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The Geologist

The Geologist

Geologists Do It With Minerals

My name is Alicia. I'm a geologist and I'm here in Colorado to find a new pocket of Rhodochrosite. Also a Microcline called Amazonite, a beautiful green and white mineral, and gold, silver or anything else of commercial value. I head the Geology Masters program at Stanford, in California, but I keep my eyes open for everything, even on a personal expedition like this.

One of my grad-students came along for the field experience. Carla is twenty-six and after her masters degree. She's from Boston, has a three point nine GPA and is fucking gorgeous. Did I mention that I'm a lesbian? Well, mostly BI, I still like the older, silver-haired guys too? They take a lot more time.

Carla's black, about five foot six inches with breasts that are at least thirty-eight's, maybe a C, big nipples and I don't know how she keeps them from getting in the way all the time. She's also very smart and will get her Masters degree when she finishes with the orals.

Whenever she comes to class without a bra I can hardly keep my eyes in my head. I want to lick them and suck on those nipples, but only a couple of people know I like girls and I want to keep it that way. They're all teachers now, at Stanford, that I went to school with and will keep their mouths shut. At least until I make department head. They're all rooting for me.

I received my PhD six years ago and am in line to replace Dr. Gordon when he retires next year. All those old fucks on the selection committee wanted in my pants and I wanted them to think they had a chance. None of them do but I have no problem letting them think it. I'm tenured now but I really want that chair as department head.

Besides, I get a kick out of watching them trying not to drool on their vests as they try not to appear to be ogling my tits while we talk. Sometimes it's hard to not just burst into laughter while they do that, but I don't want to piss them off.

I'm white, blond, the same height as Carla and thirty six years old. My breasts are thirty-four B but they're still very firm and stick out nicely. Small areola and nipples that are very sensitive. I don't need a bra but Carla sure does. It was so hot outside neither of us were wearing one then and her breasts were really moving around under her rather tight t-shirt.

It's white and her dark areola and nipples showed themselves so I had a difficult time concentrating on anything but them as we drove up through the mountains. The nipples really stick out, trying to poke holes in her shirt and I wondered what she felt as they moved, rubbing against her top. They looked bigger than usual so maybe she did feel it and it excited her.

'Does that excite her.', I thought, 'I hope so.'

When I mentioned this trip in class she stuck her hand up and asked if I needed help. I had planned it over the July fourth week and told her I like that Idea. I did need the help but I had another thing I needed help with besides looking for minerals. It has been a while.

The drive over from Stanford had been un-eventful. I took my Sequoia because I planned on hauling back a bunch of rocks and minerals. Heavy-duty but very comfortable and I liked seeing her breasts bounce around as we hit bumps. She was studying mine too as we drove, I saw her looking quite a few times and I could hardly wait for a chance to get closer.

I rented a lodge several miles north of Alma for two weeks starting the first and planned on hiking through some beautiful landscape looking for minerals. When we arrived there were two king sized beds in the one room and we were both exhausted after the drive. I just dropped my bags, fell face down on one and promptly went to asleep.

I didn't wake until around ten and it was dark. One night light was on and she was laying on the other side from me. I stood and looked back, over my shoulder, Carla was still sleeping. I stretched, twisting my lower back to sooth a kink and looked down at her. I still had my shorts on with a t-shirt and no bra.

I vaguely remembered hearing the shower earlier and she was laying there in a bathrobe so I assumed she took one. As she slept she moved around so the robe was completely open with her on her back, her breasts laying flat on her chest but, wow, they were Big.

They were very big and caramel brown with freckles, big nipples sticking straight up. The freckles were neat, I hadn't seen them before, but I've never seen her naked.

She had on a pair of peach colored panties, no bra so her breasts were completely exposed and her nipples looked like they were hard, excited. It was a little chilly in the room and when I looked down at mine they were firm too.

I put both hands on them and squeezed a little, moving my hands, rubbing my nipples and rolling them under my palms. When I pinched them I felt a jolt of energy run from my brain to my crotch. I jumped when I did that and must have made a sound because when I glanced up Carla was laying there with her eyes open and watching me.

She smiled, reached up, putting both hands on her breasts and started doing what I was, squeezing and rotating them to stimulate her nipples saying, "I've been watching you for months, hoping to catch you in a position to let you know I'm into girls too. I've known you are for a while now."

A frowning look prompted, "I asked another professor who'd known you before you graduated if you were into girls because I was interested. She told me about your very wild side. She also told me to keep my mouth shut because you were after the department chair and didn't want it to get around."

