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Broken Rules

Tags: lesbian, sex
Everyone likes to break the rules...
You break the rules to talk to me,
That dawned on me today,
Shouldn't text at work you see,
E'en though you'd rather play.

Though I don't like the thought of this,
The trouble you go through,
I know you play it carefully,
So that nobody sees.

So when you text me through the day,
You bring me little smiles,
All the little things you say,
Help me know I'm okay.

So when you go on to your break,
And I sit by your side,
You tell me to sit on your knee,
Its easier this way.

You kiss my neck,
Oh fuck, yes please,
You brush my hair aside...

You slide your hand down to my mound,
I lean back into you,
You bite softly on my neck and massage down below...

Your whispered name escapes my lips,
Whilst yours dance on my skin,
I lose the ability to use my words,
As your lips silence mine.

Your fingers glide along my cunt,
You feel my wetness there,
I whisper that it feels so good,
You answer, "Yes, you do."

I mutter that you use my lines,
Against me to your good,
You remember, oh so much,
Every line of mine.

I bite my lip, you say to me,
"Oh my dear you know,
The effect you biting on your lip,
Takes upon me."

I whisper, "Oh, you want my lip,"
Just before you lean down,
And take my lip between your teeth,
And claim it as your own.

Your fingers waltz upon my clit,
And press against my slit,
I moan quite uncontrollably,
As they plunge deep in me.

Your thumb now presses on the button,
Where fingers once resided,
I bite your neck and moan some more,
And kiss your tilted neck.

I turn completely to face you,
And feel your fingers twist,
Deep within my dripping sex,
And roll my hips to meet you.

You feel my walls,
So tight yet velvet,
You move,
In out, in out.

I slip my hands around your neck,
And let my lips meet yours,
We kiss and fuck,
Then tongue meets tongue,
Caressing and entwining.

You stretch inside,
I moan again,
And feel familiar feelings.

When worn out by your ravishing,
I rest easy on your chest,
Loving how you feel against me,
When we are both at rest.

It isn't often that we fuck,
But when we do I love it,
We break these rules every day,
Not always to the same end.

But thank you,
For the sweet release,
Our meeting gave to me,
Remember though,
I like to keep things even.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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