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The Homecoming

Kate has waited a long time for her man, and intends to keep him close
“Kate, I’m gonna cum…”

I kept my eye contact with Danny as I continued to take him all the way into my mouth. I guessed he was giving me a get out- this being my first blow-job- but I was determined to see it through.

I gripped his shaft a little tighter, my tongue rolling over the head of his prick before my lips closed over the head and swallowed him again.

His hips twitched and an almost strangled sound left his throat. I felt the first burst of cum hit the roof of my mouth, my eyes widened in surprise. There was a lot, and he was still cumming. I swallowed, not knowing what else to do.

I eased my grip on him, gently squeezing out the creamy fluid until it seemed he’d finished. Some of the rigidity left his cock.

“Tastes like chocolate,” I smiled at him, remembering the soufflé he’d made for pudding. I looked down at him, giggling at the sight of him, lying on my couch with his trousers and pants pulled down. He leaned down, pulling me to him, kissing me hard on the lips.

Danny was my first, and only, crush. When I was 15 I’d got a part-time job washing up in a restaurant, along with my best friend, Louise. I’d just started to develop as a woman, and the guys there had been pretty crude to the two of us, lots of dirty jokes and trying it on. Danny had stepped in and put them in their place, he was the head chef, even though he was only twenty one. He’d kept an eye on us both, but I always felt he was more protective of me.

Danny had been head-hunted by another restaurant in another town, which broke my heart. We’d kept in touch, but I’d kept my silly girl crush these past seven years. At the age of twenty two I was still a virgin. I’d just never found another ‘Danny’, I guess.

I was in town when I’d seen him, walking on the high street. I’d shouted his name, and he’d turned, his face breaking into a huge smile when he saw it was me. I’d run to him, giving him a huge hug and a kiss. He held my hands in his, looking me up and down, remarking on how much I’d changed. I’d lost my puppy fat, my long blonde hair no longer greasy, my teenage acne had cleared.

His eyes danced as we chatted. I asked him to get a coffee, but he told me he had an interview and was running late. I gave him my address and insisted he stop by for a catch up and something to eat. He’d readily agreed. I’d spent the remainder of the day getting ready, buying food, treating myself to some new underwear I could ill afford, and pampering myself in the bath.

So, at seven Danny had knocked on the door, and over food and wine we’d caught up. He insisted on cooking me a chocolate soufflé and I’d sat watching him work, dreaming of his hands on me.

The interview had gone well, a major chain of high street restaurants wanted him to be their chief buyer, even though he had no experience his reputation made him their only choice. He’d accepted the job on the spot, and the job meant a move back to the town. Danny had talked excitedly about the prospect of moving back. I listened, rapt in his voice. He asked me if I’d help him find a flat to rent until he could get something more permanent.

“You could move in here with me.” The words tumbled out. I felt myself reddening.

Danny had looked at me quizzically. “I guess I could, for a while. I’m not a big fan of sleeping on couches,” he looked at my battered two seater. “Besides, I’m sure your boyfriend won’t be too happy…” he left the sentence hanging.

I busied myself clearing up, making a fuss of washing up, trying to defuse the situation. Danny had dried the washed plates and cutlery, his closeness making me yearn for him even more. Danny must have sensed something was amiss. Eventually, he took my hand and sat me on the couch, poured me a glass of wine, and asked me what was wrong.

I blurted it out, too much wine and my silly hormones. I told him my feelings, how happy I was to see him, how much him being back in town meant, and how I didn’t want to lose him. He sat, listened, his arms on his knees, hands clasped together.

“There is no boyfriend,” I told him, “there never has been…”

He looked at me, not quite understanding.

“I love you, Danny, I always have.”

His eyes widened, a look of realisation finally falling over his face.

“I’m a bit slow sometimes,” he said. “I didn’t realise you felt that way…”

“I’ll understand if you want to leave. I’ve put you on the spot...” I started. He leaned forward, silencing me with a kiss.

“Why would I want to leave, Kate? I feel the same; I just never had the courage to tell you. “

We kissed, long and passionately. He asked if the offer to stay was still open.

“Of course it is, I meant it. There’s only one bed though…” I laughed.

“We’ll only need one.”.

We continued to kiss, his arms around me. My hands on his chest. I shifted, feeling his erection pressing against my hip. I dropped my hand, feeling him through the fabric of his trousers. He gasped a little.

Confession time. I broke our kiss. I told him I was a virgin, I told him I’d kissed but never gone any further. He took my hands in his.

“Kate, we can go as slowly as you want. We’ve both waited years for this.”

I pushed him back into the couch, my mind made up.

“Shut up and drop your trousers!”

