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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

A birthday to remember.
I have a limousine coming to pick you up today, your birthday and whisk you to me. Upon entering my home, you hear soft music in the background and the only light comes from candles throughout the house. I greet you at the door wearing an extra long dress shirt and nothing else. Telling you it's time to take this to the next level as I take you to the guest bedroom. 

There you see a package and I ask you to change for dinner. I leave you and return to the kitchen to finish preparing your favorite meal. You enter the kitchen wearing a black oversized dress shirt with a black lace bra and thong. A diamond pendant with diamond teardrop earrings and diamond wrist and ankle bracelet. You are also wearing our favorite perfume, White Diamonds. 

I seat you at the table and serve dinner. We toast your special day with champagne. After dinner we sit in the great room and cuddle for what seems forever. I whisper to you that it's time for you to enjoy yourself.

We stand, embrace and share a passionate kiss as I touch a breast. With my other hand on your ass I pull you in tighter. I feel your nipple harden then move to the other until it gets hard. I then step back taking you by the hand and we move to the bath I prepared for you. Knowing you are not fond of baths you allow yourself this one time. Standing facing each other we realize that this will be the first time we see each other naked.

To make you feel at ease I disrobe first. As my shirt becomes unbuttoned you see that I have nothing on underneath and my shaved cock comes in view and you let out a soft gasp. To make you more comfortable I turn you so your back is to me and I start to unbutton your shirt. When I'm done I slip it off your shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

I pull you into me and you feel my cock rest between your firm ass cheeks. I reach in front and unhook your bra letting it too slip off your shoulders to the floor. I kiss your ear and neck as my hands move across your breasts and nipples. Making sure to give attention to their undersides. One hand remains as the other continues down your firm stomach and finally rests over your mound remaining still. I remind you that this night is all about you and you are not to touch me in any sexual manner. There will be many other days and nights for that.

Stepping to your side I lift you in my arms and gently put you in the warm bubble bath. You ask if I am going to join you and I say no. I will remain outside the bath but you are to just lay back and enjoy. With that you rest the back of your head on the towel as you lay back and immerse yourself in the warm water.

I massage your temples slowly moving to your neck and shoulders while occasionally taking the bath sponge and squeezing the water out of it onto your soft, supple skin. After quite a bit of time I then take the soap and start at your chest and move to your breasts. Once they are lathered up I take the sponge and gently spread the soap over your skin paying special attention to every inch of your breasts.

After at least 15 minutes of soapy breast massage I move down to your firm stomach and spend the same amount of time there making sure to brush the top of you mound with every pass of the sponge. Stopping only when you start moaning and arching your back as if to tell me to slip my hand further down. Which I do until I touch your now stiff clit.

My fingers begin to tease and stimulate it until you scream or moan out that you are coming. When you reach your orgasm my hand presses against your clit until you have had time to recover. When you do recover I lean over and kiss you gently on your lips.

Only when you are ready do I assist you out of the tub. As you stand before me I can't help but see how stunning you are and how fortunate I am to be here with you. After I dry you off and wrap you in a dry towel, carry you to my bedroom and lay you on the silk sheets. Removing the towel from you I am still in awe of your beauty. I lay next to you and we cuddle for what seems like hours.

Then I get up and you ask me what I am doing as I kiss your cheek and I tell you if I stay I won't be able to resist making love to you. And that will happen soon but this was all about you on your day. My sexual needs can wait. With that I leave the door open and head to the other bedroom.

Yes, it was hard to sleep afterward and my hard cock never went soft. No, I did not masturbate with you in the next room. As I can wait for the next level.


To be continued....

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