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Busted 3

More surprises in store for Leah...
In the months that followed mine and Carrie’s little ‘thing’ I suppose I was a little bit cold towards her. I felt disgusted with myself, not only for cheating on Jamie (with his SISTER) but for being with a woman! I had never, ever had a lesbian thought in my life – so why couldn’t I get Carrie out of my head every time I felt horny? I started avoiding her, and when we had to be in the same room I pretty much ignored her.

At first she seemed disappointed, maybe even hurt – but then her armour came back up and the Carrie I knew reappeared. The calculating looks came next, and then the sly smiles… alarm bells were already going off by this stage; I knew what that evil grin meant. She was up to something.

When she made no advance in her behaviour though, I began to relax. Jamie didn’t seem to notice anything unusual; he assumed I was just annoyed she was still living with us… Which I suppose in a way was part of the problem; I couldn’t relax with him and her together – not being able to know if Carrie would stay true to her word or spill the beans to her brother.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Carrie announced she was going to move in with a friend. She left the next day, and a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.

Jamie of course was delighted that she was gone, although he was too kind to show that to her face, we had a lot of catching up to do in the bedroom.

But the bubble was burst when Jamie was told by his Boss that he had to go to a conference halfway around the world. It was an honour to be selected to represent the company and I of course was happy for him – but it left me alone for a week.

“I’ll be back before you know it,” he said for the hundredth time. I kissed him goodbye and he stepped into the cab. Then he was gone. And I was alone.


Carrie was sat sprawled on her roommate’s sofa, thinking hard. An idea had began to eat away at her, an idea that had caused her to move in with Alexa in the first place.

Alexa and Carrie had been friends for years – and had been fucking for years too. Both were bi, both had dirty fantasies when it came to sex – making them perfectly compatible. Carrie had only prolonged coming here to annoy Jamie and Leah.

“What’s on your brain?” asked Alexa, walking in with two glasses of wine. She was exotic and beautiful, with tanned skin, big green eyes and waves of beautiful raven-black hair. Her legs seemed to stretch on forever, and her breasts were tempting C cups.

Carrie flashed her a grin and took a glass. Alexa sat next to her, propping her feet up on the coffee table.

“The usual filth,” she flirted, turning to kiss her friend.

They shared a familiar, passionate make out session before Carrie stopped.

“It’s something I really want to… share with you.”

Alexa became intrigued.

“Ooh, I like the sound of this,” she said excitedly, “Tell me!”

“Better yet… I’ll show you,” replied Carrie, jumping up and bringing her laptop over to where they sat on the sofa.

She opened up some files and found the video she wanted. She’d seen it so many times – and cummed by just watching it! It was her porno movie she’d made with Leah. She opened it up and watched Alexa watch the movie.

“My, my, you have been busy!” said Alexa, “Mm, I love the new sub – who is she?”

“You’ll never believe me!” giggled Carrie, as she turned back to watch the screen - where Leah was lapping up water from the floor of her kitchen.

“Don’t be such a whore – I want to know who you’ve had the pleasure of pleasuring,” smiled Alexa.

“It’s Jamie’s girlfriend, Leah.”

“No way!” gasped Alexa, “You’ve told me about her, haven’t you? You finally got your wicked way with her then I see…”

“Uh huh, worth it too – the slut loved it!”

“So what’s you’re idea?” asked Alexa, getting turned on by the sight of Leah’s bald pussy. The camera zoomed out and Alexa got a better look at the girl, she was sexy, with short brown hair, big, innocent brown eyes and the most luscious pair of breasts she had ever seen.

“You’re going to love it!” said Carrie, sliding off the sofa and between Alexa’s knees. She lifted up her skirt and wasn’t surprised to see Alexa’s shaven pussy – dripping wet. While Alexa continued to watch Carrie licking out Leah on the laptop, Carrie began to lick Alexa out right then and there.

“Just answer me one thing” said Alexa breathlessly, pushing the laptop aside. Carrie paused to look up.

“Does your plan involve me fucking this hot slut?” winked Alexa.

“If everything goes smoothly, then yes,” Carrie grinned back, before turning her attention back to sucking on Alexa’s swollen clit.


Two days in, I was bored as hell. After watching several crappy DVDs, eating a lot of chocolate, drinking a lot of wine and soaking in bubble baths I was running out of ways to spend my days. It was summer and so I had three weeks off work, I couldn’t believe I was wasting one of them without Jamie!

I was lying on the sofa, checking my Facebook, when I got a message from Carrie. Ignoring the way my heartbeat accelerated and I became very aware that I had been doing something entirely different on this sofa with her, I opened it up.

There was no message – only a link to a dodgy looking website. Curious and slightly nervous I opened it up. After taking a few minutes to load, my screen was suddenly full of naked women. A heading at the top told me that this was a lesbian porn site and I was given a choice of videos to click on.

