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An Evening In Paris Ten Years Later - Part 2

Shelley and Cal celebrate ten years after first making love in Paris - Part deux.
Our first evening back in Paris after ten years ended with Shelley and me entertaining passersby with our love making on our balcony and going to bed, falling asleep naked in each other’s arms.

I awoke late on Sunday morning to birds singing and car horns blaring. I looked over and saw Shelley watching me. She smiled, moving closer, putting her lips against mine and drawing a long kiss from me. It was the start of another beautiful day in our two-week celebration. It was ten years ago that Shelley and I stayed in this very room and made love to cement our deep friendship and love for each other.

We were in Paris for two reasons. First, we were attending a seminar representing our respective employers. Second, we were celebrating our tenth anniversary becoming lovers. After that first week ten years ago, when we first made love, we knew there was something special, but as fate would have it, I was already married and Shelley had a steady boyfriend. We went our separate ways but talked and emailed at least once a week since then. When this seminar came and our companies decided to send us, we decided to add a second week and spend it together celebrating our love.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my typical morning wood as Shelley woke up and crawled to me and said, “Lover, it is time for a shower. I am not a dirty cock sucker.”

She got up, wiggled her beautiful ass at me and headed to the shower. I followed her with my hard cock bouncing, getting harder thinking about sex with my Shelley. I loved this woman and thought how comfortable we were with each other even after ten years apart.

As I stepped in the shower, Shelley stood there with a devilish smile on her face. The water made her glisten as it ran down her beautiful body. Her hands were ready with the body wash that we had come to like because it smelled so sensual. She touched my hard cock first, wrapping her hands around me and washing my erect manhood.

As the water cascaded down rinsing me off, Shelley knelt down gently holding my cock, moving her mouth and tongue to kiss and caress me. Her lips kissed me, spreading to encompass me. Her warm and gentle kisses made me grow harder and more excited. Her tongue wrapped around my tip, pushing back my foreskin, revealing the pre-cum oozing from the small slit. She had a way of drawing it out that was sensual and gave me such pleasure. My hands lovingly encircled her head, as I moaned loudly.

She moved her hands softly down the length of my shaft, stroking it slowly. Her mouth sucked on the tip drawing it deeper into her. Her tongue wrapped around me, wetting and caressing the tip. Her hand moved faster, urging me to pull her head pushing my cock deeper into her mouth. She was moaning, causing me to get more aroused. Her throat pulsed, making my cock throb.

I was thrusting fast and hard into her sucking, pulsing mouth. Her hands encircled my hips helping push harder into her mouth. I felt the rush of feeling my impending explosion. She felt it too and increased her sucking to draw my cum deep in her throat. I let out a load groan as my cock unleashed a long hot stream of cum into Shelley’s waiting mouth. She gulped my cum down and sucked more out of me. I was moaning and she was too. We were both happy to share this precious moment together.

She eased her mouth off my shrinking cock, stood up, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me long, hard and deep. I tasted my cum as her tongue probed my mouth. We kissed for what seemed like minutes, but got blasted by cold water which caused us to run out of the shower. I grabbed a big towel and rubbed her body to make her dry and warm. As I moved from her head to her back she shivered. I noticed in the full size mirror that her nipples were hard.

I wrapped the towel around her body and nibbled on her neck as I kissed her. My hands moved to cover her breasts and touch the hard erect nipples. She pushed her butt hard against my growing cock. We were still full of lust and passion from our shower and could not keep our hands away from each other. We pushed and prodded, finally letting the towels fall to the floor and moved to the bed where we fell into each other’s arms. We kissed and hugged moaning, longing to never let go.

My lips traveled from her warm tender lips to her neck under her chin where I nibbled some more. I sucked her neck as my hands squeezed her breasts, drawing sighs and moans from deep within. My hands tugged on her nipples, pulling them further erect.

She moaned, “That feels so good. Don’t stop.”

I rolled her nipples between my fingers, listening to her moan and scream softly. My lips traveled down her shoulder to her left breast and gobbled up her nipple. I kissed and caressed it with my tongue. I bit it gently as she put her hands on my head, pushing me hard against her breast. She wanted me to take as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. I sucked hard on her nipple and she moaned louder.

My hands kept playing with her nipples as my mouth wandered down to the feminine triangle framing her womanhood. She was ready for me as juices oozed from her pussy. Her clit was poking out, ready to be licked and tasted. Her pussy lips were swollen, exposing more of her love slit wet with cum. She had climaxed many times but still wanted more from me. Her finely trimmed hair glistened with my saliva and her cum, making it easy to slip my tongue deep inside her.

