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mild domination

Mom Brought The Wrong One Home This Time

Peter finds his Mom tied to her bed and left by jilted lover, and decides to take advantage of her helpless situation.

I always thought my family was ordinary. But our family is anything but ordinary. Let me explain how our family went from normal to perverted. Our parents divorced three years ago. My sister Jessie and I now live with our Mom during the week and our Dad o...

Discoveries Of A Young Man - Part 3

Bran finds himself at his co-worker's mercy.

The following Thursday, I didn't hear anything from Mel. I didn’t really expect to, either. I hoped, of course, but I knew shit had been a bit crazy as of late. I figured she needed space. Hell, I needed space! It was a lot to take in after all. Would our...

Indefinite Devotion

Alan is desperate to persuade his highschool crush to stay with him.

On their third date, Alan took Meredith to the fanciest restaurant he knew, a steakhouse best known for its long waiting list and outrageous prices. He liked good food as much as anyone and appreciated most wines, but he wasn’t any kind of expert when it...

Owned - Part 1

Dylan thought he had lost, and then he got owned. Slow start.

I met Mia almost four years ago. I was standing on my driveway that day when Mia came. I had seen her walking by a lot, the school bus dropped her on the corner, four houses away. She then had to walk two blocks to her house, her route passing my house. I...

Kika Nurses Her Poor Misha

Kika's ex-prisoner BF won't take any kindness from her. She offers her nipples.

Francisca, also known as Kika, woke up in her partner Misha's bed in rural Vermont. The wind outside was not howling. But, every so often, it would hiss against the window panes to remind her she was better off in bed. Next to her, Mikhail, who everyone c...

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Her Secret Life - The Sequel

After a long marriage sex could become boring. We can change things, if we want.

As they lay in the bed he turned, still hugging her, and asked, “So, what were you doing on the bus with your pants open,” his tone held a bit of surprise, “And no panties.” “Aren’t you angry? Upset?” she asked. “Well, I was at the beginning, then all the...

Not Very Likely, Part 1

A young husband learns the joys of anal penetration.

He pulled the white towel around his hips and stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.  “I love you so much, honey,” he said, “but this is never going to work. Never. Ever. Ever.” “Show me,” she said, gesturing from the bed for him to take the to...

A Goddess Wants Part 1

Jae has a lusty craving and he is her only answer.

Jae walked from her bathroom wearing her favorite comfy robe. Wrapping her hair in a towel, she found herself sweetly humming to herself as she walked to her bedroom. A slight, secretive smile was crossing her lips as she kept humming. The song was a birt...

The Club - Chapter 3

The rest of the night at the club...

I looked at Lisa who just shrugged, though I could see the edge of her mouth twitching where she wanted to laugh at my surprise. I then looked over to Mike. “Leah’s transgender.” What was so refreshing was that he said it exactly as he may have said 'the...

New Year's Birthday (New Year's Part 3B)

My birthday celebration doesn't go the way I would have wished, but all's well that ends well.

"I don't recall giving you permission to orgasm," Carol said in a teasing tone, and I had to force myself to wake from a post-orgasmic haze. "I'm sorry, Mistress," I offered, and then I nearly laughed because Traci said the same thing at the same time. I...