I noticed that all of the titles were very similar, all describing dirty scenes with blondes or brunettes but my eyes were suddenly fixed on one particular heading that came right under the ‘New Updates’ section.

“Reluctant Brunette get’s it like a dog.”

My heart pumping loudly in my ears I clicked on the title, and suddenly my own voice came from the speaker set.

“I’m Carrie’s slutty bitch.”

Blushing even though I was the only one in the room, I continued to watch the porn video Carrie had made of us two. I turned it off when I started screaming that I was cumming. I was mortified!

But strangely turned on… my hand had somehow found its way to my crotch and I was rubbing my damp pussy.

But no! This was too far, how could she put this on the internet?! I grabbed my phone from the side and found her number.

“Hello stranger,” Carrie greeted breezily from the receiving end.

“What the fuck are you playing at?” I screamed down the phone. There was a pause – was that muffled laughter I heard in the background?

“Ah, so you’ve seen the video? Pretty hot don’t you think?” teased Carrie.

“This is so out of order! I can’t believe you’ve done this. You better take that off right now.”

“Or what?” she taunted. She laughed at my stunted silence.

“I tell you what Leah; I’ll make you a deal –”

“No way!” I interrupted, “No more ‘deals’ between us.”

“That’s a shame… imagine if Jamie got the same link you just did?”

I clenched my teeth and controlled the urge to throw my phone across the room. This bitch was good.

“I’m listening,” I said- teeth still grinding together.

“Well I enjoyed our last little deal so much that I thought it would be selfish of me not to share you… We can swing by if you want – sort things out”

I froze. This was way too far; it was getting out of hand! But then again… I was bored, and after watching the movie I was also strangely horny too.

“And this is the end?” I asked bluntly.

“Sure – whatever you want,” said Carrie and it sounded as though she was holding her breath in excitement.

“You really leave me no other choice,” I said, not wanting to think too much about what I had just agreed to.

“Excellent!” she hissed, “We’ll be over in half an hour.”

I sighed when she hung up. This was so messed up but a little voice in my head stopped me. There was nothing I could do about it now – I might as well enjoy it…


Thirty minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I swallowed the last of my wine and went to let Carrie in. She was dressed in a leather dominatrix outfit, and accompanied by a beautiful woman who wore a similar garment and was carrying an ominous black rucksack.

“Hello slut!” Carrie said, striding in confidently, beckoning for the other woman to follow, “This is Alexa.” I tried to smile at Alexa but I was too busy glaring at Carrie who sprawled on the sofa in almost the exact same place she had done weeks before. Alexa sat beside her, raking me over with her startling green eyes. She really was something special…

“Lose the clothes,” Carrie said, turning to Alexa as if I wasn’t there, “She really does have the nicest tits. Oh and her ass - gorgeous.”

They laughed and I felt my cheeks go pink.

“Oh come on Leah, don’t make me wait. We’ve both seen you naked.”

I flushed even redder as I realised Alexa must have seen the video, and then slowly began to peel off the clothing I was wearing.

“Mm, she’s hotter in real life,” said Alexa.

“Come on bitch, get on your knees and come over here. You know how it goes…” sighed Carrie.

Feeling more self conscious with a total stranger watching me, I sank to my knees and crawled to where they sat.

“Good bitch,” said Carrie, “Do what you want with her Alex, she’s yours too.”

Hearing them talk about me like I was property was surprisingly a turn on. I felt a little embarrassed though as Alexa began stroking my nipples, pinching them to make them hard.

“She can take it rough, babe, don’t hold back,” murmured Carrie, pulling out the clamps from her bag. “You can do the honour.” Alexa seemed to take great relish in clamping my nipples; she made sure they were nice and tight.

Carrie moved her hand down to cup my pussy.

“See – look how much she’s enjoying this,” she said, holding up her soaking hand to Alexa.

“You are a horny bitch aren’t you?” teased Alexa, as I licked Carrie’s hand clean. “Mm, I gotta taste her, Carrie.”

I froze as Alexa bent forward to kiss me, her foreign tongue flicking over mine and around my mouth.

“Taste’s sweet,” she commented, stroking a lip with her thumb. My pussy was practically flooding now – this was so dirty, but so good.

“Taste her pussy, Alex,” encouraged Carrie. I was told to sit on the coffee table, so I did as I was told. Alexa knelt between my thighs and Carrie tied my ankles to the table so that they were held open and exposed.

Alexa gazed into my eyes as she slid one finger into my pussy.

“You’re so wet for me, slut,” she commented, running the soaking finger over my lips again. Unable to move, and not wanting to either, all I could do was watch as Alexa began to lap at my pussy.

She was clearly no beginner - her expert tongue flicked in between my lips and darted into my hole, she then travelled up to suck on my clit, making me moan and writhe. I felt Carrie behind me and she began to pull and play with the chain connecting the two nipple clamps.

