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Immense Pleasure

This man who gives me nothing but immense pleasure.
The sheet is barely covering me, I’m wearing nothing but panties. I sleep soundly as you quietly enter our room. You come to me, sitting on the bed as your hand runs over my leg up to my thigh, resting softly as you caress me. Your fingers slowly run up to my panties, tugging on them. I begin to stir awake as I see you a soft smile appears on my face as you look down at me.

“There you are, my sweet.”

His voice was low, soft, sweet. His dark eyes glowed in the night light. Removing the sheet showing off my whole naked body to him, I could feel a blush stir deep inside me. His fingers pull at my panties as they slip off easily. I lift my ass enough for him to remove them.

He moves between my legs, laying there fully naked in front of him. My heart begins to quicken. I want him more then I ever have before. He leans down to kiss me, his fingers between my thighs as he caresses my slit. A soft moan escapes my lips. His mouth begins to wander down my body. Over my supple breasts, my nipples rock hard as he ignores them. Moving over my stomach I feel goose bumps rise over my skin.

I can feel his breath against freshly shaven pussy. He likes it nice and smooth, to always be clean. His tongue wriggles into my folds, finding my clit easily as he flicks his tongue teasingly over it. My back arches as I let out a soft moan. The way he touches me, always takes my breath away. I lay still as I feel his fingers slide up over my skin to my full large breasts.

My nipples still hard as he wrapped his fingers around them pinching them gently at first as his tongue flicked a bit faster on my clit. I part my legs wider as he moves further into my pussy. My hands come down and slide into his hair as I begin to softly grind my hips towards his mouth, my pussy dripping wet. As I do he grips my clit with his teeth, nibbling on it as he slips his middle finger into me. I feel the force of just his finger in my tight pussy. I can feel myself grip his finger as he begins a steady pace, curling his finger into me as he sucks harshly on my clit. He lifts his face smiling at me as I watch him, my fingers still in his hair. I can see his mouth is glazed with my juices. Which only makes my body ache harder for him as I let out a low deep moan? He speaks softly, just above a whisper, but with a command I mustn’t ignore.

“I want you to orgasm for me, baby.”

He nearly growls with lustful desire for me as he shoves his face back in-between the folds of my pussy. He is lapping quickly at my clit, sucking on it hard as he slides another finger into my tight pussy. The pressure of two fingers inside me throws me through a loop. I throw my head back, arching my back, hips grinding into his face as I meet his pace as he sucks. I can hear him growling at me. The growl is a warning for me to orgasm.

My hot desire for him has built to the cusp of my control as I feel my self tense hard as I cry out a long whining moan. I can feel my pussy walls grip his fingers as he moves them even faster inside me. I can feel him fuck me with his fingers like if they were his cock. I can feel his mouth covering my entire pussy as I orgasm. I can feel the way he drinks me. He was slurping every last drop of my juices into his mouth. I know my sweet orgasm is coating his throat. I can feel him still teasing me with his soft licks. I know he is keeping me on the brink. He wants me to beg for his cock. He loves it when I beg for him cock to fuck my tight sweet pussy. He loves the control when I can have him.

He sat up now, on his knees as he rested there. I looked up at him, my green eyes shining in the darkened room, a blush forming on my cheeks. No matter how often we made love, he always took my breath away with how he looked at me. His fingers ran over my legs up over my stomach finding my breasts as he squeezed them tightly in his palms. My nipples are rock hard as I twist my hips slightly my legs opening, inviting him into me.

“Do you think it’s going to be that easy, my love?”

He nearly growled a purr asking me the question that sent such a sensation deep into my spine.

“One can only hope.”

I whimper out softly, teasing him. I know how much my whimpers make him weak in the knees for me. I can feel his fingers suddenly tighter on my breasts now as he glares at me.

“Watch it, or I’ll spank your ass red.”

His voice low, thick with lust for me. He’s tempting me to misbehave so he can have the luxury of putting me over his knee. I however don’t give into this tease. I deny him the pleasure of doing so, knowing if he truly wanted too, he would.

He knows he has lost this battle. He doesn’t simply do it without having a fun reason so he leans down making me part my legs wider for him as he comes in for a long passionate kiss. I can taste my juices on his lips, the deeper the kiss the more I can taste myself on his tongue. I begin to suck softly on his tongue as if it were his cock. I know it’s teasing him but loving how I taste on him I can’t help it. I don’t want to stop. I can feel his fingers roaming over my breasts still, pinching my nipples sharply. He tugs on them with enough force to make me yelp out every so often.

He begins to move his hips lightly towards me. I can feel the head of his thick cock rub along my slit. I move my hips into the same pace of his in hopes to feel more of his length against me. He pulls his mouth from me, just enough to speak.

