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Dinner at the Athelstan - Part 3

I re-visit Judith
The envelope Judith had given me contained £500 for me and £200 for Sam and that was a first. Sam was delighted. When you consider that was merely a gift and not our fee we were particularly pleased and resolved to have a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

The following day I went shopping for food and wine while Sam escorted another of the agency whores during the morning. I intended to make her a decent meal for us to share with our bubbles but it was not to be. She came round to my flat (we sometimes lived together but had resolved not to all the time) and looked stunning. She was wearing a dark blue skirt, which was unusual for her, and a black, almost transparent blouse and her nipples were showing beautifully under it. I had decided to wear a dress with nothing under it just in case she was in an urgent mood. It was obvious she wasn’t ‘tooled up’ as she called it but I sensed a gleam in her eye and knew something was up when unceremoniously she bent me face down over the back of a chair and lifted my dress. I felt a slippery finger lubricate my dark star and then the intrusion of her favourite plug which she inserted deliciously slowly. Then she slapped my arse really hard. She had barely said a word up to this point.

‘Why don’t you answer your ‘phone?’

‘I didn’t know you’d called.’

‘I didn’t – it was the agency – Judith wants to see you this evening.’ I cursed. Although I like earning I had really wanted to spend this evening with Sam. She told me to get showered and dressed and not take too long about it. I did the necessary and as I was drying off she came into the bedroom and started selecting my clothes for the evening. Suddenly she stopped.

‘When did you take it out?’

‘I assumed I should. I left it in the bathroom.’ She told me to fetch it. I washed it and brought it back to the bedroom. She took it and told me to get dressed. Tan stockings, a white suspender belt and a cream linen dress were all she had laid out for me so it didn’t take long. I watched her as she re-lubed the plug. It is a stainless steel one, heavy and with a jewelled base, a long, thin stem and a heavy head. When I was ready she told me to bend again and in it went.

‘It’s a surprise for her. I decided it would be a thank you for the tip. Now, get down to the car.’ She kissed me and I held her for a few minutes.

We left and drove straight to the Athelstan. She didn’t come in with me but told me to go straight to Judith’s suite. I entered the sumptuous lobby, my heels clicking on the stone-flagged floor, found the lifts and went straight up. I rang the bell at her door and she called to me to come in. I entered the room and it was empty. I called out and she replied, ‘Lock the door then stay where you are.’ I locked it and stood, bag in hand, waiting for her. She came through the door and I am sure I gasped. She was wearing a long gown of black silk which had obviously been made specially. It was two sash-like bands covering her breasts in a V shape which were clearly looped behind her neck. They joined at a point just below her navel and the long full skirt draped away from a wide waistband but was completely open. It was like a part-open theatre curtain. The fabric was heavy and glistened in the soft light. She turned away from me and I saw it was completely backless and that the rear of the skirt was also open in the same way. Her pussy and arse were completely naked and visible.

‘I had it made by a dressmaker here in London. I can wear pants under it and make it and evening gown or, well, I can go like this.’

‘It’s stunning.’

‘Thank you, my dear. There is a drawer in that table. Open it.’ I opened it and there was a dark blue feeldoe lying in it. ‘Have you ever had one of those?’ I said I had not. ‘Well, you’re going to tonight. Then you take it home for that gorgeous girlfriend of yours.’

“We were both very grateful for your gift, Miss.’ She made a dismissive gesture and told me to pour wine from the bottle in the ice bucket. I did so and took a glass to her. She told me I could have one as well so I did. She picked up a large bag from the floor and placed it on a table. From within she took a ball gag, some clamps, a long, thin cane and some cuffs. She looked at me, her eyes gleaming.

‘Come here.’ I went close to her and watched as she rubbed the ball of the gag on her pussy then fed it to me, fixing the buckle firmly under my hair. She walked around me, touching me on my breasts, my face and my back. She unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of me and took the clamps, sucking each nipple hard before fixing a clamp to it. I gasped as they bit. ‘Tight aren’t they?’ I nodded and she smiled wickedly. She put a cuff at each wrist and ankle and stood back to admire her work. ‘Excellent.’ She lifted the slender cane and touched it to her mouth, then tapped a chair with it. I understood and bent over it. That was when she noticed the gem between my buttocks. ‘Oh, my.’ I said, as best as I could, that it was a present from Sam and I think she understood.

She came to stand in front of me and I noticed she had a slim, red ribbon in her hand. She tied it to the chain between the clamps and then tied the other end to a part of the chair, pulling the chain, and consequently the clamps tight. I understood. If I reared up when she used her cane or any other device the ribbon would pull the clamps still tighter. Bent as I was I could only see up to her waist and I watched as she slowly slipped a finger into her pussy and worked it slowly in and out. She squatted to look into my eyes and she must have seen arousal and fear.

