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Watching My Girlfriend In Her Room

Dylan, Elin and Steve were friends. This Saturday Elin became a woman, bi-sexual and squirted.
I am Steve and I have an interesting story to tell about how I watched my girlfriend one afternoon, masturbate and have sex with her best friend Elin.

I had been dating Dylan for about 6 months. She was a very sexual young lady. We were both 22, seniors in college studying Computer Science. Dylan was tall about 5 feet 9 inches with a slim build. She was a natural blond with very short hair almost mannish in style. Her breasts were small definitely an A cup. Her waist was narrow and her hips average in width, just an average girl. She loved sex and masturbating.

Elin was a senior in college with Dylan and me. She was another tall ebony girl 5 feet 11 inches tall. She had a very statuesque figure. Her hair was close cropped because it is kinky and wiry. Her shoulders were broad tapering down to DD breasts that sat high on her chest. Her waist was narrow and her hips broad.

I came into Dylan’s house one Saturday afternoon to surprise her with a quick booty call. Instead I got the surprise and was rewarded with the sight and time of my life. I knew Dylan was bisexual because we had several threesomes where I watched her have sex with a girlfriend and when she had her final orgasm she came to me bringing her friend. I walked into her house, the door was always open and I was always welcome to come right in.

Dylan and Elin were in Dylan’s room and had come from swimming in the pool. They had not closed Dylan’s door completely, leaving me with a full view of what was to follow. Elin and Dylan were taking off their bikinis and checking out each other’s body. Dylan had her hands caressing Elin’s large breasts with their nipples hard and erect.

“Dylan, do you ever want to have large breasts?” Elin asked.

“No, my breasts may be small but are very sensitive and get me aroused very easily.”

“Doesn’t Steve ever want to touch bigger breasts?”

“I don’t know you would have to ask him.”

“Dylan, you are a very sexual lady. Have you every masturbated? I never have and would not know how to start or what to do. I am still a virgin and have not had but 2 boyfriends in high school. They were too naive to try anything because I was so statuesque.”

“Elin, would you like me to show you how to masturbate and give pleasure to another woman?”

“You would do that for me? That would be so much fun. Can we do it now?”

“Sure Steve is not around and I am horny. I will show you how to masturbate and we can fuck each other. Would you like that?”

“I would like the masturbation, but I am not sure about fucking you.”

“Well Elin, you have to start somewhere, why not start with a girlfriend who thinks you are one hot babe?”

“OK, let’s do it, before I chicken out.”

They sat on the edge of Dylan’s bed looking at each other. Dylan pointed out the sensitive areas of Elin’s body and she was getting aroused. I knew because she had cum and it was a white contrast in the very dark tangled bush that Elin had. As she approached Elin’s bush Dylan stroked it a little.

“Can we trim some of this kinky curly black hair away from your pussy?”

“Sure, but why do that?” said Elin.

“It is easier to get at your pussy and men prefer less hair to get in their mouths as they kiss and eat you down there.”

“Oh, ok trim away.”

Dylan took a small pair of scissors and trimmed away a lot of Elin’s pussy hair. Elin had a big black beautiful pussy just waiting to be filled with a man’s throbbing cock. Elin was reacting to Dylan’s touch getting more aroused with small moans coming from her throat. With every moan Dylan’s smile got bigger, she was in for a real treat this afternoon. Maybe so was I. Once her pussy was trimmed Elin put her hand on it and felt how wet it was and started to wipe it away.

“Don’t wipe up the juice there. Leave it; it is a normal thing that happens.”

“I thought I was peeing myself.”

“No you are getting sexually aroused.”

Elin smiled and put her lips against Dylan’s mouth in a small loving kiss. Dylan returned the kiss with ardor but held back going any further. She wanted this to last a long while. Dylan had seen me watching through the door and smiled at me with a stop motion telling me to stay out. I gave her the ‘OK’ sign but remained watching.

Dylan reached in the drawer of the nightstand bringing out a tube of lube, a curved glass dildo with a bulbous tip on the curbed part and a small electric vibrator. These were laid out on the bed.

Elin looked curiously at the things on the bed. Her eyes were wide but her smile was wider. She knew what was going to happen and she was ready. She had always lusted after Dylan’s body secretly. Now she was going to have it all to herself.

