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Stranger Relations

What happens when a woman with an open mind meets a sexy stranger in a bar?
I entered the smoky club and took in the scenery. The place was loaded, bodies everywhere; some of the bodies caught my eye while others did nothing for me. A woman stared at me with disdain, her eyes green with envy. I didn’t really care because I wasn’t there for her. Besides, women always looked that way at me, although some looked at me differently when I was fingers or tongue deep inside them. Soon, the woman dropped completely off my radar because I felt something…he was there. Every pore in my mocha toned skin felt his presence. It was as if our bond was so much more than physical, we shared a sixth sense, which was why I knew he was there. I just couldn’t see him.

I approached the bar on unsteady legs, the five inch black leather stilettos having done a number on my smooth dark calves, and ordered a drink. I didn’t care if someone was ahead of me; my need for a drink to calm my nerves overrode any decorum.

The shot of whiskey that slammed into my coke riddled system nearly brought me to my knees. I put the shot glass down, “Another!” The bartender eyed me with mild skepticism.

“Are you sure, Miss?”

“Fuck! Do I sound unsure?” I rolled my eyes and plastered a fake smile on my face. 

“Look, just the shot, you can leave the bar-side psycho babble for the fool that needs it.” I downed the shot when it found its way to my hand. The chemically induced euphoria swam through me and again I looked around for the man of my dreams. A shock of sexual current flowed inside me when I felt a hand on the small of my back.

“Find what you’re looking for, sexy?” The voice was so close to my ear that I felt the warmth of the stranger’s breath.

“No…but,” I turned around and felt a surge of sexual heat course through me as intense green eyes met intense brown eyes. 

“But?” The ruggedly handsome stranger questioned me, and his eyes never once left my face. His intensity met and matched mine as my nerves—and my pussy began to hum. 

“But honestly, it doesn’t even matter.” I placed a delicate hand on his chest, “You’re here now.” Deep laughter rumbled from his chest, a chest that felt as if it was muscled and well developed.

“You sexy little flirt, may I join you for a drink?” His head leaned in toward mine in an intimacy that I wished I had never felt. 

“Absolutely.” I dropped my hand, placed it on my leather clad thigh, and click-clacked my way to the nearest booth.

“What’s your name?” His voice was silk, his green eyes flashed brightly in my direction.

“No names.” I looked over his shoulder and there, two tables behind and to the right of us, was my man. He pointed to his phone and soon the text notification on my cell phone sang. I glanced at the handsome stranger, “Do you mind?” my hand hovered above the phone.

“Go on. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to be ignored.” I watched his face and realized that I was dealing with a very intuitive man.

Very good, Princess, you’ve found a friend. I’m so glad it’s a male, the possibilities are endless. 

The text glowed brightly on my electronic obsession, and I quickly typed a response.

Is there a question, Todd?

I want you to seduce him, will you do it?

I smiled at the text and felt a spark of dangerous desire.

I’m slightly drunk and high…you know how I get when I’m like this. Yes. Anything.

Good, without leaving the table, take off your thong and give it to him. Don’t let on that I’m here, but let me see everything.

My eyes searched the eyes of the stranger before me, “Are you getting a drink?” I smiled tentatively, was I really going to do as directed—as planned? Did I have the courage to seduce a stranger? My warm hands shook as I placed them under the table. I slid them up and down the tight black leather skirt.

A waitress appeared, “What can I get you?” 

The sexy stranger spoke before I had the chance, “Scotch—neat,” he leaned his head in my direction.

“Moscato,” I decided that no more hard liquor would be let loose in my unbalanced system. The waitress left us. 

My hand slid between my legs, “You are ridiculously sexy!” I felt the dampened material that was my black lace thong. “What if I told you that, mmm, two of my fingers were pulling on my thong at this very moment?”

“I would say…take it off and show me.” A quick intake of breath, his not mine, filled the air.

“I have every intention of doing so—would have done it without you saying so.” My fingers pulled on the garment; I lifted myself up and yanked the damp fragrant thong from my body. 

I held the garment in my hand on top of the booth’s table for a second or so, and then I smiled and brought the pretty lace garment to my face. I sniffed it as a smile spread across my face and I took in the response of the intuitive man. I tossed it at him while I stared intently at Todd. My phone sang again. Since the green eyed god was momentarily stunned and busy with my underwear, I answered it.

