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The New Adventures Of Scarlett Holmes, Chapter Five

"Scarlett solves the problem whilst getting laid. Again!"

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Chapter Six.

The conclusion of The Case of the Five Orange Lips.


To say that Scarlett Holmes was bored to tears was an understatement. The private detective from yesteryear had spent a tedious morning researching the ancient Indian practice of yoga. To her, the renowned physical exercise basically involved a series of postures accompanied by various breathing sequences. She closed her book, sat it on her lap, and looked over at her roommate.

"How unbelievably boring. I can certainly think of a few physical activities that would be a lot more beneficial."

"Sex, sex, sex. You have a one-track mind! I thought the Victorians were uptight about all that."

"My dear Emma. I've seen and done things in the bedroom that you wouldn't believe. We just kept things to ourselves in those days. I did give up sex once in order to concentrate on other things in life. It was the worst twenty minutes of my life!"

"Is that a joke?"

Emma scowled and shot her unpaying lodger a sideways glance.

"Anyway, yoga is perfect for increasing muscle tone, improving respiration, reducing weight, and providing basic general health."

Emma Watson huffed as she returned to reading her latest messages on her iPad. The morning had been overcast for the most part, but now the sun moved from behind a cloud and the light shone into the room. Scarlett sighed as the sunshine illuminated Emma's loveable face.

"As I understand it," scoffed Holmes. "Any of the above can be quite easily achieved by lying on one's back for ten minutes with a virile man between your legs."

The golden blonde took a drag on a Dunhill menthol cigarette and sat back in her favourite seat. It was a Wednesday afternoon, and they were seated in Emma's high-rise flat in Canary Wharf.

"You have to get out more, Holmes. Really."

"My brain is a machine, Emma. I cannot exist without brain work. Give me problems, puzzles, and enigmas. What else is there to do besides have a good fuck?"

"What time is Grace arriving, anyway?"

"In precisely two hours. She teaches women exclusively, so I think I should be able to use my womanly skills to good effect. Somewhere on her person is the third tattoo of orange lips, and if the last two disclosures are anything to go by, she should be concealing another letter in the tattoo."

Scarlett was currently engrossed in aiding glamour model and animal welfare volunteer Lucy Pinder in seeking her hidden inheritance. The clues are concealed in five orange lips tattooed on five individuals.

"Do you have some workout clothes?"

"Oh, I have a little something," said Scarlett with a wry smile. "I gave her a yarn of myself being unable to leave the flat for the yoga school due to a sprained ankle. I hope to be done within an hour, and then dear Lucy and ourselves shall take the train to Cambridge. There we shall track down the Timpson twins and have this unique case wrapped up by supper time."

"I could drive."

Scarlett jabbed a finger at the charming thirty-year-old.

"Under no circumstances will I ever get into a motor car with you again? You drive like the devil. I'm still having nightmares about the time we drove down to Buckley Hall."

"Well," said Emma as she stood up to leave. "I shall leave you to it. I need to go out shopping for a few hours."

"Right. And could you bring me the evening newspapers? I like to keep up with the latest crimes. Just the Evening News, Evening Standard, Star, The Globe, Chronicle, and any others you can think of."

"Holmes. This is 2023, not 1891. Those publications are ancient. There's only the Standard these days. Turn on the television."

"Dear me. Do people not read anymore?"

"See you around five, then?" Emma said as she scooted out of the door.


Scarlett had indeed enjoyed plenty of sex in her life, with both men and women, despite the prudish and puritan views of the late Victorian era she had left behind in some space-time vortex. For two hours, she had been in a blissful daze, thinking of Grace, when she heard the intercom buzz. She quickly slipped into her beige singlet and black pants. Since she was banking on getting naked, there was little sense in overdressing. She waited by the front door, and moments later she let in a dark-eyed female.

"Miss Holmes?"

The attractive woman in the long coat had a definite European accent. Czech or Hungarian?

"The same. Please come in. And let me take your coat."

