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Cruise - Chapter 2

The further adventures and a little surprise

 Jessica got to her room and reviewed it in her mind again.  Oh my god, she had made love to another person -- and it was a woman!  She still felt a little shaky, but every sense was on fire.  Was she a lesbian?  Jessica didn't know and didn't really care.  She knew she loved the experience and wanted to do it again.

The young girl quickly looked into the small closet and pulled out the new peach dress she'd bought for the trip.  It was lightweight and buttoned up the front, a little old fashioned but she felt it showed off her small waist and made her look bigger than she was up top.  Jessica picked up her bag and headed to her parents' suite.

Jessica knocked and her mother opened the door.  Sheila was dressed in a simple black dress with a silver locket and matching bracelet.  As Jessica walked in, her mom gave her a quick look over, which Jessica was obviously used to receiving.  Her father winked at her as her mom finished her inspection.

“You look a little flushed.  Do you need a Dramamine?” her mother asked.

“No mom, I feel great.”

“If you need any, I have them right here.”

Bob stood up and squeezed between them, saying, “I'm getting hungry here and I have two pretty girls to take to dinner.  Shall we go?”

The family worked their way up to the dining deck and were eventually seated at a large table.  They were the first ones there and  five other seats open. The waiter was quick to get over and take their drinks order, Jessica having a soda and her parents' martinis.  In the next few minutes, a young couple was seated with them and a family with a young boy.  They all introduced themselves and everyone said where they lived. 

All the while, Jessica was keeping her eyes open for her new friend, but she didn't see her.  Her mom could tell she was distracted and was curious.  Sheila looked around the dining room, automatically checking the dress of the women while she kept her eye out for what she suspected was a cute boy.  There didn't seem to be a lot of families on board, at least not of the right age.

Dinner didn't seem to go fast enough for Jessica; she kept checking out out her watch.  Sheila looked at her and said, “Looking for someone, baby?”

“Oh sorry, mom.  I did meet someone up on deck, but I don't see her.”

Sheila felt relieved. “I think it would be nice to meet her.”

Jessica quickly put it together and smirked a little. “Oh mom, did you think I'd already met some guy?”

“I don't know what you are talking about,” Sheila said innocently.

“Want some dessert, girls?” Bob interjected. 

“You have some, dear.  I don't need any dessert,” Sheila said.

“I think you can have a dessert.  I tell you what, let's share a Cherries Jubilee,” coaxed Bob.

“That sounds really good, Dad.”

Sheila nodded her acceptance and Bob flagged down the waiter to order the dessert.  When Sheila complained about the calories, Bob leaned over and whispered in her ear.  Jessica rolled her eyes at them as her mom giggled at the obviously dirty suggestion. 

Sheila turned to her daughter and said, “There's supposed to be a teen club here.  Why don't you go check it out?”

Jessica feigned reluctant acceptance of the suggestion, “Really mom!  With chaperones and everything?  I'll go but leave me the DVD player in case I get bored and go back to my cabin early.”

When her parents headed for their cabin, Jessica wandered around the stores, window shopping and people watching.  She stopped at the clothing store, idly leafing through the size twos and pulled out a red dress with an exotic neckline.  Taking it into the dressing room, she tried it on, but it didn't really work with the bra she was wearing.  Sliding it down, she removed her plain white bra and slid the red dress back up to see how it looked. 

In the mirror, Jessica saw the girl she would be in a couple of years, ready to go out clubbing with her friends.  All she needed was an ID card.  She let that thought slide to the back of her mind, leaving it to percolate there for a while.  First, she would need to talk Dad into buying the dress for her. Jessica looked at the tag attached to the sleeve.  It was much more than she could afford.

“Nice dress, sweetie.”

Jessica jumped about a foot, turned and saw a tall woman with salt and pepper hair wearing black leather pants and a red top, looking at her admiringly.  Jessica flushed slightly and said, “Sorry, I didn't see you standing there.”

“I hope I didn't startle you too much,” said the older woman.  “You may call me Ms. Veronica.  I wasn't sure if you were one of my girls until I got up close, but I see that you are.”

Jessica stuttered, “I... I... I don't know what you mean.”

Veronica moved close to the teen, put fingers on the girl's chin and replied, “You know.  You may not be ready to admit it yet, but you certainly know.”  She leaned slightly forward and softly kissed the girl. “I look forward to seeing you again.”