Well done, baby. I want more, the bra…can you do it? Your stranger should have a complete memento of this night!

I can, have fun Mr. Voyeur!

“Have you lost your tongue?” I gazed intently at my beautiful stranger.

He shook his head, “You’re fucking incredible…what's next?” His mouth watered in anticipation. I felt another surge of that dangerous desire flow deep within. 

“Do you want the set?” I reached behind my back and unhooked my lacy demi styled bra.

“Holy hell! You fucking vixen, leave that guy and marry me!” Laughter filled the air and lust, hot maddening lust, burst forth deep in my pubis.

My hand wound its way to my shoulder. I leaned sideways a bit and pushed the shoulder strap down underneath my blouse. I did the same on the other side. I gazed intently at the stranger that I was sure that I would fuck, and slowly reached under my blouse, wiggled a bit and slowly removed the bra. I gave my breasts a flick and my nipples became more pronounced. I clenched the bra in my hand, leaned forward, and placed it in Mr. Handsome’s outstretched clammy hand.

"Oh shit, my cock just did a jig,” Mr. Handsome squirmed, his breath was ragged, and a bead of sweat appeared at his brow. Another text startled me from an aroused foggy haze. 

You are my freaky slut. I bet that guy is ready to fuck you. Will you let him? Ask him if he wants to fuck you.

I dialed Todd’s number and placed the phone as close to the two of us as possible. I coyly edged closer to Mr. Handsome. I gave his earlobe a light nibble with my teeth, and said, “My pussy is soaked and aching to get fucked. Do you want the pleasure; do you need to taste what was leaking as I removed my bra for my man?” I caressed him as his bulge grew in his pants. I felt unashamedly free, and unabashedly wanton.

“I…I want to, yes. But,” he stammered his way through an answer. He was clearly disturbed by the fact that Todd was willing to share me with a stranger. 

“Take me home or come home with me, you’ll enjoy it. I’ll promise.”

Mr. Handsome ogled my perky tits, “I uhh would love to.”

I picked up the phone, “Todd, are you sober?” laughter filled my ear.

“Success! No, your stranger will have to drive.” Todd watched as the stranger held out his hand for me.

My body was on fire, liquid heat filled my sex, and all I could think about was fucking. “This is going to be so…fucking…hot!” I held on to the strong, thick muscles of the stranger’s arm as he led me through the crowded bar and out the door. 

I felt Todd close, but not close enough to intrude on us, although I knew soon he would.

Mr. Handsome and I left the club and walked arm in arm to his truck. Suddenly, he pushed me into the side of the huge truck. The move startled me but even better—it turned me on. My back pressed harshly against the truck, and I dared him, “More, do what you want!”

I was so far gone that I knew that there was no turning back. I also knew that without a doubt, I would let this stranger take me in any manner that he wished. Instinctively, I was aware that there may be a problem; surely Todd would take note of my complete lack of reluctance in yielding to the walking sexual temptation that was Mr. Handsome.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me into a smoldering kiss. The kiss was hard yet tender, and it continued that way until I felt his teeth bite my lip harshly. “You fucking tease! What the hell kind of game are you playing?” His hand circled my neck and I felt our pulses as they raced.

Todd sensed the change brought on by the stranger and moved into my peripheral vision. Slowly, stealthily he appeared behind Mr. Handsome. I grinned at him, “This is not a game, Mr. Handsome. Well, it sort of is—but I’m offering you a good time. Sex, straight up…uncomplicated, unemotional…just sex!”

“Indeed,” Todd spoke to the stranger for the first time. “You’ll only have to agree that I join you—everything at your discretion.”

Mr. Handsome turned to finally see who engineered the titillating scene in which he’d found himself deeply enmeshed. “Wait, so you want me,” he stared at Todd inquisitively, he appeared disgusted.

“No, you misunderstand—Jack,” it was Todd’s turn to gaze inquisitively, “may I call you Jack?”

“Sure, please continue,” Jack’s hand released my neck and instantly I missed its heat and my energy dropped.

“Your call, Jack. Fuck her or watch me fuck her. It is simple.” 

Jack made a move for the truck’s handle, “Get in…both of you!” 

