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You're the first woman I've ever..

Samantha, you're the first woman I've ever..
You're the first woman I've ever..

It had been raining all morning and Karen hadn't been feeling well. She had stayed home from work for the fourth time this month. As she lay in bed she tried to convince herself she was unwell with a cold or something due to winter setting in, but deep down she knew the truth was she was lonely and becoming depressed.

The phone rang and although numb she answered, "Hello?"

"Karen? It's Martin. I've just come into the store and Margaret tells me you're unwell?" Martin was the owner of the small grocery store she worked at. It wasn't the most glamorous of jobs, but it paid her bills.

"Yeah.. Martin, I think I've come down with something," Karen replied without a convincing tone.

"I'm sorry, I can't afford to keep you on. I'm left paying more overtime to the others and it is adding up. I'm sorry but this is your two week notice Karen."

After hanging up the phone a tiny but of panic ran through Karen. She wasn't surprised though, and knew she deserved being fired, but also knew the rent was due.

The next morning Karen put an effort into waking up early to begin looking online for jobs. She felt like such a fool for giving away a job when she knew how hard it was to get a job these days.

As she scrolled the page of jobs she was either under qualified for or payed only by commission, she noticed an advert between job listings.

It read; Go back to school, it'll pay!

Curiosity had bitten and after reading through the website Karen found herself applying for a course in IT. She had confidence she would do well, as she had learned some IT in high school.

With a new sense of confidence and drive Karen was excited when she received news that she had been accepted and would begin school two days after her last day at Martin's Groceries.

The two weeks leading up to starting her course went by rather quickly, perhaps the excitement of finally something new happening in her life.

That excitement seemed to disappear the morning she found herself in a small room, surrounded by 10 others sitting awkwardly at a computer. The IT teacher hadn't arrived yet. Karen was nervously wondering if she had made the right decision.

As she questioned this, the door to the computer room opened and in walked a gorgeous woman that seemed to make Karen catch herself on a sharp inhale.

"Hello everyone, I'm Samantha. I'll be your lecturer for this course."

Samantha turned to her white board and switched on her computer screen projector. Her chestnut brown wavy hair flowed with her beautifully. Karen found her gaze following Samantha's silky hair to her body. She was a slender woman, but she wouldn't blow away in the wind. Her black dress pants exposed an ass one knew had spent many hours at a gym.

Karen felt confused as she noticed herself staring at another woman and feeling her groin respond. She had only ever been with men and certainly never thought of another woman in such a way.

Karen was quite gorgeous herself. She had medium length, dead straight blond hair that she took good care of. She stood a little on the short side at about 5'5", where as Samantha seemed to stand nearly 5'8". Karen had always been slim, but knew she did not have a toned body like that of Miss Samantha.

Interrupting Karen's thoughts, the class began at full speed almost immediately. Karen found herself enjoying it. She was able to learn quickly and this kept her happy for a few weeks.

One morning a few weeks into the course Karen woke up to a harassing phone call from her land lord. With paying for her course and her other usual bills, Karen was struggling with the little amount she received from the government as a student. Feelings all too familiar returned to Karen and she stayed at home the following two classes.

During the third class she missed, she lay in bed watching a talk show. She tried to convince herself she wasn't as hopeless as the married couple fighting over whatever it is they were fighting over, when she received a text message. Strangely, butterflies fluttered in her tummy when she noticed the name.

Samantha: Karen, is everything OK? You have missed a bit of work.

Karen didn't know what to reply. She had no direction in her life anymore and didn't know what she was going to do to fix it.

Karen: Not exactly..

Samantha: What is wrong?

Karen: Life has me down at the moment, I'm not sure if I will continue the course.

Samantha: Oh, Karen. That would be so disappointing. You were doing very well. Do you not enjoy my class??

Karen: Oh, no.. That's not it. I just have been struggling financially and think I may need to go back to work to pay my rent.

Samantha: I see.. Would you not be able to work outside of my class?

Karen blinked as she read this message. She clearly could, but why hadn't she?

Karen: I don't know..

Samantha: Don't know? Is my course too demanding, Miss Karen?

Karen felt another flutter in her tummy.. Was her lecturer flirting?

Karen: No.. Your course is great. I feel I have learned well with you as my teacher. You're a wonderful teacher..

Samantha: I can't say I have been feeling all that wonderful as a teacher lately.

Karen: What? Why? You're great!

Karen didn't receive a response after this text and found herself checking her phone for the rest of the evening. She became more curious and anxious by the end of the night and decided she would face her nerves tomorrow and return to the course.

Sitting nervously in the computer room, Karen waited for Samantha to arrive. She felt a few pairs of eyes on her, and this only made her anxiety grow more. She hated the feeling of being judged, as everyone naturally does. She prayed the day would calm down soon.