Jessica just stood there feeling the kiss and watched the superb sway of the woman as she walked away in awe.  She suddenly realized where she was, looked around quickly to see if anyone was looking, saw the clerk pointedly looking away and dived into the dressing room to catch her breath and change.

Jessica slipped her peach dress back on, returned the red dress to the clerk and left the store.  She headed for the top deck where the club was located, peeking in the door before following a couple into the room.   It was hard to see at first, but when Jessica's sight adjusted to the dim light, she could see several couples on the right side of the room, a couple of single men at the bar, and a group of women sitting together at several tables to the back and rear.  She saw a hand waving her over and, when she got closer, she could see it was Sandra, sitting next to her friend Mary.  Sandra stood and gave Jessica a hug. 

“Hi, baby girl, I am so glad you could make it.  Do you want a Mai Tai?” asked the blonde woman.  Sandra was already waving at the waitress, pointing at her glass and ordering a round of drinks. 

While they were waiting for their order, they watched a few couples get on the dance floor to the 80s oldies that seemed to be the theme of the club.  When the waitress came back, Sandra took Jessica out to the dance floor while Mary signed for the drinks.  There were several other women on the dance floor, which was slowly beginning to fill up. 

Sandra slid over closer to Jessica and asked, “Are you having a good time?”

“I am,” Jessica half yelled, still dancing.  She looked around the dance floor and said, “Is this some kind of meeting thing?”

“A little later, hon.  You don't have to come if you don't want to, but you might find it interesting,” Sandra said smiling.  She took Jessica's hand and led her back to the table.  Sandra pulled up her chair next to Jessica so they could talk without shouting.  She drew out the life story of the young girl while they sipped on the Mai Tai's. 

Jessica slowly got used to being surrounded by the women and felt more comfortable by the moment.  She told a story about skinny dipping with her friends over the summer and they all laughed.  She then turned to Mary, who'd slid next to her on the other side, and asked, “How did you all meet?” 

Mary winked at Sandra and said, “We met at a club in the Village.  She was drinking those ghastly White Russian's.  I took her out to dance, and we were lovers for a time, and friends for life.  We were too much alike to stay together forever, but we still like to share things.  And it's wonderful to have a good friend to share the cost of a room.”

Laughing at that, the three of them worked their way out to the dance floor.


Sheila crawled out of bed and looked at her sleeping husband.  She felt vaguely unsatisfied, not that he'd done anything wrong, but she just hadn't cum -- again.  She didn't know what was wrong, but she was restless.   She took a quick shower, but the water was only lukewarm.  Deciding to take a walk, she put her dress and panties back on, not bothering with a bra. 

Sheila walked slowly around the deck, went into a bar and got a brandy.  She thought about checking in on her daughter but decided that would not be a good idea.  She finished the brandy and stopped at another bar for a second.  She could feel the alcohol relaxing her: one more and she could try to sleep. 


Sheila turned toward the low, sultry voice and looked at the woman. “Hi. Excuse me, was I in your way?”

“No, not in my way at all.  The bartender isn't too fast, but I think I have him trained now.  I am Donna,... do you want a drink?”

“I'm Sheila... a brandy, thanks.”

Donna was in her late thirties or early forties, slim with dark hair and dark grey eyes, which were appraising the other woman.  Without taking her eyes from Sheila, she flagged the bartender and ordered drinks for them both.  Donna insisted on buying the drinks and invited Sheila over to her table.

“I noticed you walking around the deck.  Just getting some air?  Or thinking about something?” inquired Donna.

“Oh, it's nothing,” said Sheila.

Donna smiled at her and said, “Sometimes, it helps to talk about it.  Let me guess.  Does it have something to do with your husband?”

"Is it that obvious?”

“I was married too.  Since you are on a cruise, I assume the problem's not money, so it's probably sex.” 

Sheila felt the need to unburden herself and said, “It's just me.  I don't seem to have as much fun as I used to with him, but he hasn't changed.”

Donna reassured her, “We all have changing needs.  It's okay to have those; just need to find a way to get them satisfied.”

They talked for another half hour and two more drinks, getting more open and explicit about their experiences, and lowering their voices so the conversation didn't carry beyond their table. 

“I think I may know just what you need,” said Donna.

“What's that?” 

“I have a little box of friends that work for me when I have an unsatisfied itch.  Come with me and I will show you,” Donna said, rising and helping Sheila to her feet.

Sheila laughed and said, almost defiantly, “Alright, I will!”