I laughed at his immediate response, though I knew that there may have been more on his mind. I looked at him and licked my lips, “That didn’t take long. Your dick is practically jumping out of your pants. I knew I had you long before you agreed.” I hurried into the front seat of Jack’s customized truck.

He laughed loudly, “I think I will enjoy this game.” Jack winked his eye at me, then glanced at Todd in the back seat, “My discretion, uhh?”

“Yes, everything is completely up to you. Is there something on your mind, Jack?”

“Absolutely, there is always something on my mind.” Jack ran his hand along my thigh, “I want this on film, for my collection. I already have her undergarments; a nice homemade porno will help me remember these moments forever.” I blanched, all thought fled my brain, and my eyes narrowed in on him and then they moved onto Todd.

“No.” I uttered the first and only thing that came to my mind, but as I looked back and forth at the two of them, I realized what was going to happen. “Baby, surely, you’re not considering this. I don’t want,” I saw the look on Todd’s face and it said that he wanted this, “Ok…damn it. I will be your porn star for the night.”

“How are we gonna do this?” My mouth was dry and the slightest bit of doubt crept into my head. I wanted to please Todd, but had we taken our game too far?

“Simple, I plug my phone into my truck’s system and run the camera.” Jack reached under his seat for something while I considered my position.

My high hadn’t completely gone but that didn’t stop me from taking a small toke when it was offered, “Good stuff, Jack…but I’ve got something better!” 

All inhibitions vanished as something clicked inside me. I became more than the usual little slut I was for Todd. I ran my hand up my thigh slowly; my manicured nails dug into the supple flesh of my chocolate thighs as I rose up the little black leather skirt that shielded my quaking pussy. I was hot, I was horny, and I was extremely wet!

“Damn you! Fuck! Where to?” Jack’s voice reeked of arousal run amuck.

“I don’t give a shit, drive!” Todd joined the conversation as he freed his enraged monster from its confines. My mouth salivated at the sight. “Oh no, baby! Him, not me…yet!” 

I’d really had enough of his demands and my need outweighed either of theirs. My fingers went to work on my soaked labia. I opened my full swollen lips and fingered my clit, heightened pleasure aside, I took in the visual feast that was on display in the truck.

“Mr. Handsome, you’re gonna love this,” I reached over, unzipped his fly, and struggled with his briefs. “Damn Jack, it seems you’re gonna miss this round.” 

I took off my heels, threw myself over the seat, and joined Todd as our bodies’ temperatures soared.

Todd’s hand was busy. The sight of his dick in his hand as he manhandled it drove me wild. My mind became a clouded mass of matter, my arousal peaked, and my hand ripped the blouse off sticky, needy flesh. I slammed my body into the door of the truck and spread myself wide for Todd—and Jack’s camera. I didn’t know if it was recording, hell I didn’t even fucking care at that point. My body acted of its own volition and I was content to roll with the flow.

My hand made its way to its drenched target, “Oh! I’m so fucking wet,” I pushed two fingers inside deeply—harshly and felt the truck as it swerved. “Can’t handle it, Mr. Handsome?” I saw him as he glanced my way in the mirror, “Have you loosed that beast in your pants yet?” I made my way to the middle of the back seat and got on my knees. I felt the wetness from the sweat that formed on my body, and the sexual energy that was barely contained sizzled as my hands became frantic while I clawed at my breasts and pussy. I put on a show for Jack for as long as I could.

Todd ended my little tease session with a hard smack to my ass, “Get rid of that damn skirt now!” I whimpered and hurriedly removed the skirt.

By then I was completely naked. Todd grabbed me and pushed me into the door. My back felt the sting of the door’s handle as he pushed me harder into it, “What the hell are you doing?” He looked as if he wanted to hurt me. 

“I’m going to fuck you, but first I want your ‘Mr. Handsome’ to see you cum.” I shook in anticipation. “Fuck yourself, slut. Show him.”

Jack stopped the truck on the side of a dark street and turned around obviously intrigued by what I was doing. Todd leaned over and viciously bit my nipple which made me yelp, and my need surged higher. I raised my head in invitation, which exposed my neck to him. I wanted him to use me, but he was having none of that.

“I said show him,” he slapped my breast roughly and tingles exploded across my chest.