Samantha walked into the class without noticing her returned student and switched on the projector. Whilst taking off her coat and instructing the class of their first task, Samantha's gaze finally browsed the small group of students. In mid-sentence Samantha paused as she caught Karen's eyes on her. Samantha paused for a brief moment, but quickly recovered her instructions to the class, although seemed a little frustrated.

The class seemed to drag a little without much excitement to Karen, although she realized she was unsure of what she expected to happen. She was just curious as to why Samantha had felt as though she wasn't doing a wonderful job at teaching.

An hour into the course, all the students were in silence apart from their typing. Samantha was sitting at her computer trying to concentrate on her next weeks classes. Slowly she gazed up and noticed Karen was watching her from across the room.

Shit, Karen thought to herself. As she tried to throw herself back into her task, she found it impossible not to look back at Samantha. As she did, she noticed Samantha darting looks back and forth to Karen too. Then, Samantha looked down to her phone and bit her lip to hide a smile from her face.

Suddenly, Karen felt her pocket vibrate as her phone received a text message. Butterflies had never fluttered so intensely. Karen tried to act cool about reading her message, but that lasted all of two seconds.

Samantha: No texting in class Miss Karen ;)

Karen felt her face flush as she quickly look at Samantha who was now staring deeply into her computer screen, yet still biting that lower lip that shined with the touch of sparkly lip gloss that had been applied to them.

Karen was unsure of whether to reply, or even what to reply. She had noticed something new in herself, she has never been so shy around another person before.

Karen: Sorry Miss, I'll try not let it happen again :p Unless it's urgent.

Samantha: I'm glad you included urgent. I need to see you after class. It's urgent.

Karen sat staring at the time, and when Samantha ended the class Karen felt the butterflies swimming in a sea of nerves. As she slowly packed away some of her things into her satchel, she watched as the last person left and the door closed behind them.

The silence was unbearable. Karen looked towards Samantha and bit her lip. Samantha returned the lip biting smile and leaned back in her chair.

"So, you came back?" she asked Karen.

Karen hesitated her response, "Well, I felt worried it was my fault you felt you weren't doing a wonderful job teaching.."

"It was your fault," Samantha answered quickly.

"Huh?" was all Karen could reply, and felt a bit stupid for it. As she wished she had more words in her vocabulary, she watched as Samantha stood from her desk and began walking to Karen slowly.

"Well, for the last 3 days, my attention hasn't been entirely into teaching my students. Do you want to know where it was?" she asked, as she reached half way to Karen.

Karen froze a little... "Uh huh".. shit, she thought to herself as her vocabulary did it again.

"I had been catching myself focusing on who was missing... From this chair." Samantha answered as she placed her hands on Karen's chair. Samantha then swung the chair around and looked down at Karen.

"I'm sorry.. I, uh.." Karen stuttered. She usually never had any problem talking! Why can't I talk, dammit?!, she thought to herself, but before she knew it she didn't need to talk.

Samantha climbed into the chair facing Karen, straddling her lap. At first, just looking deep into Karen's eyes as her fingers brushed her cheek.

Samantha replied, "Don't be sorry Karen, you're freaking beautiful."

With that, Samantha leaned in and began to passionately kiss Karen as her hands cup both sides of Karen's face. Running her fingers gently under Karen's ears and moaned gently into her new lover's mouth.

Karen couldn't believe the feelings inside her the moment Samantha touched her, but feeling Samantha's tongue dancing along hers and she had melted into this woman. She moaned back and closed her eyes, swimming in pure bliss.

"I don't know what it is," Samantha said quickly as she broke the kiss, "I just can't stop thinking about you!"

"I.. Uhh, nor me.." Karen replied, in a daze.

Samantha begin to unbutton her blouse slowly as Karen swallowed heavily.

"Samantha.. You're the first woman I've ever.." Karen couldn't finish her words.

Samantha leaned in and begin to kiss Karen again before asking breathlessly, "Should I stop?"

Karen replied by sliding her hand inside Samantha's blouse and felt her full breast against her hand, and begin to kiss her heavily.

"I'll take that as a no?" Samantha smiled as she slid her hands up Karen's shirt and traced her fingers along her bra.

Karen nodded, still unable to use her vocabulary well.

Samantha cupped both breast in her hands and squeezed gently, then leaned into Karen's neck and kissed softly just below her ear and whispered, "You can say it, find it and tell me what you want."

"Oh, Samantha, I want you to.. fuck me!" Karen nearly shouted.

Samantha giggled and hushed Karen with kisses, squeezing her breasts in her hand, "Oh baby, I will, but not here.." she whispered as she slowly stood off from the chair and began to button up her blouse again.

Karen blinked at Samantha, "Oh, that's cruel!"

