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Being used on Vacation

The story how Jarrod, Bryan and Eric didn't get pussy so they used me instead.
True Story, But the names are changed.

I had started my year off to College with a bang, I had a group off new cool buddies named Jarrod, Eric and Bryan.

They all knew I was Gay (made sure everything was out in the open) and were all okay with it, Although on the occasions they would pull the Gay jokes like "stop checking me out and let's get to work!" It made me laugh more than anything.

I was actually thinking about how grateful I was to find normal guy friends who didn't "bash" me for being who I was, I mean I'm not the kind of gay who is the feminine type. I'm just a guy, who likes guys.

Now Jarrod is the type who is a health freak, gym, diet hell even a sleeping plan! Although you can really tell it pays off because he is really good looking. Blue eyes, spiked up blonde hair and a good amount muscles.

Eric is that kind of friend who's permanently daring you to do something, and the kind of friend who will call you at 3am to come over after he's been clubbing the whole night. He is the one who looks like a surfer, dusty blonde hair and green eyes, he is the one who basically does whatever he wants and gets away with looking hot.

Bryan is basically like me, he is normal but likes to keep everything really organized and always likes to keep up to date and feels he must control everything to feel "OK" he pretty svelte and has a shaved head with hazel eyes, he is pretty hot if you into a guy that isn't the muscled type. He was orphaned and has been in and out of foster homes and was only adopted at 16 but he is really down to earth.

Together we all study Law, but for the past couple of weeks we planned to all go on a cruise ship during our 10 day break. We met at the local pub the night before our departure.

"Okay so we have all paid, got our passports, packed up and got our essentials right?" Said bryan

"Yes mom!" chuckled Eric

Bryan was not amused.

"Right so the airport at 06:00am tomorrow?" I said

"Yes that's it, don't be late or else." snapped Bryan

The waitress came and took our order,

"3 beers and a bottled water" said Jarrod.

She walked off with the order.

"I hope you're not going to order like that this week you pussy, a bottle of water at a pub, what next, are you going to hit the gay bars with David?" Said Eric

"Oh ha ha Eric, one of these days your mouth is going to get you into trouble and the only pussy you're going to get is some that you will have to pay for." sneered Jarrod

"Hey! You know I'm not that gay." I said, giving myself a weak defend.

After all the chatter we left early at around 8:30pm to sleep for the morning. We met up and the flight went well, we arrived at the dock and boarded the cruise ship.

Finally we arrived at our room, a double bed and two single beds. We all looked at each other silently...

"Oh what the fuck are we going to do now?" Screamed Eric

"I requested 4 single beds, they must of made a mistake" said Bryan

"Guys relax two of us will just have to share its no big deal." I said

"Easy for you to say, we're not all gay." spoke Jarrod with his arms crossed.

"I'm not desperate enough to even want to sleep next to one of you!" I muttered back

We played scissors, paper and rock to see who had to share the double bed, although I personally didn't care where I slept I was just glad to be on a break!

In the end it was Eric and I on the double bed which was cool, I mean I honestly wasn't fazed.

That night the guys were looking for some "worthy pussy" I almost felt sorry for them as there wasn't too much luck. We ended up having biggest jam ever, we all got completely smashed and I don't remember getting back to the cabin.

I awoke at 11:25am, Jarrod wasn't there he was presumably at the ships gym and Bryan left a big note on the door saying he was at the pool.

I felt eric holding me "what the fuck" I thought, his morning wood was on my thigh, I wasn't complaining, but I thought I heard someone and I panicked, I quickly lifted myself up and I realized Eric's arm slid right down on to my morning wood. "OH SHIT" I got up fast. Why the fuck was he holding me anyway? I hope he wasn't awake when his arm moved, if he was then he better not of thought I was pulling something gay towards him, shit!

I freshened up, and came back in the room. "Eric!" I screamed. "What man, shut up I want to sleep." He mumbled into his pillow.

"You didn't pay all this cash to sleep in, get the fuck up and let's go meet Bryan at the pool" I said.

"No I'll come later" - he said.

I walked over and pulled his arm, he fell on the floor, He shot up and screamed.

"Hey what the fuck man!"

Just then I stared down and his crotch area and noticed his erection in his boxers, from what I could see it was quite impressive.

Needless to say We had a major awkward moment, all I could think of was to just get out of there so I went to the small balcony and said

"Hurry up, I'm sure he's waiting."

The rest of Day 2 was spent by the pool and having cocktails and beers and very slowly but surely getting wasted, we spent the whole of the night in the cabin watching lame movies on the small television and ordering room service.

"How's the double bed life going" winked Bryan.

I glanced at Eric and he gave me an uneasy look, I looked back at Bryan and said

"Good I guess."

Jarrod just chuckled, it was around 10pm and the sun from the day had just made us all pass out.

