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Sucking the Mexican Construction Crew

I talk with a Mexican flagman and end up sucking his and his coworker's thick, brown cocks.
I have had an interest in the study of human sexuality for many years, and specifically the way it evolves over time. That’s why it's interesting that the events taking place in this story could have been such a surprise to me. My name is Ed, and my wife Joan and I are 50 years old and have two children who are out of college and living in different Phoenix suburbs with young families of their own.

Joan and I had a robust sex life from the time we met in college until the past two years. She lost all interest in sex after menopause, and none of the hormone or other treatments seemed to help her regain her libido. I knew from my studies that this happened to some degree to many, if not most, married couples, and they reacted to it in various ways. I knew that some men found a mistress for a little pussy on the side, while others started reading pornography and eventually found that they enjoyed having other men suck their cocks from time to time.

It seemed that the men’s cock sucking behaviors took several forms. Some men really missed the intimacy they used to have with their wives, and they were likely to look for some kind of romantic relationship with other men, involving kissing and hugging as well cock sucking or even anal sex. Others just get excited about the act of sucking and being sucked, and they look for men who just want to swap head. Then there is a small subset of men who are more aggressive and dominant, and they still enjoy a little pussy on the side, as well as having other men suck them off. Finally, there are some men like me who just want to suck cock with no reciprocation.

The last subset of men who just want to suck cock are considered to be submissive sexually, and they get their enjoyment from providing oral pleasure to more aggressive men. The thing that surprised me was that even though I always considered myself to be a normal, aggressive man’s man, the more porn I read the more I gravitated to submissive desires. Maybe it was because I have a small dick, and I was looking at thousands of pictures of huge cocks and hanging balls that made me feel submissive to them. Then I read hundreds of cuckold and cock sucking stories, and I envisioned myself cleaning another man’s cum from Joan’s pussy and sucking their cocks. And even more surprising, I favored the stories involving Latino and black men, and I liked to envision sucking their long and thick cocks. I especially liked reading and fantasizing about the Latino cocks since so many of them seemed to have thick foreskins and big, low-hanging balls.

I continued reading the stories and looking at the pictures of cocks-of-color, and masturbated almost every day. I never had the courage to actually try to find a cock to suck, and didn’t know how to go about finding one. Then an opportunity presented itself, and I had the courage to suck my first cock, followed by many others. I was working from home one day and went for a run at lunch time. It was only a short distance from our home to a nice biking and jogging trail, and I just needed to run about a quarter mile to get to the main street that led to the trail. That’s when I saw all of the trucks and equipment that a construction company was using to replace sections of the concrete sidewalk and curbs that were cracked. Since it was noon time most of the crewmen, who looked to be Mexican, were grouped under some big shade trees eating their lunch, but this one guy who seemed to be a flagman was sitting alone on a bench about 100 yards from the others, monitoring the intersection while eating his lunch and drinking a beer.

The moment I saw him I was reminded of the descriptions of some of the Mexican men in the stories I had been reading and some of the pictures. They were ordinary-looking, short men who surprisingly had big cocks. This flagman looked to be about 55 years old, short at 5’5”, heavily built, and unshaven and scruffy looking. I had no idea if he spoke English, but I knew some Spanish and thought that I would be able to communicate with him. I have a friend who speaks Spanish and years ago he taught me some of the slang expressions, but I found out that I wouldn’t need it.

I obviously had no experience with asking a man if I could suck his cock, and it was pretty scary to look another man in the eyes and bring it up. So I decided to just start a conversation with him and see how it would evolve. I slowed my run to a walk in front of the flagman and asked, “Hi, do you speak English?”

The man looked up at me and smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Yes, I do speak some English, but may revert to Spanish for some words.”

I thought what my response should be and said, “My name is Ed. It is very hot and I was wondering if I could sit with you in the shade?”

He looked at me suspiciously and said, “Sure Ed, have a seat. My name is Manny.”

I sat next to Manny on the bench and thought I could get a sexually-oriented conversation started by saying, “Thanks Manny. I just need to rest for a few minutes. I can see from your ring that you are married.”

Manny glanced at his ring and then at mine and said, “Yes I am married, and I can see that you are too. But why are you interested in that?”

Then I said, “Well, I was just thinking that you must be a lucky man. I’ve read about how hot and sexy the Latina women are, and I guess you must be getting plenty of sex.”

He looked a little perplexed by my comment but said, “You are right that our women can be very sexy, but my wife lost interest in sex several years ago, so I don’t get much pussy these days.”

