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Gay Sleepover

I get a happy surprise when I share a bed with my straight crush.
Being in the closet in high school isn't always the easiest thing to pull off. Most people started suspecting I was gay because I haven't had a girlfriend in a long time. Since I'm a good-looking 16 year-old, it should be normal that I try to get pussy whenever possible, but I don't.

When people asked me why I never date, I always gave the same answer,"Because the girls in our school are trashy sluts who only want black dicks in their mouths." That answer was starting to get old.

My name is Mike; I'm Italian/Hispanic. I have tanned olive toned skin, chocolate brown eyes, short dark hair, and a lean muscle body. Running track and cross-country keeps me in good shape..

I've had the crush on Erin since the first time we meet in sixth grade; It was now our junior year in high school. Erin has longish blond hair, a lean muscled body, and blue eyes that always made my dick twitch. He always has this surfer looking going on that I always found so hot. I've never had the courage to tell him how much I like him. I was afraid that he would reject me and tell everyone I was gay. So instead we were just friends, and that wasn't always easy. Especially when your straight friends do sometimes do gay things sometimes.

It was a normal winter day during break. Adam, Erin, Patrick and I were all hanging out in Adam's car. We did what we normally always did, smoked some pot in Adam's car. Afterwards went to Patrick's house to relax, play some xbox, and eat a lot of Patrick's food. Being high always threw my perception of time off, so I was shocked when I realized what time it was.

"Fuck it's nine-thirty! I have to be home at eleven” I grudge at the thought of having to drive home in the cold winter snow.

"Just spend the night here, I am" Erin replies as he leans in and whispers. " Plus I'd rather not be stuck here all night with Patrick" .

I laugh "Yeah you're right I could never leave you here defenseless, just think what he would do to my poor little Erin".

He smiles at me. "Exactly. I'm telling you he's completely opposed with me, he wants my dick"

We both laugh again, "Alright I'll stay,".

God I wanted to fuck him so badly. I knew I couldn't pass on spending a night with him even though I knew I shouldn't. I ask Adam if he'll spend the night to. Part of me wants him to say yes so I won't have to be alone with Erin, and end up doing something regrettable. But I know deep down I want him to leave so I can have him all to myself.

"No, I can't my mom's being a bitch. I gotta leave at ten." Adam replies.

I look at Erin, he has smirk on his face I wonder what he's thinking about. I go sit next to him on the couch as Patrick goes upstairs to get a drink.

He turns to me and says. "After Patrick falls asleep down here I call his upstairs bedroom,"

"Oh really?"

“Yeah, I’m not sleeping on the floor and I’m not getting stuck down here with him,” He said.

"Not if I get there before you do." I know I'm starting to flirt with him.

" Umm that's against the rules, I already called it." he says smiling.

"Fuck the rules," I reply. I look and study him more are these feelings mutual?

All I can do is think about both of sharing the same bed, and maybe my hand would accidentally slip touching his hard cock in the middle of the night. My day dream is interrupted when Patrick comes back downstairs asking if we want to see a movie. End up watching some stoner comedy; soon after Adam leaves to go home.
Patrick, Erin and I finish the movie and put on another. Erin and I are sitting on the floor and Patrick starts to doze off on the couch. Ten minutes later I get up and check if Patrick is fully asleep. Once I'm sure he is I start making my way up stairs, I turn around and give Erin a devious smile. He soon realizes what I'm doing and starts off after me. I make it upstairs and into the bedroom first.

"Told you I'd get here first" I say to Erin as he walks in.

"That's cuz you cheated" he says.

"I wouldn't call it cheating I just saw a moment where I knew I could beat you and took it" I reply.

"Whatever, scoot over so I have some room".

"And who said anything about sharing?" I say teasing him.

He rolls his eyes and moves me aside himself almost pushing off the bed. "Hey watch it" I say.

"Sorry but you should have moved" he says smiling.

I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I come back Erin is shirtless in his boxer. I start to take in the image of his muscular body, and can almost make the outline of his cock. My mouth starts to water a bit. I take off my shirt, pant and go lie next to him. I'm going to enjoy tonight I think to myself.

For awhile we just talk about school, parties, drugs, and girls. I ask him why he broke up with his girlfriend Alexis.

"I don't know things just didn't feel right," he says with a sigh. "It's complicated".

I nod as if I understood. "Well did you guys ever get to fuck?" I ask curiously.

"Naw, she wanted to but we broke up before we could,"

"Wait so you're still a virgin?" I ask.

"Yeah unfortunately, but you shouldn't be talking, you're still a virgin too," he says "So do you like anybody?".

I answer a little too quickly "No, none the girls at our school are really my type".

"What's your type then?" he asks

I want to say he is " I don't know, but I'd know it when I see it".

"You mean men," he says jokingly.

"Wow Erin I never knew you were so funny," I say sarcastically and punch him on the arm

We eventually stop talking and I turn the lights off and get ready to sleep. We both lay in the bed our backs facing one another. I think to myself you're almost naked in the same bed with the guy you have the biggest crush on. If you're going to make a move make it now. I try to bring up the courage to do something but can't.

