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He Discovers She’s a Gym Rat - Part 1 of 2

"Sven discovers his date has muscles and aggressive tendencies."

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Author's Notes

"Our man Sven is a bit of an introvert. He has been trying to figure out women and learn for himself what kind of woman he might like to have permanently in his life. Please comment if you like it. Thanks to PastelGothAlice for the gorgeous illustrations. <p> [ADVERT] </p> Check out the Illustrations Submissions to see a bonus work featuring Kelly. Thanks to editor IJSO904 for his editorial inspiration and expertise. © 2024."

Sven and Kelly had both dressed warmly, bracing against the cold snap that blew in with some late fall weather in the rural college town of Moscow, Idaho.  As they sat for lunch in the casual cafe, they had taken off their winter coats.  Underneath her coat, Kelly wore a stylish form-fitting sweater.  Her large breasts pulled the form-fitting material taught.  That was the first time Sven got a glimpse of how well-defined her figure was.  Her large shoulders and bulging upper arms were impressive.  Fascinated, Sven gave in to his curiosity.  He needed to know more about her.  “What do you do for fun?” 

“Well, as you might imagine, the winter gets bleak sometimes in the mountains where I grew up.  In my senior year of high school, I started going to the gym a lot.  I liked it, and you could say I became a bit of a gym rat.”

The easy get-to-know-you conversation continued through lunch as they traded smiles and interesting facts from their lives.  Kelly liked Sven’s kind eyes and feathery, slightly curled, light brown hair.  His large hands were calloused, causing Kelly to imagine how capable they were.  Sven saw beauty in how Kelly’s dark brunette hair gently curled behind her right shoulder and spilled to the front over her left.  Well-defined eyebrows warmly accented her dark eyes.  Sven was captivated by gazing at her perfectly proportioned face as her playful smile accented her words. 

That weekend, Sven took Kelly to the Micro Movie House for their first date.  It was two blocks from Kelly’s downtown apartment, so they decided to walk over for the show.  The Micro was a small independent theater featuring yet another run of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, complete with cheap popcorn.  The Micro itself had an unlikely history.  It started out as a small, independent, eclectic place for indie and second-run films when the owners adapted an abandoned church in 1975.  It closed in 1998 but, like the vinyl record phenomenon, returned 50 years later when people, once again, started gathering in person to see trendy vintage movies projected from 35 mm film.  But this time, expensive designer drinks could be purchased in the basement, as well as fresh cider and cheap popcorn.

After the movie, the couple were walking downtown toward a nearby bar when Kelly said, “You know, my place is only a block away.  Want to just come over and have a beer on me?  I have Black Butte Porter.  I think you like that one, right?”

Feeling chivalrous, Sven replied, “Yes, but I asked you out.  I’d feel weird not treating you to a drink and bar snacks.”

“Come on. I’m a modern woman, and I did let you buy the movie tickets, …and drinks, …and popcorn.” Kelly winked and flashed her beaming smile while she pulled on Sven’s hand to help coax him. 

His thoughts of the possibilities swayed Sven.  His hopes for intimacy rose quickly, so they changed course to Kelly’s upstairs apartment.  It was a nicely renovated one-bedroom, one-bath with a kitchenette.  Kelly shucked off her coat and hung it on the rack beside the door.  Nodding for Sven to do the same, Kelly said, “Have a seat,” and walked over to the fridge.  As Sven took the steps to the couch, she looked back his way, “I also have a Latah Lager.”  Sven nodded, so she opened a bottle for him and got herself a wine cooler from the fridge.

Kelly handed Sven his drink, then started streaming some dance house music from her phone to the TV on the wall. Sven swallowed his nerves with a gulp of beer and sat at the edge of the couch.  He was discretely admiring her ass in her form-fitting, low-cut jeans.  Kelly took a sip of her drink and put it on the coffee table, then without pause, she straddled Sven, facing him on the couch.  She swooped in and delivered an insistent kiss, playfully biting his lower lip.  Kelly looked Sven in the eye and spoke softly, “I have been wanting to do that all evening.” 

