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Erin's New Toy

Straight roommate and lesbian roommate share a new toy

  Erin's New Toy

“Are you ready yet?” Erin asked me. She was waiting by the door with her car keys. Erin was my roommate during college.

“Yep, I hope it's not too hot,” I answered her.

Erin and I were going for a run to try and stay in shape. We were both being pretty lazy that summer. Our apathy was understandable considering our last semester would be in a couple of weeks. I for one was looking forward to graduating. I knew that this would probably be the last summer I spent with Erin.

Erin drove us to the park where we'd run. She drove one of those new Beetles. She was more of a free spirit type than I. A lot of people might call her a hippy chick with her funky car, her piercings and her tattoos. I was a little more old-fashion, which is why I like hanging out with her. She was fun to be with. We were stretching before we started out exercise.

“It is hot,” Erin said, stretching her calves.

“Yeah,” I said. “I called James last night,” I told her.

“Oh no, you have to stop doing that, just more on Amy,” she scolded me.

“I just called to talk to him, not to get back together with him,” I said, trying to defend myself a little. I broke up with James for several reasons, including the fact that graduation was approaching and I had no intention of staying in this city.

“Amy,” She scolded me again.

I was done stretching, and tired of listening to her so I started to run. I brought up James because I knew she was right, even though I didn't want to hear it from her. I hate break-ups. I ran pretty far before Erin was done stretching.

“Hey, wait up, I'm not done yelling at you!” Erin joked. I laughed at her and kept running, pushing her to catch up with me. It was nice to finally do some running, despite the heat wave we were having. Neither of us had run in a couple of months, and we had not hung out all summer. I missed Erin.

I liked the nice high I got from running and how it clears my head of all my negative thoughts. Erin surprised me and popped up next to me. We ran together for awhile, she looked funny when she ran. She didn't have an awkward jog or anything, it was just the fact she had so many piercings and her tattoo. She was wearing a sports bra, her body was like a painting. She had these really interesting waves and fish that when up her right arm and seemed to “crash” over her breast. I liked to admire it and look at the little details, but I myself would never get anything that extreme permanently displayed on my body.

As for her piercings she had one on her lower lip, five total on her ears, and two more on her nipples. Like I said, she looked funny when she ran, especially with her nipple rings poking out from under her sports bra.

Erin was a good person, and she was really smart. So I didn't judge a book by it's cover in her situation. I watched her run ahead of me, trying to get me to race her. We were both pretty good and pushing each other to do better. We passed a gray -haired guy running in the opposite direction. I caught him checking out Erin's butt. He was staring for awhile and then when he turned his head I looked him right in the eye. He seemed pretty embarrassed about being caught. Erin was oblivious to it, but I found it very amusing. I was jealous of her butt, and she was jealous of my boobs. Her butt was tight and strong, but she was pretty flat-chested.

When I got bored of looking at her butt I tried to catch up with her. I had a harder time running than her. Not to make excuses but my breasts jump around way more than hers, and they hurt when I run for a long time. And just about every guy that passes stares at them, excluding the gay guys and the weird old guys.

When I caught up with her I was sweating a lot, it was way too hot to run. I'd get sick if I didn't stop soon.

“I've had enough,” I panted.

“Okay,” She agreed. She was tired too.

We turned around and walked back to her car. I was glad Erin dragged me out of the house, so I didn't sit home and mope. Even though we lived together, we didn't hang out all that often. Which is why we were good roommates. We sat in her hot car and drank ice water to rehydrate.

“Oh, I want to go look at new rings,” Erin said, pointing out a funky store across the street from the parking lot.

“Yeah, we should go in,” I answered her. I liked the store, they seemed to have everything. They had neat second-hand clothes and books, but also new things like jewelery. We drove over there after we cooled down a little. We must have looked pretty funny , we were still wearing our sweaty running clothes.

I poked around that racks of clothes while Erin looked for new things to gouge her body with. The selection was not impressing me that day though. I ended up browsing the earrings with Erin, wanting to change and take a shower.

“Hey, do you have your credit card with you Amy?” She asked me.

“Yeah, I have a little cash too,” I told her.

“Probably not enough though,” She said. She looked at me funny.

“These aren't that expensive,” I said, looking at some very gaudy earrings.

“No, not these. I'm thinking about getting that,” She said, pointing behind the counter.

“Haha, are you serious?” I laughed. She was pointing at a certain expensive vibrator. Like I said, this store seemed to have everything.