Finally, I thrust my pelvis forward and plunged three fingers deep inside my pussy while a single finger from my other hand danced along my clit. I began to fuck myself just like Todd wanted. My finger slid around and around my clit, and it became fatter and fatter from the abuse it was taking. I yanked my fingers from inside me and brought them to my mouth. I sucked each finger slowly as a smile spread across my face. Todd noticed the pleasure that I was taking from teasing Jack and he didn’t like it.

He slapped my pussy twice and the shock of it made me squirm as bolts of thrilling sexual tension filled my sex, “I said fuck yourself. Show him!”

“Oh god… I need you to fuck me, Todd. Please!” I plunged three fingers deep inside my slick hole again and pressed hard on my spot. 

“No!” I began to doubt that he would fuck me and I would be denied what my body yearned to have.

I mumbled please over and over as my fingers continuously plunged in and out of my pussy. I lingered inside a few times and pressed harder and deeper on the spot that I didn’t like to stimulate at all. I didn’t like to cum for Todd that way. My hand became wetter by the second and climax seemed imminent. But I desperately wanted his dick inside me and I didn’t want to show this stranger what Todd obviously wanted him to see. I thought it was nasty and I felt ashamed every time I did it. Why he wanted that I never understood. 

Todd yelled at me again while his hand positioned itself to deliver another stinging blow to my sex, “Don’t stop fucking yourself, do it…faster and harder!”

“Oh fuck…” I skewered myself as he wanted. I felt my body lift itself up and lower itself back down onto my fingers over and over, the spongy little spot received stroke after stroke until finally I erupted. 

Hot clear liquid flew from my sex and onto the luxurious black leather beneath me. Every muscle in my abdomen clenched and fought as the orgasm battled me, juices flowed out of me like an awakened volcano. Todd grabbed my waist, yanked my hands from my body, and thrust me down onto his dick. My world became full. I was rewarded for the one act that I was loathe to share with a stranger.

Todd ravaged my raggedy clenching pussy thoroughly. His thrusts penetrated mind, body, and soul as he plundered my sex. He knew that he was being filmed and wanted it to be an indelible link to our connection. Soon, my body began to recover, my mind began to reengage and again I wanted to tease the handsome stranger. I had to show him what he was missing by not being inside my sweet little pussy.

I moaned as I felt my head being smashed against the door when Todd’s every thrust penetrated me deeper. I circled my hips while Todd fucked me with his thick muscle, and squishy noises from my pussy filled the truck. The exhibitionist in me burst forth and I pushed at Todd’s chest, “Baby, let me ride.”

Without becoming disconnected, I found myself on top of Todd and I rode his cock like I was riding a bucking bull. His upward thrusts met my downward plunges and I felt my body tense and grab at his dick as I tried my best to ward off another violent climax. It seemed as if time stood still while I took pleasure in fucking my man. Todd grabbed my hips and forced me to be still. I felt something in him change and I noticed that Jack was rubbing his cock. 

“Todd, baby?” I questioned the sudden change. 

“You like being in control,” he thrust upward, harder with every word, “and I love having control!” He grabbed my neck and maneuvered our bodies to where I was beneath him again. He pulled out of me and rubbed his cock along my swollen lips. 

“Fuck me, get inside me…please,” again I begged. 

He plowed into me swiftly, deeply, and roughly. My body arched up and into his body. I didn’t want a molecule of air to separate us. His hand still circled my neck while he plundered my pussy. “My slut.” 

I whimpered.

“My nasty little slut!”

I cried silently while he punished my pussy and made it known to the stranger that watched that I was completely his. I felt his body seize and he pulled himself from my body. “How do you want it, girl?”

I managed a tiny whisper, “I …want…to taste.” He shoved his dick in my mouth and my head hit the door. 

“Suck it, make me cum!” I began to suckle his dick while his fingers ground their way into my pussy. He dug into me harshly and my juices soaked his hand.

He fucked my mouth with his hand barely around my throat. I breathed deeply and prepared myself for what was to come. I felt his body seize again but this time he went with the impending orgasm and released my neck. He stroked my face and grabbed my chin and fucked my mouth some more. I clenched his fingers and felt his rigid cock release itself into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could muster but left a mouthful. I eased my wrecked body upward and kissed him and we shared the remnants of his load. 

“Fuck!” It was the first word we heard from Jack and I wanted to laugh but I was too busy sharing with my man.

“Oh shit… I forgot about you, man!” Todd looked at me and all I could do was smile in ecstasy. “Look at him babe, he’s in pain.”

