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Double Benefit

JP’s life in prison changes when Gullah departs sooner than both of them expected…

When JP originally arrived in prison, he soon discovered that he was destined to become Gullah, his cellmate’s, bitch, (as told in a former story entitled ‘JP’). In a somewhat coercive concord, JP then fell under Gullah’s protection. Naturally, there was a price to pay and JP was obligated to succumb to Gullah’s sexual demands.

When JP initially resisted, he was assured by Gullah that he would not be forced in any way, as was the norm in prison. However, in the event that JP did not conform, Gullah would simply allow the ‘wolf pack’ to gangbang JP as they saw fit.

None of the other inmates messed with Gullah, and true to his word nobody was allowed to touch JP once he had acquiesced. JP had never related to homosexual behaviour and had always thought himself totally straight. Prison, nevertheless, was very different from life on the outside.

The rest of the prison system, however, did not work that way. What JP did not know initially, was that Gullah had a very short stint left in prison and would be gone in three months. The six months that Gullah believed he still had, had been reduced to three months due to good behaviour. JP would, therefore, have to endure his last three months without his protector.

In the prison, there were distinct leaders among the three groups. The Hispanic clan was led by a squat and thickset man named Pedro. The black guys were controlled by Lafayette, a giant of a man who stood six-foot-six-inches tall. Gullah, naturally, was in charge of the white guys.

It was a fairly low-security prison and for the most part, the prisoners were well behaved. There were no ‘lifers’ in their section, and guys mostly just wanted to do their time and fuck off.

Pedro and Lafayette always ogled the beautiful JP salaciously, but with Gullah around it was done in a very subtle fashion. It was generally known that Gullah had formerly been an MMA fighter and had a reputation for being a deadly combatant.

As Gullah’s time drew to an end JP was very concerned about what lay ahead for him. Without Gullah’s protection, he was a sitting duck, a consequence he clearly understood.

A week before Gullah departed, rumours abounded that JP would become Pedro’s new bitch. The prospect of this happening wasn’t exactly music to JP’s ears. Pedro was swarthy and emitted a pungent body odour. Unfortunately, he had ingratiated himself to the wardens and his request to have JP as a cellmate had met with their approval.

In prison, the fresh young meat didn’t have any say in matters such as this. You were merely a commodity, to be used by macho male prisoners that required, as substitute bitch during their incarceration.

On the morning of Gullah’s acquittal, JP had a knot in his stomach. Later that afternoon JP was told to pack up his stuff and to follow two wardens to his new cell. When he entered the new lockup there was a strong masculine odour that assailed his nostrils. Pedro sat on his bunk with a shitfaced grin, as he salaciously scanned JP’s body.

“Well, Pedro, may we present you with your new bride,” the fatter of the two wardens guffawed.

“Thank you, Warden Roberts,” Pedro answered deferentially, in his thick Hispanic accent.

“May I offer you some private time with my new pussy?” Pedro obsequiously offered.

Roberts looked very excited as he nodded his head.

“He's all yours, boss,” Pedro said, as he got up and made his way to the exit.

“Keep watch at the cell door, Butler,” Roberts instructed the other warden.

“Sure, but I’m next,” Butler answered.

Roberts immediately unzipped his trousers and presented his dick to JP.

“Suck my knob you fucking slut,” he instantly ordered.

Roberts wasn’t in Gullah’s league and JP had no problem handling his cock. As Roberts’ hands clasped JP’s head solidly, a verbal cascade emanated from him.

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah,” Roberts kept intoning as he hammered his dick into JP’s mouth. “Take my fucking knob, you fucking bitch. Yeah, yeah, fuck yeah, suck my fucking knob,” Roberts kept repeating animatedly.

Every so often he would push JP’s mouth off his dick a give JP a slap or two to the side of his face.

“Fuck yeah, boy, I’ve got a full bag of cum for you,” he said, as he continued to face-fuck JP.

A minute or so later, Roberts unloaded and had not been kidding about the amount of spunk he shot into JP’s mouth. JP had to swallow for all he was worth. After extracting his dick from JP’s mouth he ran his curled fingers over his cock collecting all the excess moisture. Roberts then smeared his hand over JP’s face before pushing four fingers into JP’s mouth.

“I hope you liked my knob boy because you’ll be seeing a lot of it,” Roberts sneered.

“Yes, sir,” JP meekly replied.

After the wardens swapped positions, Butler unzipped and moved in for his slice of the action. He was far calmer and less verbal than Roberts. Butler also had a larger and more enjoyable dick. He soon had a steady rhythm going and groaned approvingly as he speared JP’s throat.