“Yes, I have the money, just not with me. I really want that one,” she said, almost begging me.

“The silvery one, right?” I asked. The one she wanted was this crazy looking thing that apparently spins and turns and vibrates in lots of different ways.

“Yes, the silver one, look at it!” She yelled. The skinny guy working there was listening to us and brought it down from the shelves so we could examine the toy closely.

“It's a nice one,” he smiled at us in a creepy but not so threatening way.

“God it's 200 dollars Erin,” I groaned. It looked like a lot of fun, it wasn't a regular kind of vibrator. I was careful with my money, I never spent it on something like that before.

“I have the money, just use your card for me,” she begged. I found this amusing, I wanted her to be sure about spending so much money.

“No! I don't want a 200 dollar vibrator showing up on my bill, what will people thing?” I joked with her. She grabbed my arm and rolled her eyes at me.

“They're not going to know what you bought here, come on,” She persuaded.

The people in the store were laughing at use I think. I was going to be embarrassed if Erin kept yelling and begging. Not only that, but Erin was a lesbian and people probably thought we were a couple. I decided to shut up and bought the thing, trusting her to pay me back when we got home.

I'd never seen Erin so excited before, but then again I never went vibrator shopping with her. That's why I liked hanging out with her, she was very spontaneous and fun. We were just going for a run that day but somehow we end up in that store and buy something like that. It was funny to me.

“You're insane,” I laughed.

“If you keep talking like that, I won't share it,” She teased.

“Eww that's gross! Why do you think I'd want to use it after you?” I yelled.

“You'll see, wait until you really see what it does,” She said. It seemed like she was in a hurry to get home. She was driving much more aggressively than normal.

She raced to plug it in when we got home. The vibrator had a charger, like a cell phone, not batteries. After I took a shower, I looked at it. It had little balls in it that vibrated and a little part that was for buzzing her clit. It wasn't a normal one at all.

“I'm going to take a nap,” I told her. I wanted to ease my mind with a nap before I started to mope again.

“Alrighty, don't touch my vibrator yet,” She smiled.

“Yeah right,” I answered. It was weird living with a lesbian, I got along very well with her. And I didn't have to worry about fighting over guys with her. She knew I was straight though and we never tried to hook up with each other or anything. We respected each other's space. I would miss her when I moved away.

I slept really good for an hour or so, I always have good naps after I run. I woke up feeling warm and loved because I found Erin's arm around me. At first I thought it was my ex, but when I saw the tattoo, I knew it was her. I laid there, getting my thoughts together. I pulled her arm down gently and stared at the colorful waves and fish on her arm. She was spooning me, I didn't know what to make of it. We laid together before, but it never felt this intimate.

It crossed my mind that she might be coming on to me now that I was single again. It was amusing to think Erin wanted to turn me into a lesbian. My heart was pounding, it was nice to curl up next to her. She made me forget about my ex for a little while. She was breathing very lightly on my neck as she slept. I didn't want to disturb her so I thought I would look at her tattoo for awhile longer. I messed that up because I woke her up when I pulled her arm down again. She curled around me again and started to brush my hair behind my ear. I remember laying there, terrified she wanted to make love to me.

I could feel her heart beating too, I sighed, letting her squeeze me with her arm. I had a feeling she would try this one day, ever since we moved in together. It still came as a surprise to me though. She jumped up suddenly and pushed me on my back. I laughed at her because I thought she was just playing around. Looking in her eyes I could see she was serious. Serious about getting down with her.

“Let me use the vibrator on you Amy,” She seemed to demand. She didn't ask me so much as tell me. She put her hands on either side of my head and leaned over me. I want panting underneath her, shocked really. I was thinking we would be parting ways in a few months, so what did I have to lose? It would be fun to experiment with a lesbian.

“Yes, calm down,” I said. She rolled over and went to get her new toy. My heart pounded, wondering if she was really planning on sticking me with that thing.

“Damn, it's not charged yet,” She whined. I'd never seen Erin so hyper before, I think she was excited I was ready to make love to her.

“That's okay, come over her and let me look at your tattoo some more,” I said.

“Sure,” she grinned and jumped on the bed. I sat up beside her and together we took her tank top off. I was pretty nervous to touch her at first, but she was very excited about being examined by me.

I held her wrists and stared at the colorful designs on her body.