“What do you want me to do about it?” My body was spent and I didn’t think I could handle any more, “I got nothing left.”

“Yes, you will do something about it!” Jack startled me. 

In the short time that he had me pressed against his truck, I felt the subtle violence that he barely let surface. But surface it did, “what do you mean?”

“Tell her,” he glared at Todd, “tell her what she’s going to do!” Todd looked at me as a snarl formed on his face. 

He rubbed the back of my neck, “Princess, you’re gonna fuck him.” 

Confusion clouded my every thought. I never did anything that I didn’t want to on these little adventures. “What?” I knew that something was brewing but I couldn’t figure it out. And earlier that evening, I did want to fuck him. But something was different.

Jack leaned over and kissed my neck as Todd removed his hand. His lips lingered when I did not protest. His scent was masculine and with the aroma of sex still in the air, I felt my Judas pussy twitch as his lips found mine. It was not a deep kiss and it held no promise of long lasting intimacy. Jack ended the kiss abruptly, “I want your lips around my cock!”

“No, not until someone tells me what the fuck is going on here!” I was becoming more and more upset and yet my pussy kept twitching and my mouth kept watering at the thought of wrapping itself around the stranger’s pole.

“Todd,” Jack began, “you don’t recognize me?” A smile spread across the handsome face and I realized that I would have to handle him.

“No, I don’t.” Todd responded without a hint of transparency in his voice, but his eyes told me that something was definitely wrong.

Jack pulled the phone from its cradle and began playback of the filming of our sex, “Detective Todd McIntyre, do I have your attention now?” He glared at Todd with the phone in his hand; an evil smile graced his face.

Todd grabbed me from the truck and tried to retrieve my clothes, “Let’s go!” I shook him off and sat on the side of the truck.

“Detective? What the hell is he talking about Todd?” I was angry but anxious to see what the detective had to say.

“Baby look, I…” Todd’s mouth was open but damn, he couldn’t say another word. I wanted the answer to the question that implanted itself firmly into my head. 

“You’re married,” I said it as a matter of fact. I knew the answer. I turned to Jack as he handed the phone to Todd.

“Yes Princess, I’m married and am a detective with the Chicago PD. It seems your ‘Mr. Handsome’ wants to have you in any way he can.” 

“You’d be right, Detective McIntyre!” 

“Is this fucking blackmail? I’m a pawn in your scheme now, Detective?” The title rolled off of my tongue in a distasteful and disrespectful manner. I grew angrier with every passing moment. Jack began talking as if nothing that was said between the two of us mattered one bit to him.

“My truck is my favorite toy and it’s tricked out to the max… it even has cameras built into the interior.” 

Todd shook his head in disbelief. “I have footage,” Jack sneered at him, “your pretty little princess is going home with me after I fuck her.” I couldn’t explain it, but my body began to ache…Judas pussy reared her swollen head. “You will film me as I take your precious princess!” I stood against the coolness of the truck, and yet the heat returned, hell, it even burned!

There was no fight left in Todd, he stood in front of us, camera aimed and ready to do Jack’s bidding.

Jack reached for me tenderly at first, but every move thereafter was an exercise in roguish loving. He pinched my nipples and bit my ear while he yanked my hair. Our kisses where rough and hot, which could not be mistaken for emotional bonding—although I felt that I wanted to know the stranger. He pushed me onto my knees and I opened my mouth for him. 

His cock was hot and strong. He used it like a master and soon he pumped in and out of my mouth with fervor. I never felt so used. And I never felt the need—the desire to be used so deeply. I fingered my swollen clit while he fucked my mouth. And as soon as I felt the hot creamy jets of his climax fill my mouth, I exploded again. I watched him as I let his fluids escape my mouth and spill down my chin. I watched Todd as I felt Jack’s ejaculate soil his princess.

Jack took the phone from the emasculated and humiliated man in front of him and told me to get into the truck. 

“Take me home.” I knew that my future did not include Todd and that bothered me as I felt a little piece of me die inside. 

Jack tossed Todd’s belongings from his tricked out truck, smiled, and got behind the wheel. He took off without looking back.

I looked back one last time and thought, ‘I wonder who is more the stranger, Todd or Jack?’ 

Not for the first time and for certain not the last, I wondered about my strange relationships.

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