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He Discovers She’s a Gym Rat Part 2 of 2

"Kelly manhandles Sven for a morning shower hand job."

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Author's Notes

"Our man Sven is a bit of an introvert.  He has been trying to figure out women and learn for himself what kind of woman he might like to have permanently in his life.  Please comment if you like it.  Thanks to PastelGothAlice for the gorgeous illustrations. <p> [ADVERT] </p>Check out the Illustrations Submissions to see a bonus work featuring Kelly.   Thanks to editor IJSO904 for his editorial inspirations and expertise. © 2024."

The next morning Sven awoke to the sound of the shower and the sweet, heady smell of Kelly on the pillow.  He thought, “This is what heaven is like.  I want to wake up like this every morning.” He languished as memories of the last evening came flooding back to him, but then, really had to pee.  The bathroom door was open, so Sven walked in and asked, “Hey Kelly, would you mind if I use the toilet?”

Sven was mesmerized by the image of Kelly as revealed through the shower mist and the water on the glass.  His memory of her bulging muscles, and feminine form filled in the details that the steam obscured.  His moments of reverie were stopped by her reply, “Help yourself.  Then why don’t you come in and join me? I have a nice big shower.”  Sven was soon relieved, and then eager to take Kelly up on her offer.  Opening the shower door, he was amazed again at Kelly’s incredible figure, her full breasts, dark nipples, her slim waist, firm butt, and her twinkling smile.

He couldn’t help but return a smile of his own. “Good morning, beautiful.” 

“Hi, big man, come in here and let me see you.” 

Kelly reached and pulled Sven’s cock through the open door.  It had quickly risen to a full erection, and Sven was eager to follow along.  He felt proud to be the subject of her admiration.  He said with a sincere smile, “You are amazingly beautiful.  Thanks so much for last night. I’m so happy I could spend that time with you.” 

Kelly got a pump of silky soap in her other hand, smoothed it onto Sven’s cock, and, taking his compliment for granted, started a commentary, “I like how it gets so hard so fast.  Thick and long is a great combo.  And you’re circumcised.  Lots of men aren’t.” Before Sven could reply, she continued, “I like it.  You have a really big purple head too.”

Sven was getting lightheaded, so he took a deep breath of the warm misty air.  Kelly got another two pumps of the silky soap and washed Sven's chest, arms, and underarms.  Sven’s ego was swelling too, and he flexed his pecs under Kelly’s roaming hands.  Raising his eyebrows, he said, “I’m glad you like it.  I Love how hard you make it.”

Kelly guided the two of them to the side of the main shower stream.  She turned Sven around and washed his back and then took more time than necessary washing Sven’s butt, especially between his cheeks. She reached completely through to fondle his balls from behind.  Sven enjoyed the attention and even shifted his feet wider to encourage Kelly’s exploration.  His erection jumped whenever she pushed his balls forward with her soapy hand.  Kelly took the shower wand and carefully, slowly rinsed Sven clean as she turned him back around.  She allowed him to enjoy her pampering and the sight of her wet, naked body. 

Next, she reached for her moisturizing oil and stated, “This feels really good after I shave my legs.  I bet you will like it too.” Kelly squirted the creamy oil directly up and down Sven’s rigid cock.  His only thoughts were of sex when she all too briefly used her warm hand to stroke the oil up and down over his cock.   She watched his eyes fixate on her tits as she squirted more of the slick white fluid over the tops of her breasts. She lifted her breasts with both of her hands and bounced them together playfully.  “Come on, rub it in for me?”

Now, Sven had squeezed a few breasts in his time and had always thoroughly enjoyed the dichotomy of soft firmness.  This was on a whole other level.  Never had he been offered such large, perfect globes for his fondling pleasure. He used his entire hands and slowly rubbed the silky cream into Kelly’s flesh.  Her breasts glistened in the wetness, and her dark, reddish nipples peaked to form another contrast of color and texture.  It was Kelly’s turn to swoon as Sven let his fingers ripple over her hardened nipples.  She dropped her hands to the walls of the shower to steady herself and closed her eyes.  Sven took full advantage of watching, hefting, and massaging her sensitive, perfect breasts.  Sven’s mind wandered briefly, remembering that he had, in fact, enjoyed playing with these very breasts last night while Kelly had ridden him to a couple of orgasms.  Sven twisted each hard nipple in unison with a thumb and forefinger from each hand.  Kelly shrieked in pleasure, but this broke Sven’s hypnotic trance.  She gasped and looked intently into Sven’s eyes. “My turn.”

