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The Best Surprise Part II

Part II...Part III is a possiblity if I get good feedback!
We finally arrive home and I’m eager to see what my surprise is. We get out of the car and I pick up my girlfriend and run into the house and run up the stairs. I throw her onto the bed and start tearing her clothes off. I have all of her clothes off except her panties. I reach to take them off and I hear a voice that sounds very familiar. I turn around to see one of my friends standing in the doorway completely naked.

“Trying to start without me?” are the words that escape her full lips seductively.

“Are you my surprise?” I ask her.

“Yes baby, she is,” my girlfriend replies.

I look into my girlfriend’s eyes and kiss her softly on the lips. I get up and walk over to my friend and I caress her face with my hand. She kisses me and traces my lips with her tongue. I break the kiss and trace both of her nipples with my fingertips then pinch them. I lower my head to one of her beautiful full breasts and kiss all over it. I suck her nipple and flick tongue over it, I repeat the process on her other nipple. I lead her to the bed were my girlfriend is laying down, now naked and rubbing on her clit. I lay her down beside my girlfriend and kiss down her stomach and spread her thick, sexy legs apart. I kiss all along her inner thigh. She arches her back and begs me to eat her dripping wet pussy.

“Please, I need to feel your tongue on my pussy.” Just as I’m about to honor her request, my girlfriend is lowering herself over her face.

“Eat my pussy slut!”

I can tell that my friend hesitates at first but after a few long seconds she starts licking my girlfriend’s pussy slowly. I kiss her well-trimmed pussy lips and she moans into girlfriend’s pussy. I tease the outside of her pussy lips while with girlfriend is grinding on her face. I slip my tongue between her lips and then dip my tongue into her tight, wet hole. I tongue fuck her while she is furiously rubbing her swollen clit. I replace her fingers with my tongue and circle her clit slowly. I build up the speed and pressure of my tongue.

“Oooohhh I’m gonna come!!!”

I expertly move my tongue over her clit and sweet love juices gush into my mouth. I love how she tastes and I greedily lick all her juices up. My girlfriend cums almost immediately after my friend does.

“ Fuck yes!!!! AHHHH!!! Mmm you ate you pussy real good for it only being your first time.”

“Doesn’t her pussy taste so sweet?” I ask my friend.

All she manages to reply to reply is a simple and quiet yes. I’m still fully clothed and the weakness between my legs is soaking my boxers.

“Which one of you wants to eat this pussy?” I ask.

“Mmmm I want to babe, I love your bush,” says my girlfriend.

“Let’s strip her together,” is what my friend suggests.

They order me to get off the bed and stand up. My girlfriend seductively undoes my jeans and yanks them down to the floor. She then runs her fingers between my legs over my pussy. I’m so horny my knees buckle from her touch. My friend removes my v-neck tee and throws it across the room and runs her hands over my large breasts and takes off my wifebeater and bra. I am then instructed to get on the bed and lay on my back.

I’m usually in control so their aggressiveness is a huge turn on. My friend starts kissing me and my girlfriend slips her fingers underneath the band of my boxers ad takes them off. She goes directly to my pussy and starts devouring it. Her tongue is going crazy on my clit and I scream out in pleasure at the feel of my soft and warm tongue. Meanwhile my friend is massaging my breasts. I am completely overwhelmed with pleasure and I have the most intense orgasm of my life.

My girlfriend to the other side of the bed and motions my friend to come to her. My girlfriend lays her on her back and positions herself over my friend’s pussy. Their clits touch and my girlfriend starts rubbing her pussy back and forth; my friend matches her rhythm. I love the sounds their wet pussies are making and the sounds of their moans. After a few minutes they both cum and the same time and their collapse. We fall asleep satisfied awaiting what the next day will bring.

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