“Touch the dolphins,” She smiled. I touched the three little dolphins that were jumping over her breast. I could see her beating rapidly while I got the courage to touch her nipple rings. Her nipples were getting swollen and hard pretty quickly. I think she liked being examined. I groped her very gently and then grabbed her wrists again.

“How much did you pay for these tattoos?” I asked.

“More than what I paid for the vibrator,” She squeaked. She started to squirm and pull her hands away, but I wouldn't let her. I held her wrists even tighter. I wrestled her hands to her sides and admired her body some more. The nipple rings looked cute on her, I didn't care for the lip ring so much though.

“Oh my God,” she sighed, she was surprised to see me teasing her like I was. I leaned closer and breathed deeply on her breasts. Blowing on her sensitive little nipples. She got so tense when I did. I liked having this power over her. I shivered to because when I moved my own nipples were being tickled by my t-shirt.

“I'm going to miss you when I leave,” I told her.

“Aww,” she whined. We locked our fingers together and I leaned down to kiss her breast. I darted my tongue over her nipples and the little rings in them. It was neat sucking on her rings, she really sighed when I did. She was breathing so deeply. I wondered how I compared to her other lovers, her lovers that were not straight like me. I looked in her eyes again, she had calmed down. She smelled really nice too, maybe it was her perfume that was getting me worked up about her.

“Oh, Amy,” she sighed. She broke her hands free from me and put them around my back. I put my hands on her waist and kissed her. It was very sweet, we darted our tongues together and shared a very loving kiss. She pulled me closer to her until I felt her nipple rings poking my breasts.

I was very excited, we both were. I thought it would be neat to try the lesbian thing out, to see if I could make her orgasm. Erin put her hands on my breasts and started to grope them. I kissed her again, squirming as she touched my sensitive nerves.

“Let me give you a back rub,” she said. I nodded, and took my t-shirt off. I was getting really worked up, I laid on my stomach while Erin checked on her vibrator again.

“This is taking forever,” she whined. I smiled, anxious to see if the thing was really worth 200 dollars. Erin sat beside me and started on my shoulders. It was so nice to just lay there and get massage. She worked her tiny hands around on my shoulders and back. Erin was very good at giving back rubs. She would knead her palms into my muscles first. Then she would use her fingers and her palms to stretched them. Next she would use her fingertips, she was very gentle with the pressure but it gave me a tremendous feeling throughout my body. She repeated this process up and down my back, I considered it her payment for borrowing money from me.

“You're good, It feels sooo nice,” I moaned. I lay there in a cationic state, hardly realizing Erin had got up to check her vibrator again.

“Jeez, what's up with this thing?” I heard her complain.

“I had to charge my phone all day when I got it, remember?”

She grinned at me, and pounced on me again. She straddled my back like I was her pony ride.

“Ow! Quit it!” I laughed. She started to grind her pussy on my back. I could feel her juices getting my back wet. It was amusing, she was really getting off on grinding me. I felt her play with my hair and ultimately pull it back in a rough manner. Then she started to talk dirty while I lay there helplessly underneath her.

“You're all mine Amy, you're pussy's all mine, I'm going to fuck it once my vibrator is ready, I'm going to fuck that wet hole of yours,” She told me, pulling on my hair somewhat. It was really weird hearing her talk like that to me, my ex never even talked to me like she did. But she was on top of me and I couldn't do anything. It turned me on a lot. I groaned as she grinded her pussy hard on me.

“Huh? You just wait Amy, I'm going to give you the best orgasms, the best,” she kept it up. I squirmed around, wondering if she was really going to give me good orgasms. I believed her.

“Oh my God, Erin, you're so crazy,” I said. She giggled and rolled off of me. I sat up beside her and put my arms around her neck. We kissed passionately, pushing our warm bodies together so tight. I felt her little tongue darting in my mouth. I wanted to make love to her so badly.

“Erm,” I moaned as she pressed her palm against my stomach. I sort of squirmed as her hand slid down into my panties. I liked how she touched me. She slid her hand further until her hand cupped my pussy. I squealed during a kiss. She put her other hand on my back and smiled at me. She knew just how to touch me it seemed. He squeezed her hand around my pussy and then started to rub my clit.

“Oh...” I cringed. I felt her fingers spreading apart inside me, she was good. I put my hands on her butt and rested my head on her shoulder. She wiggled her fingers around and pushed them in and out. I gave her little kisses on her neck as she fingered me. I pushed my hips back and forth, driving myself on her fingers. She kept hitting my clit, it was so good. I squeezed her butt, moaning into her ear.