Kelly pushed Sven's hands back down to his sides and pressed her slick chest against his.  She stood on her toes and used her hands to rub her tits, shimmering with moisturizing oil all over Sven’s chest.  She squirted more oil into her hand, turned Sven to face the shower wall, and pressed her breasts to his back.  She then reached around Sven to hold him in a sultry embrace while using both hands to stroke his hard shaft slowly.  She squeezed hard with her powerful grip.  The veins looked like they could burst as Kelly pulled upward, and then Sven’s cock head was pulled shiny and taught on the agonizingly slow downward stroke.  Sven’s breathing became ragged as Kelly continued this tight, slow, forceful handling of his cock.  She held Sven’s cock with a death grip at the base and released the upper hand.  She used her foot and thigh to push one of Sven's feet to brace it against the back wall of the shower.   Sven groaned, feeling as if his throbbing cock had never been so hard.  He reached back with his hands for the flesh pressing into him from behind.  Kelly commanded, “Put your hands against the shower wall.”  Sven complied as if he were being subjected to a fantasy body search by a sexy officer.

Hot water splashed on the floor of the shower behind them.  Hot mist beaded along with the sweat forming on their skin.  With his hands on the wall and his dick being held out in front of him, Sven was forced to arch his back.  Kelly used her thigh to pull Sven’s other leg wide.  Now with his ass completely exposed to her, Kelly kept the death grip at the base of Sven’s cock and started taking her enjoyment out on Sven’s ass.  She rubbed her oiled hand around it and smacked the wetness hard, to hear the slap echo in the shower.  She cooed, “You have a nice round ass for a white guy.”

She pumped Sven’s cock two more agonizingly long, slow strokes.  Sven tried to buck into her hand, but Kelly stopped the stroking and let go.  She slapped his ass again, hard.  “Hold still! I do the stroking.”

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Kelly took advantage of having two free hands to knead and grope Sven’s ass.  She slid her palms over and around each cheek.  She pulled them apart and slid her thumbs under each cheek and then up over the tight pucker.  Sven involuntarily clenched his sphincter and stood taller.  A stream of precum flowed from his cock onto the wall of the shower.  Kelly reached her right hand between Sven’s thighs and found his heavy balls.  She gripped them with a thumb and forefinger and squeezed gently.  Sven gasped. His balls ached for release.  Pleasure tingled throughout all of his skin.  He was desperate to be touched more.  His mind raced with the possibilities of what she might do next.  He longed to give in to his temptation, to grab Kelly and bend her over the shower seat and sink his aching cock deep into her smooth depths. 

Sven’s mind refocused on Kelly when she reached around him with her left hand and grasped his cock again.  “God, that thing is so big and hard.  No shit, one of the nicest I have ever had the pleasure of playing with.”  Then she tugged his balls back and held the pressure, pulling them down and back between his thighs.  Sven groaned again and was forced to arch his back and stick his butt out more.  Kelly stroked his cock with feathery strokes that seemed to barely touch his aching cock.  Sven glanced over his shoulder to observe her glossy breasts jiggle, sometimes touching his side.  Her face was intently focused on her ministrations.  He moved one hand, attempting again to touch her slick body, but Kelly squeezed his balls tight. “No! Hands on the wall!”

“Aaah,” escaped Sven’s mouth as his hand jumped back to the wall. Kelly resumed the light stroking of his cock with one hand and pulled on his balls with the other.  Sven groaned as pleasure consumed his mind.  When his cock started a rhythmic throbbing, Kelly would stop touching it for several seconds and then change her rhythm or change to rake her fingernails over his straining pole.  Sven’s breathing was ragged.  He looked down at Kelly with wild, lust-consumed eyes.