After a few minutes, JP received his second load of the afternoon. Although not as voluminous as Roberts, Butler had far sweeter tasting cum.

Once the wardens departed, JP sat alone in the cell wondering when Pedro would reappear. He did not and when the dinner alarm sounded a while later, JP made his way to the chow hall.

Upon entering the chow hall JP saw Pedro and his cronies seated at a ten seater table already eating. After receiving his food, Pedro summoned JP to their table with a hand gesture. Obediently, JP walked over and took the empty seat next to Pedro, as instructed. As Pedro placed his meaty hand on JP’s shoulder once he was seated, JP observed the dark eyes around the table focussed on him.

Pedro then said, “The wardens were very impressed with you, baby, you did well.”

All the macho faces around glared at him with lustful intent. Pedro’s 2IC, Juan, then let out a horny laugh and said, “Hey Pedro, are you looking forward to your… honeymoooon?”

As general laughter broke out all the guys began mimicking the word honeymoon, in the same way, that Juan had pronounced it.

Juan was Pedro’s henchman and of all the guys in prison that frightened JP, he most probably topped the list. Juan was large, muscular, and looked like an ugly streetfighter. From his neck down he was covered in tattoos and his nose had been broken so many times that it looked like a growth on his face.

The skin on his face was pockmarked from teenage acne and he had a thick purple scar than ran down the left side of his face. Juan was a thug and had a reputation for being very rough with his cellmates. As JP came to learn, Juan’s bitches often had a sock stuffed in their mouths to quell their cries as Juan inflicted his rough style of sexual dominance.

On JP’s first evening as Pedro’s bitch, JP sat at the ‘men’s’ table, but thereafter, he was required to sit with the other ‘chicas,’ in the area that the Hispanic clan dominated in the chow hall.

After dinner, JP returned to his cell to await his shower turn. There was a formal structure to shower times and twenty-five guys at a time were allocated a ten-minute turn. Because of his new accommodation, JP now found himself showering with a different group of men. He found it strange that neither Pedro nor Juan showered, but as he would come to know they did not view showering as a daily necessity.

What JP, however, did observe, were the bruises on Miguel’s body. Miguel was Juan’s cellmate and briefly told JP about Juan’s punching, hair pulling, and pinching predilections. Unfortunately for Juan, whipping and slapping his cellmates had to be fairly restrained because of the noise it created.

“How do you cope?” JP asked.

“What choice do I have?” Miguel answered, and then with a smirk he resumed, “At least Juan has an unbelievably pleasurable cock.”

After showering, JP sat quietly reading a book in his cell, while the others played cards or watched television.

At eight-thirty a siren went off, alerting everyone to return to their cells in the next half-hour. Just before nine Pedro entered the cell and sat on his bed. At nine, the lock-down occurred.

With thirty minutes to lights out, Pedro and JP sat chatting. JP decided to take the bull by the horns and ask what lay ahead for him. Pedro was very forthright and explained JP’s future role fully.

Pedro informed JP that having him in his cell was a double benefit to him. At night Pedro had the pleasure of having the finest looking boy in prison as his bitch. By day, Pedro had JP’s premier arse to trade with for favours and merchandise, simple as that.

“You’re the finest currency in this prison,” Pedro finally concluded.

Observing JP’s defeated demeanour, Pedro assured him that the ‘favours’ would be selective and that JP would never be used as a gangbang fuck-bunny.

Lowering his voice to a whisper JP asked if Juan, who occupied the cell next to theirs, would also be fucking him.”

Before Pedro could answer, JP resumed nervously and mentioned all the bruises he had seen on Miguel’s body earlier on.

Also whispering, Pedro admitted that as his 2IC, Juan would naturally have regular access to JP. He did, however, assure JP that he would give Juan strict instructions not to leave a mark on JP’s body.

After light out, JP and Pedro continued sitting across from each another for a short while. The security lights filtering in from outside were very strong and they could still see one another fairly clearly.

Shortly, muffled cries could be heard from Juan’s cell. Pedro smiled before whispering that the show next door would soon be over. A few minutes later Juan let out a low growl accompanied by the thumping sounds of a fist before silence followed.

Pedro now arose before he removed his overall. As he did so he instructed JP to follow suit. When they finally stood naked before one another got his first proper look at Pedro. At five-foot-nine-inches tall, Pedro was an inch shorter that JP, Pedro’s stocky body, however, must have weighed at least a hundred pounds more.

Pedro had far fewer tattoos than the other guys and they were confined to his upper and lower arms. Pedro’s body wasn’t very hairy, but under his arms and around his crotch he had an abundance of hair, the likes of which JP had never seen before. Pedro’s thick uncut knob was not as long as Gullah’s, but the girth was spectacular. After placing his hands on JP’s hips Pedro pulled their bodies together introducing their dicks in the swamp of pubic hair.