Then I tried to show compassion saying, “Oh shit I’m sorry about that Manny, but I know how you feel since my wife has also lost interest in sex. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for sexual enjoyment? Do you have some women on the side to take care of you?”

Manny smiled and said, “I don’t mess around with other women. That can get pretty dangerous, especially if they want emotional involvement. So I find other ways to get relief.”

I was pleased how the conversation was progressing, and I pressed further saying, “Oh, so I bet you just take matters into your own hands. But have you ever had a friend give you some relief?”

It was becoming clearer to Manny where I was headed with my comments and he started rubbing a growing lump in his pants as he replied, “Why don’t you just tell me what you have in mind Ed. You seem to be hinting at something, so just spit it out.”

My next comments would be the most difficult, because I would be looking him in the eyes and openly admitting that I wanted to at least see, and probably suck his cock. I gathered my courage and said, “To be honest with you Manny, after my wife lost interest in sex I started reading porn stories and looking at pictures online. And after a while I really started to like the stories about cuckold husbands eating Latino cum from their white wives’ cunts, and that eventually led me to looking at thousands of pictures of thick, brown Latino cocks. A lot of those stories describe mature men like you with big, uncircumcised cocks, and when I saw you sitting here I wondered whether you would at least show me your cock.”

Manny smiled and said, “That’s what I thought you had in mind Ed. You aren’t the first gringo to approach me like this, but I’ve never let a man suck my cock, at least not yet. But to tell you the truth I’m pretty horny right now and I’d like to fuck your white mouth and feed you my thick semen. So it won’t be enough for me to just show you my cock. You’ll also have to suck it for me all the way and swallow my cum. I don’t really understand how some of you older white guys can get so turned on by being submissive to Mexican men and their thick, brown cocks, but if that’s what you want then I’ll give it to you. We can go over to that portable toilet for some privacy and you can suck my cock right now if you want to. From what you’re saying, you’ll just love my thick, uncircumcised cock, and I can still shoot a big load of cum for you to swallow, even at my age.”

I was surprised that Manny agreed so quickly to let me suck him. Although I was very nervous at the thought of doing something like this for the first time, I also didn’t want to let the opportunity pass. So I responded, “Okay Manny, let’s go to that toilet and I’ll try to suck you. But please be patient with me on trying this for the first time.”

The portable toilet was only a few yards away, and I noticed that some of the other men were looking our way as we walked over to it and opened the door. I wasn’t sure how we would do this, but I could tell right away that a combination of the toilet seat being too high and Manny being short made it hard for me to suck him with me on the seat and him standing in front of me. It seemed to make more sense for me to sit on the floor in front of the seat while he sat down, even though the floor was filthy.

I stood a little to the side as Manny pulled down his work pants and piss-stained, tight, white underwear down to his boots. I couldn’t see his cock yet since his shirt was hanging down in the way. I sat on the floor and Manny spread his legs and swung one leg over my head and sat on the seat. In this position I was between his legs which were resting on either side of my shoulders and his bunched up pants were still around his ankles and resting on my back. So I was being sandwiched between his legs with a perfect view of his genitals.

It was amazing to me that a short guy like that could have such a big cock. He was still soft, but his thick, brown, foreskin-covered cock was hanging down about seven inches, and he had a huge set of egg-sized balls that were hanging down just as far in his hairy brown scrotum. He also had a strong, musky odor due to working all morning in the hot Phoenix sun, and judging from his stained underwear, probably some remnants of piss around his cock head under the foreskin. I was being held between his hairy, brown legs and the feeling of being captive and submissive to him was turning me on.

Then Manny looked down at me and smiled as he flexed his legs against my back to pull my body and face towards his cock. Then he said, “Okay gringo, you wanted to try sucking a big Mexican cock, and mine is ripe for your cunt mouth. So open your mouth and start sucking.”

I leaned forward and could just barely take the rubbery, thick head of his cock into my mouth. He had a tangy taste of probably piss remnants and precum that added to the nastiness of sucking his cock, and it started to harden as soon as he felt the wetness of my warm mouth close around his brown meat and start sucking. I was soon moving back and forth on six inches of his now-hard cock, and I’m guessing that his cock had to be at least nine inches long and almost six inches around. It was surprising to me that I was taking to being a cock sucker so easily, and I was just getting into a rhythm sucking him when he pushed my mouth off of him and said, “Not so fast gringo. If you keep that up I’ll cum in a few seconds. So get down there and suck my sweaty balls for a few minutes while my meat calms down a little.”

