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The Scent Of Summer

It was early June and already a scorching hot. The air was constantly thick with humidity. Elise was thoroughly enjoying the heat. It meant that the 17 year old could justify wearing as little as possible as often as possible. She loved to show off her perky B cup breasts and round apple bottom.

Unfortunately her fully-developed body and sexy attire made her appear more sexually active than she really was. In reality, Elise hadn’t become sexually aware until the previous summer. She started noticing her body reacting differently to certain things and situations than it had before. She also noticed her vagina moistening and soaking through her panties on a regular basis. These changes frightened her.

What frightened her most was that it seemed to be other girls that caused her arousal. She consciously tried to focus on boys but she just couldn’t help herself. She stole looks in the locker room after Phys-ed as often as possible. She found herself mesmerised by the other girls’ pussies. Did they get as wet as hers? Did they tingle at the sight of another girl’s breasts?

As curious as she was, though, she just couldn’t grow the courage to reach down and explore her own vagina. She thought it might be easier to explore another vagina first and then she could see what would happen. She became obsessed with the idea. It would keep her up late at night, causing her to soak through her panties.

“I have to find a way to meet girls,” she said out loud to herself one day.

She decided she would get a membership for the community pool. Her plan was to go as often as possible and hopefully she would meet some girls.

Sunday morning she grabbed her suit and headed for the pool. She didn’t expect to meet anyone right away but she thought maybe going at a quieter time there would be more solo swimmers.

She paid for a summer membership at the front gate and entered the pool change-room/shower area. It was poorly lit and yet it still appeared scuzzy. There was one toilet stall with no door, and one change stall with a door. There was a row of 4 shower heads on the far wall near the pool entrance and one long bench that ran the rest of the perimeter of the room.

Elise was revolted at first until she remembered the reason why she was there. She was there to act slutty and try to pick up a girl. Compared to her this room was squeaky clean.

Elise walked over to the wall bench and tossed down her bag. She didn’t waste time stripping. She was soaking through her cotton shorts and was eager to allow her pussy to breath. She looked down at her patch of dark pubic hair. She could see her clit sticking out past her pussy lips. Control yourself, she thought.

She heard the change room door slam behind her. She suddenly felt very exposed. Her libido quickly overpowered her sense of shame as she heard someone set their bag down on the bench. She wanted whoever it was to see the front of her body. She wanted to show off her puffy pussy

She turned slowly to face the stranger. She tried to act natural even though what she was doing was obviously not natural. Her eyes fell upon a skinny, blonde haired teenager.

Elise was surprised, she had half expected someone older. She decided she should smile and try to find out how old this girl was.

“Hey,” she said, trying to sound casual.

“Um..hi..” mumbled the girl, obviously blushing at Elise’s state of undress.

“I just started coming to this pool. I just couldn’t resist with how hot it’s been lately.” She hated small talk.

“Uh huh…” she girl still couldn’t meet Elise’s gaze.

“I’m Elise,” she said, stepping forward. Finally, the girl looked up at her. Her eyes locked on Elise’s breasts.

“I’m Liz,” she said softly, almost a whisper.

“Well, Liz, you’d better start getting undressed if you’re going to make it into the pool today.” Elise smiled.

“Um, yeah I guess you’re right,” Liz said, a little unsure. She slowly stood and started pulling off her tank top. It was Elise’s turn to be mesmerised. Liz wasn’t wearing a bra so Elise had a full view of her bare breasts. They were quite small, an A cup at best. They were perfectly perky with soft puffy nipples.

Elise, her instincts taking over, stepped closer to her. She needed to touch those breasts. It was like her brain was totally being over powered by her pussy.

Liz was shocked to see Elise so close. Her breath caught as their eyes met. She visibly quivered under Elise’s gaze.

Without speaking, she reached out and pulled down Liz’s cotton shorts.

“W-, what are you doing?” Liz’s voice cracked.

“Shh,” was all Elise could utter. She covered one of Liz’s puffy nipples with her hand, kneading it slowly. It felt so soft and delicate. She needed to taste it. She leaned forward and kissed her nipple lightly.

“Uhh…don’t…” Liz mumbled. Elise didn’t care. She couldn’t stop. Plus, she figured if she aroused Liz enough she could do whatever she wanted anyway, so why stop now? This sweet girl was going to be hers.

She closed her lips over Liz’s breast and sucked softly. She swirled her tongue around her nipple causing Liz to gasp.

Suddenly Elise became aware of her dripping pussy and realised this wasn’t enough for her. She gently pushed Liz back down to a sitting position on the bench.

Elise stood above her open legs staring at the sweet blonde haired pussy before her. Liz looked up at her with a pouty lip. She was clearly enjoying this almost as much as herself.

Slowly, Elise lowered herself between the open legs. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Liz’s pussy. She reached forward and carefully pulled back the hair to examine her vagina. It looked similar to her own. Liz’s pussy lips were thicker though. This made Elise’s pussy ache for some reason.

Elise pulled open Liz’s pussy, causing her to moan. She could smell her odour already. This fascinated Elise immediately. The scent almost drove her crazy. It smelled like a mix of sweet and salty with a hint of sweat.

She hastily repositioned herself on her knees so she could get her face closer to this wonderfully smelly girl. Elise lowered her face as far as she could, without quite touching Liz’s pussy, and inhaled slowly. She couldn’t believe how wonderful this girl’s vagina smelt. She inhaled again and again, unable to get enough of the scent. Liz groaned with each inhale. Clearly she was enjoying being violated in this way.

Finally, Elise could resist no more, and drove her nose deep into the folds of Liz’s pussy. Liz instinctively widened her legs and threw her head back in a long moan.

Elise pressed her face in as deep as it would go and inhaled as much as she could. She had lost complete control now. She needed this girls pussy juices all over her.

She rubbed her face back, forth, up, down and all around, until her face was drenched. She allowed her mouth to open and her tongue met with Liz’s clit. This caused her to frantically buck and grind Elise’s face.

Elise moaned into Liz’s sopping pussy. She could grind her face all day as far as she was concerned.

All too soon, though, Liz was quivering and clamping onto Elise’s head with her legs. Elise had no idea what was happening as she had never experienced an orgasm herself yet.

Liz pulled away and collapsed back on the bench behind her.

“I’ve never had a girl give me an orgasm before,” she smiled dreamily.

“A what?” Elise asked. Liz just giggled.

“For such an excellent pussy eater, you sure don’t know much. Don’t worry, I’ll show you. I think I owe you after that one,” Elise was shocked to hear Liz say this. It seemed Liz wasn’t nearly as young and innocent as she first appeared.

Elise did know one thing for sure; sopping, sweaty pussy was definitely the new irresistible scent that accompanied summertime.

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