Dylan took the lube and rubbed it around the curved end and bulb of the dildo leaving a thin film. She leaned back and started rubbing the bulb around the top of her pussy. As Dylan did this, Elin watched with rapt attention taking in every movement.

Oh, how she wanted to be doing that to Dylan. Dylan ran the bulb around and over her clit getting it aroused and poking out. She was moaning louder and her hips were thrusting up off the bed. Up and down the slit and around the clit Dylan moved the bulb.

As soon as she ran the tip up and down the slit of her pussy, the lips swelled and opened pulling the dildo in. She kept running the tip up and down her slit hitting the clit causing her hips to bounce up and thrust.

Elin watched fascinated licking her lips. Dylan had slipped the bulb into her pussy and was now pushing it in and out. As she did this her moans became very loud and her breathing increased into pants with her chest heaving. The bulb was going in and out faster and juice was oozing out around it and spreading on her pussy. She became wetter and squishy noises could be heard.

Dylan stopped the in and out movement and pushed the dildo further in and started a twisting motion. Her hips bucked really hard now. With every twist a loud moan escaped her lips; she seemed to be in another world away from Elin and her room. She moved the dildo faster and the moans came faster too.

Suddenly it all stopped with Dylan’s hips thrust high in the air shivering. She pulled the dildo out and a stream of juice followed spraying onto the floor. Dylan’s hips fell back onto the bed and she lay there panting and moaning softly. She sat up and looked at Elin and Steve with a big smile and a look of pure bliss.

“What was that? Why was there pee coming out of you?” Elin asked.

Dylan hoarsely replied, “That was not pee but me ejaculating. I had been rubbing my g-spot and caused a big orgasm and ejaculated.”

“Can I do that too?” Elin asked.

“Yes, every woman ejaculates, some more than others. The normal reaction to ejaculation is to hold it in because it feels like you are peeing. You are not and should let it flow. It is the most wonderful feeling of release.”

Elin was bouncing now saying, “I want to do that. Can I do that now?”

Dylan replied, “Sure let’s give you the dildo and start getting you aroused.”

Dylan wiped off the dildo and covered it with more lube. Instead of giving it to Elin she put it on Elin’s pussy and rubbed her clit and around it. Elin moaned but did not protest or try to stop Dylan. Elin was breaking out in a sweat as she got more aroused. The moisture was shiny and glistened off this beautiful body.

I wanted to go into the room and be part of this, but knew better to just watch. Elin leaned back on her elbows to give Dylan a better view and entry. Juice flowed out of Elin’s pussy down her butt to the bed. She was so aroused that her hips were bouncing and rotating as the dildo flicked her clit. Her moans got louder and her breathing became more rapid.

Dylan slowly moved the dildo up and down Elin’s slit making the lips swell and open up. Elin moved her legs wider apart to allow Dylan easy access. Elin’s head was thrown back in fits of ecstasy.

The bulb went deep into the slit and found the entrance to Elin’s pussy. Instead of pushing the bulb in, Dylan pulled it out and replaced it with her fingers. She probed inside Elin’s pussy feeling for the g-spot.

Once she found it her fingers were removed and replaced by the dildo. Dylan pushed the bulb in as deep as her fingers had gone, moving it in slow circles. Elin’s hips thrust up and followed the circular motions. The twisting increased in tempo and Elin’s hips followed right away and her moans became much louder almost screams.

Elin’s breaths were short staccato pants as she approached the edge of her first ever orgasm. She raised her hips up high and stopped. Dylan plunged the dildo in and out quickly. Elin shivered as the orgasm hit her. Dylan took out the dildo and was greeted by the gush of cum and a long squirt of juice onto the floor.

Elin had her first orgasm and squirted at the same time. She fell back on the bed and became very quiet as she shuddered lying there. As she recovered she started laughing and sat up. She leaned over and hugged and kissed Dylan all over her face.

Elin was yelling, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. That was the best experience ever. That was my first orgasm and I squirted too. I am so elated. Thank You Dylan, Steve you can come in now I want to fuck you. I hope you liked what you saw, as much as I liked showing it to you.”

