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3 weeks ago
Bisexual Female, 45
United States


There are things about me that many will never know because at present, I don't even know all of them. I am, in a nutshell, a girl that has an affinity for the written word. I enjoy clever banter between intellectuals, the simple flirt that hints at a filthy mind, and downright dirty talk that would make my grandmother turn over in her grave. I am many things, but I will say that I am a passionate lover, an optimist, a friend, and sometimes an amateur writer. Oh, and you will never see a picture of me unless... Seriously though, I don't put pictures online.

My interests are wide spread. I believe in the development and health of my community. If you're not doing anything to be a positive influence on the lives of the members of your community, don't speak on in outrage when the violent protests and killings occur! Don't be a part of the problem, be a facet of the solution.

I love reading, sports, music, travel, and sex...the more the better. Engaging the mind in a myriad of diverse subjects is fulfilling. I don't like idle time, engaging keeps life exciting.


There's nothing like being the center of my attention, for I am a true giver. I love oral sex and mmm the things I can do with this mouth! Although you'll have to be truly special to enjoy it, I am certain that you'd enjoy the pleasure that my mind, body, and mouth can bring.

Naughty Chat & Cyber Sex

I'm not interested in spending time naughty chatting with men, sorry guys. I know you hear that a lot here, but I'm just not into it. We can talk about dirty things, even flirt, but don't plan on seeing my goodies.

Ladies, please be drama free and fun. I'm not into wasting my time trying to read your mind when I can be reading a good story or flirting. There's no need to be shy here, we're all adults. If we are of like minds, and you can hold a flirty, intelligent conversation we'll get along just fine. You bring the bullshit...poof I'm gone.

Anything else, just ask. You may or may not like the answer, but do ask.

Favorite Books
My list is diverse and plentiful.

Favorite Authors
Most people would list a group of Lush authors here, but I don't want to do that. Inevitably someone would be missed and I'd feel guilty about that....So no Lush list here. I enjoy everything and anything from Maya Angelou to Tolstoy and everyone in between.

Favorite Movies
It ain't 50 Shades...

Favorite TV Shows
American Horror Story, Scandal, and the Blacklist to name a few.

Favorite Music
If you came to my house you'd find a vast amount of music, varying in genres and time periods. What you wouldn't find much of is country, but even still there are a few country artists that I enjoy.
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