Sven was definitely surprised. He could only say, “Wow, thanks.  I almost dropped my beer.”  He gripped her close with his strong left arm to steady her as he carefully put his beer on the floor where it wouldn’t spill. He did not want her to get up. He then gently cradled her head with his right hand and moved in for a tender kiss of his own. The shared kisses that followed were a give and take, back and forth, becoming increasingly passionate. In no time, they were pulling off clothes and kicking off shoes.  This was interspersed with more kissing, squeezing, and groping.  Sven felt himself becoming intimidated as his hands discovered the extent of Kelly’s muscular torso.  In the room’s flickering light, Sven could only feel firm flesh beneath his hands and see well-defined abs undulating with Kelly’s passionate intent.  But his intimidation was quickly washed aside by lust as Sven moved to grope and kiss Kelly’s full breasts.  

Kelly threw her head back and moaned with desire, her hair flowing behind her.  Sven still held Kelly from behind with his left hand as she arched her back, brazenly thrusting her chest forward so Sven could admire the smallish red nipples that peaked on Kelly’s amazing breasts. Her abs flexed with unconcealed power as she next sat up and stood.  She pulled Sven to his feet also.  They unceremoniously pulled off their pants and underwear. 

Sven was eager.  His erection stood strong as he reached out for Kelly. “God you’re sexy.”

Kelly stilled Sven with an up-raised hand.  She took her turn to admire Sven’s body.  Rather than going to the gym, Sven was fit from hard labor.  He had wrangled fence posts and rolls of wire on his dad’s ranch.  He had carried steel and other construction materials on his other jobs.  Automation was still taking over lots of jobs, but many smaller operations still relied on human brute-force labor.  Sven stood before Kelly as she traced scars formed by barbed wire raking and tearing his forearms.  She held both of his rugged hands and looked deep into Sven’s blue eyes with longing.  “You really are quite a gorgeous man.”

Sven self-consciously looked away.  He was a late bloomer, just now coming into his own, and wasn’t used to getting compliments from desirable women.  This broke Kelly’s eye gaze, and she looked again with admiration over Sven’s lean, muscled body.  Her gaze stopped, this time on Sven’s cock.  It stood up straight, long, and thick before him. 

Kelly’s sexual hunger surged within her.  She authoritatively pushed Sven back to the couch and straddled him again.  With the same insistent attitude, she grasped Sven’s hard shaft and, without hesitation, impaled herself onto his large erection.  Not that Sven would have resisted, but he found himself again unsure how to handle her aggressive actions.  He decided to go with it and help her with her desires.  He steadied her as she again shook her hair over her shoulders.  He admired her large breasts as they shuddered with unharnessed freedom.  Amazingly, Kelly had an orgasm just by rocking herself for several minutes on Sven’s only half-inserted shaft. 

Sven was in awe.  He’d been without sex for quite a while, and when he had, it had never been like this.  The movement of Kelly’s natural breasts had Sven mesmerized.  He squeezed them together with his big hands.  They were easily the largest he had ever personally played with.  Her waist was so small compared to the rest of her body. And Kelly smelled so damn good! He slid his hands down and held the flair of her hips as she increased her pace.  Sven looked up from her sexy body to her pretty face.  Kelly had her eyes closed in concentration.  She worked Sven’s cock in deeper as she rapidly rocked herself, with a long “Ooooh,” to another orgasm.  Then she pulled Sven close.  Her chest pressed into his while she panted breathlessly in his ear. 