Grace introduced herself as hailing from the Czech Republic as she shed her coat. A slim brunette with an astonishing figure and DD-sized tits. Under her coat, she wore a leotard in blue and white. She eyed Scarlett up and down in a manner less than casual and was slightly surprised by her choice of workout gear. Scarlett was thrilled. This task would not be without some benefits, she thought as she mentally undressed the busty babe.

"Well, I'm all yours. Sorry about my appearance. I have no leotards or leggings. I'm a complete novice, I'm afraid."

"That's...fine. Very fetching."

"Well, it's not like we're going out."

"Shall we get started? We shall limber up and warm our muscles. Like so."

Grace demonstrated a series of beginner balancing poses on one of the two mats provided by Scarlett. The brunette had a toned body and limbs that only came with a dedicated and strict fitness regime. Just in front and facing Grace, Scarlett watched her and then dipped dramatically several times and made sure her deep cleavage did not go unnoticed.

"Through yoga, we find that our minds find rest and peace," explained Grace. "We become one with our inner self and discover an effortless and natural state of transformation."

"Yes, I feel so much more relaxed already. So, you only teach women, is that right?"

"I find the female attitude toward yoga to be much more rewarding. Although I'm not butch, if that's what you think."

"Far from it," thought Scarlett as she leered at the heaving breasts of the woman in front of her.

Grace moved across her mat, and Scarlett could not take her eyes off her gorgeous bottom. Each firm cheek moved against the other, and hers swayed divinely. Scarlett turned to face the opposite direction and bent forward so that her backside stuck out in full view of Grace. The pants she had chosen to wear belonged to Emma, and on her, they were about two sizes too small. The result of this caused them to ride up drastically, cut into her butt crack, and tighten around Scarlett's prominent mons.

Grace was transfixed by the audacious blonde, and her usual professional air began to wilt. After fifteen minutes of stretching and exercising, the heat began to rise, as earlier, Scarlett had deliberately turned on the thermostat to the highest level. Both women assumed the classic lotus position on their mats as they faced each other in silent meditation. All the time, Scarlett held the brunette's gaze, licking her lips suggestively and fluttering her lashes.

"Sorry to break the mood, but would you mind if I took my top off? It's quite hot in here."

"Nudity is accepted in yoga."

In a trice, Scarlett whipped off her top to reveal her substantial bosom. Her bountiful breasts were showing the first signs of perspiration as she sat up straight and thrust out her chest. Grace lowered her eyes to Scarlett's chest level and inhaled deeply through flared nostrils, which did not go unnoticed by Scarlett. The brunette's breathing had started to quicken, and she appeared to be having trouble concentrating on her meditation. So far, so good.

"It is a bit uncomfortable in here," agreed Grace, who blew a stream of air on her cheek.

"Feel free to take your leotard off. We're all adults here, after all. I'll fetch some water."

Scarlett saw a glimmer of daring register on the Czech woman's face as she stood in contemplation.

"You know what? I think I will."

As Grace wound her shoulder straps down her arms, Scarlett noticed her upper right arm had some ink. She held up her hand and then padded out to the kitchen for some water. When she returned, the top-heavy brunette had stripped down to the buff. She simply had to be seen to be believed. About five are curvy, stacked, and glowing with moistness due to the hot air. Her pubic region had been shaven back to just a dark strip that started at the top of her pussy, and her upper thighs had that erotic gap that invited the eye to linger.

"Here you are. Oops!"

Scarlett, accidentally and on purpose, spilled the glass over Grace's boobs and front.

"I'm frightfully sorry! I do apologize. Let me."

With a knowing look, the private detective produced a towel and used it to dab at the massive tits of the yoga instructor. Grace let her in willingly and moved closer to Scarlett for her selfish purpose. Holmes had been correct in surmising the woman preferred the gentle sex in her love life.

"Thank you, so nice."

"You're welcome, I'm sure."

