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She had what most boys call the potential to be filthy.

Frankie was the first girl I was attracted to. We met when I started university – she was my chemistry lab partner. She had short trendy brunette hair, sparkling green eyes that twinkled when she smiled and the most gorgeous soft pink lips that pouted ever so slightly. She always dressed well and kept up with the latest trends that made the other girls in my class envy her.  

We shared the same interests in music and film and would try and organise nights out with people from the same degree course as us. Before I met her I was convinced I was only attracted to men.   The thought of being with a girl never crossed my mind before her.  

Frankie and I attracted a lot of attention when we hung out together.   We were both 18 and most boys used to tell us we were the hottest girls in our course – which wasn’t hard since the course was 70% male.   She was thin framed and was 5 ft 6.   Her body was very petite and proportionate to her height and she kept in shape by doing yoga.   She also had been a dancer since she was 6.

I on the other hand am 5 ft 4 curvy from the waist down. I have a large - but attractive - ass which fills out jeans perfectly but can also be a pain because my waist is small so trousers never seem to fit properly. My chest is smaller in comparison. I fit a 32C bra which sounds big but isn’t really.  

Frankie was a notorious flirt; she constantly had boys around her trying their hardest to impress her.   She was one of those girls who had what many guys call the potential to be “filthy” in bed.   She was never slutty but was provocative and she had a certain sexy charm which could make me jealous.

One weekend she decided to throw a party at her flat and had invited our friends from the course.


“Mia, you should bring your stuff over to my place and we can both get ready together before everyone arrives.” She said during our chem. lab.

“Yeah that’s a brilliant idea and I could help you set up as well if you want.” I replied.

“You may as well stay over too, save you getting a taxi home.”

“Awww thanks, you think Michelle will mind?” I asked. Michelle was Frankie’s flatmate. They both came from the same town in England and attended universities here in Glasgow, Scotland so they decided to get a flat together when they moved up to university.

“She’s not going to be there. She’s going home for her boyfriend’s birthday that weekend.”

Brilliant – I was going to get Frankie all to myself that night.   I didn’t hate Michelle but she did have a possessive hold over Frankie that I found irritating even to this day.  

I was counting the days to the party.   I had chosen my outfit and packed my stuff for sleeping over.   I arrived early as promised to help set up and get changed there.   When Frankie opened the door I was blown away.   Her hair was done up and she was wearing a thin blue dressing gown that was tied loosely around her waist.   I could almost see through the fabric.

She had a huge smile on her face as she let me in and threw her arms around me.   I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining it but I swear I could feel her nipples against me when she hugged me once I got inside her flat.

“I’m so glad u came round early Mia, you can help me choose what to wear. But before that we should have something to drink!”

(Just so you all know I really can’t handle my booze.   One glass of wine and I am anybody’s – but being at uni I was really testing my alcohol tolerance: two glasses of wine and I’m anybody’s! )

Frankie poured us a large measure of Vodka and cola each and we took it into her room.  

“What are you wearing tonight Mia?”

“I just brought this,” I said pulling out a grey, floaty and feminine vest top and skinny jeans.   “I brought my black stilettos too.”

“Aww, amazing.   I still don’t know what to wear,” replied Frankie.  

That girl really didn’t know how superb she was.   “Are you kidding? You could wear a sack and still look sexy.”

“Stop messing about.”

“I’m serious Frankie; you look amazing all the time.”   The drinks were bringing out my overt honesty.

“Thanks Mia,” she said while touching my knee “that really means a lot to me coming from you.”

I was too busy hyperventilating at the feeling of her warm hand on my leg to find out what she meant by her comment.   She quickly got up and looked like she randomly picked something out of her wardrobe.   I stood up and made to head to the bathroom to get changed.

“Where are you going?” she asked confused.

“To the bathroom to get changed...”

“Just get changed in here.   It’s not like we haven’t got changed in front of each other at the gym. Anyway, I need you to help me with my dress.”