As I penetrated her with my tongue, she grabbed my cock and was stroking it really fast. She wanted me really hard before I plunged into her hot, wet, waiting pussy. I was hard right away and she moaned loudly, “I want you inside me now! I can’t wait any longer. Just give me your big, long, fat cock deep in my pussy.”

I stopped and looked at her because I had never heard her use such words before. It was only a second’s pause but I went right to work. I got over her and plunged my cock deeply inside her waiting pussy.

“Oh yeah, that is what I want and need,” she said. “Make me cum all over your cock. Fill me with your seed make me feel like a live vibrant woman. Fuck me!”

I started driving hard and fast into her and did not stop or slow. She kept pace with me as our lovemaking became fiercer. I kept plunging as deep as I could and as hard as I could into her. She kept grunting at each thrust. She wanted me deeper inside her and knew it was time to change positions. She quickly rolled over onto her hands and knees presenting me with her ass up in my face.

I got up on my knees, spread her ass and plunged hard into her pussy, pushing her head into the bed. Her moans got louder but were muffled by the blankets. I could feel her pussy grabbing my cock, trying to hold me while she came. I was not ready, but that did not matter she came hard but still kept moving with me. I could feel her getting ready again to have a hard orgasm and I felt the rush to my cock as I sprayed deep inside her. Her cum and mine mixed in her pussy and spilled out as we stopped moving to capture and enjoy the moment.

We both collapsed on the bed waiting for the throbbing and intense feelings to subside. We had come so strongly that we were both shaking and throbbing inside. My cock kept squirting and her pussy kept pulling on my cock. It seemed like this went on for ten minutes and we finally just lay there spent.

We got up from the bed, went back for a quick shower, got dressed and went in search of a small café serving a continental breakfast. We ate what the French call ‘le petit dejeuner’ after which we walked to L’Arc de Triomphe. We proceeded down Les Champs Elysees toward Louvre art museum. It was such a lovely day and it was warm with lovers walking everywhere. Just outside the museum is a small café where we sat drinking coffee watching lovers and families walking around the park. We were in love and we were so happy to be together.

We finished our coffee and decided to cross the river and walk to La Tour Eiffel. It was a long walk, but we did not mind and it was still a warm day. We walked by several small shops all closed because it was Sunday. Occasionally we would stop and look in the windows admiring some of the jewelry or paintings for sale. I noticed some jewelry pieces that I liked and commented to Shelley how she would look wearing them.

She smiled and said, “I can’t wear that, what would my husband think? I am here on business not monkey business.”

“Oh, Shelley, I want to get you something that shows you my love everyday as you see it. Please can’t I get it for you?”

Reluctantly Shelley said, “Okay, but nothing too big or extravagant as my husband might be suspicious.”

I bought her a small cross with a ring on it to wear on a thin gold chain on her wrist. It was a symbol of our love and the time we had spent together. To this day she has worn that bracelet and never taken it off. Her husband knew it was from me but did not suspect its true meaning.

We continued walking and when we got to the tower there was a small band concert in progress. We sat on the ground under a tree with Shelley sitting beside me cuddled in my arms. We would kiss and laugh and just have fun being together. When the concert was over, we went to a sidewalk café near the tower for a cool drink and a small pastry which we shared.

We crossed back over the river and went to the hotel to relax at the bar before dinner. Several of the exhibitors and speakers from the seminar were there and we mingled with them for awhile. We drank a little wine and enjoyed the company of our new friends. When it came time for our dinner reservations we excused ourselves and went to the dining room.

After dinner we were walking through the lobby and met a couple of friends who invited us to go with them to the Crazy Horse Saloon. Shelley looked at me and I shook my head “yes.” We got a taxi and went to the Crazy Horse for a few drinks and a show. Rather than mix our drinking, we ordered a bottle of wine and drank it at the table shared among the six of us. The show was good not great but the girls were gorgeous and danced extremely well. I could see that Shelley was getting turned on, by the gyrating bodies on stage. She was rubbing her hand up and down my thigh with a hungry look in her eye.

After the show, Shelley and I caught a taxi back to our hotel. As we rode in the taxi, I could feel she was still aroused from watching the women on stage. Her hand was busy on my pants and was creating quite a tent. We were kissing hard and breathing heavily as the taxi maneuvered through Paris traffic. Several times we were brought back to reality when the horn blared or the taxi stopped abruptly. We stopped making out in the taxi when our heads hit and we almost hit the window between the driver and us. Thankfully my tent was folded before we got to the hotel.

Shelley jumped out of the taxi at the hotel dragging me into the lobby. She ran for the elevator as I retrieved our room key and held it until I got in. Once inside she was all over my body with her hands. She was one voracious, hungry, sex-crazed woman. Our lips locked as the doors closed and we never stopped kissing until the elevator stopped at our floor. She had unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out and was stroking it. I had unbuttoned her dress and exposed her lace-clad breasts. Her nipples were so hard they popped through a hole in the lace and were standing proud.