Then I was being pulled gentley backwards so that I was lying flat on the coffee table - my legs still wide open and tied to it. I got a gorgeous view of Carrie standing over me - she hadn't undressed but the leather outfit she wore was crotchless - so her bald pussy was dripping directly above me.
"Does the slut want another taste?" she teased, lowering herself down so that she was grinding wet sex all over my face.

Between my legs, Alexa picked up the pace using her teeth to gentley bite my sensitive clit. I opened my mouth to moan loudly but it became muffled as Carrie filled my mouth with her pussy. Instinctively, I probed her with my tongue, lapping her cunt juices as Alexa did the same to me.

Soon I felt a wave of orgasm roll over me and I screamed into Carrie's soaking pussy as Alexa inserted two of her long fingers into my pussy hole. Sucking hard on Carrie's clit I brought her to orgasm too - and she actually squirted all over my face. I collapsed back against the coffee table as Alexa and Carrie shared a kiss above me.
"Mm, you taste just like her sweet pussy," crooned Carrie, "Look at her face."
"Oh you naughty girl, Carrie, you've made such a mess - we better clear it up," replied Alexa.

They bent over my and begin licking my face in such an erotic way I actually arched my back. Amused by my reaction, Carrie began twisting my nipples with her fingertips and Alexa kissed me again. I could taste myself on her tongue - and she was tasting Carrie on mine. The whole thing was so dirty and slutty that I felt like a pornstar. I thought of the video online and instantly found myself getting horny once more.

"Mmm, Carrie - her tongue feels so nice and wet. You've had you're go... it's mine now." again, Alexa was talking about me as if I was an inanimate object.
"I did say I would share her didn't I..." smiled Carrie and she undid my ankles.

Sharing a knowing look - Alexa and Carrie blindfolded me. I was told to get on my hands and knees and stick my ass in the air like the bitch I was. I obeyed, feeling Alexa's saliva and my own pussy juices running down my open thighs as I waited on the carpet.

Alexa was suddenly infront of me, playing with my hanging tits.
"Such pretty titties," she cooed, "But they look a bit pale... let's bring some colour to them."
Before I could wonder what she meant, a sharp stinging slap of leather hit my right nipple. I cried out in pain and shock, but the two girls only laughed.
"Good slut - now say thank you," said Alexa, slapping my other nipple.
"Ah! Thank you," I cried.
"Very good, if you keep this up - you might even get a reward!"

I took another five blows to the tits, still on all fours on the floor. After I'd thanked her Alexa seemed proud of her work and took my stinging nipples into her mouth one at a time. I began to moan again not in pain this time, but serious pleasure. Alexa positioned herself infront of me and then my head was guided down to her pussy. My ass stuck up high in the air as I leant my upper body forward to reach Alexa's pussy. I could smell her musky arousal and I stuck my tongue out tentatively, still blinded by the blindfold.

Alexa's moans of pleasure filled the air as I found her wet hole. I teased her swollen lips and flicked her hard clit. She pulled on my hair, guiding me.
"Oh fuck she's good," she moaned. I was really getting into things when I felt a hand begin to stroke my clit from behind. I moaned out, and licked Alexa's clit at the same time.
"You liked being fucked like a dog didn't you, slut?" I heard Carrie say from behind.
"Yes Mistress," I panted, breaking away from Alexa's hot pussy. She moaned and pushed me forward into her clit again.

"Do you think she's deserved it?" Carrie asked Alexa. I sucked on the girl's clit hard and she screamed back her reply.

Carrie's reply was to slide a hard dildo over the lips of my soaking pussy. I thrust my hips back in a vain effort to force the fake cock into my aching pussy. Carrie let the dildo stroke over my hard little nub of a clit, slide through my lips but never actually penetrate my pussy. In frustration I buried two of my fingers into Alexa's twitching pussy and pumped her hard.
"Ah fuck!" Alexa was screaming now.

Suddenly my entire pussy was full of plastic cock. I screamed out in delight and added another finger to Alexa's pussy, grinding my tongue over her engorged clit. I carried on this brutal fucking whilst Carrie thrust into me. I pushed back to meet her hips with every thrust feeling my needs being quenched.

Alexa suddenly emptied her hot cum into my mouth, moaning loudly as she did so. I swallowed her sweet pussy juices, lapping up every drop I could. Suddenly she was gone though. I didn't care - I straightened my arms and thrust back harder into Carrie's dildo, screaming like a pornstar.

A hot tongue began to lick my clit, and I realised Alexa must have crawled underneath me. I cried out louder, feeling the massive orgasm come to it's brink. With Carrie's forceful fucking and Alexa's skilled tongue I began to have the biggest orgasm of my life.

Afterwards I lay twitching on the floor.

"So you think that was good?" Carrie asked Alexa.
"Sure it was good - but we're not done yet - no way..."
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