I quickly took of my day clothes and slipped on my outfit for that night. Frankie glanced at me from the corner of her eye. I felt a blush awkwardly creep onto my cheeks.

“Your body is amazing.”

I thought I was hearing things.


“I said your body is amazing Mia.”

“Thanks.” I mumbled.   I hated empty compliments and it felt worse coming from her.

Frankie turned her back to me and took off her robe.   She was completely naked.   I felt my jaw drop to the floor. Her skin was so smooth and supple and her arse was staggeringly pert; you could just cup it in your hands.

She stood in her dress and pulled it up over her remarkable naked ass.   Her hands looped through the spaghetti straps elegantly.   It was like watching a peep show in reverse.   She looked over her shoulder at me, beckoning me to her.

The dress’s zip started at the top of her ass crack and I could see down it when I went to do her up.   She smelled irresistible and I forced myself not to kiss her neck.   Being that close to her was making me light headed.

I stepped back and turned away from her – I didn’t want her to think I was some pervert ogling her.   I excused myself to the toilet and almost ran there.   The bathroom was opposite her bedroom and I locked over the door, scared that she would see me in this fluster.   I ran the cold water and stared at myself.

What are you doing?   I thought.   Get a grip it’s just a stupid phase. Everyone gets curious at uni. I chanted this in my head over and over until I had calmed down.

I walked out of the bathroom and into Frankie’s room.   She wasn’t there.   Then I heard the music start from the living room.   She walked in and it was like slow motion in the movies. She stood at the door looking amazing in her little black mini-dress that was clinging to her like a second skin – no wonder she wasn’t wearing knickers! I started my chant again and focused on doing my make-up and fixing my hair.

The atmosphere felt electric and Frankie sat next to me in front of the mirror putting on her sexy black eyeliner and applying mascara.   Her sparkling green eyes stood out a mile now and looked very feline.  

She smiled at me and we started giggling like kids. The tension was broken and I continued to sip my drink.   I was just about finished when almost choked on my Vodka and cola. Looking in the mirror I could see up Frankie’s dress. I could see the skin below her abdomen and the thin landing strip of her Brazilian wax.

“Everything okay?” she enquired.

“Yeh fine but you better not sit down all night.”

She looked in the mirror and immediately crossed her legs. She bit her bottom lip in embarrassment and her cheeks turned red.   We giggled nervously and tried to shake it off.


  A few hours later the party was in full swing. Drinks were flowing, the music was blaring and everyone was merry but I still couldn’t shake the image of Frankie’s naked body.   It was plainly obvious I wanted her. I lusted for her and the boys at the party were no competition for her in my mind.  

As the hostess and the hottest person in the room the attention was always on her.   I wanted her to pay that sort of attention to me.   We crossed paths as I was heading into the kitchen and she was walking back from the bathroom.

“Having fun?” I asked.

“Yeh, its going well don’t you think?”

“So, any of the guys take your fancy?”

“Not really Mia, they still act like a bunch of horny teenagers. It gets a bit annoying and repetitive.   I want something more exciting.” She gave off a cheeky laugh and poured an extra large measure of Vodka in my glass.

“You know that they are a bunch of horny teenagers though.” I replied looking down at the glass. It seemed like 90% vodka to 10% soda and tasted like 200% vodka to me.

She rolled her eyes at me and I couldn’t help but laugh.   The alcohol was having a huge effect on me.   I was getting the giggles and I became really horny every time Frankie so much as looked at me.   She took my hand and led me into the living room where a bunch of folk had started dancing.  

Frankie pulled me into the centre of the crowd with her and we both joined in.   A banging hip-hop number came on and Frankie started whooping loudly.   It was her favourite song in the charts and every time it came on in a club she’d drag me to the dance floor and dance sexily with me.   She quickly took my drink off me and put in down in the window ledge.

When she came back she stood behind me and started grinding her hips in time with the beat.   I could feel her against my back moving rhythmically with the music, her crotch against my ass.   Frankie then slid her hands on my waist and pulled me in time with her.   The alcohol had relaxed me so I didn’t go into complete overdrive while it was happening – I just enjoyed every second of it.