I had stopped what I was doing when I saw her eyes were open but was still gripping my breasts, speechless, as she talked. When she laughed I realized I was standing there with my mouth hanging open and started to giggle as I closed it. We both got a good laugh out of that and she sat up, cross-legged, facing me and scootched toward the headboard.

It was against a couple of windows and the curtains were open showing nothing but black. There were only mountains in that direction and I briefly wondered if anyone could see in.

'We're going to give them one hell of a lesson in lesbian sex if there is.' ran through my mind as I sat on the bed, at the foot, facing her and cross-legged too. Her panties were pulled up tight and I could see a dark camel-toe as I got seated. I chuckled at that thought, I love euphemisms some times.

"Take your top off.", she said then and I crossed my arms, reaching to grip the waist, pulling it up and off as she shrugged the robe off her shoulders. That made her breasts swing from side to side and my eyes followed them. When we finished she smiled and reached her right hand out, stroking my left nipple with her index finger, pushing it around and pinching it lightly.

I was instantly very aroused and could feel myself getting wet. Feeling the moisture seeping through my lips and into my panties was so stimulating that I started moaning and my breathing got a lot deeper. Then she reached her hand out and cupped my left breast, pinching the nipple harder with her thumb.

I shuddered from head to foot and she laughed again, but this time it sounded like a cat that's just caught it's dinner. That deep, purring rumble a big cat lets out as it settles to consume what it's just caught and killed.

I reached both my hands out and cupped her breasts, lifting them with my palms and fingers, feeling their weight and rolling her nipples with my thumbs. Her breathing got very deep and a load moan slid from her throat. When I pinched her left nipple her breath caught and she shuddered too. I could smell her, me, both of us, I didn't know or care. My nostrils flared as I inhaled deeply, savoring that smell.

We leaned toward one another and as she reached for the back of my head with her left hand I did the same move with mine. We each pulled the other and opened our mouths, sticking our tongues out and licking. We swapped back and forth sucking the others tongue and trying to mouth fuck the other with our own.

When she pulled back I did too and we sat each holding one of the others breasts, a hand behind the others head, staring into each other's eyes. Her look was almost predatory and I thought, 'Okay, I'm the prey to her predator this time. I like that game but next time I get to hunt her. This is going to be a fun week.'

I tried to think of something sad so I could put a homeless, lost look in my eyes. Then I remembered holding a friend recovering from a very bad accident, she had come very close to dying. I wanted to drive Carla wild.

I knew I got it right because she literally growled and Threw me back on the bed. She grabbed the waistband of my shorts, yanking at them and the button popped off as they slid to my knees. I heard the little tink as it hit the window, but I couldn't look away.

She looked at me with her eyes wide and so intense it almost frightened me. The look a panther gives their prey just before they pounce. Eyes wide open, fixed with no movement, pupils dilated and she did look like one of those black South American cats. Like the pictures I've seen, them hiding in the leaves.

She kept me locked in that gaze as she slowly finished removing my shorts. She was in control and I pulled back, looking lost I hoped, to feed whatever fantasy she was playing in her head. I succeeded.

She tossed the shorts aside away, then did the same with my panties. Slow but intense, clenching, pulling, every muscle in her body tense and I could hear them try to tear as she very slowly tore them off me, but her eyes held mine in a thrall, never losing contact, and I just lay there like a spot-lit rabbit.

She threw her left leg over my stomach, grabbing my hands and clamping them to the bed on either side of my head, then lunged at my breasts. The cat again, that first ripping bite to tear open the prey, and that image startled and frightened me.

But when she sucked my right nipple into her mouth it was a soft caress that I felt and it spun my mind like a top. When she flicked it with her tongue I instantly came very hard. It came on so quick I didn't even have time to take a breath and felt dizzy as I expelled what little air I had left in my lungs.

It came out with a breathy 'Squeak' sound and I couldn't draw another breath as I lay there getting dizzier and watching her have her own orgasm. After we'd both calmed a little and I could breathe again she rolled off me to my right side. I took her in my arms as we rolled.

She cuddled up to me and said, "Thank you momma." I was stunned and pulled back, looking a question at her.

She said, "I like both roles, the dominate and the sub. I wanted that tonight but if it bothers you we should talk."

I looked at her and said, "I like to switch back and forth too. No, it doesn't bother me."