Pedro next moved his head forward and let his lips lightly touch JP’s mouth. Moving his lips to and fro, Pedro let their mouths brush sensually. Very gradually, Pedro commenced extending his tongue. As his tongue moved ever forward and their mouths melded, Pedro’s arms moved in opposite directions on JP’s back. His left arm headed north before his hand cupped the back of JP’s head and his right arm south, before cupping JP’s left butt cheek. As their oral tussle intensified their cocks rubbed together in a serpent mating ritual.

With the amplified essence of Pedro’s rich body odour, JP, felt himself being transported into a heavenly heady aroma of masculinity. Three months before he had believed that he was totally straight before meeting Gullah, now JP knew that he would forever more be a butch man’s bitch.

All the fears that he had also had about becoming Pedro’s ‘chica’ were evaporating by the second, and JP was totally overcome with the gratification of his subjugation.

There was no rush and the sensuality of their ‘honeymoon’ was proving to be extraordinary. When Pedro finally began turning JP’s body around, he couldn’t wait for his imminent penetration. Like a bitch in heat, JP started begging Pedro to fuck him.

“What’s my name, chica?” Pedro asked in a commanding voice.

The answer was simply too obvious. Upon a brief reflection, however, JP answered in the best Spanish he could muster, “Por favour vete a la mierda, Papi.”

After a warm and appreciative laugh, Pedro replied, “Si, chica.”

With JP body bent over and his hands on Pedro’s bed, Pedro commenced rubbing his dick in JP’s crack. Very slowly, Pedro started nudging and wedging his cock at JP’s crack. Next, Pedro began seeking entry into the backside he had coveted for three months.

Having waited so long, he was in no hurry and his nudging and prodding were very patient. As he looked down at the magnificent portal he knew would improve his negotiations in the confines of prison, a surge of pleasure and power flooded through him. He was finally in control of the finest piece of merchandise in prison.

With a self-satisfied grin, he prized the passage of pleasure open as the horny receiver welcomed his entry. The portal was as tight and welcoming as he had hoped it would be. Fuck yeah, it felt heavenly. Pedro’s appreciative hands danced over the back of the splendid creature he had coveted for far too long.

Pedro watched his knob being immersed in JP’s passage of income. Inwardly, he sniggered to himself thinking about the gigantic dumb-fuck, Gullah, who was too stupid to realize he was sitting on a goldmine.

As Pedro’s hips began to dance, he swayed with pleasure and lust as his fat knob rammed the horny arse of his piggy bank. Faithful as Juan was, he would now be licking Pedro’s feet to fuck with JP. Sure, Juan was very rough, but who gave a fuck because JP belonged to him. He would, naturally, apologize for Juan and make all kinds of false promises to JP constantly, but Juan was his enforcer and that was infinitely more important.

Pedro also thought about Lafayette and his legendary horse dick. Who cared if JP’s butt had to suffer a little, Lafayette was the best dope supplier in prison.

Once Pedro started spearing JP’s hole, the bitch was crying with pleasure. Pedro hammered the hole lustily as he clamped his hands on JP’s butt. Pedro couldn’t believe his luck and how all the cards had fallen into place. He had an incredible libido and his nights would be spent in ecstasy, spearing the finest piece of male beauty he had ever had the luck to encounter.

What made it even better was that the little slut was begging for it and eating out of his hands. As his excitement began to escalate more and more, Pedro allowed his pleasure to build to a crescendo before unleashing his spunk into JP’s beautiful butt.

Pedro was far from done and only needed a short breather before he would once more fuck his new bitch. After placing JP on his back he climbed on top of JP and again commenced kissing him. Pedro knew that JP was totally falling under his spell and by morning would be putty in his hands.

For JP, his total intoxication was on an express train and Pedro was as exhilarating, if not more so than Gullah. As Pedro’s fervent lips emulsified his head anew, the animalistic ardour of his Hispanic lover was transporting JP to new heights of primal sexuality.

When Pedro lifted his body and placed JP’s legs over his shoulders before once more pushing his bloated knob into JP’s manhole, JP began to moan like a contented kitten. As Pedro hovered over him on outstretched arms, JP ran his hands up Pedro’s thick body before nestling them in Pedro’s damp pits. As JP’s fingers began to tickle the moist forests, Pedro crooned his delight.

“Fuck yeah, chica, don’t stop doing that,” he announced in a low horny growl.

