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A Night That Never Happend

A Night That Never Happend

I had such a crush on him, why would he invite me?
I had been working with David, in the office for several years. Over that time, I had developed a secret ‘crush’ on him. It was at that time of year again when the festivals come to an end with a display of fireworks. David invited me to come along with a few of his friends. My only thoughts were; did he know of my secret crush on him? He gave me a time and place to meet him, after I accepted his invite.

I arrived at the prearranged meeting, from which we went to meet up with his mates. After standing around with David and his friends, listening to their nonsense chatter and looking bored, David turned to me and noticed I was a bit fed up. He took me by the hand and said in my ear, “Do you want to get away from these people?”

I didn’t say anything, I just looked at him nodded my head. We left his friends and walked down to the main street to get a better view of the display. After waiting about ten minutes, the music started. I think it may have been Beethoven playing through the speakers. The sky started to light up with colour. Holding my hand through to the end of the performance, I couldn’t help but wonder why David invited me? Did he know of my crush on him? If he did I don't how; I never told anyone at the office? While watching bright beautiful flares upon the sky, we talked glancing at one another.

The music faded into silence and the sky didn’t receive any more bursts of colour. Walking hand in hand, we exchanged words on our way home. As we came to our different paths, I stood in front of David unaware what would happen next; he took me by surprise, he leaned in to kiss my lips. He started with a light touch, then the lips separating, tongues swirling against one another. Becoming more intense, we parted before becoming naked there in the middle of the street.

“Would you like to go somewhere, more private than here?” David suggested, as he turned to walk away. Looking back over his shoulder at me, I realize somehow he already knew my answer.

Taking his hand quickly, I readily followed where David was leading. We turned onto the path that made its way to a more secluded place; one where no one would be walking through; where we could only hear the cars going by on the road. We hiked our way up the Seat toward the old ruin, watching where we placed our footing. The street lights grew dimmer the further we went, leaving only the bright light from the moon to guide us.

David took off his coat and placed it on the grass for us to sit on together. Looking into his sky blue eyes, our arms wrapped around one another once again, we picked up from where we left off. Our hands wandered, exploring the other’s body. He then began to unbutton my coat, sliding his hands inside up upon my shoulders slipping my coat down my arms. Feeling the cold air taking the warmth away from my body. I pulled David close to me; kissing him passionately. I moved my hands up towards his torso under his shirt only to break away from our kiss for a moment.

David’s physique was what I expected it to be – firm, lean and muscled with a six pack. All of this only led me to wonder if he was as well-proportioned in his trousers? David rolled over onto his back, pulling me with him and placing me astride his hips. I could feel David’s erection through his trousers, as I straddled him. He took hold of my jumper and pulled it over my head to reveal my purple laced bra. Placing his hands on my well-developed bosom, he started to caress my breasts, placing my nipples between his thumb and fore-fingers through the material of the bra.

I began to part his shirt from his body, leaning in kissing him on his chest. Then my hands began to wander down to his waist. I unbuckled his belt, the button and zip on his trousers. Letting my hand slide in and take hold of him. I started working my lips down from his lips, around his neck and towards that fit body of his. As my tongue was gliding down, David’s breathing came a little more rapid. I was busy pulling his trousers and boxers down over the knees.

With my hand on his erection, I got my answer; yes he was well endowed. I smoothly gilding back and forth, up and down, David asked, “Will you take me in your mouth, Sarah?”

Moving a little further down so I could kneel between his legs, I parted my lips and licked the top of David’s cock, before slipping him inside. I could hear him moaning, as I engulfed his dick in my mouth. My tongue wriggled around the top, lapping up his seeping juice, working its way down to the base and back up with my teeth gently holding him. Running his hands through my hair; holding it out of my face as he watched. I could see the lust on his face, as his cock was enjoying the pleasure of my mouth.

Stopping, before David exploded in my mouth, I worked my way back to his lips; letting him taste himself from my own mouth. He placed his hands around my thighs, snaking around toward my center. Running his finger round my pussy. He felt the moisture between my lower lips. David then laced his fingers into my labia and began sliding them up towards my clit.

With his fingers flicking my juices around, I voiced my arousal through moans and pants, as I began thrusting my hips against him, wanting more. Placing his fingers inside my hole as deep as they would go and then removing them, he left my sweet pussy and brought his hand towards my lips. I began tracing my tongue around his fingers and licking of the flavor of my pussy wantonly.

While sucking on David’s fingers, I got into position, I took his huge cock into my hand, gave him a couple of strokes making sure he maintained attention, then slid down onto it. I could feel my cheeks blush with the rush of pleasure. David had finally entered me with his throbbing member. My hands were on his chest holding me up as I rode him. Gently, he placed his hands on my breasts caressing them, my nipples taken between the fingers. Moaning and panting with every movement. Looking into David’s eyes, I reached for his hands. Holding on, I began to lean back still thrusting on his groin. Pulling me back towards him, David sat up putting his arms around my waist, as I placed mine round his neck, running my fingers through his dirty blonde hair.

As his lips were upon my chest moving lovingly around, his tongue running up the front of my neck, I was moaning at the sensation and the pleasure of David inside and out of me. The panting got heavier as we were reaching the end, or the beginning?

The next day at work, I wasn’t sure how David would react to the night before. I tried to avoid him without success, as he eventually caught me by the printer, situated at the front of the office where people could see. He came towards me.

“Hi Sarah.”

“Oh. Hey David,” I managed, replying back to him.

“Forgive me if I am wrong, but have you been trying to avoid me?”

Looking round the office seeing if there were any eyes watching us, I leaned in closer to him.

"Yes, I have. Look David, I don’t know what last night was to you. But for me it was something more than a casual fuck!”

My face was growing red, as I was about to confess my true feelings to him.

“I know.”

He leaned his head closer to mine, placing a kiss on me in front of everyone in the office. The office erupted into whistles and applause. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is based on true events, however there is some fiction within the story and names have been changed.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © Copyright ©2014 Chelle K. All Rights Reserved.

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