When we got to our floor, we bolted from the elevator, me with my cock swaying and bouncing, she with her breasts jiggling. I opened the door and Shelley walked in followed by my cock and me. I closed the door and followed her.

She walked seductively down the short hall rolling her hips at me, swinging that lovely ass. I caught up to her, moved my arms around her waist pulling her toward me. She stopped and stood there pushing her ass against my hard cock. She removed her blouse, unzipped and removed her skirt under which she was naked. My cock immediately nestled into her ass crack. I quickly removed her bra and put my hands on her breasts. She moaned deeply as I rubbed her nipples hard. She bent forward, pushing her breasts deeply into my hands and my cock closer to her wet pussy. As she did that, she wiggled her ass and my cock got harder and plunged deeper in the crack.

I kept my hands busy squeezing and rubbing her breasts, as she wiggled against me. I was winning in the arousal area as she was moving faster and her breathing was hurried and shallow. Her moans were getting louder and longer. I pulled her left nipple and she let out a scream as her whole body shuddered and I felt a hot gush from her pussy. She had a big orgasm just from the caressing and squeezing of her breasts. I quickly put my hands under her arms to hold her up as she sagged from our activity. I moved her to the bed and laid her down gently. I picked up our clothes and returned to lie next to her cradling her in my arms. In my entire love making I had never had a woman cum so strongly without clitoral or pussy stimulation.

Shelley awoke shortly looking at me smiling, “I am fine. I have very sensitive nipples and breasts and you gave me an orgasm from just touching my breasts. It has been a long time since that has happened. I love you.”

“I love you too, Shelley.” I meekly replied. “I was so worried because we had all that wine. I learned something new about you and how to please you.”

“Oh, my you still have a hard-on. Is that from watching me?”

“Yes it is. Whenever I see you naked I get hard. I can’t help it.”

“Well my love, I will take care of that right now. I want you deep inside me. I am going to ride you until you explode.”

She rolled me onto my back, straddled my hips, grabbed my cock and plunged down with me deep inside her hot, throbbing pussy. When Shelley knew what she wanted there was no stopping her from getting it. She started rocking back and forth grinding against me hard. Her pussy lips were stretched around my balls and holding them tight. I was way inside her. The inside of her pussy seemed to have a mind of its own as it throbbed against me moving up and down, drawing me deeper. She was hot, wet and horny.

She started riding up and down my cock rubbing it against her clit as she rocked. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and I felt several small orgasms come from her. She seemed to have a lot of energy, as her bouncing came in shorter lengths but moving faster and harder. She had her hands on my chest for balance as she moved. I was as hard as I was going to get and felt the rush from my brain to my cock start. As it continued the roar got louder.

I yelled out, “I’m cumming, Don't stop. I’m cumming. Yes, that's it, keep moving.”

She felt my pending explosion and quickened her pace to join me in cumming. My cock stiffened and became rock solid as I started to empty into her. At the same time she plunged deep onto my shaft and flooded around it as she had a huge orgasm. We were like that for what seemed an eternity. I was throbbing, spewing into her and she was drawing as much as she could out of me.

Shelley leaned forward and kissed me softly and whispered, “I love you. Thank you for being my first lover and showing me what true love can be like. I will be forever yours in my heart and soul.”

I looked up at her sitting there and said, “I love you. Thank you for sharing your heart with me and your soul. I never knew how wonderful innocent love can be. There is a magic here that we have discovered that keeps us together. I don’t want our love to ever end. You mean the world to me.”

She rolled off me and I wrapped my arms around her and we fell asleep. We awoke early the next morning to get ready for the start of the week of seminars. We had to go back being just friends in public, but lovers in our hearts.

The week went by quickly. We shared dinners with our fellow attendees and they got to know we were more than just friends. It was ok that happened, as it made us more comfortable. Dinners were fun, but our love making increased in intensity because we were together all day and night.

Thursday night, at the final dinner of the seminar, they passed out joke awards to people who had been cute or funny or obnoxious. They had a special award for the sexiest couple and Shelley and I won it. It was the first and, as far as I knew, the last time it was given.

Friday we bid our new friends goodbye and wished them all safe trips back to their respective homes. We walked outside holding hands and went to the local café for coffee and a croissant. We sat at the small table staring at each other drinking in the love radiating from our bodies.

Our week of celebration had begun. We were on our own to explore, feel and experience the beauty that was the city of light Paris, France.

This is for you redrandi for urging me to continue.

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