I awoke at 02:45am the television was still on, it was on some porn channel, it was a cheesy video with a teen girl bouncing on a guys dick, I switched it off and went to go take a piss.

I got back into bed and I saw Eric laying on his side towards me so I got into bed laying on my side facing away from him. I never got back to sleep, I kept thinking about when I saw Eric's erection, I wonder what his cock looked like, how thick it was and especially how long was it?

I felt eric moving closer. He put his arm around me again, I couldn't believe it! For a guy playing the straight card he was surely making me doubt him!

He started getting hard and his cock was pressing against my ass, which made me get hard. Now I am really not the type to play the first move but something made me grind up against him, I moved gently up and down. I left it at that. He started pushing into my thin boxers and it made my body scream with ecstasy.

I stopped there, because I knew I couldn't be like this, especially with a straight guy, who was one of my best friends.

He lifted his arm to my shoulder and gently pulled himself to my ear he whispered:

"I won't tell if you won't"

I shuffled around quickly to face him and started to whisper

"But Er-"

He kissed me on my lips, and reached down my pants, I was startled, but I went with it, his hand was so warm as he was rubbing my foreskin with his thumb.

I started kissing his neck, I just want to grab his fucking cock, but I still wasn't sure it was happening yet or not!

He let go of my dick and took my hand and put it in his Boxers, his cock felt big and really thick, with a lot of veins, he was cut.

I started stroking him and he started to breathe faster, I lifted the blanket and went underneath, I put my lips on his cock head and he gasped, the feel of his hot cock on my lips was amazing he was really thick and I could feel the distinct small bumps from the veins on my lips. I started to take all of him in going up and down and I was drooling down my chin, I stopped for a second and took his shaven balls in to my mouth and sucked them. I went straight back to his member and I tasted the salty precum on his head, I kept going at his cock and I could tell eric was close his breathing was loud, almost too loud as I was afraid that Jarrod or Bryan might hear us. He pushed my head straight down and his cock touched the back of my throat, and he started cumming and squirting thick hot cum, I was trying to swallow but it was running out too much and I cupped the rest in my hand and licked it up.

I got the feeling that Eric wasn't ready to take a guys cock into his mouth yet. My cock is average around 6.5 inches, Its a little smaller than his, but once He started jacking me it felt really good for me and I came all over my chest within two minutes. I quietly took a few tissues from the side table and wiped myself dry, Eric licked a drop off of my right nipple.

We both fell asleep on opposite sides of the bed.

I woke up in the morning at around 8:30am. Eric, Jarrod and Brian all on the small balcony having coffee.

I walked over to the balcony and said

What's up guys, good sleep?

They all looked at each other and grinned,

"fucking fantastic" said Eric

"Very good indeed" said Jarrod

"Honestly it might of been the best I've had" said Bryan

"okay then" I said puzzled

I looked over at Eric who grinned and winked at me. I went back inside and got showered up, still finding some crusty cum on my dick from the night.

I got out of the shower, and went over to grab a towel, I dried up and wrapped it around me, shaving by the mirror, there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I asked

"Its Jarrod, are you done, may I come in?"

"Sure come on in" I said.

He walked in and joined me on shaving by the mirror.

"So David, how did you sleep?"

"Good I guess, thanks bud" I said casually...

"Stop playing Dave its okay" he said.

"What are you talking about." I said beginning to get fucking nervous.

"We all know what really happened with you and Eric" Jarrod spoke and smiled

"Fuck, how do you know? fuck I feel like such an idiot now" I blushed and literally wanted to cry, I didn't want to lose my buddies.

"You weren't as quite as you though dude, Just relax man, you know there's no worthy pussy on this boat." Jarrod said nonchalantly.

"I don't want to lose you guys as friends Jarrod, you don't understand, I shouldn't have done that" I said with a very weak voice.

"Woah woah, chill out Dave! No one said about it being bad, in fact, it might just work." Jarrod said

"What?" I said very puzzled

Jarrod pushed down my towel and stuck his middle finger in my tight asshole, I fell into him and he held me up with his strong arms. He took the body lotion off the table and squirted it onto his finger, he then stuck it back in my ass, I moaned.

"Wh-What are you doing Jarrod" I said in ecstasy, my dick starting to get hard against his cotton boxers.

"Preparing you" he said

He pulled out his finger and took me by my arm back into the room where Bryan and Eric were waiting patiently on the bed.

"Look since there's no pussy on this boat we going to have to find some way to relieve ourselves" said Bryan

"After last nights little test, your going to be our pussy, got it dave" spoke Eric, hopping up off the bed.

"And what happens in this room stays in this room got it dave, no one is to know what happens" said Jarrod with is arm around me.

"What fucking joke is this! You guys, I know you always make fun of me but this sucks!"

I was still in major denial, almost about to punch these guys for making a fool out of me, plus I still felt like a fucking idiot for standing there naked.