The boys began cheering and the looks they were giving us only intensified the thrill I was getting from being so close to her. She spun me around to face her and she started grinding on me again.   Her dress began to ride up and I could see the eager looks the guys had as they watched the black material move towards her ass.  

Instinctively I placed my hands at the hem of her dress and slid it back down, grazing the back of her thighs as I did so. She looked at me shocked and my heart plummeted.   I didn’t know what to do or say.   I had blown it completely. She would forever think I was some kind of freak.

Frankie took a slight step back and adjusted herself properly and then continued to dance along pretending as if nothing had happened.   I felt like I humiliated myself so I picked up my drink and walked out of the room.  


I stumbled into the bathroom, placed down the lid if the toilet and sat down.   I put my face in my hands and tried to stop the tears from creeping out.   I tried not to cry the best I could because my face becomes sore and red and I didn’t need people to know I was upset.  

After a few minutes I could feel my stomach turn.   The last thing I needed was to be sick.   I ran to the sink and filled my cup with water.   Trying not to think about the knot in my stomach I took tiny sips of water in order to shake the nausea.

I just about found my composure when there was a knock at the door.

“Mia – its Frankie – are you okay? Can u let me in?”

I unlocked the door and opened it slightly.   She pushed her way in and locked the door over again.

“Mia, are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” I sniffed.   “I just feel a little sick that’s all.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gave you so much to drink. I know how you’re a lightweight,” she teased.

“Are you angry with me? Do you want me to leave?”

“What are you talking about Mia? Why would I be angry with you?”

She seemed genuine so I realised I must have got it wrong. “You’re not pissed off that I pulled your dress down in front of everyone?”

“What? Of course not! I’d much rather that than expose myself to all the guys here.” she laughed. “I actually should have thanked you for it.   I was just so embarrassed that I thought everyone got a good look and my bits.”

I felt like a weight floated off my shoulders and I relaxed a little.   “Well u would have given them a good view, prancing about with no knickers on!” I chuckled.

“I know! How daft of me! Next time I won’t care about having a VPL and I’ll make sure I put some pants on!” she giggled.   “It was kinda fun though. I feel sexy with no knickers. Have u ever went commando Mia?”

“Don’t be silly. I feel weird with no pants on. I’d get so paranoid.”

“I have to admit though - and this isn’t the drink talking – I liked it when u touched me.”

I was transfixed to the ground.

“When you pulled my dress down, your fingers grazed my thighs and it felt lovely.”

“Really?” I gulped.

“Yeh, I’ve been really turned on since then.” She came towards me and tucked a lock of my long hair behind my ear.

“Well I was actually turned on since you got dressed. You do have an amazing body Mia – I told you that before.”

I looked into her magical green cat-eyes and saw that she was being honest.     Our faces were centimetres apart. I could feel her warm breath against my skin and I smelled the scent of her cherry lip-gloss.   Everything felt like it was building up to this moment. I stood my ground hoping she would see that I felt the same way as her if not more.

I leaned in closer straightening up to meet her height and looked at her face as she closed her eyes. This was my moment. I skimmed my thumb against her lips gently then kissed her softly. My lips tingled from the electricity of the kiss and I felt her respond to me. She kissed me back a little harder, almost hungrily.

I opened my lips a little as her tongue entered my mouth. She seemed impatient as the kiss got deeper. She took my hands in hers and placed them on her pert ass wanting me to touch her there.   I squeezed lightly and I felt her moan as we kissed.   She had her hands on my shoulders intertwining her fingers in my long thick hair. I felt every nerve at the back of my neck notice.

Suddenly we heard voices at the door. Someone knocked and shouted drunkenly, “Anyone in there? I’m choakin’ for a piss.”

We giggled and adjusted ourselves looking at each other the entire time.

“I want to do this again Mia.”

“So do I Frankie.”

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