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This hasnt happened to me.....yet
As soon as he entered the hallway of her home the awkwardness was felt by both of them. He followed her into the kitchen where they exchanged small talk.....the weather, work, all trivial things that neither one of them has any real interest in. She offers him coffee. For a fleeting moment she thought she saw a twinkle in his eye as he accepted her offer, then curses herself for her vivid imagination.
As she turns away from him to turn the kettle on she imagines his warm breath on the back of her neck followed by his gentle kisses....... She dismisses this thought immediately! He is after all only here as her friend, no longer her lover, her soul mate, just a friend who has called round for a chat to catch up on all that they have missed in each others lives.
She turns round to face him and is almost startled by how close he has moved towards her. She looks into his eyes and sees his sadness, two deep blue pools of sorrow and anguish. He looks tired, worn down.  She wonders what he sees in her eyes. Are they still beautiful? Or do they look tired too....puffy from too much crying? Can he tell just by looking into them how fast her heart is beating now.....can he sense her eager anticipation? He cups her face in his hands and traces the outlines of her features slowly with his fingers.....fingers so gentle.  With a look of sheer admiration and love on his face he mouths the words "I've missed you".
He gives her a gentle, yet loving smile and moves his face towards hers and places soft velvet kisses on her waiting lips. Long lost feelings stir up inside her, like electrical impulses running through her veins. Goosebumps tingle up and down her spine.........
Feelings that weren't lost after all, but had just lay dormant waiting for the opportunity to be ignited once more. For a second thoughts of her husband flash through her mind, these quickly diminish as he puts his arms around her waist and pulls her towards him. She feels the hardness of his erection pressing against her. His kisses become harder, faster, passionate, as he runs his fingers through her hair. Their tongues entwined. She sees hunger in his eyes now, like a hungry wolf about to pounce on it's prey. They desperately remove each others clothing, tearing at the fabric in a frenzy of excitement.

It seems ironic that just 20 minutes after his arrival the outfit she had so carefully, painstakingly chosen for this meeting now lies crumpled up, disguarded, forgotten, on the floor next to his.
He pauses, stands back and looks at her nakedness, taking it all in, absorbing what he sees almost as it is the first time he has seen it, then pulls her towards him again with intense desire. His hands are now all over her body, her breasts, her stomach, her buttocks, then to the opening of her vagina, he feels her wetness and senses her impatient expectancy as he massages her citreous with the flat of his thumb, easing two fingers deep inside her. The electrical impulses increase as she is enveloped with an over whelming sense of ecstasy and lightheadedness before she feels the explosion of the orgasm pulsate through her whole body.
She drops down to her knees,  facing his throbbing member. Easing back the foreskin with her fingers she licks the tip of his penis, enjoying the unique, familiar flavor and stickiness of his pre-cum. Using her hand she guides it fully into her mouth running her tongue along its shaft, slowly massaging his testicles with her other hand as he lets out a soft gentle moan.  Guiding her head away from him he joins her on the floor, kneeling opposite her, once again quenching her thirst for his eager hungry kisses. His hands grasping her breasts, teasing her nipples........then once more down to her vagina. Two fingers stroking her citreous, his thumb pushed inside her anus, her whole body now shaking as she orgasms once more.  He pushes her down onto her back and strides over her. Her hands on his buttocks, she pulls him desperately towards her, allowing her hands to rub against the opening of his anus. He enters her, fondling her breasts eagerly as they make love.The hardness of the cold kitchen floor beneath her only increasing her pleasure.
He ejaculates and rests his body on hers as the last drops of semen enter her, his penis contracting inside her. 
They lie on the kitchen floor curled up together as one. His whole body embracing hers.  Nothing else matters, just the two of them and their reunited love for each other.
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