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My friend

My friend

coming out to my friend
I'm Rosie and I'm 18, until recently I wasn't 100% sure I was a lesbian.

I was slowly coming out to the ones I held close to my heart. I decided to text Kelly Saturday morning saying, ‘It’s been so long since we have caught up. I want us to have a sleep over’. We both agreed on a week from Saturday. I was so excited; it had been so long since we had seen each other.

I didn't have my licence then, so I had to get the train and then a bus up to her house. She met me at the bus stop.

"Hey Kel," I said as we hugged.

"Hey Rosie, how are you?" Kelly asked as I got into the car.

"Yea I'm okay missed you though!" I said as I closed my door.

"Me too. Come one let's go home, and chill out." said Kelly as she started the car.

The bus stop wasn't far from her house, but Kelly was always a little lazy. She never liked walking unless she had to. We got to her house and walked inside; her mum was home.

"Hey Helen, thanks for having me," I said as we walked into the kitchen. I loved Kelly's mum. She was always nice to me.

"Hey Rosie how are you?" said Helen as she flipped through a magazine.

"I'm great thanks, how are you?" I said as I sat down at the dining table.

"Yea I'm good" said Helen. She then turned to Kelly and said, "Kelly, dad and I are going out to the movies tonight. We'll also have dinner out, so just organize something for yourself and Rosie. All right?" said Helen as she got out of her seat.

"Okay. What are you going to see?" asked Kelly as she looked at her phone.

"We’re not sure yet," said Helen, as she walked down the stairs to her room.

An hour had passed when Helen yelled out.

"Bye girls, have a good night." She said on her way out the door. 

"So what do you want to do tonight? Watch movies? Have a drink?" said Kelly as we were preparing dinner.

"I don't mind what we do." I said as I started chopping.


"Mmm that was great. Let’s go watch a movie. If you’re good I’ll give you one of my famous massages. You know, the ones I know you love."

I laughed as we walked to her room. Kelly loved my massages. I always used to start at her feet and work my way up. Apparently they were amazing. Kelly once told me I had to teach her boyfriend (which never happened).

We had decided on a movie, and sat on her bed. Just as I'd predicted not ten minutes later was I offering her foot to massage.

"Get the moisturizer, and then I’ll start". Let me just say Kelly was very attractive. She is 5"1, petite body, with shoulder length blonde hair, big boobs and beautiful blue eyes. I loved to look at her when she wasn't watching. 

I started by massaging her feet, and slightly up her calf before I'd said, "Right done, hand time."

I took a small amount of moisturiser onto my hand, and started massaging her hands. I began rubbing my thumbs into her palms, and between her fingers. I worked up her wrists and past her elbow, towards her shoulders. I would pat the bed between my legs, and told her to sit in front of me. It was always easier to do her shoulders and neck this way. I told her to take her tank top off and slip her bra straps down her arms. Kelly never had any problems getting naked or dressing in front of people. So I wasn’t surprised when she did as I said. 

I took a little more moisturizer into my hands, and started massaging her shoulders. I worked in circles, slowly up to her neck. Rubbing my thumbs into the tight spots, I know this always used to make her feel good.

"Right all done." I said. After all I'd planned on watching the movie.

"Wait what about my back?" said Kelly. ”The last time you did it I loved it, will you do it again? Please Rosie" begged Kelly.

"Oh all right then, lay down." I said. I was disappointed that I'd caved again.

"It was now or never." I thought. "I want to tell Kel I'm a lesbian. She's my friend, she'll understand." I decided in my mind, I had to tell her. 

This time I took a larger amount of moisturizer into my palm, and started massaging her back. Making sure I put enough pressure on but not too much. I looked up at the TV screen, and took a deep breath and thought to myself...’You can do it Rosie.’

“Hey Kel, so I want to tell you something. Don’t freak out okay?" I said, whilst trying to remember to breathe.

“Na course not, but keep massaging my back okay?" Kelly said, still watching the movie. I'd started working up her back, pushing my thumbs into her back.

“So you know how I thought I was a lesbian a while back?" I said, whilst waiting for her to nod. When she did I kept going.

"Well, after doing some experimenting, I've come to realize I am in fact a lesbian. So I like girls”. I said, whilst still rubbing her back. I started getting worried, so I chanted in my head ‘Calm down Rosie. Give her a minute’ whilst I took small, shallow breathes.

"I knew it, I always thought you were" Said Kelly, jumping up.

Wait she knew? I thought my head was going to explode. "You knew?" I all but screamed, with a confused look on my face. By this time the TV had been switched off.

“Of course I did Rosie". Said Kelly. “Oh Come on! I've seen the way you look at my boobs. But it’s okay. You know I have friends that are lesbians. What’s one more to the mix going to do?" said Kelly smiling.

By this time my head was spinning, what was going on here? She knew I was a lesbian, she knew I looked at her boobs, and she doesn’t care?

"So you’re telling me you knew, and you don’t care?" I said, needing to clarify.

I thought to myself, "I don’t believe what's going on, and now I really want to kiss her. Snap out of it Rosie!" I all but yelled at myself, "Stop looking at her boobs and lips." After I'd told myself, "I have to get out of here," I stood up.

"If I stay in the room I'll end up doing something I’ll regret," I thought. But as I got up she grabbed my hand, and pulled me back down to the bed, and the next thing I knew her lips were on mine and I was pinned under her body.

Big thanks to Poppet for taking the time to help me out xx

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