“What’s wrong baby girl; do you want my cock now? Have you had enough teasing?”

I look up at him. My bottom lip pops out into a soft pout as my fingers run along his arms. He knows damn well I want him deep inside me. But he loves the cat and mouse game of making me beg for it. Every time without doubt he makes me beg.

“Please Baby, fuck your baby girl. I want to feel you deep inside my tight wet pussy. I ache to feel you please me the only way you can!”

My voice rises in a whine; this is the part that always gets him as I continue to beg him for his cock.

“Mmm you’re so fucking beautiful! And you’re all mine! Do you hear me!? Mine!”

He growls out his words as I gasp with a hitched voice unable to answer him as he thrusts his massive pulsing cock deep into my slick wet wanting pussy. I can feel my nails claw into his forearms as I lift my ass up enough to allow him to thrust deeper inside me. The way my pussy wraps tightly around him like a perfectly fitted glove makes us both moan out for each other. I love the way he moans for me. I can feel his pace begin to quicken inside me. I lift my hips meeting his pace so easily. I can feel him smash so deeply into my womb.

I can feel it again and again fill the deepest parts of me. I move on of my arms to around his neck pulling him down to meet my full bouncing breasts as he easily grips one of my nipples into his mouth with his teeth. I cry out as he begins to suck hard on it. He’s sucking on it as hard as he is fucking my pussy. I can feel my clit begin to swell I know I am close to an orgasm as I grind my hips up into him. He looks up at me, my nipple still in his teeth a smile on his lips. He knows I’m going to orgasm soon!

He picks up his speed deep inside me. I can feel the throb of his cock powerfully inside me as I grip onto him so tightly. My pussy was sucking him deep with in me. He stops suddenly letting go of my nipple. It pops from his mouth as I feel the ache of the pinching of where his teeth had been shot pain through my entire being.

His cock stops moving in me. He has him self deep inside me for a long moment as he quickly sits up lifting me by my hips as he tosses me onto my hands and knees. He grabs a fist full of my hair yanking it back forcing my back to arch hard as I cry out a long painful moan.

“I know you’re close baby. I want to feel you orgasm on my cock as I fuck your tight pussy from behind. Do you hear me?”

He growled this low into my ear as he had my head yanked back enough to do so as he was leaning over me. I can feel my body submit to him with this request. I want nothing more then to give him what he wants as he demands it.

“Yes baby, I’ll come on your cock as you fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy! Fuck me like you own it!”

With such simple words he slammed his massive throbbing cock deep back inside me. It found its way deep into me with one swift thrust as he yanked on my hard again hard with one hand the other on my hip as I felt his hips slam into my ass. My perfectly round little ass would bounce off him giving him a greater speed as he fucked me. I reach between my legs and teased my swollen clit as I brought myself closer to orgasm. My heart began to race so fast it felt as though it was going to bust hard right out of my chest as I moaned out his name as I began to orgasm deeply around his thick throbbing shaft.

“Mmm, yes baby fuck me harder! Yessssssssss, fuck!”

I can feel the grip of my walls tighten around him so thick that I can feel him throb inside me even as I orgasm hard. His moans become raspy and ragged as I feel his pace change. I know he is starting to get close to his own orgasm. My orgasm waves over and over around him. My juices soak his thick cock only allowing him to push deeper into me. I can feel my own juices running down my inner thighs as I lean back into him allowing him to thrust into me harder.

“Mmm that’s it baby girl. I’m going to come deep inside that tight little pussy I own! Fuck you feel so good around me, my good little kitty.”

I feel him yank again on my hair pulling me further back onto him as he thrusts long powerful thrusts into me. I can feel his balls smack against my pussy lips. My own orgasm had passed but at the speed that he was fucking me I knew that I would orgasm with him when I felt him thick seed spray deep into me.

Just as I was thinking this thought I felt him tighten up, his thick shaft grew just a bit more as he moaned out hard grunting with much force as he emptied his seed into my womb. I feel the pressure of his orgasm, the amount of seed he had for me was too much to bear as I knew it would be as I began to orgasm hard around him. I feel myself clutch his cock deeply milking him dry as I orgasm around him he still thrusts into me pushing his seed into me deeper. I know he doesn’t like a mess. He wants our orgasm deep inside me where it belongs.

Once both our orgasms slowed to a stop he would stop thrusting into me. He keeps his cock in me till we felt it grow soft allowing it to slip out on its own. I can feel him lean into me kissing my back as he slips his arms around me as he pulls us down. I’m able to turn to face him as I smile blushing deeply as I bite my lower lip. I’m forever in love with this man. This man who gives me nothing but immense pleasure.

“Forever?” I whisper to him.

“And Always,” He whispers back as he caresses my back with his finger tips lightly.

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