Pedro’s active hips kept humping JP’s hole as they both uttered groans of satisfaction. JP did not want to cum too quickly and was happy to keep stimulating Pedro in this fashion. Every so often Pedro would lower his body and kiss JP for a short while, before again lifting his torso.

To JP’s total delight, the tang of Pedro’s body just kept intensifying. After being in prison for three months strong masculine odour no longer bothered him, and in fact, since cohabiting with Pedro it was now becoming like an elixir to him.

As Pedro's next orgasm began to build, he asked JP if he also wanted to cum. After JP declined, Pedro withdrew from his backside and scooted up his body to shoot his load into JP’s mouth. As JP like Pedro’s cock clean afterward, he felt himself becoming inebriated by the hum of Pedro forest of fur.

When round three commenced twenty minutes later, JP was on his stomach for his hardest pounding yet. Pedro bounced on him like a kid in a jumping jack castle. Amusingly, they heard the word ‘honeymoooon’ being uttered by Juan from next door.

On this occasion, JP also came as he butt got banged relentlessly by Pedro.

JP was delighted that Pedro did not instruct him to return to his own bed afterward, and happily fell asleep in the masculine pong that enfolded him.

The following day was a worrisome day for JP. In anticipation of Pedro’s trade requirements, he kept waiting to be dragged off to the fuck-room to ‘pay’ for one or other debt or favour.

The fuck-room was actually the shower area. There was a general understanding that this area could be used during the daytime for sexual activity and the wardens were amenable to this arrangement. In fact, quite a few of the wardens also made use of it. In particular, new boys were often hustled into the shower area by a group of old hands to be broken in. Afterward, one would see the newcomers exiting with a defeated yet acquiescent look on their faces.

To JP’s relief, nothing happened that day.

That evening Pedro and Juan made an appearance in the showers. Juan’s muscular and tattooed body was littered with scars. He was hairier than Pedro and also had a very impressive mane of hair around his crotch. JP had never seen a cock quite like Juan’s. Although the shaft was long and thick, the uncut head was huge and looked like he was concealing a pear under his foreskin. The skin of the hood was so taut that it appeared to shine, and all JP could think about was agonizing the entry of Juan’s dick-head would be.

As they showered Juan made eye contact with JP and from the lascivious grin on Juan’s face, JP knew that his pucker would soon be experiencing the onslaught of ‘the pear.’

That evening after the ‘torture’ of Miguel had ended next door, JP was once more taken down the avenue of ecstasy with Pedro. For an hour JP was delighted by Pedro’s stamina and imagination, as he was fucked in every position imaginable. Above all, he was totally smitten with the ardour and enthusiasm that Pedro displayed.

Late the following afternoon Juan appeared in JP’s cell. Juan did not say a word and merely gestured with his head that JP should accompany him. Somewhat nervously, JP followed.

Once in the shower area, JP was commanded to strip as Juan also removed his own clothing. After embracing JP, Juan moved his left arm upward and took a firm grip on JP’s hair.

Next, Juan began to kiss JP so roughly, that JP was afraid that Juan was about to tear his lips off his face. With his right hand, Juan commenced pinching JP’s left butt cheek very hard. JP’s yelps were stifled by Juan’s thick tongue and suctioning lips.

After a short while, Juan let go of JP’s body and placed his huge left hand around JP’s throat. After pushing JP’s body up against the wall, Juan’s hand began to tighten around JP’s throat. With his right hand, Juan now commenced administering slaps to JP’s face.

A barrage of insults now began to flow from Juan, liberally punctuated with the word ‘puta.’

Then, after moving his right hand to JP’s chest, Juan started pinching his nipples hard. With his breathing restricted, all JP could manage were muffled gasps.

The thoughts flooding through JP’s mind were; firstly, that Pedro had promised that this wouldn’t happen. But then he reasoned that with Juan, it was like throwing a cat into a cage with dogs and expecting them not to attack the cat. The second thought was even more perplexing to JP, and he found that he was actually being turned on by what was happening.

As JP looked down at Juan’s inflated dick he was stunned by how much bigger the cock-head looked erect. Juan’s knob had a pronounced upward curve and his cock appeared to be incredibly rigid.

Juan’s hand now moved downward and shortly he was squeezing JP’s balls. In a futile effort, JP tried to battle with Juan’s wrists but he was no match for Juan’s strength. In response to JP’s impudence, Juan’s right hand flew up and again commenced slapping JP’s face. After a few slaps, JP’s body was turned to face the wall. Juan maintained the grasp on JP’s throat as he whacked JP’s arse. Following on that Juan started pinching the JP’s butt cheeks very hard, as he moved from one to the other.