Manny held his hard cock out of the way as I moved down and sucked his hairy, pungent scrotum and one ball into my mouth. Then I alternated sucking his balls as he held my head in place and said, “That’s it gringo, clean my balls for me. My wife would hardly even suck my cock for me even when it was clean, and she and no one else ever got down there to suck my sweaty balls. And I can see by the way you’re sucking me that you are hungry for my brown balls. If I had known that some of you older white guys were so hungry for Mexican fuck meat and balls, I’d have let some of those guys suck me long before now. But we need to hurry up and finish since my lunch period is almost over. So get your cunt mouth back onto my cock so I can feed you my seed.”

Then Manny used his hands and his flexed legs to pull my mouth back onto his cock, and he held me in place as he started moving back and forth fucking my mouth. I really liked the rubbery feeling of his thick foreskin sliding back and forth and the prominent veins running all over the surface of his cock, and the aroma and taste of it all. He kept forcing more cock into my mouth on each stroke, and I was soon taking all of him in me and into my throat. It only took him a couple of more minutes to tense up, and he held me in place as his cock throbbed and pulsed, as his thick load of bitter cum sprayed into my mouth. He held me there smiling as he said, “That’s it gringo. This is your reward for giving me such a great suck job. So swallow as fast as you can and take all of my sperm into your belly. Oh fuck, this feels so great, and I’ll let you do this for me anytime you want.”

I just loved the taste of his cum and I kept nursing his softening cock to make sure that I got all of remaining sperm that was oozing out. As I continued sucking him I felt that my crotch was wet, and only then realized that I was so turned on sucking that thick, brown cock that I had ejaculated in my pants without even touching myself. Manny smiled down at me as I was sucking him and said, “Damn gringo, you are really hungry for my juice, but I think you have all of my cum now. But just keep sucking me and I have a surprise for you. I need to get rid of some of this beer, so keep swallowing.”

It took me a moment to comprehend that he was saying that he was going to piss in my mouth, and before I could say anything or pull away I felt the first spray of his pungent urine, which tasted salty and a little like beer. He held me firmly in place with his hands and legs as he laughed and continued to fill my mouth with his piss, and I was swallowing as fast as I could. The surprising thing was that rather than disgusting me, I really liked the feeling of his fluids shooting forcefully into my mouth, almost like a surrogate for the cum he had flooded me with a few minutes earlier. The piss finally stopped flowing and he looked down at me and said, “I can tell that you liked drinking my piss as much as you did my semen. You are one nasty gringo. As much as I’d like you to keep sucking for another cum load, I need to get back to work. So enjoy your last suck before I push you away.”

Manny swung his leg back over my head and stood up to pull up his underwear and pants, and then we stepped out of the toilet. Several of the other Mexican workmen were standing nearby and a collective cheer went up as they said, “Way to go Manny. We hope that gringo really enjoyed your cock and juices. We have plenty more for him if he wants it.”

I really had enjoyed everything about my first cock sucking experience with Manny, but it was embarrassing knowing that those other men knew what I had done. I decided that I needed to think about what I had done and decide if I wanted to suck some of those other men. So I started jogging towards the trail and was soon out of their sight. I sat on a bench and reached in my pants to scoop up some of my own cum and eat it. It was tasty but not nearly as good as taking a fresh load from a big, brown cock. And it was really hard for me to understand why I liked having him piss in my mouth. The best I could figure out was that I just liked the idea of any fluids shooting forcefully into my mouth for me to swallow. It didn’t take long for me to decide to go back for more of that Mexican cock. I ran back towards their work area, but I still didn’t know how I would get things started again.

I was almost back to the area where I had been with Manny and one of the other workers spoke to me as I passed by. He was a handsome guy who looked to be in his 30s and about 5’10” tall. He said, “Hey gringo, El Burro (I found out that was Manny’s nick name from having such a big cock on a small man) said that you enjoyed sucking his big cock and swallowing his cum and piss. If you want more, I and some of the other guys will be happy to help you out. My name is Diego, and we can go into that equipment trailer where we can take turns fucking your face. What do you say man, do you want some more brown cock and seed? And don’t be embarrassed man, a lot of horny old white guys like to suck Mexican cock.”

He knew my answer when I slowed to a stop and walked towards the trailer. I stepped inside and knew that they were anticipating my answer because a space toward the front had been cleared and they had some old equipment pads on the floor. Then Diego said, “Go ahead and lie down on the pads cock sucker. I’ll go first and then Tomas and Pablo will want their turns, and we might all go again, including El Burro, if you think you can handle it.”

