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An Unexpected Friend

Friendship can lead to other things
For the last three years Sabrina had worked at the grocery store as a cashier… and since that fateful first day on the job the young buxom redhead had been unable to stop thinking about Jessica, the floor manager. Everyday the young redhead would pass by the manager's office, and every day the cashier caught herself glancing through the window to get a glimpse of Jessica. Actually her name was Miss Henderson as no one on staff would have dared to call the tall blonde middle age woman by her first name.

Miss Henderson was as strict as they came and never hesitated to call any employee into her office to reprimand them on their conduct or work efficiency. Many of the other cashiers often referred to the manager in private as a cold hearted bitch who had never felt love in her life. Sabrina always smiled and nodded as if she agreed with the statements but deep inside of her the young woman could not bring herself to look upon the tall blond with anything other than admiration… and lust.

The way the manager dressed had always been perfect and professional, but still her selection of delicate blouse and long skirt, of patterned stockings and stiletto heels always allowed for a hint of mystery that caused every man and a few women to stop and stare for a moment. There was something about Jessica, something that had captivated Sabrina from the very start, something that the young redhead knew she would never be able to explore or discover.

Sabrina's attention suddenly shifted away from her work and onto Anna, another cashier, who had just stormed out of Miss Henderson's office. "What's wrong?" the redhead asked as her friend rushed past.

"The bitch is in a real fowl mood today," Anna replied with a huff and scowl. "She heard about what Tom and I did in the stockroom and she fired me," the cashier quickly explained as she tried her best to hold back her tears. Instinctively Sabrina turned and offered a reassuring hug to her friend. "I bet she won't even fire him… she's likely have him do her in her office instead." The cashier's anger had been clear but after a few seconds it broke and gave way to full sobbing sadness. "Sabrina… what am I going to do? I can't be without a job and I certainly can't go back to my parents."

The young redhead offered a reassuring smile as she used a finger to dry her friend's tears. "Go home and let me see what I can do," Sabrina said only to realize too late what she had offered. Where did she get the idea that she would be able to speak to Miss Henderson and convince her to give Anna her job back?

Anna gave her friend a quick kiss on the cheek and quickly made her way out of the store without once looking back. Sabrina watched as her friend left and when Anna vanished from sight the young woman turned to look at the manager's office… her heart racing within her chest. The young woman had never truly spoken to the manager, so how she had placed herself in this position had been beyond the cashier's comprehension. With her luck Sabrina figured that she might end up losing her job as well after having confronted the manager.

"Sabrina!" Miss Henderson called out from the open doorway to her office, a hint of hanger having laced her voice, "my office… now!"

The young woman's palms instantly became sweaty and her heart raced even more than before. Why had she been called into the manager's office? Nervously Sabrina made her way to Miss Henderson's office, her throat having become dryer with each step taken.

"Come in," Jessica stated the moment the young woman appeared in the doorway, "and close the door."

Miss Henderson had her eyes on an open file on her desk the entire time Sabrina stood in front of her. The young woman tried to see what the manager had been reading but having been so nervous the redhead had barely been able to stand, let along focus on barely legible inverted printing.

"I will go straight to the point," Miss Henderson announced as she finally raised her gaze from the file and onto the nervous redhead who had not moved a muscle since her arrival. "I have here a complaint from a fellow coworker… for sexual harassment. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Sabrina's eyes opened to their widest in absolute disbelief. How could she have been accused of sexual harassment? Before the young woman could even begin to think about the accusation that had been made against her, Miss Henderson continued.

"According to this, you have engaged in some very suggestive flirting with a member of this staff," Jessica explained, her words having clearly been laced with dissatisfaction. "Based on what was reported to me, you continued this flirting even after he had asked you to stop."

The young woman raised a finger in an inquisitive manner which caused the manager to stop. After a few seconds Sabrina inquired, "did you say 'after *he* asked'?"

"Yes," the blonde manager dryly replied.

Sabrina immediately began to chuckle, a reaction that surprised Jessica and left her in a complete state of puzzlement. "Did I miss something?" The manager inquired in a angered tone, not at all having found the young woman's chuckle amusing.

"I'm sorry," the redhead quickly offered in an honest apologetic tone. "Whoever filed that complaint doesn't know me… I would never flirt with a guy."

"Is that so," Jessica countered with, the sound of her voice having left no doubt in the young woman's mind that the manager had not at all been convinced by her argument. "Let me guess… you are just not that type of girl?"

"Actually," Sabrina began as she tried to explain the exact reason why she would never have flirted as had been described. "I can and will flirt as much as any other person… but I would never flirt with a *guy*… that is just not the kind of action I am into."

The manager glared at the young woman for several seconds and eventually softened her stance as she came to understand the meaning of the words as they had been spoken by the young redhead. "You are placing me in a very difficult position," Jessica sighed. "Obviously you have been able to keep this little secret of yours hidden from everyone on staff, which also means that there is no way for me to confirm your claim. Added to this that the staff member who filed the complaint is well respected leaves me with a difficult choice. Either you are lying or he is."

Sabrina saw a golden opportunity… one that she could not step away from even if in the end it might leave the young woman jobless. The feelings the redhead had for her manager had built up over the years and now Sabrina had been placed in a situation where she had to prove to Jessica that her attraction had been towards the fairer sex.

The redhead began to move around Miss Henderson's desk as she undid the top button of her blouse. This left her cleavage exposed to the manager's scrutiny, Jessica's eyes having followed the young woman with a strange curiosity. Once around the desk Sabrina leaned forward and offered an even better view of her ample breasts before she tilted her head and brought her lips to grace those of the stunned manager.

The cashier had expected the kiss to be quick and offer the possibility that she had indeed told the truth… instead though the young redhead found that the manager had returned the kiss and even moved her hands to cup the cashier's breasts. Sabrina allowed a soft moan to escape as she felt Jessica's hands pressed against her curves, never having expected such a dreamy response. When the cashier pulled away from the kiss she noted a delighted smile had appeared on Jessica's lips.

"Close the blinds," the manager ordered. "You have a lot of work to do to fully convince me that what you are claiming is true."

Sabrina quickly complied and when she returned the young woman found the manager had stood from her chair and matched the number of undone buttons. Jessica reached for the redhead's face and gently pulled her in closer so that they could once again share a kiss… this one far more passionate than the previous.

Dreams and fantasies rushed into the young woman's head as the kiss lingered… never had Sabrina expected that her desires would be echoed in reality… never had the redhead dreamt that the manager would be so accepting of her lust. Several delightful minutes passed as the two women pressed their bodies against each other, their hands having set forth to explore the sensual curves of their partner. By the time Sabrina had realized the full extent of what had come to pass, the young woman's tongue had found its way onto Jessica's excited idol, the redhead's fingers having already been sent deep into the manager's forbidden temple.

Within only minutes Jessica's body was made to tremble as Sabrina's expert tongue brought the blonde to climax… an achievement that the redhead wasted no time to repeat until the manager could take no more. Gently Jessica brought the young woman's wet lips to her own and they shared a passionate kiss that sealed the deal for them both.

The next morning Tom stood outside of the store still trying to understand what had just happened. He thought his plan had been perfect… he would get both Anna and Sabrina fired and would be able to put in a good word for his sister and girlfriend so that they would be able to work with him. Instead he had been fired and Anna had seen her position reinstated while Sabrina had somehow managed to be promoted to Assistant Manager.

The young redhead walked past the puzzled young man and said nothing… the new Assistant Manager simply made her way into the store and vanished inside the Manager's office… likely to take care of whatever business the two women had planned for the day.
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