It took a few luxurious minutes for Kelly to come down from her post-orgasmic high.  Sven was more than happy to be enveloped by her lightly tremoring body and still be impaled into her hot pussy. Finally, Kelly extracted herself and stood, grabbing her wine cooler. She swayed her hips in a seductive dance.  She knew she was looking good and had Sven’s full attention.  She beckoned Sven with her finger, saying only, “Come.” She headed for the bedroom.  Kelly flipped a switch for some dim lights and jerked the top sheet and bedspread down.  She turned to watch Sven come in behind her with his big erection leading the way.  Kelly oohed, “I thought when I first saw you that you might have a big one. Come fuck me with that thing.”  Kelly put her drink on the nightstand, then lay on her back in the middle of the bed with her right knee bent coyly over her left leg.     

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Sven realized he had been mostly silent since getting to Kelly’s apartment.  Resolved not to be such a dork, Sven drank in the feminine vision of her body, beautiful from hair to toes.  He replied, “I definitely will, and I am going to fully enjoy all of you.”  He lay on top of her with his lean, strong body and kissed her deeply.  He then moved down to hold a breast in each hand and gently sucked each dark nipple asking, “Do you like that?  Are they sensitive?”

“Of course, I like everything, all the attention I can get. Show me what you like.” Kelly answered as she opened her legs to let Sven settle between them.

Sven squeezed her breasts and stroked her nipples to pull them more urgently between his thumb and forefingers. Kelly reveled in the sensation of his strong, calloused hands on her smooth skin.  He kissed her ribs and soft belly.  He moved down further, pulling his arms down and around so he could put his hands under her hips.  He kissed lower until the gentle mound of her mons was the center of his attention. 

The smell of their sex from a few minutes ago made Sven’s erection leak and throb against the sheets. He gently sucked the slick inner lips and searched out her clit as Kelly started to pant.  Her fingers gripped into his hair as if to prevent Sven from escaping.  Sven became intoxicated with the heady taste and textures of Kelly’s sex.  He became lost in the luxurious worship of this gorgeous sexual woman.  Sven squeezed and massaged Kelly’s mound.  He returned again and again to gently press his fingers against her clit while his tongue explored the smooth opening of her vagina.  He alternated this with probing into her with two fingers, reaching deep and drawing out while pressing against the rougher upper flesh just inside the opening.  Kelly, too, was intoxicated, with the luxurious pleasure rising higher and higher within her.  She gazed longingly between the valley of her breasts to see Sven, his hair mussed, infatuated with her needy body. 

Sven slowed down and lightened up with his mouth at the top of Kelly’s clit.  He again inserted two fingers into the slick opening.  Seeking the exact motion that would drive Kelly even higher, he pushed in deep, pressed upward, and pulled back to hold pressure against the firmness of her pelvic bone.  Kelly arched her back, pulling on her own nipples.  He repeated these motions over and over, studying her reactions.   He could tell by her rapid breathing and moaning that this felt really good to her.  Sven thought this was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.  He continued the probing and holding with his fingers.  Kelly’s breathing became more ragged and vocal.  Sensing she was so close to cumming, Sven followed with one more, faster stroke with a hard mash of his mouth down onto Kelly’s clit.  She exploded with a scream.  Kelly bucked her hips, gasped, and then let out a long wail as another big orgasm racked her body.  As soon as she could breathe again, she panted, “Fuck me! I want you to…  Fuck me! Now!”

Sven was hyper-focused and immediately crawled forward, sliding his shaft into her slick, swollen opening.  Again, Kelly came as the ridge of Sven’s hard cock head slid over her g-spot.  Sven didn’t hesitate as Kelly came, moaning in pleasure.  He thrust his hips, his cock completely, and repeatedly filled her wet pussy.  Kelly kept breathing rapidly as she orgasmed, her hands pulling against Sven’s ass, panting in time with the thrusting. “Unh, unh, unh.”  Sven found his rhythm with long deep strokes.  Each one filling her completely.  The base of his thick cock pressed Kelly’s clit between their bodies.  Kelly started bucking her hips up to meet every stroke.  Her previous orgasm had barely subsided as she was climbing higher to the next.  Sven kept the rhythm, and Kelly kept coming.  It all felt so good to Sven. His own orgasm could no longer be held back.  With a final inward thrust, as hard as he could, spasms in his cock and contractions in Sven’s balls flooded Kelly’s pussy with cum. 