I entered the room and stood about 5 feet from the bed. I looked at the two very satisfied women laying there. Before I got any closer Elin was up on her feet in front of me. She looked at Dylan. Dylan nodded approval and Elin put her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.

As we kissed, her arms moved from my neck down to my hips and she pulled me tightly against her. Her hands looped into my bathing suit. We broke our kiss and she got on her knees as she pulled my bathing suit down. I pulled my tee over my head and threw it over to a chair in the room. My cock was hard and bounced up against her cheek. She grabbed it in her hand and stroked it looking up at me with a smile.

She looked over at Dylan and said, “I hope it is alright for me to fuck Steve today on your bed? I have wanted him for a long time and now I am so horny and turned on. I want him to have my maidenhead.”

Dylan smiled and said, “I would not have it any other way. I don’t mind sharing Steve and I know he likes you. He has wanted you too. That is why I arranged for this to happen today.”

With that Elin wrapped her lips on my hard cock and sucked my pre cum off it. She moved her hand up and down while her tongue swirled around my tip. She was an expert at this. She had been giving blowjobs for a while and was a legend at the school. Now was my turn to feel her lips and mouth on my cock. She pulled my cock deeper into her mouth taking me fully in and down her throat. Her throat vibrated and made my cock get harder.

As we clung together with her mouth enveloped on me, I felt a growing rush that I had only felt once before. It was a feeling that I was going to blow my load but ended up just making my cock throb and bounce up and down. I started to push in and out of this sucking mouth and she kept pace with me. Her hands rubbed my balls keeping them warm and soft. I was being teased but it felt so good. She kept this up for another 5 minutes. I was getting ready to blow but she stopped and I groaned in disappointment.

“I am not done with you. I want you pounding my pussy not shooting your load in my throat. So get on the bed and lie down.”

We crawled up on the bed and she pushed me down with my cock pointed straight up. She crawled up over me sitting on my stomach. She bent down and kissed me hard on the lips again. My hands played with her hard nipples causing her to moan loudly in my ear. I squeezed her breasts and nipples and her hips moved on my stomach.

She was getting ready to take my cock in her hot wet throbbing virgin pussy. I wanted her so badly and she wanted me inside her. My cock had fallen under her into her slit and she was moving up and down my stomach riding my cock. It kept hitting her clit causing her to moan and squeal.

She stopped lifted her butt up grabbed my cock and positioned it under her pussy. She lowered herself slowly over my cock letting it enter her body a little bit at a time. I was feeling her tight pussy wrap around me and hold me tight. She kept going down but stopped as we reached her maidenhead.

She looked at me with a little fear, her mouth twisted in a look of determination. She withdrew from me a little and pushed downward in a quick motion forcing me through her maidenhead and up to my hilt way inside her. She screamed but sat on me with a look of satisfaction of a job well done.

She started moving up and down my shaft holding it deep inside her pulsing pussy. Her motion was slow but her pussy was pulling my cock hard. She was so wet that we were making squishing noises continuously.

She quickened her pace as I grew and she tightened. I could feel her pussy getting ready for an orgasm and urged her on. My balls were getting tighter and my cock was stiffening in anticipation of her orgasm and my cumming.

I pushed up with my hips as she pushed down; we slammed hard together at the same instant we exploded. She yelled, I groaned and emptied my ropes of cum deep in her pussy. Her pussy squeezed me hard milking my cock for every drop. She sat there on my stomach lost in her second orgasm with a man inside her cumming. The look on her face was one of pure joy and ecstasy. She leaned forward and kissed me.

She whispered in my ear, “Thank you. I love you. I always have and always will now that you have been my first and Dylan was my first woman. What a wonderful Saturday afternoon.”

Dylan broke in and said, “Oh no, missy you are not done yet. I want a piece of you too. It is true I fucked you with my dildo but I want to put my fingers and hands all over that luscious body and eat your pussy and make you cum and squirt again.”

Elin replied, “I am all yours but I want to taste Steve’s cum in my mouth before we are done.”

I said, “Let’s get cleaned up and get some cool drinks and go sit by the pool for a bit. Then we can play some more.”

Reluctantly Dylan agreed. Elin and I needed the pause and the liquid refreshment. What happened next will be in part 2.

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