As I lay there awake pissed at myself for not doing anything. Then I feel Erin's hand sliding on my ass going down to my groin and into my boxers. I start getting hard as the hand starts touching my dick and begins to massage it. I reach my hand over to Erin's dick, he's already hard. His cock feels amazing in my hand; I never felt myself getting more horny in my life. Pre-cum already starting to ooze out of his dick. I let out a moan as jacks me off faster. He does the same. I get on top of him and we start making out. The feeling of his tongue in my mouth drives both our dicks crazy, I feel his hard cock slowly rubbing against mine.

"I guess I figured out your type?" Erin says with a smile that drives me crazy.

"Yeah," I say smiling "You're exactly my type,".

"Good," he says,

Then I start kissing his neck and make my way down to his chiseled abs. He starts moaning as I get closer to his cock. His dick is a good seven inches and it's not too thick. I run my tongue up his shaft and gently lick his pink head. I give him one more lick just to tease him.

Erin lets out a moan as I start taking his beautiful pink cock all the way in my mouth I can taste the salty pre-cum. He starts thrusting his hips forwards I start to gag a little but it stop. I can feel his dick touching the back of my throat as he deep throats me more and more.The feeling of his cock going in and out of my mouth leaves my dick throbbing with pleasure. His speed starts to increase, and his eyes roll back. I know he's loving every second of fucking my mouth. He soon starts to slow down and brings me for a kiss.

"I want to see what you taste like," he says

He takes my dick in his hand and lower his head. My body's on fire, I run my hand through his blond hair. He starts to take my cock in his mouth and bobs up and down. He uses his tongue in all the right places leaving me in pure ecstasy. He keeps on going and takes my dick all the way in. He then goes does down and starts sucking on my balls. Then takes me back in again. I start thrusting forward and begin to fuck his mouth. He looks up at me our eyes meet both full of lust. He takes me out for a second.

"God I wanna fuck you" he says

Without any hesitation I get up and go to Patrick's dress where he keeps the lube and condoms.

"Just the lube," he says "We're virgins, remember"

"Not for long," I reply,

I go back to the bed, Erin starts to lube up his dick and then start to lubricate my hole. He sticks a finger in and add more lube. He gently then add another finger trying to loosen me up. I'm lying on my back at the edge of the bed; he brings me back up for a kiss I feel myself melt in his blue eyes.

"I'll start off slow tell me if it starts hurting to much" He says

"Erin, stop being a pussy and fuck me already" I say jokingly

We both laugh. As he gets closer, I feel his dick rubbing against my tight virgin ass and it slowly finds its way in.

"Oh, Fuck you're tight" Erin exclaims as he slowly begins to press his way deeper and deeper. I tried to keep myself relaxed and ignore the pain as Erin pushes his cock further and further in. Once he his dick was completely in he started to thrusting slowly back and forth. The pain soon subsided and started feeling amazing. Erin started to increase his speed. His dick pumping in and out of my hole leaves my dick throbbing wanting some attention.

"Harder," I demand. “Fuck me harder Erin”.

I could hear him moan as he started fucking me even harder. I felt his balls starting to smack against my ass. He kept fucking me as he came down for a kiss, then I told him I wanted to straddle him. He got on the bed and slowly began to lower myself on his cock, reverse cowboy style. Soon I had him all inside me again. He started thrusting at first, and soon I was completely riding his him. Having his cock slam in and out of me harder and faster. Every second bringing me closer to cumming he started jerking off my dick.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum" Erin moaned

Soon I felt him filling my ass with his warm cream. That sent me off the edge and started shooting loads all over his chest. I collapse on him and brought my lips to his. Then I left to get a drink and something to eat. I quickly made my way back but stairs.When I got back Erin had already begun to lube up his ass.

"Ready when you are," he said smirking

The site of his bare hole and firm ass was making my dick hard again. I lubed up my dick. Erin was ready to be fucked. He got himself in the doggy style position.

'You're gonna love this" I told him

I slowly started to push my dick into his crack. There was some resistance at first but it got all the way in. He was so tight it felt amazing as I slowly began to fuck him. I soon started picking up the pace, my dick was in heaven. He was so hot and I finally got to fuck him. My hand went down to start jacking Erin off, his dick was rock hard I could tell he was enjoying getting fuck. He started begging me to go faster and harder. I did as he asked and started fucking his brains out. We changed position and he was on his back now. We started kissing as I kept pounding his ass. Slow at first then I started increasing my speed, and it wasn't till long that I was going to explode.

I let out a moan and told him I was cumming. As I shot loads of cum up his ass, and he started cumming. We were both drenched in each others cum and sweat. We licked each other up and I stick my tongue in his mouth. We lay there embracing each other both tired and drained

We both look into each others eyes and smile. "I guess we should tell Patrick he needs to change his sheets," I say.

We both laugh and fall asleep in each others arms.
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