Donna took her by the arm and they leaned on each other as they took a nearby elevator down to Level Nine.  Sheila sat on the bed while Donna opened a large makeup case, removed the top shelf and tipped out a few toys.  Sheila shivered looking at the assortment of dildos and vibrators until her eyes were drawn to a large black strap-on that was obscenely facing her on the bed.

Donna saw where Sheila was looking, picked it up and brought it close to her. “Touch it,” she said.

Sheila slowly reached for it, eyes opening wide while closing a hand around the large black head and rubbing it.  She rubbed it up and down, her imagination running wild with the thought of something that big inside her.  Donna moved closer, holding it for Sheila, and as her mouth opened, she slid it to her lips. Sheila moaned and opened wider, cramming it into her mouth.  Donna slid her free hand up Sheila's thigh, feeling her drenched panties.

Sheila hardly hesitated as the other woman slid a finger inside the nylon barrier and deep into her.  Her hand still on the black cock, she gripped it tightly as she leaned back.  Donna kept fingering her while tugging off Sheila's black dress and panties.  Her finger rubbed Sheila's g-spot, giving her waves of pleasure.  Sheila was panting, leaning her head back and letting her hair fall back onto the bed.  She felt the wave rising and screamed as it hit her, gasping for another breath as a second one immediately followed.  She shuddered and collapsed trying to catch her breath, looking through half-shut eyelids as Donna pulled off her clothes and stepped into the strap-on and tightened it.


Mary unlocked the door to the cabin and let Jessica and Sandra enter ahead of her.  Music came from the overhead speakers, and Sandra pulled Jessica over to the bed and started kissing her.  Mary slid in behind them, pulling off her blouse and throwing it into a corner. 

Mary slid up the girl's peach dress and pulled it off her when Sandra ended the kiss.  Jessica turned her head and accepted the kiss of the other woman, tasting the differences in the feel of their lips, and the way they kissed.  As they were kissing, Jessica ran her hands over Mary's bra, feeling how much bigger she was than Sandra.  They took turns kissing and touching, taking their time with removing each article of clothing. 

This time, there was no sense of rushing but, eventually, all three were naked, laying together, with Jessica in the center.  Jessica was fascinated by the darker woman's larger breasts and Mary loved letting her suckle them.  Sandra smiled and slid down to lick the young girl from behind, and everyone was enjoying the sensations and in no rush to cum. 

As they were playing, the trio became aware of a muffled sound from the cabin next to them.  Jessica smiled as she recognized the sounds as another woman's loud shriek. 

Sandra reached up and turned the radio down, hoping to hear more clearly, but the sound was still muffled and hard to understand.  When Sandra turned back, she saw Mary had taken her place with her tongue inside the young girl.  Sandra lay back in the corner and Jessica turned over, facing between her legs.  She could see how wet her new friend was and leaned forward to taste her first pussy.  Jessica wasn't sure how hard to go -- so she was driving Sandra crazy with her teasing tongue. Eventually, she got her tongue inside, licking and finding a rhythm that made the woman moan with pleasure. 

Jessica was trying hard to maintain her rhythm, but with the noises next door and Mary licking her from behind, and Sandra gripping her hair and pulling her tight, she was having a hard time.  There was banging on the wall on their side of the room, and they naturally fell into the rhythm of the room next door. 

Jessica could feel her lips spread wide with the tongue of the woman behind her and gasped as that tongue slid out of her pussy and up to her puckered rear hole.  Mary licked her opening, and Jessica dove into Sandra's pussy twice as fast.  Sandra was banging her hand on the wall in time to the banging she was getting, and the other room's pace picked up to match. 

In some part of her mind, Jessica could hear that noise and, as the woman in the other room screamed, it set Jessica and Sandra off almost simultaneously.  Jessica felt her head pounding as she came with Mary's tongue buried deep in her ass.

The three women collapsed, sprawling all over the bed, looked at each other, and laughed loudly. 

“Oh my god,” said the teen. “That was crazy.  I wish I could just stay here but my mom will have an attack if I'm not back soon.”

Mary smiled and said, “Let me help you get cleaned up.  We still have a few days left on this cruise.  We'e going to visit town tomorrow on an excursion.  Would you like to join us?”

Jessica slid her dress back on, hugged Mary and said, “I'll talk to my mom about it.  If she knows I'm with two adults, she'll probably be okay.”

Both women kissed the girl goodnight and let her out of the door.  When Jessica turned to her left, she watched the door of the next cabin open and she gasped, “Mom!”









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