Sven thought he was about to explode and again considered taking control to fuck her and fill her with his cum.  As if reading his mind, Kelly commanded, “Don’t cum! I want to enjoy this for a while longer.” She squeezed down on the base of Sven’s cock, admiring the veins popping from the surface and the taught purple crown.  “I like it when it’s really hard. You tell me if you get close, got it?”

Sweat ran into Sven’s eyes when he nodded his understanding, his breathing ragged and shaky. 

Kelly resumed stroking the entire length lightly with twisting strokes.  Then she let go completely, made a fist with a small opening between her thumb and forefinger, and forced the engorged purple head through that small, oiled space into her balled fist.  Sven’s balls tightened, and he blurted, “I’m gonna cum!” Before he could finish, she let go of his shaft completely, pulled his balls down with one hand, and then clamped down on just the swollen head with her other hand. Sven’s orgasm quickly subsided, but his desperation took a big step upward as his legs began shaking. 

Kelly resumed stroking and said firmly, “Hold it! Don’t cum!”  Sven’s cock throbbed as hard as it had ever been.  Kelly lightened her strokes to a maddingly teasing combination of touch, pinch, fingernails, and swirl as Sven’s precum continued to flow.  Kelly commanded again, “Keep your hands against the wall.” She kept his feet apart and maintained a firm grip on his balls.  The hot steam accentuated the thick air of desire.  She pulled his balls down again, then let go of everything and moved her hands, using her nails to scratch from his abs to his chest.  Kelly swirled the oil and precum from her hands around Sven’s chest and nipples.  The sensation was incredible as the desire in his crotch moved up into his body.  Kelly commanded again, “Deep breaths! Don’t hold your breath!”  Kelly again reached between Sven’s legs with one hand, encircled his balls, and applied a steady downward pressure.  She reached to the front with her other hand and started a light rhythmic stroking, about one finger width below Sven’s swollen crown.  The stroke had a light jerk on the upstroke against Sven’s ridge.  Kelly maintained a hypnotic pace.  When Sven’s legs began to shake, she whispered in his ear, “Tell me when you get close.” 

A moment later, Sven was there, “I’m getting really close…  I can’t hold it much… It feels too good.”

Kelly cooed, “That’s what I want; now keep breathing…” She could feel Sven’s balls pull tight, but she kept a grip on them and purred, “Now cum for me, baby, let it go.” 

Sven bellowed one last warning, “I’m gonna cum!”

Kelly left no doubt. She now firmly stroked Sven’s magnificent cock, and she felt her inner sense of pride stroke her ego.  Every time she heard a man utter that phrase, an involuntary smile graced her pretty face.  She squeezed tighter and stroked down Sven’s full length again, just as if he were driving into her tight pussy.  Again and again…

Sven exhaled with a loud “Augh!” as an incredible orgasm radiated from his groin and spread like a shock wave through his body.  Then, another intense pulse spread further.  The orgasm ebbed slightly.  The sensation concentrated into his throbbing cock, and an initial burst of semen splattered against the shower wall. 

Kelly let go of his balls. She held Sven tightly around his chest with one arm as she continued to milk Sven’s cock with the other.  Her breasts pressed firmly around his body.  The intensity of Sven’s pleasure returned to him in waves. Kelly continued squeezing tight and jacking Sven's cock, expertly using her hand to milk him.  Waves of sperm gushed from Sven’s spasming body and stuck to the wall of the shower. With knowing experience, Kelly slowed her strokes until the last shudders of Sven's body dribbled the final pulses of cum onto the shower floor.

Sven turned his head toward Kelly.  She caught Sven’s eye and gave his lips a demure kiss.  “I loved that.  I wanted to show you what you did to me last night.  You are an amazing-sexy man with a very special cock.”  As Sven swallowed, still a bit dazed, Kelly told him, “Now, let’s get us washed off again.  We still have time to get some coffee, but I have a busy day ahead.”

Written by NeoGatekeeper
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