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My Mistress, My Lover: Ch. 1

My hands wandered down my naked body as I thought about her... My mistress. My lover...
My hands wandered down my naked body as I thought about her... My mistress... My lover.

She would spank me if she knew I was touching myself like this. She would grab me by my hair and tell me just how slutty and bad it was to touch myself. I could hear her whispering in my ear as she let her fingers move over my bare skin, towards my aching pussy. My mistress would dip her fingertips into my puffy wet lips, soaking her hand in my juices, then snake her hand up and shove her fingers in my mouth...

At this, I opened my eyes and stared up at the ceiling. I hoped she would find me like this and punish me, I hoped she would give me the release I needed. My fingers were now moving frantically on my little clit, my other hand pinching and twisting and flicking a nipple. Closer and closer my orgasm crept up on me.

My toes curled, I arched my back and screamed for my mistress as juices flooded out of my throbbing pussy, soaking my black silk sheets and fingers. I couldn't help but cry out as wave after wave of pleasure hit my trembling body, even though I knew that I would be severely punished for doing so. I could make no noise for anyone but my mistress. I could be pleasured by no one but my mistress.

With a sigh, I smiled and drifted to sleep, exhausted from my passionate orgasm, knowing that my mistress was watching me, and that the morning would bring both pain and so much pleasure...


I woke with a hard slap to the face and was yanked upright by the hair. "Awake yet, slave?" My mistress said quietly, patiently, leaning but a few inches away from my face. I opened my eyes and nodded compliantly. She smiled her sweetest smile and gave me the softest, kindest kiss she possibly could. It lasted for only a few seconds, and when she broke away from my lips, my brown doe-eyes were full of lust and intoxication at her intimacy. I adored this side of her; the side that showed true love for me.

"Get dressed, love. It's time for work. And no I will not punish you for touching that nice little pussy of yours... That would be giving you what you wanted, wouldn't it, slave," Mistress purred, her blue eyes melting my very soul.

"What would you like me to wear, Mistress?" I dared to run my fingers down her cheek absentmindedly.

"Hm I'm thinking you should wear that black and red corset... I acquired for you last week... with the matching... undies and nylons," my mistress kissed down my jaw and neck, her hands running in small circles over my naked body.

I moaned quietly and she grinned wickedly and flicked my naked tits then hurriedly left the room, knowing she had succeeded in arousing me. I rose and did as she asked, then brushed and lightly teased my straight dark red hair, assuring that I looked like the whore I was.


The strip club I worked at was owned by my mistress, of course, so I had to be on my best behavior at all times. The Dirty Disco Dancers Club was filled with all the flashing lights, strobes, dark corners, and metallic poles of any club, but what we had that no one else did was our "Special Service Center" in the back of the building. Not only did we dance for customers, we could also be taken home or upstairs into one of the service rooms for a small or large fee, of course depending on what customers wanted. All service girls must be paid for in twos, and no service girl could ever be alone with a client, for our safety. Even the Dirty Disco girls have to have their rules.

Anyway, I got to work and went in through the employee entrance around back. Sparkle, the brains of our operation, greeted me at my makeup station and told me where I would be working today as I applied my rosy blush. Now I found out the punishment Mistress was giving me. I was working in the box.

The box is a small room, empty except for one prop to be used by the girl working (swing, pole, dildo, etc.), with bright pink tile flooring, and one way glass, as well as a foot wide oval at waist length for each client. The clients could see you, but you couldn't see anything but their junk, giving them the opportunity to have you suck, fuck, and play in any way they wanted. On the other side of the glass was a small room with everything a fancy client would need to take care of business. These men were usually important, and didn't want their faces to be seen in a strip joint.

I stepped into the box wearing my sexy little outfit, now knowing why my mistress had picked such a sexy and expensive ensemble. In the middle of the room was my prop, a simple black-seated metal school chair, and I was more than surprised to see my mistress straddling the chair with a whip in her hand, licking her lips and looking me up and down as I strutted towards her. This would definitely be an interesting work day...

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