She laughed at how I was trying to grind my hips on her fingers. She pulled her hand away and wiped them on the back of my panties. I looked in her eyes, glowing so much. She got up again and grabbed her vibrator. This time when she turned it on it worked. It made us both laugh because it vibrator and spun around. It looked like a lot of fun.

“I want to see how it is,” I whined. She turned it off and sat beside me. We kissed again, my heart was pounding like crazy. I was anxious to have it inside me. I laid on my back and took my panties off. They were soaked like hers were. She leaned over me and tapped my clit with her fingers, making me shudder.

“Since I'm letting you use it first, I want to do you doggy style,” She spoke up.

“Ha, what?” I answered. Laying there anxiously.

“Come on, it's not fun with you just laying there on your back,” she whined.

“Oh, alright,” I obeyed. I got up and sat on my hands and knees. She was probably right, because I always feel a little more vulnerable and awkward in this position. It's a huge turn on for me.

Erin rubbed her toy around my pussy. I groaned and spread my legs apart some more, preparing myself for it. I was sort of honored to be the first to use it. She pushed the thing past my ring and slowly worked it in and out. It took time to adjust to it, it was rather big even though it felt nice and soft. Then Erin turned it on. I got real tense at first because it felt so incredible. The shaft part started to spin circles around inside of me, while the whole thing buzzed. It was better than any man's cock I'd ever had. She turned on a higher speed, it was really making me moan.

“Oooh!” I squealed. I could hardly keep my balance. She was pulling it out and pushing it in, making me feel quite small. She was good at fucking me with her toy.

“How is it? Is it good?” She asked excitedly.

“O h my God, Oh my God,” I gasped. She rubbed my back and put it on the highest speed. She jammed it in and out of me, the shaft was spinning around all of my muscles, and she kept working it deeper. Then I felt the little part that buzzes your clit. When that touched me I came so hard. She wouldn't let up either, she made sure I had a good orgasm.

“Uhnn, fuck!” I whined. She kept buzzing me with it at the highest setting. It was very overwhelming, well worth the 200 dollars she paid for it. Erin grabbed my hair and tugged it back.

“Fuck it Amy, fuck my vibrator. I'm not going to pull it out yet,” She spoke in my ear. I started to push back and forth on it, barely keeping my balance. It was so intense, I groaned and had a little orgasm while she made me fuck her new toy. I was like her guinea pig, testing out her device. I loved it though. My eyes were starting to water from the over stimulation.

“Okay, Okay,” I gasped. She pulled it out, my body was still shaking from the intense vibrations. I laid down to rest, panting like crazy.

“It's good, huh?” She asked. Rubbing my back gently.

“YES, that's so worth 200 dollars. Oh my God Erin,” I moaned.

She laughed, she was eager to try it out now. She went to the bathroom to clean it off and came back grinning at me.

“Your turn, you hold it like this,” She said. She put her toy in my hands and made me hold it up on my tummy.

“Hold it tight,” She smiled and kicked her panties off. She straddled my body while I held the vibrator. I watched her pussy stretched around the vibrator that was just inside of me. She put her hands on my shoulders and started to pushed it deeper inside herself.

“Turn it on,” She said. I turned it on and felt it buzzing in my hands. The shaft was spinning around somewhere inside her. She rocked her hips on it, holding my tight. I laid back and smiled at her. I held the thing really tight while she thrust her hips back and forth like she was trying to wrestle her vibrator out of my hands.

“Oh yeah, Oh it is good,” She moaned. She touched the clit massaging part of it, making her shudder on top of me.

“Wheeee!” She yelled after I turned it onto the highest speed. The thing made my hands shake it vibrated so hard. She was getting off on it, riding it up and down. I did my best to hold on during the ride. I watched her tight pussy swallow the whole thing, she squeezed my shoulders and dug her nails in.

“Yes, fuck it Erin, cum for me,” I whimpered to her.

“Uhmmm,” She groaned and slowly started to get up. Her juices were getting on my hands as she did. She squeaked one last time and managed to get off the vibrator. The thing was intense, it seemed to have a profound effect on the two of us.

I set her toy back on it's charger and laid with Erin again. I kissed her lips, both of us were glowing thanks to her 200 dollar new toy. Thanks to her I managed to forget all about my ex. Erin and I laid together until we got bored and wanted to use her toy again.

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