I leaned back on the pad and watched while Diego removed his work boots, pants and underwear. Then he moved towards me with his big, brown, uncircumcised cock swinging between his legs. His meat was every bit as big as Manny’s and he also had huge, low-hanging balls that hung down as far as his cock. I then lay completely back as he stood over my chest, facing my head, and he knelt down over me pushing his big, sweaty balls into my face. He had a strong mucky odor from working in the heat all day, but I didn’t mind and I opened up my mouth to suck on his hairy, brown scrotum. Then he said, “That’s it cock sucker, clean my sweaty balls for me and warm up my cum for you to eat. Just keep sucking and I’ll give you another treat.”

Diego then shifted his weight forward and pressed his bulging perineum into my mouth. I sucked that for a few moments and then he shifted his crotch further forward and I found my face pressed into his sweaty ass, with my mouth covering his asshole. In all of my reading I had never fantasized about sucking a Mexican ass, but in the passion of the moment I licked and sucked his hairy ass crack and asshole. Then he said, “Aw shit, that’s it gringo. Clean my ass real good and I’ll let you suck my cock. That’s it, keep eating my Mexican ass.”

He sat on my face for several more minutes, shifting his weight as I alternated sucking his balls, perineum and ass. Then he pulled back a little and fell on top of me forcing his huge cock into my mouth. He didn’t sit back like Manny did at first, but instead started fucking my mouth like a cunt. At one point he wasn’t happy with the angle in my mouth because he couldn’t force himself into my throat, so he turned around in an almost 69 position and shoved his thick meat back into my mouth. His thick cock had a tangy taste from the precum, sweat, and probably some piss remnants. He continued to fuck my mouth in long, fast strokes, and when his cock was buried in my throat, his scrotum and balls would be smothering my face. At one point he slowed his stroking and said, “Hey you horny little cock sucker. You are enjoying this so much that I can see your little dick getting hard in your shorts. You must really like this brown meat if just sucking me gets you hard like that.”

Soon after his comments he quickened his strokes and then pulled back until the thick head of his cock was on my tongue, and he started pulsing and throbbing as he filled my mouth with his massive load of cum. He kept spewing his cum as he said, “Oh fuck gringo, you’ve got a mouth like a pussy, and you’re draining all of my sperm into your belly. It’s too bad you’re not a white bitch so I could be knocking you up with a brown baby. But now it’s time to clean my pipes, so keep sucking and swallowing as I wash down my cum with a little beer piss.”

I was pinned under Diego and completely at his mercy as I felt and tasted his strong stream of piss start flowing. He kept pissing and pissing and I was continually swallowing as he said, “Oh fuck gringo, I can feel your mouth and throat moving to swallow my nasty piss. So just keep swallowing. You might not have known that you would be a piss slut as well as a cum slut, but you sure seem to be enjoying it.”

His flow of piss finally stopped and Diego partially sat up over me with me still sucking his soft cock, and he just smiled down at me, undoubtedly enjoying me being sexually submissive to him as I continued to suckle his thick, tasty cock. Then he stood up and said, “Just stay where you are gringo. Tomas and Pablo will be with you in a few minutes, and you can enjoy their thick cocks too. It’s nice have a cock sucker like you to give us some relief today.”

When Diego stood up I could see those other two guys standing there with their boots, pants and underwear off and stroking their cocks. They were also uncircumcised with very long and thick foreskins and huge balls. Their cocks were a little shorter than Manny and Diego’s were, I’d say about eight inches, but they were even thicker. They knelt down on either side of my head and I alternated sucking and rubbing their cocks and balls until Tomas finally had enough and lay on top of me to fuck my face. This was the start of them taking turns fucking my face and feeding me their cum and piss. By the time they were finished with me Manny and Diego were in line again and I took care of them one more time.

By the time I left that day I had sucked each of those four guys twice, and had taken their huge loads of cum and piss. I was now a confirmed cock sucker and I just loved those thick Mexican cocks. I know that many Mexican men are circumcised, but it was my luck to find a group of men who were all uncut, with thick, rubbery, and tasty foreskins. This work crew was in our area for the next two weeks, and I was able to arrange my work schedule to be at home every other day. I sucked those four men and a couple of others at least twice on each of those days, and I even followed them to other areas in the city when I was able to get away.

Of all of those Mexican cocks I sucked, Manny’s was my favorite. There was just something about seeing a rather ordinary, older Mexican man with a big cock and set of balls like his. It was obscene to the point of being erotic, and I really enjoyed sucking him and taking his fluids.

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