She put her right hand behind my head then and pulled me in for another kiss. I smiled, kissing her back and we did that for some time, talking and enjoying relaxing with one another. Touching and slowly recovering from our orgasms.

We fell asleep as we lay there and I remembered her telling me about her last lover. How they'd just seemed to drift apart, each getting into things the other had little interest in, like her geology.

Her name was Sunny, of all things, and she was mostly into the beach and surfing. Appropriate name. I fell asleep as she told me all they'd had at the end was sex. Good sex, but nothing else.

I fell asleep while we held each other.

My eyes popped open when an errant beam of sunlight reflected off the mirror and hit them, then immediately slammed shut because it was so intense and painful. It took me a couple of minutes to get used to the light and when I could see again a glance at the clock on the night stand told me it was nine AM.

Carla was still sleeping with the sun on the back of her head. I lay there, looking at her and remembering last night. I could feel myself start to get excited remembering, smiled and lounged in that soft and sexy place. Maybe I moved or made a sound but Carla's eyes drifted open and she smiled.

She started to stretch then found her arms tangled in mine so she switched it to a very nice hug. I could simultaneously feel her nipples poking into my breasts and mine into hers. What a marvelous feeling and when I shifted my shoulders they drug across each other's sending electric shocks through me and her.

I could feel her shudder or convulse, I don't know, it just excited me to feel it. She rolled up on top and sat back. I could feel her pressed against me, hot, like a furnace and she started rocking her pelvis against mine. She has 'Pouty' outer lips, thick and they protrude enough that she could rub against my lips while doing that. That was sexy as hell and we kept it up for a while.

I finally said, "I brought a couple of things I thought we might enjoy. I brought them for me but now we can share them. It'll be even sexier." And I went to my carry-on duffle. Nobody carried this for me and I kept some neat stuff in it. There were a couple of dildos I carved from stone I collected myself.

One was from a Lapis Lazuli specimen I found at the Sar-i-Sang mine in the Kocha valley of northern Afghanistan. It took me more than 12 hours from the nearest town by road to get there, there are no roads, you make them as you go and many have died on the trip.

But I turned it into a beautiful dildo, dark-blue with white stripes and intense gold sparkles from the Pyrites. It's called 'Fools Gold' because thousands of prospectors during the California gold-rush brought it to the assayers thinking there'd struck it rich. FeS2, Iron Sulfide, simple but beautiful when polished.

I had another, a beautiful pink and green jasper one, Unakite, that I also carved from a piece I picked up while exploring the Unaka mountains in North Carolina. I met another geologist there, a local Native American and learned the name comes from the Cherokee word 'Unega', meaning white.

Weird but it forms in granite and there are huge, white domes of that all through the mountains. I also learned that American Indians can really fuck.

I facet gemstones too and own three machines to do it with. Another passion of mine but right now Carla was my passion. I'll get her into that later and we can share that time, creating beautiful gemstones as we created other beautiful magic. Not at the same time though, faceting requires the patience of 'Job' and total concentration.

I keep the dildos in padded pouches to prevent damage and brought both back to the bed. I took the Unakite one out first and her eyes got wide as she reached out and took the head in her palm, letting it just lay there for a moment then sliding her thumb along the top of the shaft and across it like she would to excite a man.

"It's cold.", she said, then gripped it and pushed her hand up the shaft toward the balls I had carved into it.

"Mmmmm, I like that. That's the most beautiful Unakite I've ever seen.", she said, her breathing getting deeper as she got more aroused and that hungry, predatory look came back into her eyes. "That'll get the job done and it won't go off before I do then roll over and go to sleep." And she kept stroking it, smiling.

"Once it warms and we get a little oil on it you'll fly to the moon. I made it seven inches long and two in diameter so it'll take you places you may never have been.", I said.

She looked at me for a moment and then said, "I don't know about that but I'm looking forward to trying. What's in the other pouch, it looks bigger."

I was holding the Balls end of it as she stroked then let go as I reached for the other one. She put LittleRed between her breasts, pressing it in deep and wrapping them around it saying, "I'm warming it, getting it ready for us.", and she grinned very wide, showing lots of teeth that were blindingly white in her dark face.

I made the Lapis one even bigger. At nineteen I had a boyfriend, God, 'Fred', what an asshole. We were together a year and I stayed satiated for almost a year with him pounding into me with that beautiful cock all the time.

For a year, and he'd had a huge cock that kept me very happy, until he decided to screw one of my former friends. I never saw it coming but they'd been at it for some time. Both have been former for seventeen years now but I liked his cock so I made this the same size.