Bryan got up and pulled down his shorts, "I know it must really suck" Bryan walked over to me and pushed me to the floor, his semi-erect dick was pushed into my mouth, I was sucking it slowly, still gathering the fact that I was taking in one of my best friends cocks.

By then Eric and Jarrod had their shorts off too and were stroking on their meat, from what I could see Eric was a good 7 inch and Bryan was 6.5 inch like me except cut and what amazed me of all was Jarrod, a nice 8.5 inch thick piece of meat.

Jarrod got up and pushed Bryan gently.

"Come on now, its my turn" said Jarrod

His dick was by far one of the biggest I have encountered, it was ridiculously thick and had a big head, I could hardly get it in my mouth, I was in pure bliss as I was swapping blowing Bryan and Jarrod.

Just then Eric pulled me up and pushed me gently onto our double bed.

"I've already had the blow now I'm going straight for the fuck"

He opened up a compartment of his suitcase, inside must of been around 20 condoms and a huge bottle of lube. He lifted my legs and squirted lube into my asshole and massaged it in with his two fingers.

I groaned.

He unpacked a condom and slid it on, I was nervous about him entering me.

Eric reached over me and kissed me like a fucking dirty slut, I actually played along, not because I had no choice, but because I fucking wanted them all in my tight asshole.

His head went inside me, and I automatically tightened up in pain, he stood there for a while until I relaxed, and went in inch by inch, it was starting to feel good, actually fucking marvelous as he started picking up the pace. He kept fucking me faster as I was feeling pure ecstasy his huge ball sack hitting my crack, I was screaming and moaning at his thrusts. I could tell he was almost ready to come. He pulled out and slid off the condom in record time, he told me to "make it happen" I got on the floor and Eric sat on the bed, I was licking his cock and letting all my saliva drip down his cock when he reached the point of no return and the jets of jizz hit my face and chest.

He fell back on the bed and sweat was dripping from him, Bryan came up to me and starting licking Erics jizz from my face, he told me to get back on the bed, his condom was already on!

More lube was applied and Bryan's cock was instantly in.

"Thanks for the for the groundwork Eric" Bryan Grinned

Bryan immediately started pumping in me, he folded down on to me and started making out with me while he was fucking my now loose anus, after 2 minutes of hitting me hard his cock started to swell up inside my ass and he lay on me lifeless while he started cumming hard inside me. He pulled out and peeled off his condom, I knew what to do, I cleaned off all the cum on his dick.

Once again Jarrod pushed Bryan out the way and demanded his turn, by now his cock was absolutely rock hard and I could see he was aching for a good release. By now I was in the middle on the edge of the double bed with my legs up and each side of me was Eric and Bryan.

My ass was still lubed up and very stretched by now, but I was fucking glad because I know Jarrod has a big dick in store for me. He pulled me up and stuck his tongue down my throat and said

"Come on dave make my day, show me why its good to be gay"

He took his lubed up cock and hit me to the face with it, Jarrod started with half his dick inside me now, it was much thicker and my past two buddies, he went more and more until I gasped and he was fully in.

"Jesus Jarrod you better make sure we don't have a damaged boy after you're done, there's still a few days left on this cruise" said Bryan

"I know he'll take it just fine" said Eric giving me a kiss from the left side.

Jarrod started thrusting inside me slowly, it was a whole new level of pain, but it felt totally worth it! It once again started to feel pure bliss as Jarrods big, veined cock was pleasuring every part of my young body.

By now my cock was dripping large amounts of pre-cum, I was surprised as Eric got up on top of me and started sucking me off! Jarrods buff body was colliding with Erics head and Erics now semi erect dick and large balls were in my face.

I didn't last long at all maybe 30 seconds and I cummed the most I have ever in my life, electric shock waves flew through my body and my anus tightened as Jarrod was fucking it. The cum hit mostly in Eric's mouth and some even squirted out onto Jarrods stomach!

Eric cleaned me off well and then I could see that big Jarrod was almost there, he took me and made me get on my hands and knees and carried on, he was going fucking fast and I was surprised that he didn't cum at least 2 minutes ago.

But I could tell he was there, he removed his cock and the condom and Bryan jumped and started jacking him off, he was about to shoot, his eyes rolled back and the Big white ropes of warm semen flew up into the air hitting Bryan and Jarrod on the way up, the rest dribbled down Bryan's hand which he licked up.

They fell the ground and Eric and I got off of our bed and got on the ground with them, we were all drained.

4 guys and the room smelling of pure cock, Right there and then we fell asleep together.

We all awoke at around 11.30am and washed off, I said

"Anyone down to go to the pool"

"You'll be lucky if you leave this room" said Jarrod

They all smiled and I could tell I was in trouble!

Guess who's fighting for the double bed now! 

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