My technique hadn’t been the best, but, with the minimum of direction from Danny, it had got the result I’d been after. Danny pulled up his pants and trousers and cradled me in his arms, his lips on my forehead. I felt good that I’d made him cum, but I had needs too.

“How long before you can ‘go’ again?” I asked him. He laughed, and then looked down at my face.

“You’re serious?”

“I was hoping we could… make love?”

“I’m sorry, that was selfish of me,” he stood, taking my hand. “Come on, show me the bedroom.” 

I nearly pulled his arm from the socket dragging him in, the fresh sheets inviting and cool. He stood me at the end of the bed, his fingers on the buttons of my dress, lingering on each one, and my body on fire as his lips found each bit of exposed skin. I was trembling.

He dropped to his knees as he continued unbuttoning the dress. Soon, it was open all the way. He stood, and held the dress and slid it from my body. My new underwear, a pale yellow bra and brief set, was all that was between me and my man.

“This looks new”, he teased, as his eyes took my form in. “Better take them off before they get dirty”..With that, he unhooked the bra, sliding it over my arms, my breasts exposed.

“Beautiful,” he said.

We kissed, his hands on my back, then sneaking around under my breasts, over my stomach, tantalisingly close. I felt my nipples stiffen, wanting his touch. He didn’t disappoint. Dipping his head, his lips closed around one bud, the other caressed by his hand. I sighed. My hands on his head, holding him there.

Again, he dropped to his knees, his face looking up at me as he kissed and nibbled my breasts. I shuddered, the feeling so incredible. His hands on my butt, on the back of my legs, then his mouth left my breasts, butterfly light kisses on my tummy.

His hands hooked in the sides of the briefs, his face in front of my pussy, and he gently pulled them down. I felt the air against my moistness, wanting his warm breath on me. He lifted one foot, slipping the garment off, then the other. I stood naked, wanton, ready.

His hands ran across my outer lips, his eyes fixed to my pussy. I put one hand on his head, gently pulling him towards me, though he needed no encouragement.

“Lay down,” he helped me back onto the bed. He stripped, his lean body inflaming me even more. His erection loomed, the tip red.

Danny kissed my mouth, then slid down my body, his cock making contact with my skin. He settled with his face between my legs, gently parting my legs. His mouth closed on my labia. Oh, god, that felt good.

He began to lick me, softly, his fingers rubbing my outer lips, then moving onto my clit hood. He took his time, every centimetre of my pussy got attention, his fingers pushing gently into me, a little at a time, his eyes on mine as he brought me to a climax.

I shook and trembled as I came, a gasp escaping my lips. His mouth covered my pussy, his tongue darting in and out as my juices flowed.

Danny slip up the bed, his body against mine, my nipples stiff, my chest and face flushed from orgasm. His cock nestled against my opening. I smiled into his eyes, we kissed, his tongue wrapped around mine, tasting myself on his lips.

“Are you sure?” he asked. I nodded, smiling, my arms around him.

He pressed gently against my slit, his cock head hard and hot against my wet opening, probing slowly into me. I was tense, I could tell. So could Danny, he edged back, kissing me hard, his hand on my breast, shifting my senses, then he pushed into me, just a little. My lips parted for him, I could feel him inside me. I parted my legs wider, urging him into me.

Danny shifted, taking his weight from my chest, raising himself up on his arms. His cock slid deeper into me, it hurt but not much. I’d masturbated plenty of times dreaming of this moment. He kissed me hard as he pushed deeper, sliding all the way in.

His eyes locked on me, I nodded gently, smiling into his eyes, letting him know I was ok. Danny began to thrust gently into me, stroking the hair from my face, my brow wet with perspiration. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him into me every time he pushed forward. I felt complete, the final part of my life’s jigsaw finally falling into place.

Danny’s confidence grew; he began to thrust harder, his hand on my breast, the nipple between his fingers, the palm crushing the tender skin.

I lay back, my arms spread out, above my head, open and wanting him. I could feel another orgasm building in me. My eyes closed as the feeling grew; I’d never experienced anything like this. His cock rubbed against my inner lips, against my clit. The tingling in my pelvic floor burned like the sun, I let out a loud moan as I came, and the top of my head felt as if it would burst. I saw stars.

Danny was close, too, I could sense the urgency in his thrusts, I looked up at his face, his eyes closed, I raised my hand and stroked his face as he released inside me, his breath hot on my wrist, I could feel him spasm deep within. His body collapsed against mine, my leg wrapped around him, keeping him inside me just a little bit longer. We lay, our limbs entwined, Danny kissing me softly.

Some things are just worth waiting for, I decided.

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