Nine inches long, two and a half inches in diameter with a ball sack and it had made me very happy many times. I have a predilection for warm bodies lying next to me but when I got BigBlue warm he felt marvelous.

Shortly after I kicked Fred's ass and cock out I discovered I liked girls too and had used it many times with various partners. Only a couple of times with partners since my PhD. The old-farts selection committee likes to think they'll get to fuck me. They never will, but I get a real kick out of watching them try to not drool ogling my breasts.

When she saw it she gasped, pulling in a big lungful of air and breathing it out in a slow, agonizing sigh. Then she sat for what felt like minutes, not breathing, just staring at it, her eyes moving over it like a lovers caress.

She licked her lips and turned to me saying. "Please tell me that you'll use that on me tonight! That is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The Gold sparkling along it's sides is beautiful."

I laughed and said, "I was planning on using this on you if I had to tie you down."

"That will not be necessary. Can I hold it for a minute? I promise not to do anything with it until you use it on me." And I handed it to her.

I named them. "Big Blue Cock" and "Little Red Cock", then shortened it to BigBlue and LittleRed. LittleRed wasn't so little and did a very good job but BigBlue was something else. When I wanted cock he made me very happy. I still liked silver-haired dudes too when I needed a warm body with one attached. Finding them with cocks like BigBlue was difficult though.

She used her left hand to put the Unakite one between her thighs, keeping it warm. Then she took BigBlue and held it close to her face, studying it. She stuck her tongue out and touched the head, licking around it like she would a man standing in front of her. She carefully put it between her breasts and folded them around it with her hands. When she did that she moaned.

I remembered the scented oils I had for lubricants and got back up to get them while she sat there with a beautiful little smile, kind of rocking the dildo between her breasts, 'Like a mother with a child.', I thought.

I love the taste of peach and I like to switch the dildo between my pussy and my mouth so all my lubricants are peach flavored. I get them from a speciality shop in San Francisco where they mix it specifically for me. I smiled when I picked it up, remembering the experimentation the female chemist and I had done, and turned back to the bed.

I crawled back up on the bed and put both hands on her shoulders. I gripped them and she looked up at me as I pushed her onto her back. I took the dildo from her and opened the lube. When I dripped some on it she reached her hand up and took some on her finger. She rubbed it on her right nipple then moaned as I leaned down and licked at it. I could feel myself starting to seep again.

"I like the good tasting stuff.", I said and she touched it again but this time stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it like a cock.

"Mmmmm.", was her rather load comment as I started stroking her breasts with that blue and white cock. Her eyes opened wide as I ran it over the nipples, then up between her breasts in a fucking motion.

She pressed them together getting a lot more excited, moving them counter to me, thrusting them down like she would with a man fucking her tits. I drug it down, across her stomach and when it reached her belly button I pushed it in a little and she jumped.

I moved it farther down and stroked her clit with the balls and she really got carried away. As I pulled it down again I found her opening with the tip and pushed against her, slipping the head in then just fucking that in and out as she moaned and started to move her whole body, writhing and squirming, trying to get more.

I smiled at her and thrust the entire nine inches into her In one thrust. She virtually convulsed as I did that and as she settled back I leaned down, putting my mouth over her clit and sucked it very hard. She let out a yelp that startled me for a moment then growled like an animal, grabbed my head, jamming me tight against her, and squirted into my mouth.

I lapped and sucked on her until she calmed and I crawled up and took her in my arms like she had done to me. I rolled to the side, taking her with me and just cuddled her as she came back. She opened her eyes and smiled then put her head on my breasts and pulled me closer and we lay like that for some time.

She finally said, "Okay, my turn.", and maneuvered herself around so she could throw her leg over my head, lowering her face to my crotch and lowering her pussy directly onto my mouth.

'Okay, it's not her turn, it's our turn.', and started licking her as she started with me, following her lead. When she sucked my clit I did hers. When she fucked me with her tongue I did the same to her and we continued that until I could feel myself getting there again and came. It wasn't as strong this time and she came right after I did.

We moved again and she was on the bottom when I grabbed both her ass cheeks with my hands and started pulling her into me hard, pushing my nose around in that patch of skin between her pussy and her ass and biting at her inner and outer lips. Then I released her and jammed my tongue as far into her pussy as I could, pulling up hard then releasing her and doing it all over again. Fucking her hard with my tongue.