The air had become heavy with expectancy, and Scarlett motioned closer and closer until her pouting lips were but two inches from Grace.

"I want you," she hissed breathlessly.

"I know," replied the instructor matter-of-factly as her mouth opened to reveal perfect white teeth. "I wanted you from the minute I set foot inside."

A jolt of excitement surged through Scarlett as they embraced and pressed their soft, naked bodies against each other. She was in! As they exchanged saliva in a hot French kiss, Scarlett touched Grace between her legs and ran her fingertips lightly over her bald labia. Shockwaves were sent through her as she groaned in exquisite delight, and Grace thrust her hips energetically as she forced her pussy onto two probing fingers.

"That feels nice."

Grace closed her eyes and luxuriated in the feeling of Scarlett's fingers juicing her up. The blonde pressed the advantage and nuzzled the other's neck where it just met the shoulder. As Grace thumbed Scarlett's stiffening nipples, she cocked her head to let her lover kiss her down her right arm before closing in on her boob. Scarlett clamped her mouth on the creamy flesh as she studied the tiny tattoo just above the elbow. A tattoo of a pair of parted orange lips, the center of which had a capital letter.

"An 'I.' That's an odd tattoo you have."

Grace was dimly aware that Scarlett was speaking to her, as now she had three fingers in her sticky cunt.

"Oh. That? Just a thank you from a grateful client. An older lady who kept cats."

The women became more impassioned, and Scarlett wasn't going to let this opportunity for hot sex with a stunning female pass, despite her achieving her objective.

"Why don't we continue this in my bedroom?"

They hurried together, hand in hand, and then crashed onto the big bed. As Grace caught her breath, Scarlett pounced on her and had her legs thrown out wide in a second. With her face just inches from her snatch, she parted the gleaming pussy lips and looked down at the mouthwatering pink inside.

"My, my."

Scarlett blew gently on Grace's wet labia and licked up her thighs until she came to her target. Grace shook from the force of her increasing arousal as Scarlett's tongue fucked her. She held onto the woman's nodding head as her tongue darted deep inside her slippery hole. Her juices ran out and trickled down the insides of her thighs as her clitoral area was occasionally flicked deliciously on the very tip, which left her panting and trembling.


Scarlett moved up to kiss Grace, who eagerly licked up the sweet taste in the blonde's mouth. Both moaned, and Grace purred as soft hands slid down her front and back to her cunt. Her ass was gripped as Scarlett lavished swipe after swipe on her plump pussy lips until the blonde detective's chin was coated. Flat on her stomach, Scarlett pushed her backside up and down as she dry-humped the bed.

"Fuck my leg."

Scarlett moved up halfway and put her right knee between the toned legs of Grace, who willingly locked them around it. She bumped up and attempted to rub her dripping muff on the offered limb. Scarlett pressed down hard and did the same. They became a mass of entwined limbs as they massaged each other's cunt, and their groans grew ever more urgent and impassioned as their grinding wet pussies painted each other with a feast of cunt fluids.

"Fuck me. I've needed this for ages."

"Yes. Oh, fuck!"

Both lust-addled women grabbed at the bed sheets on each side of their gyrating forms as they banged their hips. Their generous breasts bounced wildly as their pussies slid firmly together.

"Oh, god! Oh, god!"

Grace came first, and her hips shot up as she squirted on Scarlett's wet loins. Scarlett reciprocated, and her entire body went rigid as her orgasm took over. They twisted and writhed, and Grace babbled in her language, which, although Scarlett did not know, pretty much understood the gist. The frazzled women relaxed on the bed, the pair of them glistening in sheens of sweat that dappled their impressive boobs with tiny droplets.

"That was amazing," said Scarlett as she traced a fingertip over Grace's erect nipples.

"It was."

"Have you any energy left at all?"

"What do you have in mind?"

Grace moved to the edge of the crumpled bed sheets as Scarlett vanished, only to return with some sort of sex toy.

