I’d first come in years ago, naïve and embarrassed. I was neither of these tonight. I wasted no time looking at the books and magazines but went up the aisle to the door that led into the video area.

Inside men walked slowly past each booth, reading the posters describing the videos and reading each other. I knew, if nothing else happened tonight, I would have at least one man’s cum in me before I left. I picked a booth and was just starting to go in when a young Asian man approached. I assumed I knew why. I assumed wrong. At the booth’s door he leaned over and whispered to me.

“Come home with me,” he said quietly. “I live close by. We can walk.”

I thought about this. A stranger was asking me to go to his place. There was a degree of safety here. I thought about stories of gays being beaten up, or worse.

“Please?” he pleaded. “It’s very private and not far at all.” He motioned for me to follow. I smiled and nodded and followed him out of the store.

We walked down the alley, talking very little. He was shorter than me with a slight build and probably in his twenties I guessed, about my age. We stopped at a small downtown hotel and went inside. I’d been here before in my younger, wilder days. The rooms were mostly rented weekly or monthly, a place to crash if you didn’t have much money. After a night of beer drinking, a woman I knew from high school had invited me to crash at her place instead of walking home. She had always had a huge crush on me and had plans. We’d stayed up half the night fucking ourselves silly!

Tonight, as he and I walked through the lobby toward the stairs, the desk clerk gave us that same knowing look he’d given me before, possibly with a slight smirk. I got the feeling I wasn’t the first one he’d seem with my new friend. We went upstairs and into his room.

After locking the door, he wasted no time getting undressed. I watched at first, and then started undressing too. His body was smooth, hairless and very toned. Watching him bend to step out of his pants, I admired his lovely ass and felt my cock stir. I dropped my jeans to the floor with my underwear and he saw me already becoming erect. Naked, we moved over to his bed and I sat on the edge. He took hold of my cock and it disappeared into his mouth.

“Mmm, yea,” I moaned. He was beautiful, kneeling in front of me, and I watched his smooth slim body between my legs with his head bobbing up and down. As wonderful as this was (and a total surprise) I stopped him.

“Up on the bed,” I suggested.

We got into his bed and I turned so we could sixty- nine. This was too good to be true. His expert mouth sucked me while I turned to take his into me. He had a slim prick, probably seven inches in length, with a distinct head. I lavished my tongue’s praise on that head before taking him deep into my mouth and releasing it again. I loved sucking this and his mouth knew just what to do, too. In no time I was so close.

“Wait,” he said, suddenly getting up. He quickly walked into the bathroom. When he emerged I saw why. With his stiff cock jutting ahead of him he was applying lube to himself.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he ordered. I didn’t have to ask why. I turned and did as he said, presenting my ass and spreading my legs. It had been so long and I was ready to be fucked!

On his knees on the bed he moved up between mine. His legs touching mine, his hands on my hips, and the feel of the lube between my butt cheeks… I lowered my upper body and presented him with my willing, wanton body.

I felt him press against me momentarily and then that gorgeous head slipped inside. He pushed deep the first time, the lube making everything so easy. God, he was hard! His hands held onto my hips and he began pounding away. I guess he needed this. I knew I did! I crossed my arms under my chest and lay my head again the cool sheets, closing my eyes. I savored the feeling of his stiff prick sliding in and out, the sound of his hips slapping my smooth ass and the fevered rocking of our bodies together. My utopia was suddenly interrupted when his grip tightened, his body stiffening behind me.

“Ahh… oh, oh... OH!”

The heat of his cum filled my ass as his orgasm burst wide open. I rocked my hips against him while he held me and pushed spastically into me.

“Yes… leave every drop in me!” I said.

When he finally pulled out of me he dropped to the bed panting. After he’d recovered a bit he reached once more for my cock and started massaging it. I responded quickly. I had been very close to cumming when we were sucking each other and my cock told him it wanted to cum.

“Your turn now,” he told me.

He handed me the lube and assumed my former position, head down, ass in the air. I had only fucked a guy once, a high school buddy of mine. I remembered how good that had been. I squirted some lube into my hand, placed some between his cheeks and started working it around on my shaft. The slippery feel of my familiar hand had me rock hard in seconds. My cock was a little thicker than his, I thought, about eight inches with a large mushroom head. I moved up between his thighs.

I slid my head up the crack of his slick ass and he spread himself farther open. I started to push against his puckered hole teasingly.

“Right there!” he moaned. “I want that inside me right now!” I felt him relax his butt muscles and pushed the head inside him.

“Oh, yes! I need that,” he gasped. Slowly I pushed myself deeper and felt his heat surround my cock.

“You need this?” I thought. My cock felt like it was on fire. I pushed all the way into him. My hips nested nicely against his ass. I held his hips, withdrew and pushed again, then again and again. With each push I felt his cum being squeezed out of my well-fucked ass. I felt his cum running down my thigh and remembered how it had gotten there. I thrust harder and faster, pushing into him as deep as I could. I could hear him cooing and gasping and watched his hands claw at the sheets. I was back in my utopia. My total existence consisted of his hot ass surrounding my steel-hard cock and the slippery friction of it penetrating him. I felt myself near, so near, then…

“Oh, yes! Oh, my god, yes!”

I could not be quiet as my cum exploded out of me. I held his hips and thrust again and again. Each time I rammed my cock into him I shot another jet of my cream into him. Finally milked dry and weak, the head of my cock too electrified to move inside him anymore, I stopped. I pulled back far enough to see his tight ass in front of me and my slick cock still buried in it. What a beautiful sight!

I pulled back and let myself slide out of him. I lay down on the bed and he lay next to me. As we gently stroked each other I could feel his cum doing that unmistakable ooze from my ass that a man’s cum does after you’ve been fucked. Tired, spent and totally relaxed we both drifted off to sleep.

The morning was a little embarrassing. Without much to say I got cleaned up a little, dressed and left. The night clerk was still on and gave me that same knowing look. On a whim, I gave him a quick wink and walked out the door.
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