I could feel my orgasm starting to build to that point where the tension is so high that the only solution is to explode like a Super Nova. I could feel it coiling in my gut, winding tighter, a clock main-spring getting ready to snap. Tighter and tighter until the tension made me want to bellow at the top of my lungs, "Fuuuuck Meeeee!", to let the entire world know how I felt and be jealous as hell.

And I came so hard I passed out. I remember thinking, 'Oh God, that was the most incredible sex I've ever had.', and, just going away.

Slipping into an abyss that slowly went from bright light to a deep, Stygian darkness that held it's arms out then Cuddled me, wrapping me in a warmth that I never wanted to leave. I don't know how long I was gone but when I opened my eyes, finally aware of where I was, Carla was holding me.

Her arms were under mine and her hands up behind my head, cradling it and kissing me softly on my mouth and cheeks and eyes, whispering things like, "I love you.", "Come back my love." and, "God, that was the best sex I've ever had."

When my mind was functioning again I thought, 'That was the most fervid, filthy, hot, impassioned, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, raw - Until I couldn't think of any more - sex! My God, I wanted more of her and I wanted this to continue. 'We'll work it all out' I thought, 'we have to'.

We rolled to the side and I could feel her hands moving around then something hard and slick touched that very tight ring of muscle keeping guard on my ass. I could see the Lapis dildo so it was the Unikite one she held and I relaxed myself as she pressed it into me. When the head slipped in I moaned and shook a little, wanting more.

I reached for the other and the bottle of lube that lay next to it. After drizzling lubrication up the shaft I positioned it at her ass. She pulled LittleRed back out and just waited for me, not pressing or trying to get it in, just moving it around over my ass and pussy. I started the same then drug it, pressing in hard, between her pussy up to her ass, across that patch of skin I had been licking and biting.

I grabbed her and rolled so I was on top, my knees up toward my head and my thighs pressing down on her breasts and her nipples trying to poke holes. I pulled her legs up and hooked her knees behind my arms and pressed my breasts into her thighs as I started moving BigBlue toward her ass. She did the same and we both got positioned to fuck each other's brains out.

I started to press and she did too. I could simultaneously feel the head start to spread the ring of muscle open in my ass as I felt the one I held start to slip into her. Both heads popped in at the same time and we both gasped. I kept pressing and slid the entire nine inches into her in one full stroke. She did the same to me but her cock was two inches shorter than mine so it bottomed out before the one I held did.

I could feel her take a very deep breath as the last two inches went into her and the balls pressed up against that skin between her ass and her pussy. She started to twist the one in me and I did the same and started pulling it out slowly then pressing it back in.

We lay there with me on top, slamming the dildos into each other's ass until I couldn't hold out any more and came again, hard enough to make me very dizzy. I felt like I was going to fall off a cliff, or already had fallen, into a soft ball of pure black and couldn't really feel what was happening to me. It took me several minutes to swim back through the very soft darkness I was being cradled by and finally open my eyes.

We made it to breakfast around noon then visited a couple local mines I've been to before. The Orphan Boy, an old silver mine that hadn't been mined in fifty years and the Sweet Home which was the premier mine on the planet for Rhodochrosite. We got back at eight PM, had dinner in Alma and back to the room. I had left the dildos standing on a flat bed-post so when we walked in it hit us both. We looked at each other and laughed our asses off, then started in again.

We spent the night and most of the morning alternating between talking and cuddling and screwing each other to several more very good orgasms.

We will still see each other but keep it very quiet. She already knew about the old farts selection board and will do anything to see I get that chair. After I get it she'll move into my very large, lonely house and we'll see where this goes.

We did find a new pocket of stunning Rhodochrosite crystal and a vein of silver a slide had opened so I had four or five hundred pounds of specimens in my truck for my labs when we left. We weren't sure who owned the find or if we could claim it but there were over five thousand abandoned mines in Colorado and this might be one we could do.

If I can get the claim I'll send a crew of students to work it and split any profits with them. They can also get credit for field experience toward their degrees. If we make enough it'll also pay their tuition.

A real win-win situation.

I'm in first place for the department chair. It's announced next week so Carla and I went to San Francisco and spent the day looking at new furniture. Curtains and dishes and a bunch of other crap too. We had dinner, found a club and danced with a couple of hunks that tried to pick us up.

Then Carla and I spent a very hot night together in a bed and breakfast on Sutter Street.

Never did find any Amazonite.

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