As his pleasure peaked, it briefly robbed the power from Sven’s strokes.  But as his orgasm subsided, Sven resumed the rhythm and vigor of plunging his cock into Kelly’s slick body.  It still felt so good.  Sven became more aware of Kelly.  Her rippling muscles were now covered in a sheen of sweat and Kelly was still rolling in an orgasmic cloud.  It occurred to Sven that even with his limited experience, this was an exceptional sexual encounter.  He was determined to make the most of it and bring Kelly the most pleasure he could.  He wanted to be memorable to her, not just the object of another weekend tryst.

Sven pushed up on one arm and grabbed one of Kelly’s breasts with his free hand.  Squeezing hard for his pleasure he growled into her ear, “My cock feels so good fucking you.  I needed a good hard fuck with your tight wet pussy.”  Sven adjusted his stroke to fuck Kelly harder.  Each stroke pounded full depth into Kelly’s soaked pussy.  He shifted back to support himself with both elbows and then slid one hand under her neck to firmly grip her there.  She arched her back, writhing with pleasure. Sven felt Kelly’s hot slick breasts slide over his chest with each pounding stroke of his throbbing cock.  He fucked Kelly long and hard, fanatical with his desire to claim this strong woman.  Amazed, he took in her raw sexuality.  His own turn-on climbed higher as he relentlessly pounded his cock into Kelly.  Breathing hard from his extended exertion. Sven felt the base of his cock bottoming out hard against Tracy’s pelvic bone.  He marveled at her surging breasts and slick, smooth skin.  He watched her writhing body fulfill its sexual need while Kelly was deep within her own euphoric trance. 

Kelly’s breathing became a ragged, gasping vocalization.  She Loved the way Sven took control and lustfully fucked her powerful body.  Waves of pressure built in her core, needing to break free, and this time her pussy flooded with her convulsing orgasm.  Hot fluid squirted around Sven’s balls with each of his pounding strokes.  Kelly’s cry of passion and Sven’s animalistic grunting permeated the room. 

The combined sensations of a clamping tight pussy and hot spray on Sven’s balls were too much to resist, and Sven came again, hard. A long, intense orgasm flooded his brain with pleasure.  More spasms of spurting ejaculation filled Kelly’s depths.   Sven collapsed onto Kelly.  Both partners were only vaguely aware of their surroundings.

As they caught their breath.  Sven slid to Kelly’s side.  His wet cock smearing juices over her thigh.  Aftershocks subsided to bliss. Sven spoke in a hoarse whisper, “Oh my God, that was...  You are … intense.”

Kelly lifted to an elbow and smirked, “Yup, I needed a good fucking too.”  With a big smile, she got up and pulled a couple of hand towels from the nightstand drawer.  She threw one to Sven and wiped herself with the other.  Then she held it between her legs and went to the kitchen to get a couple of bottles of water from the fridge.  They both gulped some water.  Sven was breathing deeply and had laid back on the bed feeling blissfully spent.  Kelly said, “Why don’t you scooch down and spend the night?  Would you like that?”

Sven gave her a dreamy smile, “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking yet.  I didn’t mean to assume too much.  I really like being with you and, If you really mean it, I would love to stay.” 

Kelly answered, “I think we went way beyond ’too much’.”  She pulled her damp hair back and grabbed the sheet and comforter off of the floor to cover the lower half of the bed.   She laid down beside Sven tenderly putting her head and a hand on Sven’s chest.  Pulling her leg over his, they felt warmth where their skin was touching.  Sven reached up to wrap Kelly with the arm that was behind her and rested it at her hip.  They listened to each other’s breathing.  More blissful minutes ticked by.  Sven placed his other hand gently over her forearm on his chest.  Peace enveloped the room. Soon, they were both deeply asleep.

Written by NeoGatekeeper
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