Next, after the pinching ended, JP heard spitting sounds. When Juan’s hand returned to JP’s butt, he instantly felt two fingers prodding at his hole. Juan’s jabbing was impatient and within seconds his fingers were embedded in JP’s backside. JP’s body bounced up and down as Juan’s hand hammered upward in a frenzied fashion. With his breathing restricted all JP could manage were garbled gasps.

Once Juan’s fingers were removed, Juan repositioned his body and placed his enormous dick-head on JP’s portal. Juan’s entry was swift and the rigidity of knob ensured that he had no difficulty spearing into JP’s hole. JP let out a muffled wail as his sphincter got conquered with brutal efficiency.

Fortunately, JP had been well-primed in the previous three months because both Pedro and Gullah were well above average in the dick department, and therefore, the discomfort was short-lived.

What amazed JP, nonetheless, was how quickly the ‘pear’ began to stimulate his prostate. The intensity was overwhelming and before long he could feel his balls begin to tingle.

“I’ll make you cum without touching your dick, you bitch,” Juan barked, as he hammered into JP’s pucker, before resuming, “Tell me when you get close.”

“I’m going to cum,” JP wheezed shortly after.

Constricting JP’s breathing even further, Juan now commenced pounding his knob into JP as hard as he could.

JP underwent an orgasmic release, the likes of which he had never before experienced. If Juan’s body had not compressed him against the wall, JP’s body would have collapsed on the floor as his body quivered and his knees turned to jelly.

After holding still in JP for a short while, Juan announced, “Now it’s my turn.”

Turning JP’s body, Juan ordered him to bend over and place his hands on the slatted wooden bench. Juan’s powerful hands then gripped JP’s hips as he commenced pounding his knob into JP’s backside. When Juan unloaded he roared as his right fist pounded the small of JP’s back.

Afterward, after Juan extracted his dick and JP turned around there was a looked of acknowledged satisfaction in both their eyes.

“Did you enjoy that, chica?” Juan asked.

“Yes, very much,” JP replied.

On an impulse, JP lunged forward and embraced Juan. They commenced kissing with unbridled passion. Juan’s demeanour was far more relaxed and passionate as they did so.

“Jesus,” Juan uttered as their heads broke apart finally, “I wish you were in my prison cell.”

“Me too,” JP replied, meaning it.

Shortly after JP returned to his prison cell the siren for chow-time sounded.

That night there were no sounds from the cell next to Pedro and JP, and yet again Pedro displayed his sexual prowess for the following hour.

Late the following afternoon, JP was very disappointed when Roberts and Butler herded him off to the showers before Juan made his appearance. JP would much rather have had a scene with Juan but had to contend with the attention of the two wardens. Compared to Gullah, Pedro, and Juan, they were vastly inferior, and after being face-fucked by both while on his knees, JP received a double sperm facial.

That night the bliss with Pedro was perpetuated in their cell after the frantic sounds from next door once more ceased.

Late the following afternoon Lafayette made an appearance in their cell. After a brief chat and a delivery of a small plastic bag had been made, JP followed Lafayette to the showers. To JP’s amazement, the scene that played out was completely different to the frenetic scenario with Juan. Lafayette was loving and gentle and the change of pace from Juan was very interesting.

Clamped in the giant’s embrace, JP melted in the sensuality of Lafayette’s ardour. Lafayette purred like a contented cat as his ample lips took control of JP’s mouth and Lafayette’s hands caressed JP’s body in a mesmerizing display of carnal ecstasy. After their overalls had been removed JP’s jaw almost hit the floor when he observed the incredible magnitude of the dark snake that was about to burrow in his backside.

As JP gawked at the black serpent, Lafayette asked, “Are you ready for your deep, dark, space invasion?”

Lafayette’s girth was not taxing, but the incredible length of his knob was totally awe-inspiring. After Lafayette commenced his mining expedition JP couldn’t believe how awesome it felt. Being infiltrated to new depths with tenderness was a mind-blowing experience.

When the dark explorer had finally bottomed out and began its leisurely excavation, JP began to pant with lust. The rhythmic swaying of Lafayette’s hips entranced JP as never before, and he couldn’t believe that he was able to accommodate so much meat in his backside.

After an age of bliss, Lafayette commenced grunting his excitement before unloading into JP’s pucker.

“Mmmm, you’ve got one hot arse,” Lafayette exclaimed before reclaiming his overall. “I think I’ll be doing a lot of business with Pedro in future.”

After another sensual kiss, Lafayette departed.

That evening, after another session with Pedro, JP lay awake for quite some time after Pedro fell asleep. The post-Gullah era was turning out to be very pleasing. Before drifting off to sleep, JP pondered what other treats lay ahead for him.



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