Samantha smiled as she walked backwards to her chair, "Well, I DO have another class in 15 minutes."

Karen groaned as she slowly pulled down her top until she heard the door rattle and one of Samantha's next students walked in. Karen quickly grabbed up her things.

"Thanks for the extra help, Samantha," Karen said as she sent a secret lip biting smile to Samantha.


Karen lay in her bed that evening in complete silence as she ran through the day over and over in her mind. As her memories repeated, she felt herself growing more turned on than she had ever felt for anyone before.

Sliding her hand under the blanket, she slowly began rubbing herself between her legs as she softly moaned Samantha's name to herself.

"Oh, Samantha, what have you done to me?!.."

Karen could feel her wetness through her panties and was aching for another touch of Samantha. Slowly sliding her hand into her panties, she ran one finger along the length of her pussy. As her finger reached her clit she felt a spark shoot through her body. She began to circle her clit and lick her lips when she heard the door bell.

What the fuck!?, she thought to herself. She considered ignoring it for a moment, but then remembered her land lord. If she caused more problems for herself it would only be harder to dig herself back out.

The bell rang again as she was pulling her bed robe on and tying it around her waist, "Yeah, I'm coming!" she yelled out and silently fumed. She whipped the door open to hopefully get it over and done with fast.

"No, you're not cumming YET!" Samantha grinned as she walked up to Karen and kissed her mouth passionately whilst kicking the door shut behind her with her foot.

Karen couldn't believe how freaking hot she was now. She felt herself dripping between her legs.

Samantha slid Karen's bed robe off her shoulders and looked at Karen's bare chest. Biting her lip she looked into Karen's eyes as her hands cupped both her tits and she dove into kissing Karen's neck and shoulder's.

Karen whispered immediately to Samantha, "Get that blouse off NOW!"

Samantha took a step back with a surprised look on her face. "Oh, now where did THAT come from, you're always so shy!" Smiling at Karen as she pushes her gently toward the bedroom and onto the bed, Samantha begins to slowly unbutton her blouse at the foot of the bed whilst watching Karen.

Karen bites her lip and impatiently begins to rub her own nipples.. Craving sexual satisfaction.

Samantha then unclasps her bra and unbuttons her tight fitting black dress pants. As she does she notices next to Karen a small pink vibrator.

"Oh, hey now, did someone start without me?!" smiling Samantha slips off her pants and panties together and climbs onto the bed, crawling over to Karen on her knees and slides a hand up Karen's thigh as she does.

"No.." Karen answers sheepishly as she melts under Samantha's silky touch. Samantha's hand reaches Karen's panties and she feels the wetness through them.

"Liar," Samantha grins, and starts massaging Karen's pussy as she straddles one of her legs and leans in to kiss her heavily.

Karen begins to moan and whispers, "OK, maybe a little.."

With that Samantha slides Karen's panties off and lays between her, rubbing her wet clit against Karen's. Sliding her arms under Karen's shoulders she hooks herself onto her lover and begins humping harder and faster whilst their tongues dance together.

"Oh, fuck, Samantha, what have you done to me?!" Karen asks, this time to her lover!!

"Exactly the same as you've done to me!" Samantha groans as she grinds her clit in smaller but harder movements. Samantha begins to feel herself coming too close to orgasm and begins to slide down Karen's body, kissing as she does.

Taking Karen's nipple into her mouth, Samantha swirls her tongue around her swollen nipple. Biting it gently first, then suckles on it as her hand plays with the other nipple between finger and thumb. Leaving both nipples in both hands Samantha slides down Karen's body, kissing to her belly button. She kisses around the belly button a few times before getting closer to Karen's pussy.

Karen can't handle it much more, "Sammy, baby, don't tease!!"

Samantha dives in with her tongue first circling the clit slowly, and before long she takes Karen's throbbing clit into her mouth and suckles on it, then alternates between flicking with her tongue and sucking. She reaches out and takes the small vibrator and slides it inside her sexy lover, sliding it in and out first, then switching it on low and holding it inside her deep. As the vibrator sits against Karen's G spot Samantha begins flicking her clit hard.

"Oh, fuck baby, I'm going to cum Sammy.."

Samantha moans "Mhmm.." into Karen's clit and the vibration sends Karen into orgasmic bliss, just as her orgasm hits climax Samantha returns to heavy flicks of her tongue.

"Sammy!! I'm cumming baby! Oh fuck!" Karen feels her walls contracting against the vibrator and Samantha's lips wrap around her pulsating clit before it gets to sensitive to touch. Her legs tense as she feels the waves through her body.

Sliding up to Karen, Samantha begins to kiss her lover passionately and then whispers, "You're the first woman I've ever, too."

* * *

My first story, apologies if editing is required!

To be continued.. Maybe :)
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