"Have you ever heard of the Ann Summers chain of sex shops?"

"Yes, I know it."

"I find it fascinating. Such an exciting range of lingerie and toys! I was there for hours. What do you think of this?"

Scarlett held up a flexible twelve-inch phallic double-ended dildo with lifelike ribs along the shaft and realistic-shaped tips.

"I've never seen anything like it in my life."

"Want to try it?"


Grace opened her legs as Scarlett took one end, pushed the tapered head inside the brunette's still-slick pussycat, and inched forward. Scarlett was totally engrossed as Grace's folds stretched wide as the false cock head popped in. She gasped loudly as the thick dildo was pulled and pushed into her drenched muff, and her head snapped back as she was happily fucked.

"Now, the both of us."

Scarlett lay on the bed with her body so positioned that they looked across at each other over their undulating frames. Each of them propped themselves up on their elbows as Scarlett placed the double dong between their splayed legs. Grace put one end to her gaping cunt hole and watched the golden blonde do likewise.

"My goodness!"

Scarlett ran the head up and down her damp slit and then used her pelvis to push on it. With their eyes locked on each other, they eased towards each other, gradually eating up the flexible dick. The sheet rucked up their ass cracks as they slowly but inexorably got closer and closer until the dildo was effectively buried in the pair of them. Scarlett gripped Grace by her thighs, and Grace did the same as they jerked to and fro.

"No, like this," suggested Scarlett, and as she drew back, her voluptuous lover pushed in, and vice versa.


Scarlett changed tack, and Grace followed her lead by scissoring their legs with the double-ended toy still well crammed inside their overflowing pussies. The famed private investigator hooked her left leg over the right of Grace, and the swaying females creamed themselves as they fucked each other to climax.

"Most enjoyable. Would you be free any time next week for a rematch?"

"You can count on it," replied an exhausted but exhilarated Grace.


The University of Cambridge was founded in the 13th century and granted a royal charter by King Henry III. The second biggest in the country, at its busiest time, it is home to 19,000 students. Each year, the Uni rugby team, the Light Blues, plays rival Oxford University in the annual Varsity match. Those players who take part are selected on merit, fitness, and strength. Two of the best-ever presents were the Timpson twins. At twenty years of age, Nigel and Nick were identical in every way. Robust, athletic, and muscular, they were dedicated to the sport.

"Four thirty. We shall arrive in approximately ten minutes."

Scarlett put away her watch and looked across the table of their train compartment at Emma Watson and Lucy Pinder. They had all taken the 15.28 railway train from Platform 6 at Liverpool Street Station bound for Cambridge. Lucy's benefactor, her great-aunt, had left her a substantial inheritance, the location of which was hidden for safety. The only way to discover the whereabouts of the cluster of diamonds was to solve the meaning of the clues hidden in the five tattoos. So far, they have three of the five answers. Letters of the alphabet: K, Y, and I.

"But why choose pairs of lips?" 

Scarlett spoke over the rattle of the wheels of the train clattering on the tracks.

"In this particular circumstance, I believe the image of lips to be one of platonic friendships by Prudence Pinder, rather than a sexual representation. The Timpsons, for instance, once lodged with Prudence before they left for university. They appear to have made some impression on her for them to be chosen to conceal two of the tattoos."

"I seem to remember the boys when I visited Prudence some time ago. They loved playing with all of her cats."

"Have you any idea of what the letters mean yet?"

"I'm fairly sure of the meaning, despite there being two more clues to gather."

Emma narrowed her eyes as Scarlett gave her a smug grin.

"Really? You think you know the answer to the puzzle?"

"Quite sure, my dear. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. It's possible to draw a logical conclusion from the data we already have. Three letters that will eventually make up a five-letter word. That single word or name will surely lead us to the diamonds. Ah, here we are."

The rugby training pitch was in West Cambridge, close to the St. Catherine building. On arrival at the station, all three women took a short stroll to the grounds. It was a warm yet blustery evening...

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