‘Oh, baby,’ she said with a grin. ‘You totally get this don’t you?’ I nodded. I didn’t much like it but I certainly got it. She propped the cane so its handle was almost touching my face then stood and I could see her feet in spiky heeled shoes as she walked away from me. I craned to see where she was going but lifting my head stretched my nipples too painfully. She clicked her way away from me then I saw her heels returning and she squatted again, her legs spread wide. The feeldoe was in her hand and she slowly worked the nob of it into her pussy, her large clitoris poking out as it had the other evening from between her labia. She took her time, her eyes locked on mine as she did it. When it was securely installed she rubbed it lasciviously like a man wanking (or so I believe!) and then stood. She came behind me and tapped the jewel between my buttocks. ‘We’ll leave that little darling where it is. It looks so pretty there. Your Sam has wonderful taste.’ She touched the tip of the cock to my lips which were wet despite my fear. ‘She seems good and ready for Auntie Judith, don’t you think?’ Slowly, so slowly, she pushed and the head of the feeldoe entered me. I gasped, not at its size which was slender and comfortable, but at the intrusion, the way the dildo worked with the plug to arouse me. She began to rock her hips back and forth and the sensations all through my body were delicious. To my astonishment she started talking but not to me.

‘Hi, Sam.’ She was obviously on her mobile. ‘She’s fine. I just wanted to thank you for your present. It looks so beautiful, especially the way she’s showing it off to me right now.’ There was a pause. ‘Look, Sam, why don’t you come and join us? I know she’d feel better with you here and I’d sure enjoy your company.’

She continued rocking all through the conversation and I dared not arch my back as I desperately wanted to for fear of pulling my nipples off. She clearly turned the ‘phone off and her pace increased and I became lost on the pleasure of her fucking me and her hands caressing my body as she did so. The doorbell rang and she pulled out of me and I could see her legs as she walked casually to the door and opened it. I recognised Sam’s shoes and the hem of her skirt and realised why she had dressed as she had. ‘So glad you could join us, Sam.’ I heard them kiss.

Sam said, ‘She looks lovely like that.’

‘I thought so.' They came and squatted in front of me side by side. The dildo poked out lewdly from between the theatre curtains of Judith’s dress and I watched as Sam’s hand caressed it. They were both smiling and I realised all this was a set up. I saw them kiss again, Sam’s hand sliding under the black sash to cup Judith’s breast. Now this may seem curious to you but although I realised I was in for an evening of torment, Sam’s presence gave me massive reassurance. I was confident of her love for me and knew no matter what happened she’d take care of me. Sam moved the cane from in front of my face and she licked the ball in my mouth and whispered, ‘You look divine.’ They both stood. Judith moved behind me and entered me again. Sam stood in front of me and lifted her skirt over my head and pressed her naked pussy to my nose and ground herself against it. I knew they were kissing and touching each other as well as occasionally touching my bare back and buttocks and the arousal welled up in me. I started to moan, increasingly loudly and I heard Judith say, ‘I hope she doesn’t cum until we say she can, don’t you?’ It’s fair to say that a whore can control her orgasms in normal circumstances and had we been alone, Judith and I, I’d have had less of a problem. But the presence of Sam, my Mistress and lover, completely changed the situation. For a start, she knew my weaknesses and I knew she was exploiting them with her plug that always fired me up. Her pussy grinding on my nose and didn’t help either, nor did the combination of their hands on my flesh. I felt myself losing control. I pushed my nose into Sam as a warning but she seemed only to enjoy it the more. I grunted something that was meant to be ‘Please,’ but was ignored. A girl can only cope with so much. The pace of Judith’s thrusts increased gradually and Sam’s pussy worked faster on my nose. I knew she was close to orgasm and if she went over the top I knew I would too. I heard her tell Judith she was on the edge and Judith said, ‘Let it go, baby, god but you taste good.’ Oh God, how I tried not to. I bit the drool-covered ball and squeezed my hands so my nails pressed into my palms but to no avail. Sam’s orgasm came as it often does, preceded by a sort of low grumble in her chest, her legs bent a little so her pussy slid down over my nose, her hands pressed into my back and then, she pushed herself hard against me and her wet ran over my face mingling with my drool. I came then, spontaneously and noisily. My back arched and my nipples caught fire as the clamps tightened. I felt hot wet fluid running down the back of my legs and didn’t know if it was mine or Judith’s nor did I care. I screamed into Sam’s pussy. I heard Judith start to keen then and her thrusts became furious as she brought herself to a similar conclusion. Peace reined for a few moments.

“Oh, Sam, that was quite amazing.’ Sam agreed and I heard and felt them kissing again. ‘She didn’t wait, did she?’

‘She can be wilful. She was warned.’ The feeldoe slithered slowly out of me and Sam squatted to untie the ribbon. She looked at me with a smile, the smile I don’t always like. She took me by the hands and helped me to stand upright. I felt Judith’s hand reach around me from behind to stroke my breast and then she suddenly removed one clamp and I shrieked as the blood returned to my poor nipple and Sam held my face and kissed my nose. ‘Leave the other one for a while. She likes to anticipate its removal, don’t you, darling.’

Sam pulled me round and had me sit in the chair over which I had been bent. They sat on a sofa facing me and held hands as if it was the most natural situation in the world and chatted.

‘She must be punished,’ said Judith. Sam agreed and they began to discuss how that might be arranged. Tears ran down my face. Imagine the humiliation of a drool covered chin, a ball strapped in your mouth, one nipple clamped and numb, the other on fire and a plug pressing up into your arse while you’re wearing only stockings and suspenders while two beautiful women discuss how to discipline you.

To be continued.

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